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Born: January 23, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 13
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 69
Affiliation: Elysium Mail Replies Sent: 3165
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 863
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02/22/19 at 10:34 pm
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If you're interested in joining Elysium you can contact Beau Theroux or myself!

Killing your character? If so send me a challenge!

RPs are always welcome!
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Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Realm-A-Thon 2013 ~ Donator
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Most Original Character
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Most Envied
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Sexiest Woman
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Prom Queen
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Best Role Play
Best RP May 2014
Savage Secret Santa - Christmas 2016
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
Black Masquerade Gold Rose ~ Participant 2018
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
I was a Secret Santa - Christmas 2018

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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
The Black Rose~The Devil's Edge - VIP Lounge - The Black Masquerade~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
ContestsDungeons and Raffles and Prizes, oh my!
Created by Cersei Lannister
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Genesis 01/13/19 ~beams~
"Thank ya!"
Winter Summers 01/11/19 Queen B
Let's do something!
Like a night on the town or a night in!
Booze, coffee, face mask, anything really I'm not a picky boy!
Just wanna get to know my leader and it's not good for you to be cooped up doing work all the time!
Come on say yes!
Genesis 01/10/19 Hello Ma'am. I am currently on a drive for spare stakes. Please consider all these newcomer Slayers, coming into the Realm totally stake-less. Please give generously, your giving heart could save many of these young and helpless Slayers.. Call now, donate now. They need you. ~holds out a bag and gives it a rustle~
Beau Theroux 12/16/18 Boss Lady
If you smell burning, everything is okay.
You know what, maybe check on me? I could be on fire.
Baking is not my specialty.
Ashlyn Starling 11/14/18 Thank you.~
Stalker 11/03/18 Thank you kindly, miss.
Amari Preston 10/26/18 You are cordially invited to a Halloween Party which will be from October 27 to November 1st. Place is Amari Preston's House Forum. The forum will be open to anyone who wish to drop by! Happy Halloween!
Beau Theroux 10/11/18 "Yeah, there are 20 other people. However, they ain't you. You know that paperwork can get done any ole time, but hanging up fake spider webs?" Lets out a puff of air with an exasperated expression. "That takes time. The right environment. Dexterity. And I can only trust you with such a feat." The man gave a sage nod at his description of the actually mundane work that was required to put up fake spider webs.

"Oh, everyone will partake, I assure you. Right now, I need you." Beau batted his long eyelashes in an attempt to lure Eden away from her duties. She had been working too hard. "Help me Eden Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope."
Beau Theroux 10/11/18 -runs by again-
Beau Theroux 10/10/18 -runs by-
-is being devious-
Winter Summers 10/09/18 Boss Lady
Hello beautiful how you doing?
I'm doing wonderful! To save you from asking!
So um what's the rules on pets? Allowed in the sanctuary? Not allowed? I wont go crazy like get five hundred cats or nothing!
Unless that acceptable? Cause I might do it then!
Also rules on clothes? Do I gotta wear them or can I be the nudist I've always been?
I'm thinking this is a long shot! If not can I at least run around in the undies?
Does it help my case if I say they are cute?
Also this is Winter!
Beau Theroux 10/08/18 -walks by with arms full of Halloween decorations-
-is whistling 'This is Halloween'-
"Come on, boss lady, these cob webs won't hang themselves."
"You would make a lovely Marilyn Monroe zombie. I can make that happen, if you want. I'm great with makeup."
Sabina Fairchild 10/08/18 Just getting back from her latest adventure, Sabina brushed the sand off her cloth jacket before picking up the basket to deliver it to someone that was once in Azhi. Quietly she was rehearsing the speech over and over in her head. She didn’t know Eden personally but knew of her legendary status within the ranks of Slayers.

Approaching the golden clad Slayer, she cleared her voice before speaking “Good evening, Ms. Kennedy. I wanted to pay my respects to you and I apologize for the delay response in congratulations. I mean congratulations on opening your own home… I mean having your own crew.” She preferred reading sand script, hieroglyphics and talking to Mummies. That was her comfort zone for now.

She presents a basket of goodies “I apologize that its not much. It’s a various collection of teas, scones, dates… and some dried fruits. I don’t know if you like something like this or not.” Sabina shrugged her shoulders as she handed the basket to Eden. “I wanted to apologize for not talking to you much in Azhi, maybe one day we can, talk, maybe.” Her lips formed a shy smile.
Sav McCarthy 10/07/18 Sav nods a long. Yes. Must just be one of those faces. She pushes her sunglasses back up once she released the woman's hand. "Nice to meet you, too, Eden!" But that name tugged at a very distant memory. One from when she was living with her brother. Hushed voices in the middle of the night. Perhaps this was her, perhaps not. She'd have to do some digging. "Thanks again. I'll see you around!" Maybe, just maybe this woman would know where her brother was.
Sav McCarthy 10/05/18 Thanks, love! *tips down her sunglasses* look familiar. *taps chin*
*sticks out her right hand* You can call me Sav!
Livia Vlcek 10/03/18 *laughs* Well, Sydney lost a lot of hotness when you left. But Paris, she is always beautiful.
Livia Vlcek 10/03/18 *grins darkly* Well you are pretty hot...
Livia Vlcek 10/03/18 *nods in agreement* Downy man. Like three washes. Then they are soft as a baby's bum.
*laughs* I'm kidding mayne!
Livia Vlcek 10/03/18 *studies*
*nods* Yes, the robes look good. Congratulations Eden.
*grins* GET OFF MY LAWN!
_Aurora_ 10/01/18 Thank you for the freedom!
Livia Vlcek 09/22/18 You are welcome.
Livia Vlcek 09/22/18 *drowns Eden in Patron and Stoli* CONGRATSYOUMADEIT!
*hugs* Great job Eden!
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