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Born: February 07, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 119
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 909
Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 146
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I got the only Cat Demon in the Realm!
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 I Encountered the Red Death 2019
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Geoffrey Drake's Biography
Geoffrey Gregori Drake (twin brother to Shadwyn Razvan Drake), Warlock and something more. He is a Warlock of the old School where the name "Warlock" means witch and as such he is a White Witch with powers enchanced by Mother Earth. Mother Earth accepts himas Her child and one of her line. He is 'immortal' and old as time. Geoffrey comes from a long line of reclusive Witches and Mage. He is also of vampiric descent and he has discovered the knowledge of his true parentage.

He was young, brash and full of himself. He disregarded the advice of his adoptive father and broke his mother's heart. He angered his elder brother who had always protected his spoiled and pampered brother. His adoptive father cast him out of the family fold. He became the black sheep of his family. He had nothing but the clothes on his back, his magic and a white dragon stolen from his brother.

The Prodigal son wandered for a time and fell into bad company. The dark side of his hidden nature showed itself. He experienced betrayal at the hands of his new friends. He found the ruins of an old ice cave his 'real' grandfather lived as a cursed wraith. There he found the truth of his heritage. The evil wraith who almost destroyed his mother now tried to claim him body and soul. They say true evil never dies. Geoffrey almost submitted to the essenses of evil left behind by the ghost of a man.

Geoffrey with the help of a few others who found him wounded and half dead rid the ice cave of the evil wraith and dispersed it's soul into an orb. Geoffrey was taken by a band of hunter monks to their monastry to be healed and taught their ways. He was made aware of his heritage and he learned from his fellow monks. He learned to battle his inner demons and adhere to his people's warrior code. His fellow monks sent a reformed young warrior on his way. He left the monastary a sadder but wiser man.

He wandered far and wide for many years. He fought in many wars, hunted the ones who threatened his people. He travelled to many new places and he went to lands across the sea. He meet a tribe called the Beothuk. They took him in when Peyton and his man left him for dead. He lived with them and he learned their way of life. Geoffrey knew 'life' for his adopted Beothuk people was ending.

The greed for land and christianization of so called priests. He knew would lead to the decimation of the Indian tribe. There he found his lifemate an Indian woman. He could not claim her as she was married to another and had his son. A man called Peyton lead a raid on the Beothuk people. The woman's husband and baby son killed by Peyton. He laid them to rest in a burial hut. He planned for the disappearance of the tribe one by one to a safe place

The remaining Beothuk restrained him from following Peyton and the captive woman. He swore revenge as they buried the woman's husband and son. The woman called Demasduit was found dead and Geoffrey laid her to rest with her husband and son. Her body went missing two days later and Geoffrey set out in search of her. He knew the legend of the lynx a well kept secret of the Beothuk , Geoffrey took the form of a lynx and joined the Beothuk on their journey to a new place called the Realm.

He stayed with the Beothuk people and waited for his people to establish themselves safely in a safe and secluded home. Their new home was protected by his own people. Geoffrey went in search of his lifemate as he had heard stories of a lone lynx traveling. He learned that John Peyton had entered the Realm with his men intent on destroying his lifemate and remaining Beothuk. Geoffrey turned from his search and hunted Peyton's men one by one. Peyton was the eclusive one and Geoffrey hellbent on revenge gave into his dark side.

Geoffrey again was rescued by his brothers from the monastary. He took a wife called Wisteria Collins who helped him battle his dark inner demons. She was not his true lifemate, but he cared for her in his own way. She died in the Red death leaving him with a new baby. He also reconnected with his older brother Shadwyn Drake and he found out that he was forgiven many years ago. He found the young Beothuk woman called Demasduit and she is now his life mate. Geoffrey, Dema and their daughter Lilly D are now a family.

Geoffrey (Warlock, Mage, Carpathian and Dragonseeker) now works beside his wife and brother as a jeweler. He still hunts the enemies of His people and protects those in his extended family. Watch as his story continues....
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Shadwyn Drake





Cassandra Carnivale Jadu

Ronan Boru
Dark Embracer

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No Mercey 06/16/19 thank u for the welcome.
Delphine Mercier 06/13/19 Thanks!
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/10/19 You managed to break out Geoffrey Drake.

Cassie walked into the dungeon after taking out the guards placing the key into the keyhole she opened up the dungeon gate with a smile.

"They are getting sloppy those guards. You are free."
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/10/19 Cassie clapped and was happy.

"Great job! And great idea."

Stepping out she smiled.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/10/19 Cassie gave a smile.

"You are very welcome. Any time."
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/10/19 You managed to break out Geoffrey Drake you free!
Demasduit Drake 06/09/19 She was late as normal, mind you flights in and out of Trans seemed far and few between as well. Carrying her bags over her shoulder down that hall she spotted Geo and Lilly. Her heart jumped a beat and she moved quicker. It had only been a couple days but she missed them more that anything.

A warm embrace would follow along with a deep kiss to her husband. "Sorry it took so long,but I am here now. I missed you both like crazy."
Harlowe mac Lir 06/07/19 ~Harlie sat on a cot in the locked cell, ignoring the nonsensical babbling coming from the woman in the cot above hers. Lifting her head when she heard approaching footsteps, she grinned when she recognized the handsome man with her get out of jail free card.~

Geoffrey Drake. Fancy seein' you in a place like this.

~Her smile widened in appreciation when the cell door opened. Getting up, she quickly slipped by him and ran down a hallway toward the exit, calling out over her shoulder.~

Thanks, I owe you one! My name's Harlie, by the way!
Ember Moon 06/05/19 Thank you very much
Lesprit 06/05/19 I yawned widely, stretching as I approached the new coven member. "I apologize for being a bit late on the draw. I'm Aurelia Kravenoff, the coven researcher. I seem to have passed out in the lab. Happens more than I care to admit though.. Anyways, if you ever need anything built or find yourself in need of a lab, mine is open for use to the coven as well as the green house outside my home." I offered him a smile and my hand, I did promise to be on my best behavior after all.
Ronan Boru 06/04/19 Welcome to the coven . If you need anything while you are here let me know.
Angelic 06/04/19 Thank you so kindly
Marcus_ 06/03/19 thank you for the warm welcome"
Phantom_ 06/02/19 He looks at the tea before Geo and sighs, “You’re lucky I love tea so much!”
Phantom_ 06/01/19 He normally loved water, but when hit with it and slashed by it without it being naturally there he grew annoyed and held up a hand as the water around him swelled and his twitching eyes was Geo’s only warning as he sicced the now Olympic sized swimming pool worth of water on his friend, “I detest being hit by water!
xXDevilishXx 06/01/19 Thank you
Angelica Star_ 05/31/19 Thank you, Geoffrey Angelica smiled"
Harlowe mac Lir 05/29/19 ~Harlie smiled to herself as she managed to successfully withdraw her hand from the stranger's pocket with something in her grasp. But as she looked down at what she held, she heard the man's voice as it registered that she'd taken his license and a worn library card instead of cash.

The smile on her full lips turned into a pout as she looked up at him. Her blue eyes noted where he kept his cash before she gave him a slow once over. Her gaze went to the driver's license in her hand and scanned it as she tucked a lock of red hair behind her ear. A smirk formed on her lips at his words as she reached out to hand his belongings back to him. Her southern drawl was only slightly exaggerated as she spoke~

Fun, hmmm? I'll definitely be takin' you up on that...Geoffrey Drake. I'll be seein' you around, I'm sure. Have a nice evenin'.

~She threw a playful wink his way before turning and walking away from him.~
Rafe Whitmoore 05/29/19 "Pleasure to meet you as well and thank you for the welcome to the realm." -#-He gave a nod.-#-
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-Bowing in respect Rafe looked at him then help out his hand to shake his.-#- "Thank you name is Rafe."
Don Collier 05/28/19 Thanks
Ziggy Hargrove 05/28/19 Thank you.
Eliot Gardner 05/22/19 A melodic laughter rang in response to the male's question. "Me? The devil? I could only dream of being that powerful."
Demasduit Drake 05/21/19 And you my love, are my modern day gypsy!
Raven Star 05/14/19 Raven walked up the the man "sorry to hear of your loss" as a tear rolled down her cheek thinking of her parents.
Kain 05/09/19

*glomps you*

Kade Thorne 04/28/19 Why thank you.
Phantom_ 04/15/19 “Want to be the best man at my wedding when it happens?” He has simply walked up from nowhere and asked without any small talk, once more proving what any one else knew, he was not a socially blessed creature, far too blunt and straightforward usually.
_Cici Wraith 04/11/19

She brings the jade from her pocket and shows it to him. "I was wondering if perhaps you could use these to make 7 sets of buttons to pin a cloak with and 2 small rings meant for a young girl?"
_Cici Wraith 04/10/19 "Well normally I would have gone to Josh and Aiofe but last I heard they are on vacation. Etaine is rarely seen these days. I was hoping that perhaps you could possibly make some jewelry for me or know of someone who can. None of the pieces are very big but there are 9 pieces total I would like to have made if possible."
_Cici Wraith 04/10/19 She looks and makes sure she had not been followed as she sought Mr. Drake out. The african jade sitting in her pocket. She wanted to surprise her mate and her children. Josh and Aoife were not around and she didn't want to just show up at the forge, least Phantom would know her intentions. Seeking out Mr. Drake, she approached with caution. "Excuse me, Mr. Drake? I don't mean to bother you but I had a question and was hoping you may be able to assist me."
Phantom_ 04/08/19 He took the soul and held it gently before calling out, “I know he is hiding from me...when you see my brother next, tell him that I...I’m sorry...for everything between he and I. As for your child, I am the Guardian of Children, those who are wronged I avenge and those under my care know only luck and I will be their godfather...and thank you.” With that he turned to shadows that burst apart.
Phantom_ 04/08/19 His eyes darted to the soul, his eyes going first yellow in confusion and then gardening to pure red in anger as he tried to breathe calmly. After a moment he steeled himself, “I have in my vaults three hundred thousand souls I have taken over my years as a give me that and I swear on my oath as a Guardian that I’ll give you them all! Aside from that I have nothing else Death has ever wanted or would be willing to bargin for...I should warn you though Drake...I don’t tend to do well when someone has my wife’s soul you and I should spend a bit of time apart, because neither of us can kill the other...but I’ll damn sure try out of anger.”
Phantom_ 04/08/19 “I rarely take notice of anything because it hurts when I do...I see the filth of humanity, the worst they have to offer, the things that even the scum of the demon world would never do that the humans sight is flooded by it all and yet...hey I am. Soul shards aren’t something anyone should mess with...they are direct links to the Tethers and the soul anchors. Yet...another told me to come speak to you, I could have just stayed away and let you do as you pleased until you took a soul that may have been on the list, instead here I am, armored and ready to fight my older brother should that have been the case...what does that say about what I saw when I noticed you?”
Phantom_ 04/08/19 He runs up waving his arm, “Drake, what the hell is this about soul orbs and collecting?! Death is going to be furious with you if those souls are on his bloody list!”
_Cici Wraith 04/06/19 "Thank you."
Kyon-gel 02/26/19 Thanks for the welcome, Geoffrey.
Isis Dracul 02/12/19 Isis held back the laughter as the man turned and left. She enjoyed watching the reactions others gave her. They took themselves to seriously. She smiled as he disappeared. Yes she was an acquired taste. The realm was so releasing. This is why she returned. She turned in the opposite direction wonering who she could toy with next.
Isis Dracul 02/12/19 Isis took the card from the man's hand. With a sly smile and a lick of her lips she asked. "What on earth would Mystic have that I want? You seem more my type."
Paige Morrows 02/12/19 Thank you for the welcome
Jericho Tenkrovi 02/09/19 Nods a bit. "Thank you. I'm Jericho."
Eloise Buchanan 02/08/19 Elle smiled and nodded.
"Okay, Guy it is then.
Eloise Buchanan 02/08/19 "Hi there, I'm Elle. Welcome to the Realm. Sing out if I can help in any way."
Ronan Boru 02/07/19 Welcome to the realm.Im Ronan. if you should need anything just ask and I will see what I can do.
Mystic-husky 02/07/19 "Welcome to the realm. I am Mystic, one of the Mentors for the witchs. If you have any questions or are in need of any help. Feel free to contact me at any time."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/07/19 "Welcome to the realm!" The young woman gave a smile and wave.
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