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Born: January 12, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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Last five threads posted in:
Koa -J La Rue 01/24/21 "Ou komik mwen ba ou sa men gade lang ou. Mwen pa ta ka fin vye granmoun tankou pousyè simityè men mwen pa gen okenn feblès swa. Yo te avèti ou. Lady Savannah gen zanmi ki fè ou sanble yon bon mache vle yo .Teste yo epi ou pral pèdi. Kòm pou pitit li yo mwen ka fè yo mennen yo nan lavil mwen an ak kenbe an sekirite nan men ou lakay mwen. Se konsa, kenbe menas ou a tèt ou."
- I smirk-
Koa -J La Rue 01/24/21 Vini jwenn mwen. Mwen nan New Oreleans. Fè travay lakay ou anvan lè sa a sou mwen menm jan mwen pa panse ke Met pral manke yon ti sèrviteur reyèlman nan fen a si li se ki moun mwen panse ke li se. - I laugh hoping that the man tells his master if I am right that I know who he is. I knew the loas well both sides of them. Met was the darker side of my beloved Papa Legba if it was him.-
Koa -J La Rue 01/24/21 - I looks in the direction of the voice and shake my head. Not so smart this one was he. I answer him back.-
"Èske se yon menas? Mwen pa pè ou e mwen konnen pawòl ou yo ou pale byen. Nich mare asire w ke yo pa gen koneksyon nan domèn vodou a yon jan kanmenm. Pote l 'sou."
Angel Salvatore 01/17/21 *The girl didn't like being called a bitch. Sweeping his legs from beneath him he hoped on top of him showing no mercy. Punching him in the face a couple of times she looked down into his eyes he could feel fed sweet warm breath on his lips* " Tell her yourself. I'm no ones messenger. Besides I hardly talk to her. She could care less of me as I her. She forgot about me so now I forget about her. What's your deal anyways?" * she stood up over him watching and waiting*
Ronan -R Boru 01/13/21 *The Malkavian hears the voice and laughs* Here's the thing I dont have to worry about you finding her she is well protected but feel free to try all you like. I knew about you before now So yeah no worries there."
-Savannah- 01/13/21 Savannah sat up in bed as she looked over at wraith in his chair, both he and rhage had been feeding her. She felt the strange sensation running down her spine. Pulling back the robe and walked over to the window. Looking out she could see the figure staring up at her.
LillyEmperium 01/12/21 Arrogant fool .... *growling, she vanished*
LillyEmperium 01/12/21 *With a growl, Lilly glared in the direction of the voice.* Touch her, you'll receive what I threaten her staff with.....
-Jayde Ana- 01/12/21 Yeah sure. Uh huh ok. *She had no intentions of keeping her eyes open for anyone. She wasn't trying to draw attention to herself. Not many had known of her return and she was trying to keep it that way*
-Jayde Ana- 01/12/21 *Jayde's silver eyes grow bigger for a moment as she tries to think and recollect the names. Frowning she shook her head lightly* I am sorry but neither name seems to ring a bell.
-Jayde Ana- 01/12/21 *A small smile graces her lips as she responds softly* ou pi akeyi cheri
-Jayde Ana- 01/12/21 Welcome to the realm. May your stay be long and enjoyable.
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