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*Temporary profile. Looking for someone good at them. Approach at your own risk, Bishop is prickly.*

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Flahme 08/19/19 You managed to break out Bishop.
"Wow, you are really cute. I mean not as cute as my beau Janus, but pretty cute."
-gestures for him to get out of the dungeon- "Skidaddle." -watches him go- "Oh, I'm Flahme." -yells after him, forgetting her manners-
Liam Moore 08/19/19 Stares, finds himself smiling.
"You are so in love with him, this is so adorable."
Slightly wishes he could take this words back out of fear.
"I am happy for you Bishop, love that you seem to have isn't easy to find."
Nods his head before patting the other males shoulder.
"Thank you I will remember that. I'm gonna go drink myself into oblivion, it's been one of those days."
Elowen Jocosta 08/19/19 -squeals in excitment-
-jumps on back-
-kisses cheek-
-wraps arms around shoulders-
-sighs contently-
"Yes, lets be off!"
Elowen Jocosta 08/19/19 "I'll take two, mon petit pois. Now shall we party?" -nods-
-thinks of jumping on back-
-steps away instead-
Elowen Jocosta 08/19/19 "But what if they are the only ones willing to sleep with me? All the bloodsuckers and demons seem to be gay at the present time. My options are limited."
-squeezes hand-
Elowen Jocosta 08/19/19 -jumps in front of-
-reaches for- "The booze is strong in me."
Lennox Orlav 08/19/19 "We will. You can bet on it."
El Orlav 08/18/19
''I see. I'll leave you be sexy Bishop. James will always be mine though. Always. ''
El Orlav 08/18/19 ''Ah, does that mean I share James with you? He's so dreamy & perfect.''
El Orlav 08/18/19 ''Ella Orlav, and you?''
El Orlav 08/18/19 ''Yes, yes I think I do.''

'' Don't worry, I'm polyamorous too.''
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "You've managed to live with yourself, so have plenty of practice. You'll do fine."
El Orlav 08/18/19
~*~heart eyes~*~
''Because marriage makes the person more sexier of course. So, are you hitched? My marriage senses are tingling.''
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "From one discount to another, thanks, I suppose."
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "I get that a lot. I have one of those faces."
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "Problem?"
Jameson Orlav 08/16/19 It's the shift in the air; the hardening of Bishop's expression. The way he tries to pull away from Jameson, and swipe the entire subject under the rug. Like a dog with a bone, the doctor is not prepared to give up so easily. He would not be turned away.

"Things are not as they have always been. You know that better than most," A fire burns brightly behind his gaze, "Augustine."I am not a door to be opened and shut. My support is unwavering." Reluctant as he was, he'd release his grip on the other vampire. Allowing him his freedom if he would choose to take it. "But it only works if you let me work it..." Mahogany pools begin to soften around the edges.
Jameson Orlav 08/16/19 His thumb rubs absent-mindedly against the cheek of the man before him. Husband. Jameson wasn't sure he'd ever get used to how that word tasted, but moments like these helped to define it. His willingness to cut down whatever force caused friction in Bishop's life. By any means necessary.

"No need to take on that apologetic tone." There's a glint of a smile in his eyes, though he does his best to keep his expression from breaking. "I can bear the weight of whatever it is. You don't even need to ask."

He pressed, of course. But would relent should Bishop insist.
Jameson Orlav 08/16/19 Jameson shuffled into his companions space, taking his face into his hands and leaning into him slightly. Just enough to capture his gaze. "Milovat. Slow down— and, if you would. English?" He'd quirk a simple brow. "What has got you so ruffled. Tell me now, so that I may eliminate it."

What a darling.
Odette 08/16/19 She's been thinking about those drunk texts. How could she not? Drunk Bishop had made promises, and Odette intends to ensure they are kept. This is why she would pounce the moment she lays eyes on him, arms wrapping around him as she folds him up into a tight hug. "Baddy," she smirks, planting an obnoxious kiss upon his cheek. "Welcome to the hug zone."
Jameson Orlav 08/16/19 -very confused-
-but immediately distraught-
Hey. Hey.
-on his feet in an instant-
What's happened? Why are do you look like that?
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 Hmmmmm. Noooooooo. I think I will stay.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 No.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 I think you could pull off... Joshua. You look like a Joshua.
~clicks tongue~
No game. I left, just as you did, but of my own accord. I am looking for a new start just as you did.
Maybe I will find myself a mate as you have. Maybe I will get a minivan and live a mundane life! Could you imagine?!
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 Don't threaten me with a good time, chico.
~grins wider~
About that. He and I aren't on speaking terms. I am not a huge fan of his new practices.
You do look good, Bishop. Such a stupid name. Why do you still go by it?
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 No need for such hostilities, amigo! We were friends once! Sure, things got a little... crazy.
~understatement of the year~
I like your new ring. Married again? You should introduce us some time. I swear, I won't steal him.
~bats eyelashes~
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 ~deviosu grin~
"No, no, I think I will stay. You are looking well...Augustine."
Liam Moore 08/16/19 "No I wouldn't think you would call it adorable, I would be utterly shocked if you call anything adorable."
Nibbles on his lip as he listens.
"Yeah good thing you are on the case of taking in the strays. I really wouldn't be here if Jameson glared at me."
Give him a look.
"Were you confirming I was right or talking to me like a was a child there? I con torturer people! Probably not as well but I usually always get what I want. And normally I choose a different route."
Jameson Orlav 08/16/19 -folds fingers over his hands and gives them a squeeze-
You are too good to me.
-is visibly excited-
-like a child on christmas-
Well? Not to sound impatient, but.
-eyes widen along with his grin-
Let's go.
Liam Moore 08/16/19 "Depending on around what year you found me, I would have wanted nothing more."
Gives a small smile.
"Moving on though I dislike talking about such thing."
Himself in general, unless he was drunk.
Hearing Bishops words his smile grows.
"Oh this is adorable, I am glad your life ended up being not what you had planned. Where would I be without you?
Found himself slightly envious of the man before him.
"So torture?"
Liam Moore 08/15/19 "Where were you when I was younger I could have used your wisdom. I suppose it's good you didn't know me when I was younger."
Arches a brow.
"And you are all the better for it? Was it really that low of a percentage? Should I not have asked."
Nods his head.
"I don't think I'll ever need to know that but I find myself somewhat wanting to know how."
Jameson Orlav 08/15/19 Maybe. Maybe?
-looks incredulous-
Do not tease me like this, mon amour.
It's not nice.
-lights up just a little-
Please tell me he's in the basement.
Jameson Orlav 08/15/19 A little, but I'll get over it. Probably.
Maybe if you share some of the details.
-eyes over-
Perhaps if you ask nicely, that can be arranged.
Jameson Orlav 08/15/19 -works lip-
-stares at a moment-
Oh, I believe you. I have seen you in a mood.
I hope you did not make it quick.
-pulls closer-
Did you think I was going to get judgy?
Look. No one lays a hand on my drahoušek, do you understand? I don't care what you've done. Lucky you took care of them.
Liam Moore 08/15/19 "I see perhaps I will see her sometime."
"Could you honestly predict what life had planned?"
Makes a face.
"Alright perhaps that was crude of me, even I at one point thought I knew what my life was gonna be what was gonna happen so."
Was wrong, was so very wrong.
"I see that's good to hear, maybe I'll work up the courage to talk to him."
Jameson Orlav 08/15/19 Do not lie to me, moje láska.
Tell me what happened.
-demands... lightly.-
Jameson Orlav 08/15/19 -knits brow-
-grabs at wrist, pulls closer for inspection-
Always hungry...
What are all of these?
-touches fingertips to darkened spots on his face-
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "I would say let me know but if this Seven wanted me to know I am sure they would let me.
Aka it was none of his damn business.
"I am glad to hear it. Pretty sure it always gonna be different from what you expect. That's pretty much life in a nut shell I've come to find."
Arches a brow.
"Oh that's my leader? I see and I think I'll have to take your word for it."
Nicolas Marceau 08/14/19 *takes the card in one hand, flicks it with the fingers of the other.*
*slides it in his pocket*
I’ll make sure to keep this handy. And if you ever get a call looking for me? You don’t know anything.
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "I see, what's a seven? Is that their name?"
People had such peculiar names around here.
"I think that's kinda what life does though right? I hope it's good change."
Nibbles on his lip as he thinks.
"I think so, looks almost as hostile as you? Spoke some langue I didn't understand really didn't say much though. Brown hair I believe, kinda tall."
Sometimes really wished he had his magic still to understand languages.
Jameson Orlav 08/14/19 -growls playfully-
-scoops him up, throws him over his shoulder-
With pleasure, moje láska.
-carries off-
Jameson Orlav 08/14/19 -squints a little, but grins-
-stammers a bit-
Mon amour... Mon coeur.
-very strong Polish accent-
-gives zero sh!ts-
-whispers against his ear, very sloppily, but he'll surely get the point-
Nicolas Marceau 08/14/19 And thank you for the welcome.
Katherine Murray 08/14/19 -offers her own hand- Katherine Murray. Pleasure!
You are going to the be the greatest friend to have.
Odette 08/14/19 Baddy
That is the most romantic thing.
Will you be my fake husband?
Can I have hugging rights?
Do you solemnly swear you love me most?
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 -slips his arms around-
-lets him drunkenly lead, of course-
I think you and Noura ought to have drinks more often.
Seems you had a good time. That makes me happy, mon amour.
-tiny smirk-
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 -laughs-
Sacharine, má lásko.
-nods, walks fingers along his collar-
Like, for really real. Lucky you.
-flashes grin-
I guess it worked out for me, too.
Or whatever.
-pretends to act all nonchalant-
-definitely fails-
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 -leans in a lil-
-nuzzles playfully against his cheek-
Do not tempt me. You know I have a hard time controlling myself.
Liam Moore 08/13/19 Looks at him a little surprised.
"Just in case? Right okay. I already knew yours was wine so I suppose it's right you know mine."
Was super excited at the fact he might want to bond. Keeping it completely hidden.
"That it does, that it does."
Once again is a little surprised.
"Um Life is proving fine so far, and yes I am enjoying myself here. I haven't met a lot of the other members but we are people and we tend to be busy.
How is your life going? If I may ask in return?
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 -bites lip to keep from chuckling-
A sexy zvíře, hmm?
Lichotíte mě.
-saunters over to, grabs bottle-
I'm not sure the bottle is necessary.
Smells to me like a little nibble would be more than enough...
-devilish grin-
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 -big grin-
-tosses raggedy book off to the side-
My, my. Look at you. Absolutely rozcuchaný.
-crosses arms, still smirking-
Well yes, darling. Our quarters. We frequent them pretty often.
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "Noted? I'm not sure that's really worth noting."
Nervously laughs.
"I am impressed to say the least, I do decent under pressure really depends on the situation."
Recalls a very bad time, bites his lip lost in the thought before snapping out of it.
"Sorry about that...being brash about certain things makes life interesting."
Cole Ward 08/13/19 -whistles-
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -stares-
-smiles brightly-
I like you. You understand, it's necessary to know these things. We should cut off her hand! -is slightly giddy-
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -is very confused-
-is pretty much normal-
Well, ideally the hand should be attached. To the vampire. And then chopped off.
-smiles pretty-
-is not insane-
I want to know if it grows back.
Elowen Jocosta 08/13/19 -slaps rump-
"Come on, lets go eat."
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -blinks- Your Jameson? Is there more than one?
I thought he was the wee Irish's Jameson.

I need a hand for research.
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -pouts-
Jameson said no too!
No fun, neither of you.
But he promised to help, so you can as well.
-nods sagely-
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "Yeah I can't blame you, not fond of it myself. Unless the martinis start talking."
Smiles just a little.
"Sometimes you have to be brash, sometimes you don't have a choice act or fast or perish sort of situation. Or you know when your body moves without you thinking."
Licks his own lips.
"Also sometimes it's a little fun to be brash."
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -stares at-
May I see your hands?
-is not up to something-
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "Ya know part of me wants to question what's different, but part of me is telling me not to."
Really didn't know how to act around him yet.
"I suppose that's true though isn't there still a chance you lose?"
Liam Moore 08/13/19 Liam gave him a look and it was one of pity.
"That sounds like a hell of a way to live."
Makes a tsk noise.
"While I can't exactly dispute what you said, the bishop could easily be eliminated just like any other piece on the board."
Elowen Jocosta 08/13/19 "Dinner and a show. Can we kill them after we get to look at them naked? Hunky men deserve to be enjoyed before they get murdered."
-hangs onto arm-
-is excited-
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "Oh given titles instead of names sounds like sh*t, not that my coven was much better. I found ways to make it so, but we aren't talking about me."
Preferred it that way.
"It's adorable you think I'm witty enough to do that. I suppose it's kind of a joke in itself no? I mean a Bishop is a holier than thou being and not trying to claim I know anything about you but you don't strike me as a holy person. I could be wrong of course."
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "So..."
He eyes the man a smile on his face.
"Has anyone ever made a joke with your name? I almost one hundred percent sure there is a joke to be made with it."
Elowen Jocosta 08/13/19 "I knew you were my favorite for a reason."
-jumps off back-
"Let's go kill some biotches"
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 Drahoušek
This is amazing. I am a little salty that I'm missing this.
I will never treat you like anything but the kníže that you are.
... better make sure Noura knows that if anything happens to you, I'll end her.
Likewise. You better take care of my sister, Drahoušek.
Odette 08/13/19 Baddy
Stop. I’m drunk. I’ll cry.
Love you, Bish.
Jameson Orlav 08/12/19 Drahoušek
Are you... drunk, miláček?
What has Cole done, hmm?
Wanna talk about it?
Melinoe 08/12/19 Mel had spent the majority of the day rummaging through various knife shops. She was searching for an apology gift for the pretty man who smelled like blood. After a beautifully sharp blade caught her attention, she quickly returned home and wrapped the weapon in shiny silver paper. Making her way to where she saw him lurking most often, she carefully set it on the ground.
Mister, sorry I was poking that man's face. I hope you like the butcher's knife that I found for you. I promise to keep my fingers away from his face! xo, Mel
Odette 08/12/19 Mmmm...
-clicks tongue-
-licks the other cheek-
For now.
Odette 08/12/19 -huffs, glares-
-steps right up and licks up his cheek-
I thought you'd be saltier...
Noura Orlav 08/12/19 Oh God, someone please just f-cking kill him.
He really does deserve it.
-follows along-
Odette 08/12/19 Sorry, what?
-immediately goes for the Bishop knife-
Give it over. I'm gonna fillet her.
Odette 08/12/19 Come on now, Bishop.
What's her name?
-taps foot-
She good with a knife?
Noura Orlav 08/12/19 Are you kidding? Break out the stash.
I got man problems.
Odette 08/12/19 I knew it.
You cheated on me.
Noura Orlav 08/12/19 You. Orlav whisperer.
Get me wasted.
Odette 08/12/19 I'm saying you have a piece of lettuce..
-touches her right earlobe-
Right there.
Honestly, man.
Liquid diet. Pfft.
Odette 08/12/19 -sniffs at-
-wrinkles nose-
-comes closer, sniffs again-
You smell like two day old taco.
Is that f-cking lettuce on your ear?
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 -squeezes legs around-
-draps arms over shoulders-
-nips at neck-
"I'm hungry. Can we please hunt?"
Elowen Jocosta 08/12/19 -pops up behind-
-stands on tip toes-
-licks behind ear-
-jumps on back-
"Hello, mon petit pois."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Throws his arms behind him as he keeps walking backwards.
"All the more fun! If he's a charming as you I'll do just fine.
I'll see you around Bishop, maybe we can drink some wine together I prefer pink but red good sometimes.
Or we can kill someone together whatever you are into within reason."
Shrugs before completely turning around and heading off.
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Wine? Really that's not surprising, let me guess white? Or red it's probably red."
Starts to back up slowly smile still on his face.
"You are the one we call when I get in trouble right? Great I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again."
Liam Moore 08/11/19 "New York you said? Can't say I have ever been could be a good time. And really what do I have to lose? I feel it would be rude to say no at this point."
Small awkward silence builds up.
"Thanks I know I shouldn't thank you but I feel this one should be fine."
Melinoe 08/11/19 His face is yours to poke. Got it!
Liam Moore 08/11/19 "Oh terribly sorry about that then. I can't say I care for it myself. It's not as if we don't know we aren't pretty and it gets so tiresome to hear after oh maybe the third time. Not that I'm tooting my own horn. Would hate for you to think I'm conceded."
A smirk appeared on his face as he reached out and took the mans hand. "Well Bishop I'm Liam and I would say it's a pleasure however I feel you would tell me I might come to regret that statement. Though to sate my own curiosity is it good to have piqued your interest or will I regret that to?"
Melinoe 08/11/19 -tilts her head to the side and grins-
So.. I can still poke his arm?
Liam Moore 08/11/19 "So what you are saying is you are a messy eater? Oddly enough I can see that looking at you. You are pretty, the pretty ones are always the scariest." The face always fools everyone. "They could be poisoned or drugged but that's the fun of living no? Life is fairly boring if you don't take risks."

Gives a small wave back. "I would thank you again but we know how that turned out for me last time."
Liam Moore 08/11/19 Arches his own brow.
"Oh no? Should I hold onto the thank you?" Smirks a little.
"Are you saying you are gonna bite me? Or others will? So far I've only gotten cookies hardly something to be careful of. But I think I can handle myself. I tend to bite back."
Runs his tongue over one of his fangs.
Liam Moore 08/11/19
"Thank you I think?"
Jameson Orlav 08/10/19 -leans back in his chair-
-death glares at the ceiling-
Do you have some kind of sixth sense, or something?
-turns to offer a tiny lil grin-
Come'ere, eh?
Jameson Orlav 08/10/19 Drahoušek
You can't see me, but I am thoroughly amused.
Are you JUST figuring out that brat bit?
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "Mmm. That's lovely of you. Liar." She smirks. "Show me yours, I'll show you mine."
Jameson Orlav 08/10/19 Drahoušek
By all means. I love being the topic of conversation.
Be sure to fill me in on the juicy details when you return.
Sorry in advance if the locks are changed before you get back.
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "That's very nice of you, Bishop but... he hates me." Leans in, whispering conspiratorially. "You've heard the stories?"
Mackenzie 08/10/19 "The rest of us aren't, so... get your man in line."
-Clearly doesn't believe that sh-t at all-
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "An associate. I see. You know, he doesn't have much luck with those." Casually, she lifts a hand, dragging a finger across her neck.
Jameson Orlav 08/10/19 Drahoušek
Yes. We are genetically superior in every way.
I don't know if lovely is the word I would use.
Give it time.
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "Is it, though?" Taking his hand, she gives a cautious shake. "What's it to you?"
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "Let's not shame him. He was ahead of his time." Her brow lifts, taking a step back as he sniffs. "Don't do that. Jesus. Noura."
Samantha Winchester 08/10/19 Congrats on your ranking Bishop
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "You know, Jim once traced our lineage back to Charlemagne." Pauses. "...Turns out, that's pretty normal."
Noura Orlav 08/10/19 "Definitely not. Is this how you pick up women? Is that all the game you have? Jesus. You must be fvcking lonely as fvck."
Jameson Orlav 08/10/19
Mackenzie 08/10/19 -sniffs-
Did you bathe in cologne?
Jewel 08/09/19 Thanks.
I completely forgot having the personality of a small d-ck was considered interesting.

Your small-minded attitude towards others is the only interesting thing about you.
Simply because it's laughable.

Enjoy your monotone existance.

Jewel 08/09/19 You know..
Most people would be insulted by that.
I'm not.
Especially coming from you of all people.

Honestly, hurt by the butt thing.
Even though you admitted you'd touch it if there was more to it.

To squat I go!

Jewel 08/09/19 I knew it.
I just knew it.

Bishop just failed at stealing money from you!

You missed me so much you just had to touch my butt.
I don't blame you.
It's gorgeous.

Jewel 08/09/19 -kicks heel in passing-
Shadwyn Drake 08/09/19 Well done on ranking!
EtaineNightBreed 08/09/19 Well done! Must be that French wine!
Elowen Jocosta 08/09/19 -throws hands up in excitment-
"Yes that would be amazing. I've had to learn all this on my own so far.
Jameson Orlav 08/08/19 -whips around-
-growls, yells after-
I hope that hurt!
I’ve been doing my squats.
Jameson Orlav 08/08/19
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Thanks. I'll make sure to give it a go. And no worries about corduroy, I stick to denim and cotton."
-soft laugh-
-slips paper into back pocket-
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 smiles-
"That would be so fecking amazing. Apparantly when I feed I like to just tear their throats open and just dive right into thatcswiming pool of blood. However, my clothes are in fact suffering. I may not be the most fashionable gal around but I dont think blood stains are in fashion at the moment."
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Thank you mon petit pois. I truly appreciate it."
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Well at least you've had people to keep at that distance. I've never had anyone. But I'll take the deal. I will give you a fair amount of warning."
"I'm going to stick my hand out now for you to shake."
-sticks out hand-
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 -is hugged-
-kind of-
"Just be you. I'll try to be less handsy. Seems your husband isn't very fond of it either. Or Gray, or Odette, or...well lots of people."
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "It makes my heart sad to hear that. I constantly crave affection but I'm learning that this place doesn't offer much of that."
-kicks at ground-
-hugs herself-
Odette 08/08/19 Baddy
He? Is he lonely?
Does he look tasty?
You know how I love the muscles.
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Why are you always so shocked? I don't think your husband touches you enough."
Odette 08/08/19 Baddy
Why is she still breathing?
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Well it does that too, but I here that look is in season. The bigger the better."
-smacks behind-
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "Ah mon petit pois, power looks so good on you."

Cole Ward 08/07/19 -blinks-
"Ahh beg sex. no."

"I no miss malá fena."
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
This is home.
I will hunt prey elsewhere.
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
What is worse?
Cole Ward 08/07/19 " will not making sex you."
-eyes the knife-

"I shoot now you."
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
His name is Mark.
Are you drunk?
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
He looks more like a starving artist.
Part time barista.
Enjoys drum circles, weed, and meditation.
Cole Ward 08/07/19 "..Ahh, me.. ne fena."
WildKat 08/07/19 Congrats on Ranking!
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
Oh... he's into roleplay?
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 -tiptoes through-
-definitely not scheming-
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
Who is Bodhi?
His name is Mark. No last name.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 Drahoušek
Oh, don't be so complain-y.
You'll be fine.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 Drahoušek
But I am your ass.
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
Long dark hair, pretty chestnut eyes.
Super nice teeth, too.
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
What's it to you? Mark is fair game.
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
He appears less upset now.
I am not truly grounded.
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
He may not have your heart.
I will kill him if he attempts it, coven mate or otherwise.
Jameson was not pleased.
Humor and comedy are difficult to grasp.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 -smug smirk-
Aye. I am.
-leans in, fangs bared-
Your retaliation cannot be worse than a dousing in this sugary mess, drahoušek.
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
I'm not worried about that.
He is pretty and I want his eyes.
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
Yes, Bodhi.
He does not care for shopping either.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 -tackles-
-pins to the ground-
Mercy? Mercy?
No mercy.
-shakes like a dog-
-slushee hurricane-
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 "Weird flex," Gray comments. It isn't for the knife, but for the desire to clearly state his relation to Jameson Orlav. A slow smirk spreads, and he shrugs. "Or, perhaps, it is because of our previous business together."

Jameson Orlav: the slayer that time forgot, but not Gray.

"My office is open, Bishop. I'm sure we will run into one another, again."
Odette 08/07/19 Baddy
No promises.
He has pretty eyes.
Seven 08/07/19 Bishop
Or hang them.
Although one of the new additions is amenable to hanging as long as it is not by his neck.
I like him.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 -covered in slushee-
-side eyes him-
-chases after-
Elowen Jocosta 08/07/19 -Jumps on-
"To the tequila!" -pulls Bishop behind her- "Which do you think would taste better. Fresh blood or already frozen blood?"
Seven 08/06/19 Bisbop
How does one make a new member feel welcome?
Refer them to you for assistance?
Elowen Jocosta 08/06/19 -shrugs-
I can't keep up with my own emotions I couldn't even imagine trying to also balance somebody else's. And that smells disgusting, but it does give me an idea. We should make blood margaritas. Bloodritas!"
-shimmies with excitment-
Elowen Jocosta 08/06/19 Ha ha. I an without a doubt 100 and 10 percent certain that nobody in their right mind would ever attempt such a thing with men They'd have to be barking mad."
"Fecking hell, you are turning me into an alchoolic."
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “Indeed, it has.” Gray gives a slight smirk as he shoves his hands into his pockets. “Though I have come to accept that there is no such thing as coincidence.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/06/19 -eyes bottle-
-is weary-
"Ah feck it. Yes, mon petit pois, so many new sights to see, though, they dont seem too fond of me."
-takes gulp of liquor-
"Should I be thanking your husband for this one as well?"
Jameson Orlav 08/06/19
Bodhi Jones 08/06/19 lips press into a line of wry amusement
glances around, closes the cell door once more
...for peace of mind
Bodhi Jones 08/06/19 Ha!
genuine amusement
Karma tends to not work with one who just wanted a nap, more like.
Thanks, Bishy, I owe you one.
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “Naturally, if the contract cannot be met, it is not drawn up. I’m not in the business of making promises I cannot keep.” Gray would leave it at that. There is no reason for him to go into further detail. A conversation would be had, advisement given if desired, and he and any client would part ways. “However...

“When it comes to the transfer of contracts, it would require much more information. I would then need to negotiate with this third party. The caveat of contract termination would be added to the new contract, if I am able to gain rights to the existing.” Clearing his throat, Gray leaves this poignant fact out in the open.

Anyone who enters contract with him would die, and the timing is far from his decision. Always, no matter what, it is a gamble with a steep price.
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 Straightforward. I like it.
raises card in silent salute
To be fair, though...
grins cheekily
You didn't even give me a chance to show you anything.
But, alas, I've been dismissed.
Hopefully I can hold your attention next time.
winking, he'll take his leave
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 doesn't flinch, but is markedly impressed
An interesting greeting, if I've ever experienced one.
arches brow and obligingly backs off
You're a fascinating fellow, you know that?
Approaching people, then shooing them off, as if they had the gall to bother you.
I'll hope to see you around again.
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 lips purse, hiding amusement
That's probably smart of you.
runs fingers reflexively through said mane
That's an intense line of questioning.
Maybe you should go first, just so I know what caliber we're going for here.
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 What can I do?
considers his newly gifted bottle
holds it up in offering

I can be a middleman for alcohol, if that's your speed.
I find myself in possession of what I can only assume is some of the finest.
It's yours, should you want it.
Seven 08/04/19 *studies*
Thank you, Bishop.
*slips phone into pocket*
Jameson Orlav 08/04/19 -slips a bonus into his pocket before he retreats-
Gray Taylor 08/04/19 Gray sits back, silent as the grave as he judges the man before him. There is a lot of information being thrown his way, so much so that he needs time to process and reflect. Lost in thought, trying to find his words, he taps at the arm of his chair. "In the event that I do not meet my portion of the contract, which would be termination... that would be catastrophic, for me."

It is clear that this is not something he is willing to budge on. More than once, he has been asked for extensions or outright dismissals. But Gray never caved. He did what had to be done, no matter the circumstance. Everyone knew what they were in for.

"In the event that I cannot deliver what is requested of the client, there is no contract drawn. There is a process, for more difficult things. Most people desire wealth, fame, power. There are exceptions, of course, that require more work on my end. Usually, I am able to deliver. There are, of course, exceptions." This sort of thing leaves his mouth dry. These questions never bring easy business, though he does enjoy a challenge. "Is that answer satisfactory?"
Seven 08/04/19 *glances over*
I know how to make many.
*goes still*
What do you require in return for this?
Seven 08/04/19 *accepts box*
No explosive device...
It is the same small computer you use?
Gray Taylor 08/04/19 That smile doesn't falter once. This man is amusing, different from most that come in here to shake him down. Gray is far from exhausted, instead landing on intrigue and remaining there. The desire to have him ebbs away, leaving him with nothing but money for time. "We are all under ownership, in some fashion, Bishop."

Hard truth.

Clearing his throat, Gray sits back, folding his hands in his lap as he regards the man. "It's hardly rocket science. My client tells me what they want, they are made aware of the price, a contract is drawn up, and once signed - the request fulfilled, and the price is collected at the whim of my employer."

Gray would leave out several details, most importantly being that he no longer had a say in these matters. Contracts are a thing of the past, and he is now made to kill without reason. Still, the business side of it all is what he enjoys. What's a bit of fun? "Simple enough. Yes?"
Odette 08/04/19 Baddy
You struck as more a strawberry man.
Odette 08/04/19 Baddy
Oh, of course.
I'll have to find her soon, anyway.
My purse is getting full.
I love that five finger discount sale.
Odette 08/04/19 Baddy
Oooo... heels are great for stabbing men.
I'm sure she's fine. She's an independent woman.
Odette 08/04/19 Baddy
Well, I’m at the mall.
I don’t really know where she is.
Odette 08/04/19 Baddy
I’m going to need you to deal with English.
I’m not a translation service.
Odette 08/03/19 Baddy
I think I lost her.
Gray Taylor 08/03/19 What a show. Gray watches as he counts, expertly taking note of each bill as it passes until it is called out and placed before him. Twenty four hundred. There isn't a word uttered as he shifts only to reach forward, pushing the stack aside and out of their direct lines of vision. Only then, does Gray accept the hand, giving Bishop on firm shake before relinquishing his grip.

Of course, it makes sense. Slowly, that Cheshire grin would appear. Rare as it is now, it has it's moments when he is in a state of deep amusement or extreme comfort. This is the former. "Bishop," a brow raises, silver tongue casting a charming light upon the man's name.

"I'll tell you what," he lowers his voice. Once more, his sights flicker over Bishop. Hidden away, deep down and out of view, his distaste for the nature of his own existence simmers beneath the surface. "Let's strike a deal, and I will show you."
Gray Taylor 08/02/19 A quiet 'hm' sounds from his throat, signaling his agreement to Bishop's observation. So he would sit, and he would listen intently. This stranger is closed off. Legs crossed. Arms crossed. He is comfortable in his isolation, much the same as he once was. It's smart, to remain alone. Life is far less messy.

But he shifts, and Gray shifts in turn. Elbows rested upon his knees, his hands clasp before him, holding together in a show of patient impatience. "My time goes for three hundred per fifteen minutes, with a minimum charge of six hundred." There is a pause, sights flickering over being across from him before falling to the watch upon his wrist. Gray takes in the time, and thus, the minutes begin.

"My name is Gray Taylor. And you are?"

Whatever the ride, his interests are caught. It isn't often that one comes across someone so very much like themselves.
Seven 08/02/19 There are those who are willing to be hung?
*sounds eager*
Explain to me about them as we retrieve the slurpee.
I must report to the Mackenzie after the fun is complete.
Gray Taylor 08/01/19 A huff escapes him before he can stop himself, and Gray finds himself locking his phone and pocketing it. It's a silent message, if ever there were one. Every question asked has an answer, but none of this is so simple. Instead, a smirk would curl at the corners of his mouth, and Gray would lean forward in his seat. "Surely, one so brilliant is not surprised that these antics aren't working."

A mild insult, certainly. "What is it that you want? Remember, nothing comes without a price."
Gray Taylor 08/01/19 He'd been working, or trying to, at the very least. Instead, he is met with interruptions at every turn. This time, it is in the form of a Frenchman wielding a knife. A dull set of storms lock onto the specimen before him, unflinching and unmoved. "I can have you removed. That's fun enough for me."
Seven 08/01/19 The Mackenzie.
She indicated they are to dump over people's heads, and the Jameson would love it.
This is fun.
Sammi would not let me hang her.
Seven 07/31/19 *glides up*
I am in need of a slurpee.
I am told one may find this thing at a Seven Eleven.
Is that near here?
El Orlav 07/31/19 ~*~ stares ~*~ You look so pretty. Are you married?
Samantha Winchester 07/31/19 *smiles*
*looks at bottle*
*looks at you*
*takes bottle*
"Thank you. This will go great with dinner that I am making for Andy."
"He knows about this yes?"
*raise brow*
"We do not want to make him angry. That would be very very bad indeed."
Dante Hayes 07/30/19 -squinty eyes-
Sounds like you're a good person to have around if I happen to find myself in a pinch
Allies being essential to survival and all.

-lets go of hand-
Let me know if you ever need a hand...or even more than one.
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -grabs finger-
-licks off remaining blood-
-takes deep breath-
"I will do my best to be nice and warm and fuzzy to your new thing mon petit pois."
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -looks at fingers-
-licks lips-
- -clears throat-
"She told me not to touch her. In fact, she demanded it. I don't like being demanded. If I want to touch her I will."
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 "Mon petit pois"
-yells at-
"I don't like this Seven thing that you brought home.
WildKat 07/30/19 "Vanilla is boring..."
Seven 07/30/19
Death is the best scent.
Jameson Orlav 07/30/19 Bish
Next time you wont be passing out anything.
Because you wont have any fingers.
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
Yes, Dad.
Seven 07/30/19 ...thank you.
*blank stare*
What is shopping?
*purses lips*
Is my scent f-ck everyone?
Jewel 07/30/19
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
So you admit it. There is no horse.
We'll shop, alright.
My closet.
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
You're a horrible liar.
Honestly. We're already having fun.
She's very... warm.
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
Obviously, asking first is key.
I will merely request a finger.
Where are you, anyway?
You do realize I require a certain amount of attention.
Seven 07/30/19 *nods*
I have little belongings.
I will retrieve them.
*looks at self*
You wear much clothing.
Clothing I am in need of, too.
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
Just a nibble?
A taste?
Honestly, she's a morsel.
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
Guess you're drinking a ton of tea.
I'm going to find out.
Permission to eat her?
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -eyes light up-
-has forgotten about all the bad things going on-
-laughs loudly-
"Okay, let us go."
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
You're my favorite.
You're going to drink it with me, right?
And do we get to keep her? Do you think she likes grilled human?
She's the sort I'd don my best June Cleaver for.
I just wanna bake her a cake.
How do you think she feels about tea?
Odette 07/30/19 Baddy
Really? I think I found her.
I like her.
Her skin looks comfortable.
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -clasps hand-
-pulls self up-
"I shall need a cape."
-stumbles against-
"Mon petit pois. Thank you."
Jameson Orlav 07/30/19 Bish
When do I ever say no?
Seven 07/30/19 *nods*
I will follow.
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -chuckles-
-chugs rest of the bottle-
-falls down-
-puts hands on hips superman style-
"I am BIG PEA fear me!"
Seven 07/30/19 *hesitates*
You will not touch me.
WildKat 07/30/19 "Sounds kinky! I'm just sayin.."*grins*
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -tilts head-
"Perhaps we should have a threesome then, and bring lots and lots of blood. That may satisfy his fetish."
-hold bottle close to chest-
-looks at bottle longingly-
-takes drink-
-scrunches face-
"Di-did you just call me fat?"
Seven 07/30/19 Yes.
Always a threat.
I am... like you.
WildKat 07/30/19 "Haha, niiice. He has a stash. Your secret is safe with me."
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 "No wonder he liked me so much when we met. I am often covered in blood. Do you think it's a turn on or just a full blown fetish?"
"From now on you shall always and forever be known as my little pea!"
-passes bottle-
-misses having the bottle in hands-
Seven 07/30/19 Bishop.
*furrows brow*
I am?
I was not told this.
Are you a threat?
WildKat 07/30/19 *laughs evilly**realizes I failed**greatly takes the bottle*"You Rock!"
Seven 07/30/19 *another blink*
I am designated Seven.
What is your designation?
Seven 07/30/19 *slow blinks*
What is "the Realm"?
Why do beings keep saying "welcome"?
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 "Well, I do have booze now, I'm sure your husband wouldn't mind if we used it to start a fire."
-Pokes chest-
"But if you insist I will call you Bishop. Or, or, I could call you mon petit pois. Right? That's a good name right?"
-takes another long swig-
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -giggle-
-takes bottle-
-does a little jig-
Thank you very much. I shall tell him...should I start calling you Mrs. Orlav by the way?
-takes swig-
Dante Hayes 07/29/19 I've found that friends and enemies can often be the same.
-studies hand being offered to him-
-grasps it with a firm handshake-
Well Bishop, they call me Dante.
Sometimes b*stard. Often both.
It's a pleasure.
Jameson Orlav 07/28/19 “What the ****.”
Dante Hayes 07/28/19 I suppose you're right...
-sucks in air through teeth-
-obviously thinking-
I've never been a fan of honorable kings.
Only ones who have fought for their right to rule.
These kings would never have supplied the blade to begin with.

You carry a conversation, ask hard questions.
You're loads of fun.
Odette 07/28/19 -Eyes go wide-
"Bishop. I need to love on the dogs. I'm gonna wake them up. It is time."
Odette 07/28/19 -Nods-
"As was Scar, Hades, aaaaand... nah, Claude Frollo totally deserved it."
Odette 07/28/19 -Smirks-
-Ego boosted-
-Clears throat-
So sad, so true.
Odette 07/28/19 "I really never knew you were into that. What a kink."
-Step stutters-
"You named your dogs after the greatest animated eels of all time?"
Odette 07/28/19 "You have a crush on Cheryl? Oh, honey."
"Hm. Do they eat live game, scraps, or kibble?"
Odette 07/28/19 "This is such a big deal. Look at you, Bishop. Opening up. Letting people in. Are they terrifying? Please say they're ferocious."
Odette 07/28/19 "Alright, Ramsey. Calm down. Christ."
-Mutters something-
"When do I get to meet the dogs?"
Odette 07/28/19 "Why are you crossing your arms? Are you uncomfortable?"
Odette 07/28/19 "You know, you could have lied."
-Squints at-
"Or are you just modest?"
"Maybe shy?"
Odette 07/28/19 -Is struck with bag-
"What the fu-
"Oh.. Bishop, that is so sweet."
-Smiles and peeks at contents-
"This is going to make an amazing roast. You are so thoughtful."
Jameson Orlav 07/28/19 -stares at pointedly-
-takes bottle-
-drools a little-
Your secret... is safe with me.
As long as the whiskey keeps flowing.
Dante Hayes 07/28/19 -considers this, flipping the knife that had been thrown at him-
Not much of a king if they can be so easily slain.
-examines the man carefully-
-pockets the knife-
Well, you seem fun.
Dante Hayes 07/28/19 -examines the knife flipping-
-provides a mischievous grin-
Well, my lips remain sealed at all times.
They only loosen for the right people.
-shrugs shoulders, looking bored again-
Can't help you with the surprises though.
Life seems to be full of them
Dante Hayes 07/28/19 -smirks-
Well, it wouldn't be very fun if I told you all of my secrets.
Now would it?

-catches the knife-
-examines where the knife sliced his thumb slightly-
-brings the wound to his mouth where he licks the blood away-
How clumsy.
Dante Hayes 07/28/19 -glares at knife-
-pointedly shrugs shoulders-
Not particularly, no.
Jewel 07/23/19
Elowen Jocosta 07/23/19 "Well it doesn't sound like she's doing a very good job at it. I thought stalkers were supposed to stay hidden and watch their prey from afar. Sounds to me like she's trying to be your shadow."
-purses lips-
"Perhaps you should stalk her in return. But do a better job of it."
-wide eyes-
“I had a brilliant idea. I’ll help. We could be in cahoots. I’ve never been in cahoots with anyone before.”
Jewel 07/23/19 D'aw.
Come on!
You act like I smell.
Odette 07/23/19 “Cheryl wasn’t made for life in a cage.”
-deep breath-
“Don’t make me wile your face.”
Odette 07/22/19 -gasps-
-reaches more-
Jewel 07/22/19 I'll take that as a 'thank you'.
It's not fun to stalk you when you're all caged up, doll.
Odette 07/22/19 “I do, thank you very much.”
-waves, flips bird in all directions-
“Please don’t tell me you are trying to be the next Andy Dufresne.”
Odette 07/22/19 “Excuse me? Are you insinuating I don’t have wiles?”
-lowers voice-
“Do you want to stay in the tower?” -sticks hand out through bars-
Odette 07/22/19 “Distracted. You had one job.”
“I suppose I might use my womanly wiles.”
Odette 07/22/19 -moment of silence-
“Are you f-cking with me?”
Odette 07/22/19 -Squints-
"...are you going to use it?"
Odette 07/22/19 -Pauses-
"Don't you have some weird tool or something, for these situations?"
Odette 07/22/19 "Bishop!"
-Might be yelling-
-Perhaps a bit feral-
"Are you in heRE!?"
Jewel 07/22/19 -twirls keys about index-
Even though I enjoy you all caged up..

You managed to break out Bishop.

Odette 07/20/19 “Mm. You’re not very much into the thrill of the chase, are you? Ugh. You know what?”
-licks lips-
“We should get the fixings for burgers. I bet he will grind up beautifully.”
“Please, Bishop? We can have shakes, too.”
Jewel 07/19/19
Elowen Jocosta 07/19/19 Elowen Jocosta. But you dont need to remember me.
-tilts head-
So what makes you stalk worthy? No offense but you dont look particularly interesting from my stand point.
Elowen Jocosta 07/18/19 -purses lips-
-tilts head-
Why the feck would I stalk you? That's far too much work. No. No. No stalking.
Wait? You have one stalker already?
Elowen Jocosta 07/17/19 -peers at-
Aye, aye Coven Matey
-does bad pirate imperession-
-is high-
Jewel 07/17/19


Katherine Murray 07/17/19 Katherine. -toddles off-
WildKat 07/16/19 "Ahh but you can be another 'pretty' face."*nods*
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 Nope.
-smiles brightly-
See you around.
WildKat 07/15/19 *gasps*"Take that back! It's not disgusting..."
Jewel 07/15/19 -again, closes space-
You keep saying that..
It's just that I'm not confident you truly mean that.
Odette 07/15/19 "Oh, oh no. He mustn't."
-Takes, tucks, covers-
"God, I love a fresh blade."
-Gingerly takes a few steps-
"So, you wanted to talk about a plan?"
Jewel 07/15/19 That reminds me of my Saturday night.
-keeps close-
-never moves-
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -just keeps staring-
-will not be out stared-
Jewel 07/15/19 -pokes-
Jewel 07/15/19 -stalks harder-
Jewel 07/15/19 -stalks-
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -stares-
-is probably working on making strangers uncomfortable-
WildKat 07/15/19 "Pretty...?"
Jewel 07/15/19 But..but..
I already put in my application!
You know what? I'm just going to take that as you would love me around in rude frenchmen talk.
WildKat 07/14/19 "Princess?"
Jewel 07/13/19 "Oh. Ooohhh.. nothing, really. You're just entertaining. You're like one of those rude slash hateful typical frenchmen you see on t.v. I'm impressed. I could watch you talk to people aaalllllll day."
Odette 07/13/19 -Gives look, shakes head-
"What do you take me for?"
-Hikes up skirt enough to show a band-
"Safety first, naturally."
Odette 07/13/19 "Name's Cheryl."
-Does a spin-
"I'm here to talk about a bull."
Odette 07/12/19 "I'm really going to need to read that whole conversation sometime. It all sounds wildly entertaining."
"I think I will borrow one, if you don't mind. I do love a joint effort."
-Stretches neck-
"Right. It's a date. Just let me know a time."
-Smiles, winks, and meanders away muttering about farmers-
Odette 07/12/19 "I don't have super strength, Bishop. If he's that big.."
-Stares at, clearly unimpressed-
"That bull is f-cking mad. Do men really think that works? Do they believe themselves to be sly? That is not how you charm a woman, for f-ck sake. We like to be seen. Not seen."
-Deep breath-
"Sorry. Okay. Alright. So. Go to his barn. Get drunk. And you will be there. Dinner is served."
Odette 07/12/19 "You... well, yes. But..."
-Having some feelings-
-Trying to make words-
"This may be the nicest, most thoughtful thing.. um. Wow. So.. are you just going to be in another room? Obviously, this is our meal. Where are you going to be?"
Odette 07/12/19 "Adorable. That's normal. These sort only ever want one thing."
-Raises a brow-
"Wait. Let me see Cheryl's picture."
Odette 07/12/19 "Bishop, how many weird flirty emojis did you use in this conversation? Were you reeling him in, or getting his resume?"
-Purses lips-
"I have to say, Bishop.. I'm impressed. When is our date with this stud?"
Odette 07/12/19 -Blinks, stares, swallows dryly-
"Is that a mom tattoo?"
Odette 07/12/19 "There is literally no one worthy of being our breakfast? Honestly? Listen, I need a little meat on their bones. Farm fresh bacon sounds marvelous."
Odette 07/10/19 "You noticed! What a rare species of man you are."
"...How is Cheryl?"
Odette 07/10/19 "Why? Tired of seeing me?"
-Tilts head-
Odette 07/08/19 "Baaaad boy."
"This is going to be fun. Text me when you get a bite."
-Wanders off to prepare-
Odette 07/08/19 "Oh, that is disgusting."
-Shakes head-
"Post that ****. We need to prep a murder spot. I'm thinking Texas Chainsaw meets psycho thriller."
Melinoe 07/08/19 "Technicalities." She shrugs gently. "Nonetheless, death is a lovely scent on you, mister."
Melinoe 07/08/19 The petite girl playfully rolls her eyes. "Decay is rotting flesh, silly."
Odette 07/08/19 "You're forgiven."
-Waves, squints, considers-
"I think so. Shouldn't we throw some biblical passage? Did the bible have anything alpaca related?"
Melinoe 07/08/19 Scrunching her nose, she shakes her head. "I don't want you to share, mister. I just enjoy the scent of death and decay, like any other girl."
Odette 07/08/19 "Minus points for not wearing a mime costume."
"Shear bliss. Don't forget that. Farmers love that sh-t."
Odette 07/08/19 "And you are much less French than I thought.. hm."
-Peers at the screen-
"Cheryl definitely is an alpaca farmer."
-Purses lips-
"That practices taxidermy."
Odette 07/08/19 "Awww.. look at you. Is that amusement?"
-Stares dead in the eye-
"I love the scream of a man fresh off the tractor."
-Snaps picture with finger gun, sends-
"Maybe we could get breakfast sometime."
Melinoe 07/08/19 Sniffing the air, Mel grins at the man. "Mister? You reek of blood. It's absolutely wonderful."
Jameson Orlav 07/08/19
Jameson Orlav 07/08/19 -Mariah Carey's Obsessed plays somewhere in the background-
Odette 07/08/19 "Well for starters, we're both d-ckheads."
"Oh. Well, first, I texted myself.
"And then I downloaded the Farmers Only app."
Odette 07/08/19 "You know, sweetcheeks.."
-Plops phone into waiting hand-
"You're going to learn to appreciate me."
Odette 07/08/19 "Would you rather me not ask?"
-Takes phone, begins to tap away-
"Of course I have a phone. Who doesn't?"
-Tap tap tap-
Odette 07/08/19 "Wow. You don't shy away from personal questions, do you?"
Guillaume Duvalier 07/08/19 Gui grinned. "No tricks," and tapped his back pocket lightly, "just me and the cards."
Odette 07/08/19 ...May I borrow your phone?
Odette 07/07/19 ...
Odette 07/07/19 -touches stuff-
-touches all all the stuff-
Jameson Orlav 07/06/19 -paints obscene illustrations on Bishop's door in fresh blood-
-toddles off-
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "Honestly, I've been around the block a time or ten, and I've seen it all. It'd honestly be nice for something to phase me once in a while."
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "Oh, you're a stabber? You should have said. I've known plenty of stabbers in my time. What's your weapon of choice?"
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "You advise against you touching my butt? Why? What would happen if you did?"
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "You want to touch my butt to even things out? Would that make you feel better?"
Hector Olivier 07/05/19 "I can't help it. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to your butt."
Mackenzie 07/05/19 "Oh, you sweet thing," Mackenzie practically coos as she steps forward and just past him, counting on him to follow. "Buying is a strong word."

Grinning, she beckons with a single finger her invitation. Mackenzie isn't precisely concerned about whether or not he does join her. This Bishop will do as he pleases. "I take what I want. And I'm f-cking starved."
WildKat 07/04/19 *waves creepily*
WildKat 07/04/19 *thinks about different things and nods*
WildKat 07/04/19 *wants to take away sharp objects*
WildKat 07/03/19 *wants to see you a song*
Jameson Orlav 07/02/19
WildKat 07/02/19 *snickers*
WildKat 07/02/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 07/02/19 "I don't know, what does it mean?"
WildKat 07/02/19 "That's a loaded question. Are you sure you wanna hear the answer?"*grins*
WildKat 07/02/19 *wonders what song I can sing*
WildKat 07/02/19 *stops**wonders what you're staring at**crosses eyes* *goes back to business*
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 Hector remained silent, staring at the talking fortune cookie. In his head, he 'mmhmmm'd'. Outwardly, he blinked.
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 "Aye, and never piss into the wind. Any other words of wisdom?" Hector enquired, raising an eyebrow at the newcomer. This city was getting weirder by the minute, and he was starting to wonder if he should just call it a nice and head home. "You"
Mackenzie 06/30/19 "Your home sounds... boring," She would frown, tilting her head as she waits and watches. What a process. This guy is about as dramatic as a high cat. Finally, he speaks, and she is about to withdraw when she gets a handful of.. gross. Luckily, she isn't easily put off. As if proving her point, she gives a firm shake. "THE Bishop? Wants to drink my wine?

"Color me charmed." Wrinkling her nose, she withdraws, wiping her hand at the fabric of her jeans. "Tell you what. No wine, but.. plenty of fresh snacks."
Ahmalie 06/30/19 Looking at his stature i looked away. "I hope you are finding your way with ease. If you need anything you can find me at Sirens Bay."
Ahmalie 06/30/19 Walking up to the stranger with my hands burried in my pockets i looked at him. "I know its a tad late but welcome to the realm."
Shadwyn Drake 06/30/19 Welcome to the coven! The house of cranky pants!
Jewel 06/29/19 He was the embodiment of the 'typical' frenchmen that she has ever imagined. Standing there in awe as she gawked at him. "Wow." Was all she could manage. "I only saw one of you in the movies before.." Just couldn't wait a second longer for him to respond in some way that would typically would turn a stranger the other way. It was amusing.
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 Cranky is my middle name.
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -passive eyeroll-
Listen. I don't care about whatever toys you have in your knappy-sack.
But I might get a little cranky if you never share your midnight snacks.
WildKat 06/28/19 *points*"You rock!"
WildKat 06/28/19 *gasps*"You did it!!"
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 Inquisitive.
-waves a hand-
Name's Jameson.
-raises a brow-
You've the impertinence to complain about it, so... I certainly hope you're going to do something to remedy this boring place.
And I fully expect an invitation.
WildKat 06/28/19 "He means weird. We're a weird bunch. I need to convince him..."
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -mimics head tilt-
Pray tell— what word would you use?
-tiny smirk-
Enlighten me, moudrý.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 "Keep them away?" Mackenzie can't help but grin, taking a step closer as she watches him go about attempting to rid himself of his camouflage. "I'm sure you understand that such a thing attracts certain.. individuals." With that, she places a hand over her heart. "Such as myself."

That same hand is extended, an offering of introduction, mess included. "Mackenzie. Don't worry, I'm not here to woo you. Though I do wonder how you feel about kidnapping."
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Dessa smiled and bowed her head slightly, "No need to apologize, my dear. Je m'appel Dessa." Her New York accent probably butchering the beautiful language, but considering she lived in Paris, she had been trying to learn the native language.

She out stretched a gloved hand. It may have been summer, but her skin was quite cool and to some it caused them pain so she tried to be considerate. "If you're ever in search of a home, I have a beautiful Manse in the 12th arrondissement of Paris." Dessa held out a card that had The Menagerie embossed on it, along with the address. "If you would like to see the place, show that to the guards. They'll contact me and I can show you around."
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -clears throat-
We are an interesting bunch.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 Mackenzie squints, and then squints harder, but only for a split second. "Messy, aren't you?"

She likes messy.
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
Jameson Orlav 06/27/19 Well, well.
Don't you smell...
Geoffrey Drake 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Jewel 06/27/19 It just so happened that the Realm was over stocked in the female sex. There was no ulterior motive behind her welcome. Jewel was not hunting for a new beau.. or a tasty treat. She preferred those with untainted souls and it seemed he was all out.

"Good. Perhaps you'll even enjoy it here. Don't let all the ladies get to your head. We like to eat, too."

Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 The small woman's already good posture straighted further as she drew herself up in a way one of old noble birth might. Then, in direct contrast to the casual summer attire, she offered a formal curtsy in return, and managed to make it appear elegant instead of silly.

Gold flecked green eyes sparkled with mischief. "Bonne chance ŕ toi. Ce n'est pas un endroit pour les faibles de cśur. Je suis Kyla, au fait."
Jewel 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm. Stay awhile.
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 *laughs softly*
De rien.
Dessa Chambers 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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