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Axel Dance
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A nightmare created to be the darkness and the fear of darkness in every human heart.

(The following bio includes some references to child exploitation and neglect. Please take care of yourselves and watch for triggers.)
Axel Dance's Biography

In a small room designed for her use, a little girl is drawing with crayons. She does it calmly, like any other young girl, not furiously. She doesn't draw anything violent or strange. But in the room next door, her mother and father are pinched-faced, pale, and demanding answers of the counselor who sits behind his heavy wooden desk regarding them.

"But what's wrong with her?" the mother blurts.

"She just likes to make things up, that's all," the father mutters.


In his rich, well-appointed study, later on, he wonders,- the little girl's father,- what it is about her blood that vampires love so much. He can ask a considerable sum for a thimble full. They seem half drunk afterward, as if they are seeing visions.

He hears the almost silent click of her nursery door closing, and rises to pour himself a few fingers of cognac, swirling it in the slightly dusty glass and taking a long swallow. It doesn't bother him precisely, what he's doing. He knows they aren't really hurting her. It's just like the Red Cross, but more lucrative. His only real worry is that his wife might think something... else is happening, if she notices.

But he hears something strange, like singing, and slams down his glass, moving quickly into the hall. Into his daughter's room. It's dark. There's a strange breeze. He never noticed before how many times Lexa drew the same thing, the same young man dressed all in black, with bright red eyes.

"Lexa," he hisses, looking around after he notices her bed is empty. The window is open. She can't have-- one of them can't have--

Suddenly he is slammed against the closet door, hard enough to knock it off its hinges. Lexa used to beg him to check for monsters there. Now there is a tall young man, fair skinned, dark haired, with eyes the color of freshly spilled blood, glaring at him as his fingers dig viciously into his throat.

"Where is she, you pig?" the young man snarls. "What have you and your leeches done to Lexa?"


Several minutes later, Axel leaves the pathetic excuse for a father bruised and bleeding on the floor of his daughter's room. The man is, typically, useless. He has no idea what has happened. He keeps spouting ridiculous drivel about Axel being a figment of her imagination, an 'imaginary friend.'

How imaginary are those broken ribs, you *******?

Well, it doesn't matter. He'll find her. Hurting monsters and soothing Lexa's fears are what he does.

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