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Quinn Abernathy

Last five threads posted in:
Autumn Summers 07/20/18 Orson
No mocking at all. I find it endearing.
I haven't been there before. Sounds great.
What's an Irish elbow?
Quinn Abernathy 07/15/18 Orson
How about we meet in LA and go from there? Just send me your flight information when you get it, and we will make a plan.
Quinn Abernathy 07/15/18 Orson
Really?! You'll come? This is amazing!
Upstate. I live by the Redwood National Park, kind of.
But I do spend time in LA, too!
Quinn Abernathy 07/14/18 Orson
Yay! So, since you're all solo now, I've been thinking you should come to California. There's loads to do, and you have a pretty awesome friend out here (that's me, btw).
Quinn Abernathy 07/14/18 Orson
It's Quinn! Is this still your number?
W_Kat 07/11/18 Congrats on PotD!
Autumn Summers 07/08/18 Orson
This must be Orson. Did you really wait the requisite three days?
Give me a time and place.
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *eyes*
*wrinkles her nose*
Fare thee well, Orson.
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 I'm teasing, love. It doesn't bother me at all.
I don't care what you call me, as long as you do. Or text. Social interaction has been lacking recently.
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *takes phone*
You're one of those?
I'll forgive you for the fact you offered me a drink.
*programs number under 'Half Pint AKA Autumn'*
*hands phone back*
Baby steps, aye?
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 Sure. I'm always up for a drink or two.
Where's your phone? I'll give you my number.
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *shakes hand*
Orson? Unique. I like it.
Pleasure to meet you. Again.
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *huffs*
We're both around now and there's no time like the present.
Shall we start over?
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *snickers*
Aye, right keg you've got there.
To be fair, almost everyone is bigger than I am.
My name is Autumn. Ring any bells?
Autumn Summers 07/04/18 *peers closer*
Bright red is hard to forget.
So are large men.
Autumn Summers 07/02/18 *squints*
You look familiar.
Beau Theroux 06/29/18 "Welcome to the Realm."
Dovima Bastet 06/29/18 Several. Regardless of which city I'm in, there are always greedy little fingers. I'm starting to sympathize with Elmer Fudd and his obsession with hunting wabbits... although hunting leprechauns doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
Dovima Bastet 06/29/18 Yes! They like to pinch coins from your pockets when they think you're not paying attention. I'm going to catch one of them if it's the last thing I do.
Dovima Bastet 06/29/18 Welcome. Beware of the leprechauns. Crafty little buggers.
Remi Rose 06/29/18 "Welcome back."
Quinn Abernathy 06/29/18 "It's okay.. don't stress it." As his mood turns, she frowns slightly. Quinn remembers that night, talking within the confines of the booth in the bar. Liquor practically rained down upon them that night, and Orson spilled all. It had been a heavy subject, and she had been right there to support him.

Chewing at her lip for a moment, she considers everything as she lets her gaze wander before meeting his again. "How about you let me buy you two drinks, and I eat some greasy bar food, and we talk about whatever you want."
Quinn Abernathy 06/28/18 Orson to the rescue. She immediately returns the hug, keeping it polite and well timed like all others, and then watches him as he explains, nodding along the way. Of course she remembers. Quinn makes it a point to be present. His situation had been confusing, frustrating, and fascinating.

And then he gestures toward her own, and a sly little smile is gifted to the man as her hand instinctively moves to rest upon her slowly growing belly. "Yeeeeep. I did a thing. You remember Gideon? From the plantation? The one that would put up scarecrows and tend the garden?"

It is fairly clear by the her explanation that she is more than happy with her life. "So.. did you ever tell your family? Well. The family?"
Quinn Abernathy 06/28/18 There is a delighted laugh that escapes her before she makes her approach, confident now that he is who he is and everything is as it should be. Orson is one of those familiar faces that she never got to know very well, but she very much is beyond happy to see.

There is a moment of awkward hesitation as she tries to decide if she might go for a hug, but then decides not to. Quinn isn't quite so sure of herself anymore, and doesn't want to overstep. She's just a huggy person. Still, she is happy. "What happened? Where did you go? It's so good to see you!"
Quinn Abernathy 06/28/18 ...Orson?
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