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i am still living with your ghost, lonely and dreaming of the west coast.
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RealmItem #5 - Featherweight
Created by Flahme
-Skadedyr- 08/14/19 *gets super jittery*
"This kindness will not be forgotten."
Phil Sunshine 08/14/19
Nate Wolfwood 08/13/19 "Thank you."
Ashlyn Starling 08/13/19 “Yeah, that’s true and it wouldn’t be very good either. Do you have anything in mind?” She giggles softly. “I’m fine with that. Ooh a drink would be really good. I don’t remember the last time I had a drink.”
Thorne 08/12/19 Mismatched shades of blue and green settled upon the jogging woman that advanced upon her person, and the excitement said woman had was a bit contagious, earning a grin upon cupid's bow. Running fingers through her own hair to casually toss it over left shoulder in a waterfall of crimson, she turns and faces the now named Kira.

"Merry meet, Kira. I am known by many names to many different people, but most tend to fall back to calling me Amaranthe. Should this displease you, do feel free to call me something you would find more fitting." There was a bit of a playful tenor to her voice.
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Well I have been told that I am smoother than cream cheese on a bagel so I might just do that."
Was actually never told that, would also never confess that.
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "So I have been told once, maybe."
Awkward smile.
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Why thank you, and are quite beguiling."
Ashlyn Starling 08/07/19 Ashlyn smiled back. Yeah, it does. What would you like to go eat at? You're not the only one. It's nice to get out and hang with other people." She laughed softly and nodded in agreement.
Jasper Thompson 08/07/19 -bares pearlies in agreement-
Couldn't have put it better myself.
Aurora Crane 08/07/19 *She grasps Kira's chin in her hand and turns her head to face her. Tilting her head, she kisses her roommate's lips.*


*She winks, moving back as the playfully accusatory word leaves her mouth.*

I'll let you know when I've decided on an appropriate punishment for you, pretty girl.
Niahm Connelly 08/06/19 There was nothing like a homemade gift, as far as Niahm was concerned. Of course, this gift also gave her an excuse to do what she liked best. Kill things. These things just happened to be soft and fluffy little bunnies. She got to practice her crossbow skills, then there was the skinning, and the snack that it provided her. So really, it was a win-win situation.

The craftsmanship, though, she couldn't take credit for. Just the fur itself. The people she had paid to bleach, cure, and sew took credit for the rest.

So now, in front of Kira's doorstep, she laid a large garment box. Inside was a white 40's style fur that wrapped around shoulders, clasped together with silver and pearl brooch.

Beside the box was also a bottle of blackberry wine. Niahm herself had no idea if it was good. She hated wine, and sweet wine even more so. A card, reading simply, "Just imagine if you'd made the nice list. -Santa."
Bodhi Jones 08/06/19 Wicked?
You and I experience two different worlds, then.
Flahme 08/06/19 "Only pretty good?
Flahme pouts on behalf of her friend and slings an arm around her to squeeze Kira.
"Things are amazing. I moved in with Janus."
Her grin could not be contained, and she rolled her eyes then flopped back on the bed clutching her chest.
"I never thought I would find this. Didn't even know it was a thing to find."
Aurora Crane 08/05/19 It is my main goal in life to make beautiful women blush.

*She looks down as Kira takes her hand, following with her eyes as the other woman lifts it to her lips and presses a kiss to her knuckles. A fang sinks into her bottom lip and then she smirks. Arching a brow, amused curiosity dances in her eyes.*

Punish, huh? I had no idea you were that kind of girl, Kira. You're just full of surprises, aren't you?

*Leaning into the other woman, her lips brush against a soft cheek before she whispers into her ear.*

Do you have any ideas about how I might do that?
Ashlyn Starling 08/05/19 She edughed soflty and nodded, smiling soflty. "Alright. We can get something to eat before we go so we can relax better, if that's alright with you?" She asked as she looked at Kira and smiled.
Flahme 08/05/19 "It's a gift!"
-grins wide-
"Truly though, I thought it would be nice to share something tasty."
-nibbles some chocolate-
"Is everything good in your world?"
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 blinks a few times, then nods
So good of you to notice.
I know a hurricane when I see one, too.
cheeky wink
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 mockingly affronted, puts a hand to his chest
Mayhem? Why, whatever do you take me for?
I am nothing if not a peacekeeper.
I think it's you we need to be looking out for.
Aurora Crane 08/05/19 No, nobody has told me that in quite some time, actually.

*She feigns a pout then grins.*

Reminders are always welcome. And in case nobody has told you lately, you're looking stunning, as usual.

*She winks.*
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 Oh, thank you, and blahblahblah.
smiles impishly
Flahme 08/04/19 -finds Kira in her room- -doesn't knock- -flops down on her bed- -shares heart-shaped chocolate- -channels Jay-Z and sings- "This the life that everybody asks for."
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 That depends entirely on what you consider a monster, little fish.
So...yes, many.
With lots of teeth to spare.
Aurora Crane 08/02/19 *She knocks on Kira's bedroom door. Without waiting for an invite, she opens it. Leaning into her roommate's room, she holds up her own cellphone, displaying the group text she just received. Smiling, she raises her brows.*

Did you see the text? You're going, right? I could definitely use a girls night, but you're kind of the only one I know well so far.
Niahm Connelly 08/02/19 *group text*

It’s ladies night! Don’t make me drink alone.
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 Ashlyn laughed and smiled, bumping her hip back into hers as she nodded. "I am. Would there be food there? I am starving and could go for a big meal right about now."
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 She laughed softy and smiled as she shook Kira's hand and hummed. "I don't mind people giving her any sugar, she tends to go over the top when it comes to that. I craved all types of sugar when I was pregnant with her. Reason why I have a bakery and the name Cake Dreamer."
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 She laughed and shook her head with a smile. "Sure, you can. As long as you don't give her chocolate or any sugar after 9 pm. She'll turn into a very very hyper munchkin and keep you up all night."
Seven 07/30/19 Thank you, Sine Metu. I am not in need of help.
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 She giggled and smiled, nodding as she put her phone away. "Yeah she is. I can never say no to her." She laughed softly and smiled at Kira. "I'm sure she'll love you. She likes meeting new people."
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 Ashlyn blinked before she let out a laugh and nodded, smiling. "I am. Her name is Layla and she's one. She's a hyper munchkin." She pulled out her phone and showed Kira her home screen of her daughter. "Would you meet her one day?"
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 "I do the same when I have free time on my hands but with a one year old, it doesn't last long." She laughed softly and smiled, nodding as she stood up and stretched. "I am. You?"
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 Ashlyn laughed and smiled as she watched Kira, folding her arms over the table. "Same here. I've only had one girl's night out but it didn't last long. I only have my sister in law and my cousin but they're busy or away. Both sound like fun. How about the spa? I've never been to one and I'm sure we both need a relaxing day."
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 She smiled and released a sigh of relief. "I'm glad. Though that does sound like fun. Hmm plans for today? Sadly I don't know what to do. I haven't had a girl's night out in forever so I'm not sure what to do." She laughed softly and rubbed the back of her neck.
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 Ashlyn smiled and waved back when she saw Kira through the window. Her smile grew when she sat down in front of her. "I see you didn't get lost. That's good. I thought I had to go look for you." She laughed and grinned at her as she leaned back. "I hope I hadn't disturbed you with any plans you made for today."
Ashlyn Starling 07/30/19 Sugar Queen Alrighty! Hehe just don't get lost! See ya soon. Ashlyn laughed softly as she sent a text to her uncle after texting Kira before putting her phone away. Stretching, she let out a small yawn as she made her way the bakery and thought of things to do. She hasn't been out for a girl's night and wasn't sure what to do. Go to the bar? She looked down at her light pink blouse and black skirt with matching ankle boots. Letting out a groan, she walked into the bakery and sat down in a booth, watching out the window.
Ashlyn Starling 07/29/19 Sugar Queen That's good! Ha I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies. Awesome! How about we meet at the bakery in 30 minutes?
Ashlyn Starling 07/29/19 Ashlyn was startled when she felt her phone go off and pulled it out of her pocket. Seeing the message, she let out a laugh and shook her head with a smile as she sent a reply back. Hey girl! I am doing very well. How about you? And sure! I was actually looking for you in town, I was hoping we can have a girl's day today as I am very bored.
Flahme 07/29/19 "I like being called 'sweets', it sounds like something delicious. Also, we need to get up to some mischief."
Flahme 07/29/19 "You know I've been thinking?" Flahme began as she came to sit next to her pretty friend.
"I really haven't introduced myself to a number of peeps in this coven, I'm gonna get my sociability on. So long as I don't burn anyone, this could work. What do you think?"
Niahm Connelly 07/29/19 A pleasure t'meet ye, and thank ye fer th'welcome. So far I'm findin' my way 'round, and haven't managed t'get killed. I'd say that's a win/win situation.
Ashlyn Starling 07/29/19 She was bored and was hoping for a girl's night out as she wandered around town, looking for someone. Puffing her cheek, she scolded herself for not asking for Kira's number as she let out a soft sigh. "Maybe I should of brought some cookies with me, that'll help me find her." She said with a laugh.
Jasper Thompson 07/28/19 Well, in that case, welcome.
I'm Jasper, I'm Mack's eye candy, and I like to be reminded.
That must make you our resident sea monster, yes?
Dante Hayes 07/27/19 A chuckle sounded from him upon opening his door, and he retrieved the piece of paper from the floor. Examining Kira's delicate scrawl he headed over to his desk to compose his own.

Is this you admitting that you miss me?
I'm flattered.
Can't report any tears, but I'm always causing trouble.
Maybe we can cause some trouble together?
Satomi De Luca 07/27/19 Thanks for the welcome, gorgeous.
Averly Amoret 07/26/19 You're a needy one.
-hands over a few cigarettes-
Here I thought I could just take your coin and leave.
-Skadedyr- 07/26/19 -does a little jig-
-shoves pearls into pocket-
"Yes, yes, all the shinies! Thank you, thank you!"
Jasper Thompson 07/26/19 Oh. You must be new here.
I already knew.
I just like being reminded.
Jasper Thompson 07/26/19 But... You've barely said anything at all!
Jasper Thompson 07/26/19 ...God, you are absolutely right, I am arm candy.
-Skadedyr- 07/26/19 -shakes hand-
-holds out hand-
"More for collection!"
-Skadedyr- 07/26/19 -still has hand out-
-unsure what to do-
-looks excited at mention of shinies-
"You give pearls? Shiny pearls!"
-Skadedyr- 07/25/19 "Yes, thank you. This one is Skadedyr. "
-reaches hand out stiffly-
Aurora Crane 07/25/19 Oh, really? I had no idea you were into that sort of thing, pretty girl. Thank you for the...warm welcome.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 "A gem? Oh no no. More like coal. And I really hope so." Ashlyn laughed softly and smiled as she hugged Kira.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 She laughed and nodded with a smile. "Sure! I'm fine with that. Though I have a feeling of be getting a call or a text at 3 in morning wanting some sweets." She giggled and flashed a teasing smile at her. Ashlyn liked Kira, she was an easy-going girl to talk to and had energetic personality. She was looking forward to being friends with her. "Sounds good to me. I'll make sure I make plenty of sweets so you'll have some throughout the say."
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 "Well you're welcome to come as many times as you like. And I sell just about anything. I can even do special orders or flavored kind of sweets. Sure, my card is in the basket along with my number if the lines are busy." She smiles, stealing a cookie and began nibbling on it.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 Her smile grew as she watched Kira enjoy her cookies and released a giggle. "Thank you. I'm glad you like them. It's called Cake Dreamer and it's just down the block, on the right. It won't be hard to find." She giggled and smiled as she shook her hand. "Same goes for you, Kira."
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 She giggled and returned the smiled as she gave a playful shrug. "Here and there. Mostly at home or at the bakery. And I hope we can! I need more girl friends in my life." She laughed softly and shook the female's hand, smiling. "Nice to meet you, Kira. I'm Ashlyn."
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 Letting out a soft laugh, Ashlyn smiled as she handed her the basket and hummed out. "Sometimes. I tend to make to many at home so I tend to carry a basket or two for others."
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 Ashlyn was bored and was hoping of making new friends with other people especially females to talk to. She was doing just that as she walked up to the female with a basket of homemade cookies and cupcakes, a small smile on her lips. "Hello."
Aurora Crane 07/22/19 *Her smile grows as she reads the text. Jumping up from the steps, she starts typing as she walks down the sidewalk.*

Beautiful Girl
It's okay. The place was too big for just me anyway. The right people got it.
That sounds wonderful! I wasn't looking forward to spending the night outside. I'm on my way!
Aurora Crane 07/22/19 *A short time later, she steps out the front door of an apartment building with a defeated pout on her lips. When she arrived, there was a young couple with an adorable baby boy looking at the same apartment. Knowing she couldn't take the spacious two bedroom apartment from the young family who clearly needed the room more than she did, she withdrew her application.
Sitting down on the front steps of the building, she takes out her phone to search for apartments for rent. As she sees the text waiting for her, a smile curves her lips. Kira had been on her mind since they'd parted earlier.*

Beautiful Girl
I was just thinking about you. As it happens the apartment I had my eye on did fall through. :( Do you have a lead on a place?
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 *She blinks in surprise at the touch of soft lips against her cheek. Taking the paper she hands to her, she looks down at it then back up into the other woman's eyes. The smile on her lips grows and softens slightly as she steps close to her.*

I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again really soon, pretty girl.

*Lifting a hand, her fingertips trail over Kira's petal soft cheek. Her hand falls away as she steps back.*

But unfortunately I have somewhere to be. I need to see about a place to stay. It's truly been a pleasure, Kira.

*She smiles into her eyes briefly before turning away, clutching the paper with her phone number in her hand. As her steps take her further away from the other woman, she reaches into the pocket of her jeans, pulling out her phone. Glancing at the paper in her hand, her fingers move across the screen of the phone.*

Beautiful Girl
And now you have mine. Use it anytime. ;)
William Vance 07/21/19 The man gave a big grin followed by the peace sign. "Thanks pretty lady."
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 Anything? You might regret making an offer like that.

*She winks teasingly. After one more squeeze of her hand, she releases her hold on the other woman.*

But I will be sure to let you know if there's anything I need.
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 Kira.

*She grins, flashing her small fangs as she takes the proffered hand in hers, giving it a squeeze.*

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Aurora.
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 I'll be sure to do that...

*She pauses, tilting her head and arching a questioning brow.*

What should I call you? Or will "Beautiful" do?
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 Oh, thank you!

*She grins at the gorgeous woman, her green eyes sparkling.*
Dante Hayes 07/21/19 With a pat to his chest, his new favorite play thing began scampering away from him. She was just out of his reach and his shoulders relaxed as she called over her shoulder.

Wicked, beautiful little thing.

"I hope to see that pout in more real places than just my dreams, ma'am." He called out to her. With a small smile, and a shake of his head he set off in the opposite direction. More exploring to do, but he secretly hoped he would have the distinct pleasure of running into her sooner rather than later.
Averly Amoret 07/21/19 Averly have smoke if you have coin.
Dante Hayes 07/21/19 Tears can be shed for a multitude of reasons.

Cheeky, and beautiful? What a treat. Better yet, she was as close as possible a few hallways down from where he was residing in their coven. Then, as her lips pressed against his cheek, he sprouted a wicked smile.

"I have seen myself, actually. I quite enjoy looking in a mirror, a sentiment I'm sure you can share as you are absolutely lovely." Taking a moment to wet his lips with a swipe of his tongue, he straightened himself before continuing. "I'd love to show you what kind of happy tears I can help females shed, Kira." He added with a devilish wink.
Dante Hayes 07/20/19 A heart beat and a smirk later, Dante approached the unfamiliar blonde and reached for her hand. Despite not having had a formal introduction, the woman had called him handsome. That warranted his actions, right?

Lifting her hand to his pursed lips, he laid a kiss upon the back of it and peered upwards at her through dark lashes. "As coven mates, you should expect to see much more of me. As for crying girls, that's all dependent on the circumstances."

Grinning, he returned her hand safely back to her side before speaking once more. "I'm Dante. To whom do I owe the pleasure of speaking with? You're a lovely thing yourself."
Charlie Love 07/20/19 Charlie looked behind him, assuming that the beautiful woman before him was speaking to him. Most just looked right past him. Truth be told though, that's how he preferred things. It was easier to walk about invisible. When he realized there was no one else behind him, he chuckled softly. "Thank you, ma'am." He took off his beanie and bowed at the waist. He was a bit of a dork, honestly. "I appreciate the offer."
Averly Amoret 07/19/19 Only the coolest blondes.
Jewel 07/18/19 Perhaps.
He is a man, afterall.
A handsy, weird.. attractive man.

Mack like 'em special.

Jewel 07/18/19 -huffs-
I didn't catch his name..
I was in the middle of a meltdown.
Mack knows him.
He's new.
Jewel 07/18/19 Trust me.
You'll appreciate that gem.
Nobody wants random fingers in their mouths.
Jewel 07/18/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Hide your shiny.
Averly Amoret 07/18/19 How'd you know?
Flahme 07/18/19 "Not if we play our cards right!"
Flahme 07/18/19 "Why thank you! Happy to be around you once again."
Flahme winks and hugs her friend.
Mackenzie 07/17/19 Good. Good. Glad you realize this from the get.
Smart mermaid.
LillyEmperium 07/16/19 You're welcome Kira. Feel free to ask if you need anything.
Averly Amoret 07/16/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Glad you've joined us.
LillyEmperium 07/16/19 Welcome to the coven
Roman Godfrey 07/16/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Mackenzie 07/16/19 I didn’t know you swing my way.
That changes things.
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 Thank you.
Marius Tournier 07/01/19

"I am the bacon in the fridge for all who cry out in hunger" grins
Flahme 06/28/19 Flahme grins at Kira as she congratulates her.

"Thank you and congrats on your wins as well, great work!"

She pulls Kira in for a warm, tight, hug.
Jameson Orlav 06/20/19 *squints*
Elowen Jocosta 06/20/19 Thank you.
Flahme 06/17/19 ((Thank you, Kira. I have inspired writing partners.))

Flahme sees Kira and pulls her in for a big hug. "Thank you for continually encouraging me! You're the best."
Melinoe 06/17/19 Turning her head to the side, she smiles wildly. “Thank you, miss.”
Criss Angel_ 06/08/19 Will Do Smiles*
Criss Angel_ 06/08/19 Thank You Beautiful.
Kade Thorne 06/08/19 Kade's frowned deepened as he looked at her text, he has zero excuses for being gone so long. He placed the phone in his pocket and opened the door to the house, biting the corner of his lip a little bit, calling out to her. "Kira. I'm home."
Flahme 06/07/19 Flahme runs back to Kira's door. "Really?" Wasting no time she puts a load of posters into Kira's arms.

"Oh wait, there's these as well." Flahme had reproduced the Most Shipped Couple poster she had originally found and shown to Janus.

Flahme 06/07/19 Feeling completely shameless and bold, Flahme glues one of her badly made posters up on the door she is currently in front of then knocks.

“Oh, hi there Kira. Please consider nominating me for Most Promising Character (3-6 months old). I promise to come and remove this when the campaigning is done,” she smiles impishly then sprints off to put up more posters.

Arik Daniels 05/25/19 Thank you!
Ahmalie 05/23/19 "how are things with Kade?" I spoke looking at her.
Ahmalie 05/23/19 "I mean come on the mountain man and that Eliot guy." I then let out a whistle.
Ahmalie 05/23/19 Popping up beside her I raised my brows. "He's cute."
Jayden B Moon 05/23/19 Taps her on the shoulder and holds out a wad of cash."$1200.00 for that lot in the market. Best keep it safe, wouldn't want pretty little thing like you getting mugged." He smirks and the sounds of heavy workboots trudge down the sidewalk. Glancing back holding his duffel. "Your welcome by the way." He glances at his watch. Ten mins to get to the train station, yay him.
Jayden B Moon 05/23/19 Glancing over the young women his eyes travel to hers. Her hand out he smirks and then takes it in his large hand. A drawl escapes him of a unknown regions "Needing assistance? Well not a whole lot really but thank you. Allowing you to oblige probably not a great idea darlin." Chocolate orbes show a hint of danger and mystery.
Kade Thorne 05/12/19 He chuckled a little. "You're welcome for your glow." He pressed soft kisses to her lips as he held her closer to him. "have you decided on any more wedding things that I should be aware of?"
Kade Thorne 05/12/19 Kade held up his hands in defense. “Okay okay. I’m not going to say anything else baby related until you let me know if you’re pregnant. This will be a surprise for me. I want it to be. I want the whole thing to be special.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to her lips. “But you’re glowing just so you know. “
Kade Thorne 05/12/19 He looked her up and down curiously. “You are glowing but that could be the massive amount of sex we’ve been having.” He grinned a little before he nodded. “I’m excited for this plan whenever the time arise. I like surprises. Well good ones.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Kade raised a brow curiously when she spoke. “Thank you for thinking of me as bad ass, are you pregnant?” He questioned, the mama bear comment threw him off a little bit, they had been joking about babies and had fully decided to start trying but the comment made him curious if she had already found out.
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “Uh I’m pretty sure everyone who meets me things that I’m some big bad ass dude who likes to f*ck people up for fun. I mean they’re not wrong but I only f*ck people up if they need it.” He smirked and wrapped his arms around we waist before pressing softly kisses along her shoulders. “First off I would never let you fight if the time arise. I would keep you safe and I would protect you.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “I would kick anyways ass for just looking at you. I can cleanse the world with blood on my knuckles. He chuckled a little as he listened to her. “Well don’t go killing people my love. We are perfect and humble and sunshine and whatever those perfect people do.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Kade shivered slightly at her kisses as he smirked a little. “Good, don’t want to kick anyone’s ass for trying to come and get some more of you.” He grinned and patted his hands on her ass for a second as he thought about it. “I mean would you kick someone’s ass for me? Probably not you’re so cute and innocent and like a giant ball of fluff.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 His hands rested over hers as he watched her with a sweet smile. “I don’t think you’ll get mad and I know they’re my past but I don’t want you to have that feeling in your stomach girls get. That’s why I literally will not tell you who I have been with because I don’t want you to ever get that feeling and I know you’re different and you don’t get jealous but I’m just saying. I don’t get jealous but I definitely wouldn’t want to meet the guys you’ve had sex with.” His hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her closely to him. “I love you and your understanding ass.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “Eh...” he made a face. “I never slept with a Tatiana but I’m not going to give you actual names because I don’t want you to get mad at me.” He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. “Give everyone the Kira experience because I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete names out of my phone yet because I’ve been busy.” He smirked a little bit. “You’re the only one for me as well my love but I can play this game.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Kades shoulders rose and fell with a small shrug before he mimicked her moans. “Oh god yes T-“ he stopped before he thought of a different name. “Tatiana.” He smirked and returned back to his annoyed face. “You’re gross.” He stepped back and crossed his arms. “Fine sleep with my brother and you will rue the day you messed with the Thornes!” He teased, he knew she would never do that but it wa still funny.
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “You hate me but you love me and that is what actually happens during sex, don’t lie to yourself. You’re so smitten by my sexual nature.” He teased as he held her hands tightly, pressing soft kisses to them as he nodded. “Got it, so if I’m very beaten then you’ll stop loving me.” He smirked, he always loved messing with her, he knew she could take it and honestly she was one of the only women he had ever met that could take his jokes.
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “So every time we have sex now I’m going to here ‘oh god yes Kade, thank you to every girl you’ve ever slept with!’?” He tilted his head at her with a curious look. “Are you sure?” He grinned a little, his hands pulling her closer. “Well I am a big softie when it comes to you and only you. You are the love of my life and I will do absolutely everything that I can to protect you and care for you.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “Do you want me to make you a list? I can make you a list. I still am friends or work with some of the girls.” He rolled his eyes, he wasn’t going to make a list for her of different women he had been with. His lips pressed soft kisses along her shoulder as he listened to her, hugging her back. “I try, I like making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 “Wow are you pegging me as some type of wh0re?” He gasped and backed up a little. “How dare you. I will let you know I have never slept with Raven, Luna, or Liana.” He stuck his tongue out at her. “So there’s that.” He walked back to her and held her tightly with a soft grin. “You are outgoing in so many ways my love, you’re also so smart and so beautiful.” He spoke softly before his arms wrapped around her again. “I love you, soon to be Thorne.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Kades hands cupped under her ass, picking her up and setting her on the counter as he pressed his lips to hers. He almost laughed when he heard her comment. “Well I will have you know most of the girls I’ve introduced you to I haven’t slept with.” He grinned, kissing her forehead. “And I will never tell you who I have slept with but you can probably guess.” His arms wrapped around her waist as he laid his head on her shoulder and sighed. “You’re not a loner you’re just not very outgoing and so I’m trying to push you to be.”
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Holding up his hands, he chuckled. “I won’t ask about what you talked about. I’m sorry that she told you, I didn’t know that you knew her or I would have told you.” His hands gently cupped her cheeks as he pressed a loving kiss to her lips before he nodded. “It’s you, Kira. It always has been you and it will always be you. No matter who is in my past and no matter what was in my past.” His hands moved down to her hips, his thumbs gently rubbing you stomach. “You and our future is what matters to me. I’m still friends with her but nothing more.”
Ahmalie 05/11/19 Shaking my head I looked at her. "You are just saying that."
Kade Thorne 05/11/19 Kade looked down to her with a concerned look on his face. “And what has she told you?” He questioned lightly, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her close to his body. “Did she tell you how I know her?” His lips pressed soft kisses to the top of her head as he sighed a little, he didn’t know what she would have told his fiancé.
Ahmalie 05/10/19 Taking the necklace I put it on and looked at her. "What do you think?"
Kade Thorne 05/08/19 Kades arms went around her waist as his lips found her cheek and then forehead. “That is so thoughtful. Make sure to give her a nice tip for doing that. And will this old friend be someone I get to meet?” He questioned her softly as he watched her from his position, he couldn’t help but smile at how excited she was not only about her dress but about their wedding.
Kade Thorne 05/07/19 Leaning against the counter he smiled at his beautiful fiancee. "And what might that be my love?" He questioned, grabbing his water bottle from next to him and taking a sip, he loved listening to her talk about wedding plans.
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "Good thing I have a 12 hour training session tomorrow since it's going to be a long night with you." He smirked a little, not caring much about the little sleep he knew she was going to let him get. It was normally a long night when they got to have their fun but he could only imagine after giving her something she had wanted for a while. "Keep it." He smirked, talking about his charger. "Paint it, do whatever. Keep it. I don't ever drive it anyways." He smirked a little. "And if you crash it as least it wont cost me millions to fix."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Kade stood up, bringing her with him before setting her on her feet. "Give me 20 minutes to pack up and for you to get butt ass naked and I will be there." He smirked a little, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. His hands resting gently on her hips before he pulled back and chuckled. "I see you like the charger? Thinking about keeping it?"
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "I only have a group that I am with because I tend to get into trouble and bring others down with me and they are loyal." He smirked a little before rolling his eyes. "Yes, I will give you a list of the girls I have slept with so you can write them a heartfelt thank you note for never taking my poor little heart so you could have every little piece to yourself."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "And who is this friend of yours? Do I know her?" He made a face for a second. "You know, I wonder how awkward it would be if you met someone I had slept with.." He trailed off, thinking if she could know them before he shook off the idea and smirked. "I love you, you giant weirdo. I hope you have fun getting a dress and I'm sure Raven would love to. She's talked fondly about you."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 He laughed a little. "Yeah, baby steps." He smirked a little and took her phone, adding Taylor and Maria's numbers. "Taylor has been married before, many times. She knows everything there is to know, her brother's wife would be of help too and then there's Maria and Mona. Get those girls together and you have a wedding team." He paused a little. "I know you've been talking to Raven, maybe include her as well?"
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "I never said they had to walk. Have you seen a baby in a tux? It's the cutest thing." He crossed his arms, looking at her with a soft laugh. "We will have our wedding as soon as you're done planning it. If you're pregnant, great if you've already had the baby, great." He smiled at her before he moved his hands to her waist, holding her. "I'm ready for everything and I know you are too. Let's make those steps."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "Money is no object in our family, you know that." He smirked up at her, watching her expression when she realized he wasn't letting her off easy. He never wanted to deprive her of any experiences so he was going to make sure she got the most out of everything. "Oh a wedding would not be complete without a tiny human dressed up in cute wedding clothes and pretending to throw flowers."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 His hands rested on hers as he shook his head with a soft laugh. "I want to marry you right this second. But I will not deprive you of a wedding, of the experience. We about we go to the courthouse, get married. Legally married. You plan an actual wedding and invite actual people and we will go through the ceremony and everything as well. Is that a good plan?" He questioned, his hands gently gripping hers as he smiled up at her, he was beyond ready to start their family of more than two.
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 “Whoa whoa whoa you sound crazy.” He smirked. “Babysitting? Oh god no. I can handle my own kids but other peoples kids? No thank you.” He chuckled, looking down at her before pressing little kisses to her forehead. “Let’s have a baby. Let’s do everything, I want to do everything with you and only you.” His large hands pulled her body to his as he pressed his lips lovingly and deeply to hers.
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "Ah, see I thought you approached me for my good looks." He chuckled a little, thinking about her at home. "Once you're ready you can be a stay at home mom of more than just dogs and then that will keep you extremely busy and when I get home you can tell me about poop explosions and throw up and weird baby talk that sounds like demonic giggles."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "I will be sticking around indefinitely." He smiled as he wrapped his arms back around her and pressed soft kisses to her shoulder as he listened to her, laughing. "Well, there are many hobbies but I wouldn't mind listening to your cleaning stories all day long." He smirked a little and rolled his eyes. "So loving, I'm glad I'm marrying such a loving person who loves everything about me including my d0ucheness."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Chuckling he nodded. "I was a d0uche." He made an unpleasant face and sighed a little. "And man will she have stories to tell you. I've known her for many years but after Hayden and she broke up I split. Left town for a while and I guess she did too. She's back now and so am I so work is to be done." He chuckled. "Don't let her tell you about Hawaii, that.. oh god that was a mess."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Kade let out a soft laugh as he listened to her question. "Taylor used to date Hayden, a long time ago. We became really good friends and she and her brother started a company together. Well, they inherited a company and then changed it. She will love you. I haven't seen her in a year or two, last I knew she was married but when she came to me recently there was a lot different about her. She's different now. She's more caring." He almost laughed again at the thought. "The first thing she asked me about was you. Who you were and how a lucky girl like you could find me." He chuckled.
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "You don't need to be forgiven, you're just doing what you're supposed to do. Worry and make me not be a huge idiot." He grinned a little down at her, kissing her forehead, nose and then lips. "I love you. I love our future, I love tiny unborn monsters. I want to do this. For us. All of us."He nodded, watching her. "I think you'll like this job a lot more than you think you will."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Watching her eyes, he nodded, listening to her. "I'm only doing it for you and because it's what's right. I'm doing it for you because I have a better chance of making it home, I will make more money, I will be home more." He watched her blue pleading eyes before pressing a loving kiss to her lips, his arms wrapping around her waist tightly and pulling her closer to his own body. "I love you. I will do everything you want me to do to. I will tell you everything I can and I will have Taylor reach out to you. Can you forgive me for upsetting you?"
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 A soft sigh escaped his lips as he took in all of her words, looking away from her and to the ground next to them. "You can plan the wedding. I'll be here every step of the way. My intentions on asking you this was to be happy. I thought you would be excited. We talked about kids, hell we are literally talking about starting a family now. Of course, I want to do this. Would I rather go out often and risk getting caught or risk death? No. I would rather be gone a few days a month, do a job and get to come home in one single piece to you, to our children." He frowned a little at her commentary. "You're not the crazy girlfriend and you will never be the crazy girlfriend. You know what I should and should not do. I want to do it, but do you want me to?" He paused with a disappointed look crossing his face. "I don't like fighting with you.. let's forget this ever happen." He spoke softly.
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Kade pulled her into his lap rather quickly, cupping her face in his hands and looking down at her. "I love you Kira. I will always love you, that's why I asked you to marry me. I will tell you everything. Not right now, not here but I will before I leave." His hands went from her face to her waist, pulling her closer as his arms wrapped around her. "I want you to do nothing. To do what you were going to do before I leave. I'm not leaving now, it will be a while okay? I have to complete training and go through a debriefing." He took in a deep breath and looked down at her hand before her face. "I want you to tell me if you want me to do it. It's not about the money, it's not about being legal, it's about doing a job that I've been asked to do but I will turn it down. I will turn it all down and she will understand."
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 Kade frowned, his expression was less than happy with the exchange. "I thought you would be happy about this..." He trailed off, contemplating. "I thought you would be excited at the idea of me not dying in a firey hell of illegal activity that I also can't tell you about. At least this is legal." He sat up, looking over towards the water before he rubbed his temples with his fingers, the last thing he was trying to do was hurt her, it seemed like a good idea at the time and then he remembered this is why relationships never worked for him. Secrets. "I can tell you every single detail of the last time I worked for her, I will tell you every single detail I currently know and every single detail when I come back." He sighed softly, his eyes finding a spot on the rocks to concentrate on. "I never made up my mind. She asked me during a training session, I was caught off guard. I told her no. Then she asked again, persistent little bugger but I love her for it, I told her I would ask you. I never gave her an answer. She told me what she could, she can't tell me much until I swear in."
Kade Thorne 05/04/19 Kade's hand gently rubbed her back to ease her. "She runs a private military contracting company. She has a few jobs coming up that I can't disclose information to..." He looked down at her, his eyes searching hers. "I would still be working at the garage and owning the garage with Hayden but this is different. I would be gone a few days or even a week every once in a while." He took in a deep breath. "I can't explain a lot of it because I don't know it.. I can have Taylor reach out to you. She normally reaches out to the wives of the contractors to explain everything before we leave. I did some work for her a long long time ago but it's been a year or two since I've seen her."
Kade Thorne 05/04/19 “Well you have me, always and forever.” He kissed her forehead gently as he thought about their future together. It shocked him how much he loved the idea, having never been the person to think about a future with someone it was all he wanted. “I have something I need to talk to you about...” He trailer off before biting his bottom lip in nervousness. “I have an old friend I recently got in contact with and she offered me a job.”
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 "Okay, new rule for you. You are not allowed to wear your ring while working on cars." He chuckled and sighed. "I loved it, it's handcrafted, one of its kind." He looked the ring over as he smiled. "I thought of you the second I laid my eyes on it but I wanted to make sure it was enough."
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 "I will teach you how to fight, I promise." He smiled down at her, his lips finding their way to her forehead as he laughed at the comment about the ring. "Really? I spent forever picking it out for you, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go bigger or not." He smirked a little bit.
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 "You are the cute, funny, friendly, personable, smart one in the relationship. I'm the reckless, dangerous, bad ass one in the relationship." He smirked down at her, kissing the top of her head. "My future wife doesn't have to be tough. I love you the way you are and that's why I'm here. I'm here so you don't have to be tough, so you don't have to fight." He finished his flute of Champagne before he laid back on the blanket and sighed happily.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "Yes, you do call me when people have done you wrong and you should. People are scared of me because of my work and I take pride in that." He smirked a little, pretending to debate. "Okay, okay, you're bad ass, I'm sorry. I will take it back." He grinned a little, she was beyond adorable and he loved every single thing she did.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "I think I could take you in a fight, well, until you take your shirt off and then I'm all yours." He grinned and wrapped his arms around her. "You're so cute when you're trying to be a bad ass." He kissed her forehead and chuckled. "You are so cute, I at least taught you how to use it. So that's good."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "Hold on just a second. I can't suck at doing laundry if I never actually do any laundry in the first place." He stuck his tongue out at her before he licked the tip of her nose. "That's what you get for making fun of my domestic capabilities." He grinned a little and thought of something. "Well, I love you even though you don't know how to use a smart phone."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "You can smoke socially if you want my love. I just want to make sure that it doesn't affect our little bun." He grinned a little, they weren't even pregnant yet but he would be beyond happy when they found out. He pressed a soft kiss to her cheek. "I love you, I love the decisions you make, I love your thought process, your eyes, your smile..." He trailed off, grinning.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "Oh I'm not famous, a lot of people just happen to know me." He grinned down at her, resting his head on hers with a soft sigh. "Well, nicotine won't really be an option when you're pregnant." He spoke to her softly. "Right?" He questioned, he knew it was bad for pregnancies but he wasn't trying to be pushy, more of a light coercing.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "Oh thank god, we never talked about drinking and I don't drink except maybe a beer every once in a while." He laughed a little, sipping the Champagne. "I love the name Kira Thorne. Wow, she sounds famous." He grinned a little, his arm tightening around her before he kissed her temple lovingly.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Pressing a kiss to her cheek after they cheered he wrapped his arm around her, looking over the cliff as he sipped the Champagne, it would be one of the only times she ever saw him drink. With a smile, he pressed his lips to the top of her head. "I love you, Kira, you will be a Thorne soon. I promise that."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Handing her the flute he popped the Champagne and filled it for her before filling his. "You wouldn't have found anything. I wiped the evidence as soon as I was done each time in case you did look at it." He smirked a little and leaned over, kissing her cheek. "I told you I would make it special. I love you, I want everything to be special with you."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade let a little chuckle escape his lips. "Remember on the way to get your phone where we talked about getting married.. I was looking up rings.. I've spent some time on it." He laughed a little, kissing her cheek. "Hold on." He popped the trunk to the Divo and grabbed the bottle of Champagne and flutes, heading back to her. "Got you a drink too."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade almost frowned seeing her cry, happy tears or not he never wanted to make her cry. Standing up he wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling back to slip the ring on her finger before he picked her small body up and carried her away from the edge and to the blanket. "I love you so much." He whispered, kissing her lips over and over again, not letting her out of his arms.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade held up his hands with a chuckle. "I can't take all the credit, Maria stopped by to help me." He grinned a little, taking her hands and pulling her towards the edge of the cliff. A smile on his face. "Kira, I love you so much. I think of you every second of every single day. I worry about you constantly, my bank account is well aware I have a girlfriend now." He bit his lip. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, with our kids and our two dogs in our house that's too big. I want to teach you to race and to change literally anything on a car." He laughed a little. "So.." He trailed off, shoving his hand in his pocket before he slowly went down on one knee and held up the small box. "What I'm asking is, Kira Garrett, Will you finally marry me?" He popped up the top of the box to show off her rings.
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Kade Thorne 05/02/19 With a deep breath, he led her through the woods and to the clearing. Maria had helped him set up some of these so-called fairy lights all over the place, hanging from tree branches. On the ground overlooking the ocean was a blanket set up for the two of them, flowers scattered everywhere around them. He grinned down at her before taking in a deep breath. "I love you.." He trailed off.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Stepping out from the woods as she calling his name, he was in a full suit. Black suit, white button-up shirt and a black tie. "I'm here." He spoke softly to her, looking her up and down, his eyes widening. "You look stunning my love." He held his hand out to her. "Follow me?" He questioned.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade had disappeared to the cliff as soon as he left her today, parking the car off to the side so she could still park. He changed his clothes and had Maria help him set up. Looking at his watch he leaned against the car and waited for the sound of her car coming down the pathway through the woods, it was getting darker out, the sun setting for the day which made it perfect.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade kissed her forehead. "I love you, I'll see you there." He slowly let go of her hand, heading to the front door he grabbed his keys for the Buggati and smiled a little before he got in the car and left.
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 Kade smirked as he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips back to hers. "I'm glad because I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be with you forever so I would hope you feel the same." He paused and cleared his throat. "Can you meet me somewhere tonight? One hour, meet me at the cliff." He slipped the keys to the charger into her hand. "Take it. Dress.... formal."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "Yeah, I heard you're Kade's girl." He smirked, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "You've always spoken for me, dork."
Kade Thorne 05/02/19 "I am lazy, thank you very much." He grinned before placing a loving kiss on her lips. "Be careful, okay? I'll be home shortly. I love you." He pressed another soft kiss to her forehead before he let her go, grabbing his stuff and heading out the door to work.
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 Kade chuckled a little, her words almost making him blush. "I love you too Kira, you're everything to me." He slid her off the counter, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "As much as I love annoying you with my constant love, I need to get to work at some point so I have money for you to spend."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 Pulling his wallet from his pocket he pulled the black card from it and handed it over with a chuckle. "I'll take you tomorrow to get you a card in the account, okay?" He grinned a little. "That's fine, buy whatever you need for the trip. Plan for anything to happen since you don't want to know, I am going to make it the trip of your life time."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 "Tokyo is great for street racing but I do a lot of racing here in the states. I would want to bring my car which would be stupid expensive but it would also take away from our honeymoon." He sighed, trying to think. "Don't worry one bit, let me plan the whole thing and I won't tell you anything. But I would get some clothes ready." He smirked a little bit, pressing his lips to her cheek. "I would dress for warm weather but with one or two cold weather outfits and a few you don't care about."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 Kade listened to her and smirked a little, yeah he had a plan and he had slowly been executing it without her knowledge. "I love Tokyo or Sydney. Tokyo is a great place for racing, obviously, I won't be racing if we go to Tokyo. We could also go to Bali? I heard it's beautiful." He thought about it before he grinned. "We could go to New Zealand. That would be a fun time."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 He cupped her cheeks gently and laughed. "I know, I know you want to get married. I want to get married as well my love. Just give me a little time to execute my plan. I'm not taking you to the courthouse and marrying you out of nowhere. I want to make it a little special, I mean it's the only time we will do this." He chuckled a little. "Honeymoon sounds great, making babies sound great. Pick a place or two and we can spend a lot of time out there." He grinned a little, knowing his plan.
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 His hands gently patted her bottom as he listened to her talk, smiling at the thought. "Fine Nahla can do the research on all the latest and greatest baby things and baby names. We can look over them and decide from there. I have baby names in mind though so we will compile a list and slowly widdle down the ones we don't love." He sighed happily, kids? Marriage? He was ready, he just hoped she was ready too. "We should try to take a trip before hand."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 As her head rested on his shoulder he smiled, loving the feeling of her just near him was enough to make him happy for eternity. "Well I don't wear a tux now and your sticky little fingers are all over me." He grinned a little before places soft kisses on her shoulder the best he could without disturbing her angle. "We will have many children and can use all the names, trust me my family, oh god." He shook his head laughing. "I'm pretty sure Nahla has a list already for us."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 "Tux?" He contemplated. "I guess I can work with a tux." Letting a little smirk spread as he wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up to sit on the counter. "K names can be cute by I'm not married to the idea of K names, I think we can have cute names that are different too. And spoiled brats? I can handle it, I mean I handle you and you're spoiled. He grinned, teasingly. "I would love a bunch of little yous."
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 Pressing his lips back lovingly to hers, he pressed her small body against the counter with a grin. After a moment of kissing his beautiful girlfriend, he grinned, pulling back. "Kira and Kade Thorne. Kira Thorne." He smirked a little. "You know, it's like it just flows right out of my mouth when I say it." He watched her facial expressions per usual before he poked her nose and smirked. "Eventually we will have kids running around with K names and we will be those parents."
Dessa Chambers 05/01/19 Whatever they're saying I did, it's probably a lie. Maybe. Okay, okay, likely, not.
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 “You are beautiful every single day, even when you look like a gym rat in my clothes.” He dipped his head down and pressed soft kisses along her neck, feeling her hand on his neck. “Oh how I love you.” He grinned, holding her small body to his, he loved this woman and he was damn sure going to make sure she knew it every second of the day. “Everyone keeps referring to you as my wife.” He smirked.
Kyla Brollachan 05/01/19 Kyla laughed, seeming not to care about the fact she now sparkled like a disco ball. "Thank you, Kira. If nothing else, it will be an adventure for us both, aye?"
Kade Thorne 05/01/19 Kade grinned as he slid behind Kira, wrapping his arms gently around her waist before placing a loving kiss on the back of her neck. “You look absolutely gorgeous today, my love.” He grinned a little, he loved everything about this girl and he wanted to remind her about it every second of the day if he could.
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 Kissing her back, he smirked as he watched her walk away, speaking softly to himself. "Losing thousands of dollars on items she wants is worth the intense backrub I'm going to get later." He smirked and turned, heading back towards work, chuckling to himself at the fact he had already taught her well enough so she would not disappoint him with a hybrid.
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 "If you buy a car try and get something with a good frame. I can rebuild any car but I would prefer not to have to f*Ck with a frame." he heard her comment about clothes and noticeably rolled his eyes to her. "Spend what you want but just know you own me a nice long back massage with plenty of kisses later." He grinned a little.
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 Kade laughed a little. "I-" He pointed to himself. "Am turning you into a spoiled brat?" He shrugged his shoulders for a second and nodded. "Sounds right." He chuckled a little before he pulled out his debit card and held it out with a smirk. "Buy a watch, buy a necklace, buy a car but it better be a good car and not a bullsh*t ass hybrid."
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 He hugged her, gently patting her back to console her in a teasing manner. "Oh poor thing, I'm truly starting to wonder who is the stereotypical one in our relationship."
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 "Oh I am not buying the necklace, you said you would. You can take my card but necklaces aren't my kind of thing." He grinned a little, pressing his lips to her forehead for a second before letting her down. "I'll get it if you want and on the back, it'll say 'cool chick'."
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 His hands gripped her thighs to keep her up as he returned her kiss, deeply but hard enough. "Am I? I knew I was pretty but I think the heart-shaped necklace would look better."
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 "You are a bullsh*tter." He smirked a little. "My big ass is not going to fit around that tiny little finger of yours." He grinned, teasingly before he walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her up to him.
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 "Oh no no no, I am not soft my dear. I am a steel cage with a rough exterior." He smirked a little, he had definitely gotten softer around her and he didn't mind one bit.
Kade Thorne 04/28/19 Kade shook his head before grinning at his girlfriend. "You're too cute, you need to stop before I become soft."
Gavin McGrath 04/24/19 Upon the poke on his cheek a raspberry sounded from his mouth. "]I was waitin' on you, lass. Who am I to hassle the one payin'?" When she ran away he gave chase with his arms high above his head. "Hey, now, thas nae fair!"
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Kade caught her when she got on his back, his hands gripping her legs so she didn't slip down as he felt her kisses on his neck. "This is definitely a win-win situation." He smiled as they walked towards the neighborhood. They were greeted by two very large houses off the bat, on was white and the other a light blue color. Stopping in the driveway of the white house, he dug for his keys and headed to the dark grey front door. "Welcome to my house."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Kade stopped, looking at her pout and rolled his eyes. "Get on." He bent his knees slightly so that she could climb onto his back as he chuckled a little. "I thought I was already the sweetest guy, but that's fine. Guess I have to keep up my title around you."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "I have a feeling you are going to steal my sweatshirt for the rest of our lives, but I am prepared to say goodbye to a very trustworthy sweatshirt for your liking." He smiled over to her before he quickly caught her cheek in a kiss and proceeded across the street and towards the beginning of the neighborhood.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Yes, I pushed you into the water after you taunted me so I can bring you back to my house to get warm and wear my clothes." He nodded and gripped her hand gently as she came back with her shoes. "Oh god they're so cute and literally go with everything, you can never let them go."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Uh, I like raisins so very cute." He stood up on his own and took her hand to just be cute. "We can go back to my place, it's literally right over here." He gestured to the neighborhood and then to her shoes. "Grab your shoes though because I know you'll send me back out here to get them in 20 minutes when you realize you forgot them."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Well you really didn't have a choice, I did kind of shove you into here." He shrugged and smirked, grabbing her hands after they pushed his chest, bringing her hands to his lips, kissing each of them. "You're not a creep, I like you and I think you're so cute and so sweet. I'm glad you're opening up to me."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 His eyebrows pressed together when she pinched his cheeks, he reached his hands down and pinched each of her butt cheeks with a soft grin on his face, kissing her back gently. "So you like when I'm brooding? I should brood more often." His hands stay on her butt, patting them to a non-existed rhythm. "Ah, so you know I have feelings, you know I'm not a massive ass hole all the time, what else do you know about me? Have you been stalking me, Kira?"
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Next time don't hurt my feelings." He chuckled, obviously joking. "Kidding, I don't have feelings." He wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her on his lap, looking at her before he bent up and kissed her nose, softly. "I'm glad that I am a troubled one of a kind non-stereotypical guy."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Well, I like you too." He smiled down at her, opening his eyes before he laid back into the water and grinned a little. "I'm glad you like me even though I am a walking troubled stereotype."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 He couldn't help but to check a little when she described him, she definitely wasn't wrong. He had never let anyone in because he always kept his life hidden and his secrets very secret. He looked down at her, feeling her hands in his hair made his eyes close as he became comfortable with her. "So like an everyother troubled bad boy?" He questioned.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "I am never what anyone expects." He kissed her cheek and smirked a little as he pressed his forehead to hers gently and collected his thoughts. "What did you think of me though? I am quite curious."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 His arms gently moved down to her waist, wrapping around her waist to pull her against his chest as he let the kiss deepen into a sweet yet passionate kiss. His bright blue eyes were closed as he enjoyed the moment, he usually tried not to be sweet but he couldn't help himself with Kira.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "Oh, I don't need an excuse to kiss you." He felt her lips barely touch the corner of his which made his head turn to look at her, his free hand cupping her cheek as he pressed his lips gently to hers, letting the smirk hat lingered on his lips fade away into their kiss.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "I'm okay with that." He smirked a little when she kissed his cheek, pulling her so their bodies touched, shaking his head. "To be fair, you asked for me to tackle you, you were teasing me for letting you get a head start so I had to take my pride back into consideration and get you all wet and sandy."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Kade moved his arm to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to him. "Well, I see you... as someone I could see myself dating. I find you attractive and I have the urge to take you out." He chuckled softly. "Most girls I don't have that feeling towards in the slightest."
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 "I'm sorry, I'll stop." He chuckled a little as he looked down to her, his hand touching hers. "I normally don't hang out with a lot of girls that I don't consider little sisters so I don't mean to be so "charming" but I can stop if you want me to." He quickly kissed her cheek on last time in case she did want him to stop.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 As they came up from the water and she moved his hair, he laughed a little and kissed her cheek softly. "Well, I did not know that but I'm glad I do know that. I love the water, I spend so much time in the ocean because I feel at peace." He rolled off of her and laid on his own back, his clothes were drenched but oh god was it worth it.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Kade tilted his head at her comment before he sprinted towards her once she had her back to him and was in the water. His arms grabbed her waist as he felt them going down into the water below them, letting a smirk spread across his face.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Letting the female get ahead oh him, he started to "Chase" after her. He was a rather fast runner but it was never cute nor fun when someone caught you too early and ruined everything.
Kade Thorne 04/23/19 Letting out a soft laugh he couldn't help but shake his head. "I'm not even trying and you're blushing." He shrugged his shoulders gently and grinned as he moved his over hand to gently rest on hers, the two of them finally hitting the sand with their feet as the concrete was now far behind them.
Kade Thorne 04/22/19 "You're fine." He spoke, letting her wrap her arm around his. He stepped closer to her so they were side by side, his arm letting hers hang on. "Of course. I mean you can call me any time even without a question, I mean... if you want to." He chuckled a little.
Kade Thorne 04/22/19 "Of course I'm not trying to get rid of you!" He grinned. "You're actually really fun to have around so far." He reached over and poked her pouted out bottom lip before he let out a content sigh. "Though I can teach you some basics incase I'm not around."
Kade Thorne 04/21/19 He couldn't help but let out a soft laugh as she bumped his hip with her own before he gently bumped her hip back and grinned a little. "Really? I've always found it to come naturally to me but I could teach you some things if you want?" He asked, in a questioning manner.
Kade Thorne 04/20/19 "Oh Darling I am not all that interesting, I bet you would make me look boring." He chuckled a little, putting his fingers in the front pocket of his jeans as he contemplated what to tell her about himself. "I'm a mechanic?" He said in almost a questioning sort of manner to see if that qualified as interesting.
Kade Thorne 04/19/19 Letting out a soft chuckle as he listened to her he nodded slowly. "Well, Would you like you possibly take a small stroll with me along the shore? I wouldn't mind getting to know you more."
Kade Thorne 04/19/19 Kade took her hand into his and smiled at her, sweetly. "It's very nice to meet you." He almost laughed at her comment about penciling her in. "Well, I can always make time for you, I think they've started getting sick of me."
Kade Thorne 04/19/19 With a soft grin, his attention was turned to the female, watching her own grin. "Seems I have caused an issue with females around here, it is quite the pleasure to meet you too Kira, I am Kade." He smiled over to her.
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