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Lylith_ 11/27/18 She sighs as he enters and then speaks. "He got the jump on me. It's all I can say. He wanted you and anyone else to lose my trail. When I woke I was there at the Morningstars. Or at least the second time I woke."
Lylith_ 11/27/18 She was indeed in the shower at their home. Her back against the wall as the hot spray stung the flesh of her torso. Wincing but attempting to keep the pain from her voice she answers. "Yes."
Lylith_ 11/27/18 She had no idea how long she had been camped out on the Morningstar's couch, or how long she had been gone period. All she knew at the moment was she needed a shower and to change her clothing. The sooner she could cover certain things the better. With a sigh she looks for Ana.
_Aurora_ 11/27/18 Aurora finds hher way back to seras house. seeing the door to the fridge open. "Well damn thatthat ugly mug finally surfaces." Walking tto the sofa and sees it empty "Where the hell is Lyl?"
Lylith_ 11/27/18 Lyl wasn't really in any shape to try to climb any tree, let alone move much more than she already had. She wrapped her shirt as tight around her frame as was possible since it had been cut. The question from Ana brought up a brow. "Sometimes yes."
Samil 11/20/18 *Sami had contacts in this realm, he was prepared after all. Getting a report from one of these contacts he sent a messenger to his wife's dog* Back away. She has and always will be mine. It is quite pathetic that even after all this time you follow her around. Just give me time to find her and you will see just what I mean when I say she is mine.
Lylith_ 11/20/18 That is how it had always been between them. They had always stayed to the shadows inless needed. It was how they worked and how they kept the other safe. Of course Lyl wouldn't put it past Sami to go for the others before coming to her.
Will Summers 11/20/18 You managed to break out -Azazel_.

Fingers casually pulled the cig she had perched between her lips, lungs exhaling a bit sweet smoke as blue eyes levelled on the man. "Cheers, mate. " It was simple enough. She had busted him out of the dank cell and gained a bit of skill for herself. Win-win.
Lylith_ 11/20/18 When she had told him not to do anything stupid she meant exactly what he was planning. Sami, was dangerous and she didn't wish to see anyone hurt because of her. It was why she told Sera not to try to find her. Plus should he find them they would be a distraction to one another and an opening for Sami. Sh!t this didn't look well.
Lylith_ 11/18/18 She leaves a note on the table for him to find.
I was hoping to see you before I left but that is not possible now. Just know I am only leaving to possible keep you and the others from harm. Talk to Sera and Aurora if you have questions. Don't do anything stupid.
Marah 11/15/18 My my what Devilish eyes you have .
Raven D Morningstar 11/14/18 Asshat!
Text me back we need to talk!😡 And pray that I don't kiss you like I did Luci!
Lylith_ 11/13/18 He had returned and in one piece. That was that mattered right? Who cares if he started a war in the heavens? She wasn't going to get involved. At least that was she kept telling herself. It didn't concern them. He had come back for her. And yet, no she wouldn't even think about it.
W_Kat 11/02/18 Congrats on PotD!
Raven D Morningstar 11/02/18 Damn your ugly even on a wanted poster! Ha congrats on PoD!
Lylith_ 11/02/18 "Congrats on PoTD. Now you are not only my pain in the a$$ but the realm's too. Way to go."
_Aurora_ 11/02/18 Passing a news stand she catches a glimpse of the front cover of the Realm paper and laughs. "What you do to land on the cover of the paper?"
Lylith_ 10/19/18 Places a few bags of his favorite green where he could easily find them. Afterall the man had got shot in the arse and ripped his wings off. If she gave him this at least maybe he would be less crabby. Yeah right, she fprgot fpr a moment who she was talking about.
Raven D Morningstar 10/19/18 *trips you and runs to Luci's house*
Raven D Morningstar 10/19/18 You better leave me bacon! Or I will put bucks in the other cheek!
Raven D Morningstar 10/19/18 *sits and laughs* You to with the buck shots! Who is this chick? I don't know whether to kiss her or rip her wings.
Dessa Chambers 10/18/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Lylith_ 10/18/18 "Try keeping your a$$ from buckshot from now on huh? Some of us like the non battered look to your backside. "
VaylinShadow 10/17/18 *bows* Welcome
Lylith_ 10/17/18 Could she have handled his return better? Probably. Could she have been nicer? Likely. And yet that was not who she was. She was the heartless one, the one who lived on torture and mayhem. He knew this all too well and yet a small part of her was bothered by the fact that he tore his feathers out to please her *****y side.
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 You Lil sh!t ball couldn't handle the fluff typical.
Amari Preston 10/17/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "Finally more like yourself. Doesn't mean I forgive you or anything."
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