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“Why is the truth, it would seem, revealed to some and not to others?
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Josie Nathan

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Josie Nathan 09/08/18 Pushing the door open of the changing stall she grinned as she twirled around in front of Aurora, giggling as the skirt of the dress raised as she twirled. "I love it, I love it, I love it!" she squealed, the excitement and happiness obvious in her voice.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Josie grinned and nodded, following back to the changing rooms they had at the store. Taking off her dirty dress she pulled the Ariel dress over her head, admiring it in the mirror as she smoothed down the skirt and ruffles. "Ooh Miss Aurora it's perfect!"
Josie Nathan 09/06/18 Josie grinned as she nodded her head at Aurora's question. "Yeah yeah, so I can be pretty like Ariel." Giggling she gave a spin, excitement practically bubbling out of the little one.
Josie Nathan 09/05/18 Hearing that Aurora had found a dress her size, Josie's face lit up as she turned around and admired the dress Aurora had plucked out. "It's so pretty!" she giggled, running to Aurora's side and wrapping her arms around the woman's legs in a hug.
Josie Nathan 09/02/18 Josie looked back to the woman who worked at the store anxiously, hoping she wouldn't get in trouble for asking too many questions. "Okay," she murmured to Aurora, turning around so Aurora could check her dress size.
Josie Nathan 09/02/18 Hearing Aurora's call Josie looked back to her and the other woman and then gave her a nod, looking back to the dresses. Her tiny lips pursed as she gave it deep thought on which one she wanted, before picking out a blue dress that looked like an exact copy of the dress Ariel wore as a human. "Miss Aurora, I don't know which one will fit me," she asked, looking at the different sizes and biting at her bottom lip.
Josie Nathan 09/01/18 Josie craned her head as they stood in front of the store, trying to see just how many different princess dresses they had. At Aurora's words she grinned and nodded, practically running into the store straight to the dress display. She reached out tentatively to touch a blue dress, nearly bubbling with excitement. "They're so pretty!"
Josie Nathan 09/01/18 As they walked past the stores, her eyes brightened as Aurora mentioned princess dresses. "Ooh yes! Do you think they'll have an Ariel one? Little Mermaid is my favorite!"
Josie Nathan 09/01/18 Josie giggled and grinned even wider at Aurora's words, reaching for her hand once she stood up straight. "Yeah yeah! Pretty dresses!"
Josie Nathan 08/31/18 Holding still as Aurora wiped her face, Josie gave her a big grin once she saw Aurora's smile. "Thank you, Miss Aurora. It feels good not having so much dirt on my face," she giggled, poking her own cheeks.
Beau Theroux 08/30/18 "I am more of a whiskey fella, myself."
Beau Theroux 08/30/18 "I just needed a little vacation is all. Summer is almost gone so have to soak up the sun and enjoy the beaches, ya know?"
Beau Theroux 08/30/18 The man squinted for a minute as if doing so would contort her form in a way to jog his memory. He did remember her but only vaguely. "Ah, yes. Now I recall. I apologize, my memory isn't the best."
Beau Theroux 08/30/18 "Uh...thanks. Pardon my asking but, do I know you?"
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie gave a grin and nodded, sliding herself to the edge of the bench and hopping off of it, reaching to take Aurora's hand like she had before. Following to the bathroom she stretched up on her toes so she could reach the sink rubbing her hands together to wash off the dirt from her hands under the water.
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie smiled and took one last sip of her shake and gave a nod. "Okay, all finished! That was really yummy," she giggled, using her napkin to attempt to wipe her face, but more or so just smearing the crumbs from the grilled cheese further from her lips.
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Giving a wide grin Josie gave another giggled and nodded her head, finishing the last bite of her sandwich. "My grandpa taught me to use that face on my mommy so I could get candy," she grinned, sitting up to take another sip of shake.
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie giggled at Aurora's reaction, nodding her head. "Yeah yeah! Can we Miss Aurora?" Making her blue eyes big she stuck her bottom lip out, making the best puppy face she could. "Pretty please?"
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie giggled at Aurora's words, nodding as she ate more of her sandwich and soup. "I've never been to a zoo. I've heard of them and I used look at picture books with animals in them. I think the wolf is my favorite."
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie went quiet as she thought about her question. Finishing up a bite of her sandwich, Josie then turned to Aurora. "I think I'm four. I remember celebrating my birthday in June when June first started but I don't remember what day."
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Josie nodded her head in agreement as Aurora mentioned extra eyes, giving a soft giggle. "My mommy used to say she had eyes in the back of her head. It scared me," she smiled, nodding her head as Aurora told her to eat. Reaching for her food she ripped off some of her grilled cheese and put it in her soup, using her spoon to eat a bit of both.
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Nodding her head as she listed to Aurora, a dirty finger slipped to the top of Josie's milkshake as she swiped some whipped cream onto her finger and licked it off with a giggle. "Okay, Miss Aurora," she smiled brightly, sipping more of her shake before pushing it away from the edge carefully and then sitting back down. "What if I don't know how to live like a child? My mommy always told me what to do and showed me how to do stuff. And I don't know where she is..."
Josie Nathan 08/29/18 Josie looked up to Aurora as she spoke, nodding as she explained more of what Heaven was like. "I wonder why I wasn't reborn..." she murmured thoughtfully, perking up as the waitress brought over their shakes. "Mmm, that looks so good!" Moving so she was kneeling in the seat she reached up and took a sip through her straw, giving a big smile. "Yummy!"
Josie Nathan 08/28/18 Shaking her head, Josie pushed her hair away from her face. "I don't remember what happened. I just remember something hot in my chest and then everything went cold. Then I think I saw Heaven, but I woke up here."
Josie Nathan 08/28/18 Josie nodded her head in thought, wondering if she had any more questions that could possibly be answered. "Umm will I remember how I died?" she asked quietly, biting her lip. "I don't want to remember it. I'm scared of what happened."
Josie Nathan 08/28/18 Her blue eyes shifted to the waitress as she took their order, giving a bright smile before turning back to Aurora as she asked her. "Since I'm an angel... Will my mommy miss me?" she asked softly, fingers moving to play with the dirty edge of her dress.
Josie Nathan 08/28/18 Seeing Aurora's smile, her own brightened as she looked back to the menu between the two of them. "Chicken soup, please. That's what my mommy always made..." she trailed off, biting her lip before giving another smile, trying to be brave even if she was confused.
Josie Nathan 08/28/18 Looking at the menu Aurora had passed to her, a studious frown spread onto her face as she tried to figure out what she wanted by the picture alone. "Yellow is pretty too. I like every color," she smiled, biting at her lip again. "I-I don't know how to read, Miss Aurora. Can I just gave a grilled cheese with soup?"
Josie Nathan 08/27/18 Thinking about Aurora's question the child went quiet as she tried to decide on just one color that she liked. Following over to the table she pulled herself up into the booth, scooting in, in case Aurora wanted to sit next to her. "I think my favorite color is blue. I like all sorts of colors, but blue is my favorite." Smiling she looked to Aurora as she finally answered. "What about you? What's your favorite color?"
Josie Nathan 08/27/18 Practically skipping inside, the girl looked around wide eyed at the bright interior. It was cooler than outside and she giggled as she felt goosebumps rise up on her arms. "A new dress? Will you help me pick it out, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 08/27/18 Giving another giggle as Aurora poked her nose, Josie skipped next to her as they made her way to the diner. "Can I have a strawberry milkshake?" she asked, tilting her head up to Aurora.
Josie Nathan 08/27/18 Josie chewed on her bottom lip as she thought about what her hungry tummy wanted before breaking into a smile. "Grilled cheese? I love grilled cheese," the small girl giggled, gazing up at her new friend.
Josie Nathan 08/26/18 At the mention of food, she felt a rumble in her tummy and gave a small giggle, her tiny hands pressing against the fabric of her purple dress. Looking to the woman's hand she nodded and reached out, fingers wrapping around the woman's. "Okay, Miss Aurora."
Josie Nathan 08/26/18 Seeing the stranger smile, the girl felt a little bit more at ease and let a shy smile stretch onto her own face. "I-I... I'm Josie. Well my mommy named me Josephine but I like Josie better." Hearing the word angel a confused frown spread onto the child's face, tilting her head slightly. "Like angels in Heaven? I'm a little hungry, but why am I an angel? Is that because of the cold I felt?"
Josie Nathan 08/26/18 The young angel looked up to the woman who had approached her, sucking in a dirty lip as to chew on it as she thought about the question. "I-I remember feeling cold, and my mommy shouting. And then everything went black, and then white. The white was warm, but then everything got cold again and I woke up here." Her bottom lip gave a wobble, blue eyes looking at her surroundings. "Where am I?"
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