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Audric Roux


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Born: August 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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08/15/19 at 9:04 pm
Audric Roux's Biography
New Orleans is where he had started. At least that’s what he’ll say when he speaks to a muggle. His mother a bayou medicine woman, when in reality she played in voodoo. He speaks of his father proudly after all - he’s a Durand. A prestige smile while he’s hard at work at the NYC Capitol building watching the mayor with a close eye. A pristine smile when he successfully puppeteers a chauffeur from within the political servants below him. An even larger smile when he sets out for the last part of the night to perform a ritual sacrifice. Some might say he was a serial killer if they could prove it. However much like his past it’s squeaky clean if you speak with him.

An overwhelming sense not to pry into his history or his family when you speak with him. It goes away if he’s not seen for a few days, but once you see his face you think, ‘Audric? Really? He’s just odd.’ The witch has a jam packed schedule as he tries to think of an underhanded way to cut the mayor out of his rightful spot.

The truth about his raising isn’t too far fetched. A dark magic practicing father and a voodoo mother they taught him all about the ritual sacrifices and more importantly the necromancy pieces when it came to the dead. He’s not powerful enough to rise someone for the dead yet, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried to. Often when he performs the sacrifice of the night whether it be human or otherwise, he practices the resurrection spell only to kill the creature again when it fails properly.

His parents approached him when he had turned nineteen and told him that he would be better fitted with his cousin in New York. Up until his nineteenth year he had only sacrificed animals to get what he wanted. Audric never wanted or needed for anything, because with power they would take whatever they wanted. The greed was insatiable and restless when he arrived and started on his political path.

The first elected position he got into the Capitol was after he had performed his first human kill. Some ignorant peon he had encountered in the subways of New York. He took her under a bridge in the dark of the night. Seduced her with promises until he entranced her with a doll he had in his pocket. He would watch her panicked eyes blankly as she waltzed into traffic with no control of her body. A suicide they would call it. A suicide is what they called them all, except a few scattered cases that he had to keep a closer eye on.

There’s nothing in the cold cases to tie him to the spot, except the straggler eye witness. However, the eye witnesses are nothing in comparison to the Public Advocate of New York. Elected into office in 2019 he sets on a new warpath for 2019 - to quietly dethrone the mayor.

Married to his ‘work’ which also includes a daily sacrifice of blood. Patiently waiting for the mayor to kick the bucket. Has been in NY for 7 years.

Name: Audric Hendrix Roux-Durand
Familiar: Black Mamba adoringly named ‘Fran’.
Other pets: iguana named Jane, & a chameleon named Camille
Zodiac: Gemini
On his person always: Phone, Planner, a small faceless doll, a dagger with inscriptions on the handle that he usually hides on his person somewhere, and lastly a flask.

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