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Saito Eiji
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Gravity's Union - Realm Forum

The opening posts were authored by Gyldi and Astrid, and have been posted with their permission. It may lack some context, but any good story deserves to be given a finale.

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a grand tale, Gyldi.
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Last five threads posted in:
Mackenzie 03/10/19 Only your number one friend would tell you to f-ck off.

F-ck off.
Mackenzie 01/24/19 🖕🏻
Mackenzie 12/16/18 ...what is yeet?
Mackenzie 12/16/18 ᵢ ₛₕₒᵤₗ𝒹 ᵦₑ ᵧₒᵤᵣ 𝒻ᵢᵣₛₜ ᵦₑₛₜ 𝒻ᵣᵢₑₙ𝒹.
Yoshima 12/09/18 Oh what's up, me? I mean, your face looks awfully familiar...
Mackenzie 11/19/18 Good.
Mackenzie 11/19/18 Iím waiting.
Mackenzie 11/19/18 Physics.
Mackenzie 11/18/18 Talk to me.
Mackenzie 11/03/18 Oh hey.

You're a tw-t.
Mackenzie 08/17/18 Is $22 even enough to buy a Happy Meal? F-ck.
Mackenzie 08/01/18 Murder her.
Mackenzie 08/01/18 ...who is the first?
Mackenzie 05/27/18 Nah, bruh. I have ten first best friends.
Don't get this sh-t twisted.
Mackenzie 05/25/18 What is this second best friend bullsh-t.
Mackenzie 04/20/18
Adara Richards 04/12/18 Well, damn. Here I was thinking it was all that boiled cabbage the Irish seem to really like.
Adara Richards 04/08/18 -stares-
You know what you should do?
Come home. Stinking Mackenzie beat me to you last time.
Not happening again.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 "Jaysus, Eiji," Mackenzie looks the man over. "You look like sh-t. Have a f-cking drink and lighten up. It's a goddamn holiday."
Mackenzie 03/12/18 What the... hook. a girl. up.
Mackenzie 03/11/18 ...well, you didn't show up for your shift, today.
Kind of bummed.
Was looking forward to being fanned with a giant leaf.
Gray Taylor 03/10/18 Gray is about to start in on the person on the other end of the line, already forgetting about the minor physical encounter from moments before. There are far more pressing matters. He is midsentence, cruelty on the tip of forked tongue when there is a weight at his collar followed by a pull. It catches him off guard, and Gray stumbles in his step, falling back as he works to regain himself.

Next comes the pain. For just a second, his vision is lined with stars. His phone is clenched in tight fist, silent, and it takes seconds for the stunned man to regain himself. "What the F-CK?" He's jerked himself free, turning to face his assailant as he massages his now tender skull.

Deep breath.
Gray Taylor 03/08/18 Irritable, the suited man walks down the street carelessly with his phone pressed to his ear. He is listening. Whatever it is he is hearing, he does not like. It is plain as day, etched into storm colored eyes and told through a set jaw. And, as he turns a corner, his shoulder collides with that of another.

A look, tired and hard, would be passed without apology before he returns to his disappointing conversation, muted demands for the person on the other end to do something trailing in his wake.
Mackenzie 02/23/18
Mackenzie 02/03/18 And f-ck the censor, too.
Katherine Murray 01/25/18 Getting phone numbers to contact the newer members of their ragtag bunch was easy. Figuriung out what to say when you're socially inept; not quite as effortless.

New Person2

Are you a real human?
Care to donate to science?
I am Katherine.
Mackenzie 01/24/18 What about April, though? That's a total joke.
Mackenzie 01/24/18 I feel as though I was just brought into the circle of trust.
Mackenzie 01/21/18 Fantastic.
There's a bar across the pond.
Bunch of crazies with a bunch of moonshine.
And a bunch of crazies in here.
Too late to turn back.
Welcome to the jungle.
Mackenzie 01/21/18 Yes. But free.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 I have this thing that keeps people from being homeless. It's pretty inventive. The first of it's kind.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 You are exceptionally homeless.
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