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Last five threads posted in:
-MALAK- 04/18/20 -He envelopes her in his arms after placing the ring upon her finger. He kisses her temple softly as he stands and swings her around- It isn't going to be easy, we have a lot to learn but with you in my corner I am ready to take on any struggle.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 Siri, I...-He could do this right? He had never been so nervous in his entire life. It was now or never. He wiped his palm on his jeans and moved to her side. He lowered himself to one as he pulled a box from his pocket-

I, have loved you since we were little, which in reality was not very long and yet feels like a lifetime ago. I have swore to protect you even if it costs me my own life and have never looked at another girl. Not even when they punched me in the nose. Though, I have the blessing of your mom, I would have done it without it. Will you marry me, Siri?

-MALAK- 04/17/20 One thing Lyl could do was cook. I might have picked up a thing or two from her. As for outdoing myself well this evening is only getting started. -He picked up his drink sipping from it and averting his eyes elsewhere. He would some of the pasta but for him it held no true flavor. He thought of telling her some of the shenanigans that happened when he had gone in to the city but decided against it-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 I did indeed find your mom. Listened to quite a lecture actually. Probably deserved it to be honest. Yeah, Uri was still gone but when he comes home he can't say that I didn't try. -He grins gently and pours them each something to drink- Now enjoy or I will begin to think you don't like my surprise
-MALAK- 04/17/20 Mostly. Remember when I said I had to leave earlier. That is when I put all this together and made a trip into town. When I came back you were gone and I went zombie punching. I even managed to talk with your mom and look for Uri.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -He caught himself staring at Siri and shook his head. Damn it all. She was the girl he had grown up with, the one he had protected, and even caused a fight with Kara over and yet when he would look at her she wasn't the same at all. Her icy hues pierced right through to the very depth of him and it unnerved him at times. Remembering what he was foing, Malak began to unload the basket. As promised wrapped neatly were the peanut butter cookies, along with some pasta and drinks- This time we aren't sneaking the peanut butter cookies. I git permission. We also don't have someine else to punch me in the nose this time.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 I have to have an occassion now to spend time with my best friend? To get out of coven walls for a bit and just enjoy the outdoors? -There was an occassion but he kept it to himself. He placed his hands in his pockets and felt gor the box. Finding it he let out a silent prayer of relief. It was still there, thankfully. He moved to sit across from her and open the basket-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -He grips her hand in his and leans down to whisper against her ear- You have already shocked me once little witch. Don't let your nerves get to you. You will like the surprise. I even have peanut butter cookies waiting.

-He smirks and begins to lead her to the elevator. Pushing the button he steps in and waits for the doors to close. Hitting the button for the ground level he waits. Maybe he hadn't really thought this out as the nerves were starting to get to him. He could feel himself beginning to sweat but he would see it through no matter the outcome.-

-The elevator chimed when they reached the ground floor and he nearly jumped out of his skin. Taking her hand more firmly in his he stepped from the elevator. Shadows began to swirl around them until they were no longer visible and seemed to be floating through space. After a mere moments they were placed on their feet.-

Take the blindfold off now if you wish.

-In the middle of the table setting sat a picnic basket that he had packed with all tgeir favorites. He chewed on his bottom lip as he waited for her reaction.-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 As if I would allow that. As for the other I saw it all. I was just unable to be here. -His voice grew soft as he spoke. He had wanted to be here when it had all happened, when those he cared for were going through hell but he was in hell literally and couldn't escape. He pulled a bandana from his pocket and covered her eyes with it- Ready?
Matt Boru 04/17/20 "All good but that not going to keep Ciaran and I from beating on disrespectful lads if need arises. "
- He smiles a bit. He only beat a lad if she asked and or if he harmed her. Other then that she could handle most everything else.-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 That is a surprise. I had somethings being set up in case you refused to see reason. -He finished wrapping her arm and placed a kiss over the bandage- That wasn't that bad, Siri. Now finish your sandwich. -He went to the sink and washed his hands off- I can teach you to drive if you promise to listen
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -He grabs the stuff to make a sandwich, piling on turkey, cheese, ham, more cheese, chicken, more cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. He brings the sandwich to her and then digs in his pockets for the salve he had gotten from Ava- Take this. -He hands her an antibiotic and starts cleaning the goop from her arm- Lucky for you, other than Kellie I am ruler of rot and decay. Therefore I can stop this from dying or rotting. These salves will keep it from getting infected. -He slathered the salves on and then wrapped it back up- Don't need to drive but I do know how to
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -The elevator doors chimed open and Malak shot from behind them like a bullet released from a gun. Keeping her over his shoulder he nudged open the door to the kitchens and set her on the counter- Now what kind of food and then we will tend to that wound. Then I am taking you somewhere else.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -The finger to the hem of his jeans almost dropped him to his knees but the outline trace of his pocket was his undoing. The minute she started tracing the pocket his knees buckled and he found himself perched there with a low growl. A quick check and she was still in his arms securely- I swear to all that is holy and unholy, I will swat your arse if you don't stop
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -The finger along the spine caused a ripple of shudders to escape over him and he gripped her tighter so she didn't fall from his shoulder. Brains? Where was he going to find those? Not exactly romantic food but hey whatever she wanted- Brains it is but careful where and how you touch. Next time might see you falling on your arse.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Food? Zombie injury? Jesus was she trying to put him in an early grave? Opening the door to the coven he stepped inside, Siri still slung over his shoulder. He started towards the elevators- Food? Fine. To the kitchen we go. While you eat I am looking at your wound. I have half a mind to bust your bottom while I am at. And why you are near my pockets keep your hands out of them. -He pushes the button to the elevator and steps inside, pushing the floor for the kitchen-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 I didn't put any of the zombies down. It is an effect of my not so good powers of control. What's wrong with your arm, Siri. -He stopped ing her for the moment, only to pick her up as rhough she weighed nothing and continue towards the complex- We haven't finished talking yet
-MALAK- 04/17/20 Fine. Let's go. -She wanted to keep the truth from him that was fine but he was not going to take it lightly. He takes her arm and starts pulling her towards the complex- I had to wprk out my anger in some way. Though not sure your mother is going to be too happy. Her spil is decaying now.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 Open the gate please, Siri. We will go in together. -He kept his back to the gate and his eyes on the horde. Well this was not how he had expected this to go. Covered in blood as the ground beneath them died and decayed. He would wait for the gate to open before grabbing her and shutting the gates behind them quickly- What's wrong?
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Get out of my head, get out pf my head, get out of my head. He didn't want her to see where or why he had left earlier. Though if she was calling out to him, it could mean she was in trouble. Sh!t- At the gates. What's wrpng? Wait where are you? You weren't here earlier.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Malak was exhausted, bloodied, and yet he continued to punch and scream and fight the zombies. Unfortunately he couldn't focus on more than one thing and where he stood putside the gates the ground began to decay. It was almost like he was taking the death and decay from the zombies and ppuring it into the ground. He continued to fight the horde as he backed up towards the gates.-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Malak could at least feel that she was safe but it did little to ease his mind as he paced. He looked around the halls quickly and went back out the doors. He needed to get rid frustration, to yell, scream, punch something. He headed to the massive horde of zombies just outside the gate. He wouldn't move at first as they started to surround him. He would bide his time until the best possible mpment when the most of his frustration would be displaced.-

-He would raise his fist in the air as he screamed, the shadpws engulfing him, making him almost impenetrable. His fist would snake out as bones cracked with connection. He cpuld do this all night if that is what it took. After all he needed to gain control before being near her again-
Belladonna Jones 04/17/20 Hugging her Siri back "thanks! Humans are funny people. But he is all fingers and toes where they suppose to be. Just don't tell your mom you seen him before her." Laughs
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Well sh!t. That was going to make things harder. He had simply disappeared into the city of Port. He had gone for her but when he returned a little while later she was gone. He began to pace the coven halls the box tucked into his pocket. Leave it to him to screw up again-
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -He felt it start to break loose as the roof shook slightly. He stood wrapped her in a hug and kissed the top of her head- I will be back, Siri. I promise. I... I need to go before the whole building starts to shake and those inside get hurt. Bells is in there as is your mom and Uri. I'm not leaving for good. -To make sure his words were heard as well as felt he tipped her chin up kissing her. Releasing her quickly as the complex began to shake harder he jumped from the top of the roof and called the shadows to swallow him-
Belladonna Jones 04/17/20 "Well my little Siri don't tell your mom but.." She opens the door to the room and points to a crib. "He is here!" She walked over to the crib and looks in.
-MALAK- 04/17/20 -Malak sighs as he looks at her- Once you feed it grows stronger. Hell, I grow stronger. Then it becomes a need like breathing. Something that can't be eased and control. Never knowing when and if it will hit. Emotions bring the need stronger make it almost unbearable at times. That is no way for anyone to live or to love.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 And aren't those the most dangerous? Yes it is your choice, your life and your decision but it doesn't mean that I don't want to protect you. That I don't want to keep you safe. Lyl was always the fighter and Az the thinker and yet when it came down to it neither one was able to help the other nor keep the other safe.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/16/20 Drops his bag and puts his hands up with a puzzled look on his face. scratches his head 'think that she was only 4 last I seen..' Heads off to find his wife. Was good nothing ever changed around here.
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 She laughed taking a sip of her tea "Don't worry about it. But I have a surprise for you." She stood up from her seat with a smile "come follow me."
-MALAK- 04/16/20 You do realize I know nothing of what you are talking about. Both Lyl and Az were demons and thus raised me as such. Anything else is beyond my knowledge. And if it can't be helped and I hurt you, then what, Siri? I couldn't live with that. -Yes he was a large man now but there were things that still scared him to death. Hurting the little she witch before him, or worse, losing her and he was terrified of love-
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 "That maybe so..but our parents are the same way. It's like mom birthday him herself."
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 She laughed at the thought "No it wouldn't have at all. It would have just been a bit disgusting. But knowing him it would have failed. Would have landed on his feet like a cat."
-MALAK- 04/16/20 There is more to it then being a shadow lord, Siri. I don't even know the half of it but I do know that I crave violence, bloodshed, and the thirst for blood is insatiable. I don't think there is a way to control that and if there is it could be disastrous for everyone.
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 She pours Siri a cup of tea. "Sweet Siri my brother is a complicated person. Always has been. He thinks staying away is better for everyone..not realizing that with help of those who love him may make things easier." She sits back in her seat and looks at her. "And where exactly did you leave the dork?"
-MALAK- 04/16/20 I never said you weren't Siri. You were always strong. But there is something inside me I can't control. It is ugly and it doesn't care who it hurts. It would destroy me if it hurt you, Bells, or even Uri. It may just to keep me under control. -He sighed even as he leaned into her small hand caressing his cheek. He wasn't going to lie to her and he wasn't going to keep it from her. It was her decision-
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Bells lips pouted as she nodded listening. Heading to the table placing the tea tray on it. "So he has told me the same thing." Taking a seat net to Siri, Bells gave her a look. The look of understanding. "First of all we all saw this. You two have been inseparable since the start. Growing up is hard as it is. And you both having feelings for each other is both good and bad.
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Shaking her head bells grabbed her hand taking her into her room. "So you I take it you found my little brother." She smirked pulling out a chair in the kitchen. "Care to tell me what happened? A storm with no rain usually spells trouble." She heads to the kitchen to get the tea ready.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -Hell be damned. He hissed and before she had a chance to walk away from him again he turned. Quickly he lifted her small frame off the ground, kissed her like his life depnded on it and set her back on her feet. Reaching into his pocket he took the locket out. Inside were pictures of them when they were little-

This is yours now. It is what kept me fighting when I left. If I said such words we both know they would be a lie and we would be back to square one. But if you still choose to then by all means step through that portal and try to find Lucifer or whoever your little heart desires. Just know should you choose to walk through that portal everything in me and everything that I am dies with it
Matt Boru 04/16/20 What up little bit whos not so little anymore? -Matt smiles-
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Waves her hand for her to come to her room. "Come on I have some tea going. Looks like you can use a cup."
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Bells finished putting g the baby down when she could hear yelling from the hall. Making her way to the door and popping her head out just in time to see a flow of white hair. Brown raised she yelled out "Siri?!"
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He let her go as his fists clenched at his sides and he gritted his teeth. He couldn't stop her, he knew that, and she was right. She had the right and deserved to make her own choices. Deserved to be who she was but damn if it didn't hurt.-

-He turned his back trying to keep the anger locked away as he spoke through gritted teeth-

I won't and can't stop you from deciding what is best for you or what you feel is best for you. All I can say is that, I am no good. You seen my parents, Siri. They couldn't make it work in life or in death no matter how much they loved each other. They spent milleniums chasing each other and still they couldn't make it work.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He kept her engulfed in his arms. Damn her and damn him. She was the only person who could knock him to his knees both literally and figuratively and survive afterwards. He waited for his anger to die down before he spoke, before he loosened his grip on the little she witch-

Damn it, Siri. You are more than all of that. You have always been more than that. Even as a boy I left to protect you. I left because hurting you was worse than anything anyone else could do to me. Hurting you now would be worse than death. All I wanted for you even when I was boy was for you to be protected, safw, and surrounded by those who loved you, even if it meant I couldn't be one of them.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -Her words semmed to drop him further to his knees. He shouldn't have come back. He had known that the moment he had come back and yet did it anyway. The pain that coursed through him from not only hurting her but the electrical charge he received from her caused a growl to escape his lips.-

-He stood as quickly as he could, the yellow permeating in his eyes and took off after her. Should he reach her in time he would grab her wrist and pull him into his chest-

Don't even Siri. Don't think I am just letting you walk away like this. That will happen when hell freezes over
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He didn't think she would just take his words and walk away. He knew she was stubborn but never in a million years did he expect her to punch him in the gut. She fought dirty, that had not changed since they were little. Fine! He knew how to fight back just as dirty-

-As her fist connected with his gut, he dropped to a knee. While trying to catch his breath she knocked it right back out of him with the pull of his hair and the kiss. Uri was going to kill him. It didn't matter that she had kissed him, she was off limits. She would always be off limits. As gently as he could, as much as it pained him, he tried to ungrasp her hands from his hair, and step out of the kiss.-
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He gripped her smaller hand as he done so often when they were small. Only they weren't little anymore and she deserved so much better than the man he had become. He sighed as he closed his eyes, the beast wanting loose within. Slowly he shook his head-

Ava nor our brother would allow that, Siri and you know it. Uri would tell you the same thing I have been telling you. I am killer, Siri. Through and through. I have been since birth. It's all I know and all the beast will allow. It is the only way to keep it quiet.

-Damn her. She was the only person who had the power to make something in him stir. The only person he would ever gladly trade his life for and though he wished it could be different, he didn't deserve her loyalty or trust.-
-MALAK- 04/16/20 I... I wished you wouldn't Siri. I told you when we were children I wasn't any good and that I was dangerous for you to be around. That hasn't changed. Only now it is worse.

-He hated saying such words to her, hated that they were the truth even if he wished otherwise. Hated that he didn't want her to stay away. Most of all though he hated himself for all of it.-

You were so much safer when I was gone. I actually just came back to tell you and Bells goodbye.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He tried to speak several times and yet the words didn't seem to form. Not that they would have made much sense. His eyes flashed to the yellow of the beast he had yet to calm and he wanted to hit something. Anything. Instead he sent a shaky hand towards her blushing cheek. If she didn't smack him which he well deserved his large hand would caress her cheek all the while it shook.-

-Several moments would pass before he was able to find his voice. The deep baritone something he had finally gotten used to himself. They had spent so many days as kids trying to find and catch the love bug to keep it from catching them. Yet it had already taken root in him then. It was why he escaped Bells watchful eye, His aunt Aurora and Uncle Sami's clutches, and even hid from his mother. He had grown up in the darkest pits of the hell she had said she would follow him to only to realize even that couldn't contain the beast. His voice cracked several times as he spoke-

I wasn't gone that long was I? It didn't though time passed very quickly where I was. I hadn't expected you would still be here, Siri.
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -Malak had felt her long before he even knew it was her. He stood staring at her door for several long moments, willing the yellow from his orbs back to the steel grey they had become. Her voice was like a punch straight to his gut and he caught himself wheezing for a moment-

-Of course she had grown up. Why he would have thought otherwise struck him as funny. Slowly he turned towards her voice though the view he was gifted with almost brought him to his knees. He always knew Siri would grow up to be a knockout as she had been as a child, he just hadn't expected his first reaction to be the urge to scoop her up and lock her away. He cleared his throat as he looked down to fully see her. He still towered over her small frame at 6'5 easily but she still had the power to k ock him down-

My, my look at you. All grown up now. How are you, Siri?
-MALAK- 04/16/20 -He had heard Siri was back and thus he waited outside her door. One glance at the girl he grew up with, one last chance to say his goodbyes, and he would walk away to ensure their safety-
LillyEmperium 11/27/19 *walking up, Lilly picked her up and hugged her before placing her back on her feet * hey there munchkin..... How ya doing?
Siri Ridire 10/23/19 Siri and Malak had decided that seeing the teens took over the second floor at mommas coven. They had every right to do so for them selfs at the new coven. So after spending a couple ours with paints and stuff Siri posted the signs at all exits to the second floor!

Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/21/19 Noo you it again! *He chuckles*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 "The dragon lady? You mean my mom?" He asked with a chuckle. "Hm..maybe we can get Malak to take them far away." Poor kid if it was only this simple. "Ok tell me where to look and I help."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 He chuckles listening to her. If she only knew the truth of that one. She will be looking for that bug for a very long time. "Want my help?" He whispers back. Hell if you can't beat this just join in the fun times.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 Watches her at the door way and smiles. These kids are always up to some thing or another. "Siri princess what are you looking for?" He heads further into the room and kneels by her.
_author 10/07/19 thank you Siri!
Ramiel 10/07/19 Scratches his head while deciphering what the tiny one said. Bitey bugs and baby seeds. He wasn't sure he even wanted to know. What are these people putting in these children heads? He blinks again and looks at her. "Thank you for the welcome. And second of all. Someone your size shouldn't be worrying about bugs and seeds unless they are in the garden." He points down the hall. "Malak is whom I think you said your looking for? He went that way. Oh and who do you belong to?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 " Bells won't explode. So we won't have a mess."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 Picks her up and looks at her with lips between his teeth and thinks about how to answer. " princess why you ask that question?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 "Way to go little princess! You working hard." Hands over peanut butter cookies.
Mara Lenore 09/29/19 Thank you young one.
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *Lilly chuckled as she watch Siri poof again. Shaking her head she smiled* oh that's going to be interesting when she gets older*
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 I won't tell him. If he asks tell him to ask me...ok
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *laughing Lilly smiled* if I gets you some cookies, will you go back and be safe lil one? *Holding out her hand, she smiled* there's a bakery not far from here, my treat dear
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *Lilly chuckled* time has flown lil one. So why did you poof Siri?
LillyEmperium 09/24/19 *kneeling down in front of the child, Lilly looked to her* Siri.....when did you get so big? Does your momma know your out an about?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/24/19 Chuckles "Just couldn't wait for Miss Hela to bring them huh?"
LillyEmperium 09/24/19 *walking up, Lilly smiled softly* hi there lil one. How are you?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/24/19 "So the number one cookie bandit has escaped the care room." Kisses her head "Who was watching you that you poofed?"
Raven D Morningstar 09/24/19 "Well I am heading to the fourth floor. want to go with me and Ro?"
Hela Jones_ 09/24/19 Taking Malak and Kara into the kitchen for a snack after their long day Hela spotted a little blonde and giggled. She sneaks up on little Siri. "Did you escape Patch you little tippy toe ballerina?" She poked her nose as she smiled asking her the question.
Raven D Morningstar 09/24/19 Raises a brow and smiles bright "Thank you princess! Where is your mom?"
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