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Born: October 29, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Blood Demon

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Taylor Ainsworth

That Girl

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Noura Orlav 12/20/17 Cole
I need you to find whatever novels Jameson is reading, and burn them all. Please. For me.
Noura Orlav 12/02/17 "No," she answers without pause. Noura had not spoken to Jason since he chose Elouise over her. In reality, she hadn't been surprised by that choice, but it had certainly been the last nail in that coffin. Her phone chimes, and she can't help the disdain that crosses her features as she reads the message.

What happened to Jason?

That's the thing about the Orlav brood; they are unforgiving, and capable of severing ties. "This is apparently like...two weeks ago," she shrugs, passing the phone off to Cole.
Noura Orlav 11/27/17 "Cole," Noura's voice cuts through the silence before she appears. There is a bit of newspaper in hand, and she holds it out to him to reveal the Obits. It's been some time, and this is the first she's heard of Jason's death.

Despite the circumstance, her expression is calm. She had seen this sort of thing coming a mile away from the minute he involved himself in that drama. Does she trust her husband? No. But she is that much closer to it. "What do you think?"
Noura Orlav 11/12/17 If he didn't have an obvious look of exhiliration upon him, Noura would have sworn she were in the deepest sh-t of her life. It isn't often that Cole walks toward her this fast, but she can actually see the subject of his extreme excitement.

Inwardly, she groans.

For him, and only him, she would smiles as the noise assaults her. Bless his sweet, innocent heart. He shoots everything else except what really matters... like this damned instrument. Once close, she pouts up at the man, dark hues seeking out those much lighter than her own. "But you're not yodeling.."
Noura Orlav 10/30/17 He isn't far off. Noura whips around the minute she hears his voice, pausing only to listen for the second call before taking off in a jog. It's okay, she tells herself. Everything is fine. He's fine. It is going to be okay.

In the time they'd spent tiptoeing around each other, she hadn't realized how much she had missed and cared for him. Not really. Now, she can feel it like wound straight to the heart.

The minute she spots him propped against the dirty brick wall, she closes the distance in a sprint before carelessly dropping down to him, skidding her knees upon the ground carelessly. One hand moves to the gash upon his abdomen to cover it while her other hand cradles the side of his face. It is like Warsaw all over again, and there is no stopping the shaking of her form or heavy tears that fall at the sight of him taken low. "You tell me who did it, and I will f-cking kill them. You tell me, Cole."
Noura Orlav 10/29/17 Her phone had gone off, alerting her to an end. Noura had only just in the last year learned of Cole's existence, accepted him back as a (un)living person, and reclaimed her precious time with him. And now, this.

She bolted, and as she moved through the streets of New Orleans toward the last place she'd known he'd been, denial became a very real part of her psyche. Stopping, she looks around, failing to spot him.

"Cole?" She looks to the left, pulling out her phone with shaking hands and dials his number. "Cole!"
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