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August 2, 2017-You killed the Tourist!
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Last five threads posted in:
Gray Taylor 08/18/17 Athena
I don't have another meeting for half an hour. Why don't you come down to the fourth floor, and I'll put the water on.
Gray Taylor 08/17/17 Athena
I'm working.
I like it. Very flattering. And you've done your hair differently.
Gray Taylor 08/16/17 Gray is in his office on the fourth floor. The man hadn't missed the form outside his door on the security cameras that constantly ran upon one of his two computer monitors. While he cannot hear her, he is sure that whatever she is on about is both endearing and offensive. It is simply her way.

A slight smirk on his face, he pulls out his phone, sending the woman a text. Upon pressing send, he sits back and watches for the reaction with keen interest.

Is that a new outfit?
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17 Atticus is less receptive. Not a d!ck, just not entirely friendly. "Howdy. I'm Atticus." He lets her hand hang for a few seconds before he engages, a quick pump before he releases it. "Thanks for the offer, but... I already have a Mr. Miyagi. Have a good day now."
Guinevere York 07/02/17 Guinea took the offered hand and gave it a gentle shake. She smiled softly and nodded at Athena. "Lovely name! I am Guinevere Bishop. But call me Guinea. Bright as a newly minted Guinea coin. I am new here and Mercy seems to be a brilliant house!"
Gray Taylor 06/24/17 "Athena, I'm supposed to be taking care of you, not the other way around." Still, Gray lets out an amused sort of chuckle before glancing toward the table she'd looked to. It dawns on him that she's become a bit of a fighter. "I don't know about sushi, but tea is an art. Perhaps one day, you can teach me those secrets. But for now, I need to get back to business."

He takes a step back from the door, a small shuffle, and looks her in the eye, "Thank you, for the gift." With that, he retreats to his room, bringing the briefcase and it's companion with him.
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 "It's perfect."

The words are easy, and Gray looks at the woman, catching her gaze with his own. He means it. He's not the warm and fuzzy type, but he's trying. "The work is meticulous. It must have taken a great deal of time. Where did you learn to do that?"
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 He'd be the first to admit that he has withdrawn a bit over the past couple of months. Gray has always been a private man, but he'd been especially busy of late. If it hadn't been for that, he'd probably have something snarky to say to her canny observation of existence. Instead, Athena receives an appreciative version of that Cheshire grin he's perfected over the years, and bows his head only slightly. A hand reaches up and back to rest at the back of his neck, and he lets out a quiet chuckle to himself.

"There's quite the artful display outside my door. Seems someone believes me to be judge and jury, but I've been left wondering who the executioner might be. Any ideas?"
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 The ding of the elevator is timely, echoing the sound of Athena's closing door in a quick succession. He'd never notice, nor would she, but any other traveling that specific hallway might just hear it. Stepping off, he rounds the corner, sharp eyes immediately noticing the briefcase outside his door. Idle fingers fidget with the cuff-links of his right sleeve. Upon approach, he leans forward to glimpse at the open case.

He smirks.

Crouching, he turns the case to face him and the hall before lifting the small note. It pulls a chuckle from the man, and he tucks it carefully into the breast pocket of his jacket. Only then does he lift the gun from it's resting place.

Placing the gun back into it's case with a great deal of care and respect for the firearm, he stands and walks down to Athena's door. He knocks.
Lucius Dalca 06/21/17 "I can understand that. What do you mean by looking for someplace new? Like to vacation or business prospect?" He asked her back before she mentioned Autumn as his wife. That peeked his curiosity and prompted a question of his own, "You heard about my marriage?"
Gray Taylor 06/20/17 Gray is alive. Barely. The knock upon the door gets a glance out of him, and curiosity does the rest as the man shuffles silently to the door in his (gasp) sweatpants.

He has a lot on his mind, okay? Lay off.

One glance up the hallway, and another down, before he casts his gaze to the ceiling out of concern for a rogue sapling. Finally, he looks to the floor and finds the bag. Against better judgment, he picks it up, opening it enough to catch the aromatic wonder of tacos. He takes no time in disappearing back into his room, intent on inhaling tacos and working on contracts.
Lucius Dalca 06/19/17 "Some time ago but I dont linger around for too much. What about yourself?" He responded back as he took the bottle of vodka, "Of course I have. It is one of my choice liquors. Thank you" He grin when she noticed the wallet gone and said, "Perhaps... Although a better question would be why are you carrying around so much money?"
Lucius Dalca 06/18/17 Lucius had taken a small trip out of London but he did not expect to see the familiar face he did see on the streets of Moscow. He decided to slowly approach from an obscured angle and just like that attempt a swipe.
You were successful in stealing $11,023.00 from Athena Maximus.

"Jackpot..." He chuckled and left.
Phantom Wraith 06/15/17 He walks up with a large stack of individually wrapped packages before handing them over, "These are all the magical books I could find dealing with holy and unholy powers...don't put them together!" He the turns and begins walking off before falling down an uncovered sewer manhole.
Cole Ward 05/30/17 He wasn't sure what to expect after the angry hall lady. Then by chance he stepped in front of Athena. His broad shoulders lift and lower in sync with his breathing pattern trying to keep his relaxed state. This should not be a place where he drowns in his dubiety. A callous hand reaches up to give hers a firm shake. No gun attached to it today.

"Ahoj, Athena. Nice to meet you." The deep vocals interloped with the Czech accent rolled from his tongue.
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 A young blonde woman approached Elisa, she was very polite and even offered a smile. Much higher spirited than Ellie could ever hope to be. She introduced herself as Athena and mentioned that she was a coven member of Mercy. When the girl extended her hand, Elisa reached out to shake it firmly. She offered a her a warm smile in return. "Thank you hun, I will make sure to reach out if I ever need assistance. It's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Elisa but you can call me Ellie if ya like."
Zarek 05/04/17 Mildly surprised by the sudden arrival of one such as she, a single jagged eyebrow half raised itself on features as he considered her "I have to admit that I am surprised I didn't realize that I was still the talk of the realm." As she spoke of book his hand instinctively reached for the leather bound article in his inside jacket pocket, even as his eyes were transfixed by her actions. "I am always glad to have a new entry." Pulling out the book and s fountain pen, his expression becoming amused as he handed the two items over.
Vesper Vaughn 05/02/17
Kiernan Tigra 04/22/17 Kiernan gave a slight start when he saw a paper airplane materialize in his room. "Wha--?" He wore a confused look for several moments before the realization hit him. With a snap of his fingers he exclaimed "Athena! You got it working!" Not that she would likely hear him. Kiernan had set-up a Portal for her, and had altered it to be able to use her energy or Kiernan's, which was why he hadn't felt it trigger like normal. On top of feeling like crap for the past day or so, Kiernan had been mostly out of tune with his powers; Things sparking up on their own or small Portals briefly opening around his room that went to nowhere.

Moments later he saw a small flash of light. Sitting up and pushing his blankets back, he saw a small basket on the floor. "Athena.." He smiled as he bent over to pick it up. Kiernan gave the feather an odd look as he picked up the note. Following it's instructions, he watched with a smile as the rose turned multi-coloured. He'd have to find a vase to put it in, even though she said it wouldn't die it wouldn't hurt right. "Little One, you have treats from our new friend!" The Dragon perked up, but didn't immediately move from his roost. Both nodding, Kiernan sidled across his bed and set the basket and rose on his desk. "Later, when we're rested eh buddy?" Giving the Dragon a pat, Kiernan grabbed a small notepad and quickly wrote a line on it.

"Dear Athena,

It might not be much to you, but both of us really appreciate you putting in the effort to try and help me feel better. It means a lot to us. Thank you! We'll have to stop by once I feel better, promise."

Signing the letter, Kiernan reached out, trying to take hold of his own flow of energy to ride off the remnants of the Portal Athena had used to send the items to him. Folding his note in a plane, he threw it forward. Much as hers had done, it winked out after passing through the origin point. Whether it went where he intended it to or not, he could only hope Athena received it in the end.
W_Kat 04/20/17 You managed to break out Athena Maximus. " Hurry up and run!!"
Spring Taylor 04/18/17 Athena
What did you f-cking have in mind?
Lucius Dalca 04/18/17 Text: Athena
I am at vacation with my girl. I'll call you some time in an hour.
Lucius Dalca 04/18/17 Text: Athena Its Lucius and I am in Spain :-P So what exactly do you need help with?
Vesper Vaughn 04/13/17 Gray had left her to explore to her heart's desire but accompanied with a long list of warnings. The only constant that she had come across so far would be avoiding someone known as Spring as well as she could. Though no one would explain why.

Once this cheerful woman approached, she automatically knew this couldn't be the person shrouded with warnings.

"Athena?" She'd slowly speak the woman's name as if she had been tucking it away within her memory. Yup, not Spring. Obviously she had already heard of her and her name, so no true introduction was needed. "It is nice to meet you, Athena. I'll remember that."

Not to come off rude, but she would excuse herself from the interaction. She had yet to find a room to call her own. Vesper still had some settling to do.

Aziz al Saqr 04/12/17 "Shukran, your greeting is most welcome as it has been some time since I have been back to tis City."
Ryuugo Mikoto 04/12/17 "Why thank you."
Alex Parker 04/12/17 "Thank you for the welcome."
Maylus_Jay 03/21/17 *Bows slightly* Thank you M'Lady however I have found my way back from the catacombs of hell in which I was cast. If you have any way in helping me regaining my status that would be wonderful.
Gray Taylor 03/18/17 Gray smirks down at the phone slightly when the text comes in from the newest member of Mercy, considering the question before sending his return message: a weak lie.

I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Negan__ 03/06/17 "Not sure if I'm or not. I just normally beat people to death with my barbwire wooden bat. Hit them once in the head it is normally over with." Other then that he was not sure how to answer her,as he gently swings the bat in a circular motion in his right hand.
Negan__ 03/06/17 Negan was looking confused unsure what the woman was talking about. Almost stuttering his words as he spoke to her. "uh not sure that I'm, I'm sure allot talk about thinks in this realm. How can I help you mama?"
Spring Taylor 03/04/17 A twist of her features displayed her disgust at the mention of lard. She flicked the cig away from her, and didn't even bother to boot it out. Blues locked onto the newest member of Mercy, a slow smirk evolving across her lips. "Aye. Lets lard this f-cking tw@t. I happen to have some left in my loft." She cringed only for a second remembering how long it took her to wash the lard off.
Spring Taylor 03/04/17 Spring shifted the weight of her body from one side to the other. While her phone blew up vibrations against her hip. Who the f-ck. Oh that fcking wanker. Spring took another inhale of the cigarette before she answered Athena. "Mess with the wanker. What did you have in mind? One min. I'm going to have to reply to this fcking @rsehole texting me. Motherfckers know no god damn fcking manners. what the f-ck is wrong with people?" She grunted with agitation before angrily tapping her fingers against the keys.
Spring Taylor 03/04/17 Spring read the memo with the roll of her eyes. Fcking bullsh-te. She didn't need new neighbours while she was still trying to make Casey kill his fcking self. None the less, she made it her business to seek out the new neighbour, Athena. Sizing the b-tch up and down while she puffed on her cig. "Oi! Welcome to your worst fcking nightmare with this lot of chavs. Don't touch my fcking sapling."
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 He chuckled, "I joke but you do have to have a tough skin to be in Mercy. That said, I am Lucius Dalca. If you have questions feel free to ask."
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Lucius had heard there was another coven member around, and by the sound of it a woman. He waited until he spotted a new face in the building and approached her, "Hey there Athena was it? Welcome to Mercy where ' **** You, Wanker ' becomes a permanent part of your vocabulary."
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Clever Girl
You musn't tell her. She's yet to realize it. Very fragile topic, that.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Text: Athena
From: Gray
She loves lard.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Text: Athena
From: Gray
Remember, the meaner Spring is - the more she likes you. Unless she is being nice. Then, she is cursed.
Genesis 02/24/17 "Thanks! Though, I will warn you that a $1.00 wont even buy a soda, let alone a shot of tequila, so expect me to be frisking you again from time to time!" *grins and scampers off*
Mordred 12/22/16 Congrats :D.
Phantom Wraith 12/15/16 He takes the box with a sad smile, " crazy girl, I hope you come back soon. Thank you Miss, this means more than you know." He drops the box into his shadow.
Atom Noire 12/14/16 "I thought there was candy in there..."
Gray Taylor 12/11/16
He gives a look, trying his damnedest not to let his exhaustion on the subject of the tabloids show. Gray has never been too much of a fan. Plenty of truth between the two of them, but just enough for him to feel a load of grief upon his personal life.

"If you're lucky, you'll never know."
Jamie Fraser 12/05/16 For the most part Aye yes I am.
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