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You hit the Little Girl for 33 damage.
You killed the Little Girl!
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person
Phantom_'s Biography
Age: Eons beyond understanding (He has been alive since before this universe was even a concept of reality by the gods)

Relationship: In one with Celeste.

Appearance: His ever present cloak that seems capable of even negating those who can see through the darkest of shadows and darkness. Under that he wears black skin tight shirts that seem to be made of unbelievably tough material, his pants are similar in style to the combat pants of the special forces, but they only have a few pockets. His shoes are made of fine looking Italian leather yet they are clearly durable enough to absorb damage from his kicks.

Jewelry: A necklace with a bright white stone he guards and wears at all times.

Powers: Strength enough to rip through time and space, as well as able to crush air, Super speed, high speed flight, shadow domination, shadow manipulation, shadow travel, shadow creation, barrier creation, damage sharing, damage taking (he can take the damage from others and give it to himself), Time manipulation, enhanced senses that are enhanced by his shifting abilities, Size and shape manipulation, feather weaponization, magic manipulation (to a limited degree).

Family: Eirie NightBreed, Etaine NightBreed, Alice, Conner, Cabel, Erik NightBreed, Mikael NightBreed, Rhone NightBreed, War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Rezar (Chaos, Father), Therisa (Order, Mother).

Sons: Sam, Marcus, Acheron, Cason, Storm, Cade, Fionn, Eamon, Leon, Lucian.

Daughters: Alexia, Ana, Anabeth, Aster, Ayana, Amaryllis, Roisin, Nova, Ilithya, Ysera, Valeera.

History: He has lived since nearly the very beginning, having been born from Order and Chaos as Balance. He was the lord of the Throne of Balance, sitting to eternally keep Order and Chaos from destroying themselves or each other. He is the younger brother to Death and Pestilence, both of whom he has trouble with, but he has a good relationship with his younger siblings War and Famine. He is always at war with his Father and misses his mother so deeply that he keeps his father's chaos in check while maintaining the balance for his mother. He lost everything due to an issue that he and his elder brother had and it took him eons to even find it within himself to let go of the rage, let alone forgive his family for their parts in the betrayal. Since then he has been in every war that has occurred on the Earth, waging them for fun and to see how humanity's skills have improved. For the most part his view on the humans has lessened due to them turning from swordsmanship to using guns, as he sees the tools as a weak method to fighting, especially since most immortals he knows are fast enough to block or evade the hunks of lead that are thrown from them.

Personality: He detests humans to the core of his soul, but he oddly always helps their race in the end. He is usually calm or bored as he goes through life, but his bloodlust is hidden to perfection until he is in a battle he truly enjoys. However he is kind and compassionate to his friends and family, going so far as to find their happiness and lives as worth any price he must pay. He is also known to be filled with self hatred, but very few know why.

His children are a constant source of joy to him, and to help one he has reclaimed the Throne of Judgement so that they can be a child. The cost though was their memory of him. His self hatred has also begun to sink to new depths due to recent events he blames himself for solely.
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
NeighborhoodThe Forge (Metal Working and Gunsmithing
Created by EtaineNightBreed
NeighborhoodThe SS Katara
Created by Li Kuroda
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/04/21 Lin looked at the faded bruise as the fox cub yipped at Phantom. His little paws had snagged the business card and showed it to Phantom. He yapped hurriedly of how Lin had rescued him. He swished his tail and the man a weasellike human was clutching his mid section with his hands. He gave Phantom a wide eyed stare of confusion. Albert yapped further as Lin swallowed hard at her grandpa and she hung her head sadly. "I got him there after he hurt my arm. I grabbed a broom and hit him there. Mommy said that's the best place to nab a pervert. Daddy ain't like this. He's protective of me and mommy. Can you take care of this mess, grandpa?"
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/04/21 Lin held up a small fox cub to grandfather and she spoke softly to him. "This is Albert. I found him at a pet shop that was selling fox cubs. Albert yipped and yapped quickly to Phantom. "They tried to take his mommy away from him and I bought him. But the man he smacked me on my arm!" Lin showed the bruises the man left on her. "But I did a naughty thing. I wished him through dark portal....daddy will not be happy with me. I think I put him in your realm.."
EtaineNightBreed 09/01/21 Etaine wrinkled her nose as she watched Phantom tilling the ground around his residence. "Phew, what the hell did you do to deserve someone unloading this muck on you? Seems you are always into some kind of shit sooner or later...I'd like to ask you to be a godfather for the next new NightBreed coming soon in late December."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/25/21 Lin looked up at her grandpa and stood her ground. "You can't ground me and my parents!" Lin held up a set of handcuffs and leg irons. "You do that to us. Grandma gets these to use on you during festival time! What is Festival time...?" She then thrusts her hands into a pocket of air and thrusts the handcuffs and leg irons in the secret place. She closes the pocket and smirks at her grandpa.
Shadwyn Drake 08/24/21 "I see someone delivered you a load of nice shit, Phantom. Best load of manure I have smelled in a long time. Are you selling? I need some for my herb garden. You could be taking orders for this carp as well. Ahhh the scent of lion feces mixed with other fine smells..." Drake gave Phantom a bag of gold and his request for the order and his directions. "Seeing you wallowing in crap has made my day!"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/24/21 Lin watched as her daddy and Uncle Ajani were moving the big truck into position. Her daddy and mommy were in the truck cab as her Uncle Ajani was giving them directions to pace the truck into position for it's in front of Phantom's residence a good distance from the house. "Drop the load" sounded Uncle Ajani with a roar of a humaniod cat that he was. Her daddy and mommy unloaded the several tons of manure on the ground. Lin smirked playfully and she spoke to her grandpa. "That's for almost getting me in trouble! Daddy and mommy say this is gonna really keep you busy. NO magick! Just start shovelling!" lin handed her grandpa a pail and shovel.
Celeste Donovan 08/23/21 "My love you really need to organize yourself you gave our grandbaby the box of panties.... This is why i hid them from you or toss them out." She laughs " But really my love make sure you watch and look at before you give any gifts... Dont forget you gave Val wrong gift and it had well.... Dangerous things in that box."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 "Ok, I am not involved in this mischief either! I found those boxes. You can do your mischief. But you tell that guilty party don't involve me." Lin handed her grandpa a cup of chamomile tea and some sponge cake.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 'You gave me the wrong box of undergarments. I gave them to grandma! You need those eyes checked! If mommy or daddy saw them. I'd be in big trouble cuz of you....." Lin shook her head. "I hope grandma spanks you."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/20/21 Lin held up a box of assorted underwear and looked up at her grandfather. "What's boxers. I found this box of assorted underwear...." She held up a pair of red polka dot boxers labelled Phantoms best. " These belong to you? I found them near that police station you tried to fire bomb. This says Chief of police!"
Celeste Donovan 08/16/21 She blinks " What is this our entire family? I guess ill be next them but i am very much innocent!"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/16/21 Lin stares at her grandpa's mugshot and shook her head. She looked up at him. "You need to be spanked! Blowing the city dog pound? Really then you released all the animals. You better explain to grandma why that baboons is making goo goo eyes at you too." She pointed to baboons holding a bunch of bananas. "Happy PoTD, grandpa!"
Eleri Nenharma 08/16/21 "What goes around comes around, dad!" Eleri held up flyer with his mugshot on it. . Wanted for blowing up police stations stealing pacifiers and stealing baklava from a bakery? I knew the culprits and I wouldn't tell you.". Several fox cubs waved adoptions files, sold concessions and autographed copies of the flyer. "Lin wants another fox cub."
Eleri Nenharma 08/14/21 Eleri handed her father a copy of the flyer with her face on it. "Did you bribe someone to do this? First Eibhlin and then me?" She shook her head and hugged her father.
Celeste Donovan 08/12/21 Cel poke her mate " My love why are you trying to teach out grandbaby how to blow up things?" She giggles and gives him a sweet kiss while her arms where crossed" You have been being naughty."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/12/21 Lin flushed red when he showed her the wanted poster. "Okay I snitched on someone who blew up some police fundraising event. I don't get it how could I get on that list. Must be in the blood. NO wings please...dont need them. Grandma says you have caused enough mischief!"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/12/21 Lin made a cup of hot chamomile tea for her grandfather and set before him. She opened the cookie tin and placed some baklava on a plate for him. "We gotta have a little talk about you being naughty!"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/08/21 "I returned Mister Elessar's books. I got a new friend. That pendant and chain 's getting fixed. Mommy sent it for repairs to a jeweler. We got it back and it's safe tucked away." Lin handed her grandfather a couple of shortbread cookies and cup of his special tea.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/08/21 Lin flushes a brilliant red and she holds the bag of gold in one hand and a handful of greens stones in her other hand. "I bought some more green stones that Trift shop had in a ju nk box with the pedant and broken chain. There's some magick in them. I gotcha on that grandfather. I gotta pay for the repair on that mithril chain....the pedant's beautiful too. I gotta check with Mister Elessar on those stones too...Are you his friend too?" Mia and Morgan munched on their meduim huge steaks and Sven enjoyed his large fish plate and her fox cubs ate their meal quietly. "Sven's awful big will he like Sven. He's real big and protective. I found him in the woods with something in his paw. I pulled it out and he's my friend too. Wonder if Mr. Elessar will like him. He tole he's not like some bad cats out in them woods beyond the mom's cabin."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/07/21 Lin finds herself tossed on her grandfather's shoulders as he looks at her books. "I wanna be his friend. I returned his books to him...gettin' his pedant fixed too. I liked it but ain't mine so it's his too. I don't keep what's not mine. Mommy likes him...she don't cry no more. He don't look so sad neither...Seen him a few times and watched him good. Would he like Mia and Morgan? Sven's my new friend." A large cat who resembled a Norwegian forest cat appeared in front of Phantom and laid down among some little fox cubs who followed him. Them's Larry, Curley and Moe. He's big baby. Them books got some spells in them. Some magic I know already..."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/07/21 Lin tugged on her grandfather's cloak. "I gotta question for you. My mommy got a friend...will he be my friend too?" She was lugging a pile of books. "I got some books I am puzzled about..." She showed him her stash of books. "I found them in Drake's shop..."
Eleri Nenharma 07/14/21 "I see my daughter can't stay away from you! Have you two been up to some mischief?" Eleri grinned at her father. " She told me she was cahoots with you...."
Eleri Nenharma 07/12/21 Eleri shook her head as she held up an old bottle of Rum. Two hyenas called Max and Morgan followed meekly behind her. They both carried huge steaks in their mouths. She laughed softly as she shook her head. "I see you have meet my little terror and already she has spread her joy to you and some guy who got his trench coat shredded. "I packed her back off to the Drakes with a very stern warning. She does have a lot of you in her."
Eleri Nenharma 07/02/21 Eleri finds her treasures items back sans the two birth certificates. She swallows hard as she blinks her her moss green eyes. Her curly red flame tendrils crackle around the edges. "They are well fed, have their big bed and they are healthy. They are thorough rascals. They all are fire foxes as well. Seems I got four instead of two to learn from and teach. Three boys and one girl called Della,"
Eleri Nenharma 07/02/21 Eleri's moss green hues blinked as she saw Phantom laying in the grass. "These rascals raided my keepsake box. These items are mine ..." Her moss green eyes pleaded with him for the return of her items. The little fox cub dropped the birth certificates on Phantom. He yapped at Phantom. "I have two birth certificates and one name says P wraith on it..."
Eleri Nenharma 07/02/21 Huey, Dewey,Louie and Della scampered to the Phantom. They were excited to see him. They all yipped and yapped at Phantom. Della held up a picture of Eleri as a baby. Huey had her her baby rattle. Louie was wearing a baby bonnet abd Dewey had a small gray cloak in his paws. Della handed him a birth ceriificate to Phantom. Eleri caught with the raiders of her keepsake chest. "You little rascals!"
__Nyx__ 06/27/21 congrats on being most wanted
Kuroda 06/27/21 "Congrats on POTD old friend."
LillyEmperium 06/27/21 Congrats on pod
Eleri Nenharma 06/27/21 "I am settling back in.". She looked down at two dejected fox cubs as she accepted two fire cubs. " I will adopt those two as well. Four cubs in all. I have a small flat with a rooftop garden large enough to keep them happy."
Eleri Nenharma 06/27/21 A pair of fox kits handed her a couple of flyers. One was for PoTD and Adopt a Fox. The fox cubs yipped and yapped at her while a small fox kit appeared on her shoulder. "Ok ok I will adopt one or two." She scooped the little fox and followed them to Phantom. "Congratulations sir for PoTD and I need two fox cubs for familiars. Ones with fire skills."
Celeste Donovan 06/27/21 She giggles " My love what did you do now??? You keep having all this fun with out me!"
Celeste Donovan 06/17/21 She giggles and peeks at him " I do so love teasing you!" She playfully wiggles her but at him and hids.
Celeste Donovan 06/15/21 She sneaky in and leaves his favorite Tea and jerky leaving a small note says " I love you." And sneaks away.
Celeste Donovan 03/20/21 She giggled and looks at it " Would seem so atlase they got my good side thought! So a bunch of men where being rude to this group of women. So one decide to call me a fat ass and well.... I kicked there asses!"
Kuroda 03/14/21 "I see you have once again graced the realms pages old friend." Li says with a laugh
EtaineNightBreed 03/14/21 Aure nodded looking at her steel toed mini boots. Etaine shook her head. "She's another Seelie orphan I have taken in for awhile. Aure looked at the dancing beat and shook her head and pointed to a small music box with a fairy ballerina on it. She coyly smiled at Phantom and batted her eyes. Etaine smirked slightly and asked Phantom about the music box. "How about that music box? She likes ballerinas." Aure hugged Phantom;s legs and held on tight.
EtaineNightBreed 03/14/21 Etaine scrambled to grab a small toddler who run to Phantom with a flyer that had Phantom on it. Wanted for stealing for baby rattles and pacifers. She winced as the little girl kicked him in the shins. "Aure! Bad girl! Did you steal her teddy bear too?"
Celeste Donovan 03/14/21 She blinks and crosses her arms " And i was not invited for this??? I wanted to some to.... Well then did you atlas bring me back a surprise?" She giggles nd gives him a kiss on the cheek. " Well your lucky i love you and made you fresh pot of chamomile tea."
Celeste Donovan 03/14/21 " Well my love causing Chaos again huh? What did you do this time?" She smiles placing his favorite tea in front of him as a reward.
Celeste Donovan 02/25/21 She snuck in and left him some of his favorite tea and goodies as well as a letter " I hope you enjoy the tea and jerky love." She smiles thinking how cute this would be and sneaks out.
EtaineNightBreed 01/21/21 Etaine picked up yet another flier and newspaper. She slapped the extra copies on the counter. A small horde of foxes were appearing in The Forge with fliers and newspapers. "Phantom! COngrats but your foxey fan club is stealing all the fliers and newspapers around here1'
Ronan -R Boru 01/21/21 Congrats on most wanted.
Celeste Donovan 01/21/21 She snorts " Causing trouble with out me i see that twice this month hehe."
LillyEmperium 01/05/21 Congrats on POD
__Nyx__ 01/05/21 Congrats on being most wanted
Celeste Donovan 01/05/21 She laughs and nods " It would very much appear so my darling and it an adorable photo actually. This is why i tell you if your going to do something naughty i wanna help!" She laught more and shakes her head with a smile on her face.
Celeste Donovan 01/05/21 She smiles wrapping her arms around his neck and nuzzles " Congratz love on being most wanted!"
Celeste Donovan 12/06/20 " Ahhh he knows the way to my heart with food." She lets out a giggle leaning over and give him a kiss " thank you my love other then my own cookie your is the best!"
Celeste Donovan 12/06/20 She blinks again but smiles " Chicken sounds amazing actually."
Celeste Donovan 12/06/20 She blinks and looks down watching the human fall and then looks at him " I always for get but deepens on what kinda dessert you like to have." She giggles and gives him a wink " How about dinner and ill brew you some tea."
Celeste Donovan 12/06/20 She wraps her arm around his neck and gives him a kiss on the cheek " I hope you are behaving darling."
Celeste Donovan 10/19/20 She gets all excited " Yes i would love ice cream and a show hehe. Wait what did they do???"
Celeste Donovan 10/19/20 She couldnt help but giggle " Oooo ice cream let go to Japan and get ice cream i hear they have huge ice cream cone!"
Celeste Donovan 10/19/20 Celesta pounces on her love and looks at him " I hope you are staying out of trouble my love." She giggles and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Celeste Donovan 10/11/20 She giggles and gives him a kiss " I mean you keep wanting to feel my ass all you have to do is just grab it my love. And your booty look so cute i wanted to grab it. Why cause i can and its mine." She grins looking at him wiggling her eye brows.
Ronan -R Boru 10/10/20 How are you doing lad?
Nessa Oisin 09/29/20 *Raises an eyebrow but a smile soon followed as she tucked the document in her back jeans pocket, daring any pickpocket to try their luck. She needed a rush of adrenaline after the long flight sat (impatiently) dormant* "I think I may well be liking it here..."
Ori Yorogumo 09/29/20 Ori's lips formed a smile, fan tapping against her chin, and parted to speak. "It is a gloriously fiendish night. So how could I not be well? I hope you too, find it a pleasant evening."
Celeste Donovan 09/27/20 " Then I will make you notes. Also technically you don't need notes since you have me my love." She smiles wrapping her arms around his neck.
Celeste Donovan 09/27/20 " Love..." She tosses the notes " I will properly teach and help you how to speak and learn my language hehe and you wont need notes for that." She gives him a boop on the nose.
Celeste Donovan 09/27/20 She giggles looking at him " It is anther way of saying what goes around comes around. The actual saying is The treachery returns to the betrayer. It is a saying my father goes by for well reasons you know idiots." She gives him a kiss " Hehe are you trying to learn my language my love?"
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/25/20 Good luck with your union.
EtaineNightBreed 09/11/20 Etaine held Sam in her arms and cuddled him to her. "I will help with your brood of children especially Sam...I am sorry for your loss."
Elizabeth ORourke 09/11/20 Liza sent Phantom a small nosegay of mixed tearoses. "I am sorry for your great loss."
__Nyx__ 09/11/20

*I mewed softly as I was picked by Phantom but as soon I was placed on the bed I yawned and went to sleep.*

__Nyx__ 08/07/20

*I communicated with Phantom telepathically.*

I am female.

__Nyx__ 08/07/20 *I mewed in protest but didn't fight back. He was right.*
King Of Nazareth 07/10/20 A basket appears in front of your door step with a ton of your favorite tea's enjoy Phantom* "Jesus Smiles to him*
Kuroda 07/08/20 "Oh I've been good old friend, just being busy but I'll be around soon again." He grinned
Kuroda 07/06/20 Li blinked a few times before pulling the net off of him. "Thanks Phantom." He said folding up the net. "I'd have to get back to you on those eggs."
Briahne Christiann 05/15/20 Congrats on PotD
EtaineNightBreed 05/15/20 Etaine looks at the Mugshot of the day. "Congrats how did you manage the honors? I hope they were awarded legitimately."
LillyEmperium 05/15/20 Congrats on pod
Leatherface 05/15/20 Congrat's on POTD Phantom-
Dr Van Helsing 05/13/20 Great Bio!
Ice Queen 02/15/20 Ice grabs her bow and slid an arrow, she aimed it at the male scared her in this God forsaken place " I am haunting mah sister male so nay here for pleasure"
EirieNightBreed 01/01/20 Many congo rats on PoTD :)
Briahne Christiann 01/01/20 Happy New Year and happy POTD!
Briahne Christiann 10/11/19 Congrats on making the front page!!!
LillyEmperium 10/11/19 Congrats on pod
EtaineNightBreed 09/17/19 You killed Nikolai Volkov! Etaine and the Drake Brothers had managed to kill the Shadow person that had come looking for hm in the forge. The battle had taken it's toll on the trio. Etaine contacted the fox clan and left the message along with Kara' little black shadow stone something the little girl found in a cave. ~Good luck old friend`
Phantom_ 08/20/19 Hmm, so talking to myself isnít really that insane anymore?Ē He shrugs and sits down before beginning to have a conversation with himself.
Sarah Sanderson 04/07/19 Welcome to Bloodletting. My name is Morgana, and we are glad to see you here. If at any time you need assistance please feel free to use the drop down tab of your mail, you'll find a tab saying "Mail the admins" You can contact us through it. Again welcome to Bloodletting and have fun!
LillyEmperium 04/07/19 *grumbling she looked to him she whispered* not again...*sighing she spoke gently* I'm a close friend...of yours....let's start with what you remember....I'll show you what coffee is...
LillyEmperium 04/07/19 *stopping, Lilly looked at him* Phantom.... What do you mean, what's coffee?
LillyEmperium 04/07/19 *hugging him, Lilly grabbed his arm* I think we need get coffee
LillyEmperium 04/07/19 *blinks*
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