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The Killer's conscience is a dark beast.
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Nothing to say. Nothing to know. Approach at your own risk.
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NeighborhoodHunter-James Garage and Body Shop
Created by Xander James
Amethyst 08/13/18 Ami grins " No need to I sometimes like to see if I can get way with it ya know."
Summer 07/28/18 A bit taken aback by his grimace, she fought the urge to fuss with her hair or clothes, figuring surely something was off-kilter. Taking the card, she looked it over. Her lips twitched in a smile at the phone number. Subtle. “Thank you but I usually handle my own…” Wait. Why did he call her Simone? She hadn’t offered her name yet, so it’s not like he could have got the names twisted. Giving his card a wave, she nods her head. “I’ll be sure to call. The name’s Summer. That way you’ll know it’s me if I call.” She was stammering a little. Why? Was it his grimace? Or his piercing gaze and the body language that seemed to scream ‘get me out of here’. Brows furrowing, she chewed on her bottom lip, letting him be the one to walk away.
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 "Really?" Iodine is feeling pretty good about her skills right now with his revelation. And even better when he mentions that Babbo can join in for their meeting. "And that's awesome. He'll be a perfect gentleman, promise." Her brow creases though when he mentions Belle. A pug/chihuahua mix? Him? It isn't what she expects at all and her lips press tightly together as she tries desperately to keep the large grin that is spreading across her face from well, spreading further. "I think that if I was a pug chihuahua and you were my owner, I would be on my best behavior too." Laughter explodes past her lips and her fingers scratch at Babbo's head. "You hear that Babbo, we're going to coffee soon with Signore Saunders and Belle." The dog gives a small whine hinting he is hungry and thirsty. "I should probably get him back to the shop Signore. It was nice to meet you and I'll be awaiting your call."
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 Iodine is nodding her head as she listens. A triskele. Small wolf's head. What if..

"What if it were three wolves' heads.. like.. one leading into another to form the triskele." This design could be pretty bad ass, she's thinking, when he corrects her regarding how he kills. She had assumed, when really, she shouldn't have. Aria looks at her gloved hands briefly. The gloves she wears when she's tattooing. It's really just second nature now to wear them, plus, how awkward would it be to meet a vampire and possibly burn them with a handshake. "That sounds great. Just give me the time and the name of the place and I'll be there with my drawing pad and lappie. We can iron out the details there."

Cannoli sounded delicious right now. Maybe her mom would loan her the pizzelle maker for the weekend. Cade would probably love homemade cannoli. She's hesitant to say anything about the family's way of life because she's been raised to never speak of such things. The code of honor as her dad used to call it. "Do they allow service dogs?" Hazel hues drop to Babbo. "I don't go anywhere without him usually. If he isn't allowed then I'll ask my cousin if she can keep him for a few hours." Yes.. the doggo is spoiled and might have separation anxiety. So might Iodine.
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 He has eyes like her mother. That icy blue that can stare into your soul and make you confess all of your sins. It takes her off-guard really. As does his words. He's agreeing to ink? Aria looks to Babbo, whose grey gaze is now trained on Marvin. She scratches one of his floppy, uncropped ears. "A Celtic knot.." Her brain starts to churn, there are many ideas that are quickly surfacing. "Any specific shape? Like a star or a triskele? Just a round knot or a cross?" Her brow creases. "Was there any specific meaning you were looking for? Maybe an animal incorporated into the design? Or would you prefer something that went down your, um, trigger finger?"

Generally she did consults before drawing up a design. Iodine preferred that tattoos follow the line or curve of the body. Maybe they could meet and he could give to her, in great detail, what exactly he was looking for. "Maybe we could discuss this over coffee, at your leisure of course." She didn't know what his schedule was like, but her's was pretty flexible. "My cell number is on the card I gave you. Why don't you give me a ring when you have some time to really sit down and discuss this." A broad smile lit her face once more. "I'd hate to have a dissatisfied hit-man as a customer. I know I may look a bit sketch but I take my art seriously. And I make a mean espresso. Or cappuccino. Or anything Italian."
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Marvin Saunders, Hitman.

Imperfect teeth press deeply into her lower lip while she searches for the correct words. It's very rare to come across a person who so willingly exposes they are a hired killer. Generally speaking, in the environment Aria has been raised, that kind of information is never given. This intrigues her. This.. insouciant attitude. Like he doesn't have a care in the world. And maybe he doesn't. She smiles and tucks the card into the back pocket of her jeans. Babbo simply sits and stares at the man then to his owner, like he's trying to read the situation.

"Well Babbo, it looks like you were right.. but you always are, aren't you." The hand that accepted his card runs across the top of the dog's head but speckled eyes remain on Marvin Saunders. "As for the offer, Signore, I will be sure to keep it in mind." She doesn't share that she could call numerous relatives for the same reason. "Though I am sad to hear you do not need a tattoo." A genuine smile finds olive complexion, creases the corners of unusually large eyes. "Are you completely sure? I think it could be an interesting evening of conversation and art. Though, I have to admit, you don't look like you would be very interested in anything I have to say." Her tone is plucky. "Can I call you even if I don't have a stalker? For.. advice? Coffee? A ride after a pub crawl? You look like you're a safe driver."
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Iodine is wandering the streets, handing out cards for the tattoo shop to potential customers when she notices a man. Stern face. Tight lipped. Looks relatively unfriendly. Challenge accepted! She makes her way over to the stranger, Babbo.. her doggo.. in tow.

"Hiya! Babbo and I.." she points to large, blue Cane Corso standing next to her, "have a bet going. He says you don't have any tattoos. I said that times were changing and I bet you did. Amirite?!" She offers a friendly smile, even if she is slightly nervous. "Anyways, just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.." the girl extends a gloved hand with a card. "40 percent off with this card if you're interested in some new ink." Not that she can see that he has any. "I'm Iodine, one of the artists. We also have piercing available, if that's your thing, and that card applies to piercings as well."
Summer 07/26/18 The angel stops during her evening walk, giving the new face a once-over. Smiling, she waves. "Hello and welcome!"
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