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Kel Erickson
Killed: July 10, 2018 at 07:38 pm EDT
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Currently accepting RPs.
Please feel free to write with me, I don't bite!
Born: June 25, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 10
Home City: Sydney Mail Sent: 4
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Last five threads posted in:
Beau Theroux 06/26/18 "Oui, avec plaisir. If you find yourself in N'Orleans, stop by my bar, Rompin' Rougarou. It's always nice to have familiarity somewhere in the world, yeah?"
Beau Theroux 06/26/18 "Welcome to the Realm, mon ami."
Quinn Abernathy 06/26/18 I meant the actual wizard, but...
If you want to be Tinman, be Tinman.
You got this.
Quinn Abernathy 06/25/18 Your face... makes me think of the Wizard of Oz...
Jocelyn Fairchild 06/25/18 Greetings! Welcome to the realm!
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