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Devin Landry 06/28/18 Kel Bell
Lying would just be a shame in this case.
Plus, not my style.
"If" I'm nosy? I've proven that there is no "if".
I'll be there only because I want to get to know you.
Hope it's mutual.
Devin Landry 06/28/18 Reading over their conversation via text, she couldn't help but smile. He was funny. She would be laughing but felt weird to be the person laughing out loud, literally, to herself.

Kel Bell
Apparently you dabble in reading minds, too.
You aren't a witch are you?

Devin Landry 06/28/18 Kel Bell
I'll stick with Kel.
Kelly sounds like a stripper name anyhow.
You're not a stripper, are you?
Devin Landry 06/27/18 Kel Bell
You know it.
Btw, can I call you Kelly?
Devin Landry 06/26/18 Did a little inner jump for joy. Didn't embarrass herself by saying his name wrong! He even had a nickname that was even easier. He knew it had been a pleasure having met her. He couldn't even mentally deny that one.

"Kind of? I'd say you take the cake. It's not bad enough I'd want to hurt you or anything. At least not that I know of..yet."

Of course she'd want to contact him. Though she doesn't believe that Kel would admit he wants her to call him, he wouldn't have given her his number if he hadn't. The fact made her smile. There was an awkward good-bye and a small wave as they both turned in opposite directions. Removed the card to glance over again before pulling out her cell and began to text.

Kel Bell
Hey, it's Devin.
You have my number now.
No excuses.

Devin Landry 06/26/18 Wait, what? Looked around with a narrowed gaze, she was taking in her surroundings as she assumed the possibility that she was on some hidden camera show. He said she was right. Bookmarks today as possibly the first and perhaps the last time that'll happen.

"I bet."

Couldn't help but smile. It kept her from saying something smart.

"Uh, yeah.. You know, places to go.. people to see.."

Watched as he reached behind himself and dug into a pocket. When he pulled out the card and handed it to her, she'd study it for a moment.

"Kellen? That's different. Nice name. I'm Devin."

Tucks the card into her own back pocket as she looked back to him.

"I'll be sure to call, maybe even text. Hope that's not too much. Not that it'd stop me. Well, I hope the rest of your day is less bloody. Who knows? I might not be around to clean you up."

Devin Landry 06/26/18 "Yes, by its blood splattered, band tee wearing cover.."

That felt really judgmental. It was so unlike her. He was bringing out flaws she never knew she had. Devin continued to stare, she caught every half smile even if they only lasted but a second. He wasn't completely horrible. Not a true beast. Took a moment as she swallowed her pride. Wouldn't allow it to take over.. even if he continued to be mean.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to assume the worst. You just.." Paused. "Well, even though you could have and would have gotten to it eventually. I did it for you. Sometimes a gesture from a stranger isn't all that bad. Possibly I should learn some boundaries but do you think me touching you so little was all that bad?"

Devin Landry 06/26/18 Intimidated? Possibly.. Okay, it was obvious she was. Not that she was scared of the man. He just was.. a lot. Bloody and moody were typically her limits. Nothing in her hands to fiddle with as she stood nervously while the conversation continued.

"You sure? Bloody men with tempers typically fall under that category with ease."

Mother? Her lips twisted in disgust at being called such. It was like being called old and this twenty-something year old was far from that. He went on about looking pretty everyday. Was that a jab? Did she look over worked? Her whole morning routine was quite simple. Towel dry and lip gloss. That was it!

"I doubt wiping your face off would take too much time from your day. Doesn't even look as if you hold a job."

Not that she had a job..

Beau Theroux 06/26/18 "Oui, avec plaisir. If you find yourself in N'Orleans, stop by my bar, Rompin' Rougarou. It's always nice to have familiarity somewhere in the world, yeah?"
Beau Theroux 06/26/18 "Welcome to the Realm, mon ami."
Quinn Abernathy 06/26/18 I meant the actual wizard, but...
If you want to be Tinman, be Tinman.
You got this.
Devin Landry 06/26/18 Pursed pink lips tightly as she stood awkwardly as her kind gesture was ill received by the man. "Sorry.." she'd softly speak with much embarrassment as he basically told her that what she had done was not appreciated. Silently stared as he walked off. Suddenly Devin was startled by a loud honk of a horn. Soon many more horns were followed. Darting off of the road, she'd jump to the curb. The same one he stood at.

Finding herself again close to the man, she'd quickly step away. "Sorry.. again." Dragging her thumb against the side of her jeans, removing what blood had been lifted from his cheek. "You know, maybe you should clean up a bit better." That was the best dig she had at the moment.

Devin Landry 06/26/18 Walking about the Realm she'd run into a few. New faces flooded her thoughts as she took it all in around her. In passing there was a man that she'd randomly walk up to and reached out. Devin's thumb would drag along his cheek, removing a smidgen of blood from his flesh.

You had a touch of blood on you. All better."

Artemis 06/25/18 Welcome
Quinn Abernathy 06/25/18 Your face... makes me think of the Wizard of Oz...
Jocelyn Fairchild 06/25/18 Greetings! Welcome to the realm!
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