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Tamar Rosenvieg
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Tamar Rosenvieg's Biography
Real Name: Tamar Rosenvieg
Alias: Tamarisk Rose, Tamar Royce
Age: It's impolite to ask a woman's age?
Date of Birth: December 13th
Height: 5'10
Weight: Really?? The nerve of some people!
Occupation: Night Club Singer and Owner

Tamarisk Rose (who used the name Royce or her true last name of Rosenvieg) is the sired daughter of Sir Liam Rose . She has remained close to her sire down the centuries, though they have not always traveled together.

Mortal Life

Tamarisk was born in the twelfth century in England, and worked in London as a prostitute for a living. She kept her background secret. She told clients that she was "of noble blood". She told them that she would be whatever they desired, thus casting some question on her true origins.

A prostitute was fair game for any man and she resented the conditions of her 'life'. The ones who used and abused her during her mortal life. She saw a friend of hers killed for becoming pregnant by one of her clients. She was ready for a change

One evening, Tamarisk was accosted by a drunken soldier who attempted to rape her. Her resistance caught the interest of Liam Rose. He saved her by killing the man. When he investigated her, he discovered that she was a prostitute.

He offered to bring her across, promising that no mortal would ever touch her again without her consent. He assured her that she could be "so much more than mere nobility". Tamarisk promptly avenged her 'life' and her friend by draining and killing the man who killed her friend.

Present Day

In present-day London , Tamarisk owns a night club called The Belle Morte, which caters to a mixed human and vampire clientele.

The Belle Morte features local Artists and talent scouts have been known to seek new and upcoming Artists who have had their start at The Belle Morte.

These days Tamar Rose does the legal paperwork, supervision of the everyday running of the night club. When time permits, she will sometimes perform a song or two.

She devotes personal time to helping women leave the 'night profession' by guiding them to safe houses, education and job seeking. Local police she knows discourage the pimps through legal means from bothering the ladies. The basement of the night club serves as a sanctuary for the newly made undead and Tamar 'helps' them adjust to their new lifestyle.

Tamar Rose is a Lady who is calm, cool and collected person in this modern world. She runs a legitimate and respectable business in London. If you desire to meet and learn more of Tamarisk Rose. She may surprise you....

Tamarisk Rose had left the Realm for a time. She has returned as a very different person. She was given the opportunity to make a difference in the Realm. But she is a Vampire despite the change that happened to her.
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