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Born: April 30, 2008 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 0 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 4344
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 1188
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12/31/69 at 7:00 pm
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Come Out, Come Out Where ever you are....

If I'm online and you want to attack me, ask me first please. Steal anytime you like!
Potential Recruits:
Please see Julianna Ripper, Griffon, or myself for questions.

Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 2 Year Anniversary
Black Masquerade Silver Rose ~ Participant 2008
Taika's Biography
What, you have never flipped anyone the bird? It is no more offensive to me than if he had stuck out his tongue. - bad_kitty on a witch's avatar which illustrates him flipping the bird with both hands.
Politics is war carried out without bloodshed, while war is politics carried out with bloodshed. - Mao Zedong: My conclusion on the Christina, Bennie Norh and Jack Horton BloodShed.
[I]t is best not to run away from your problems. They will always find you in the end. The best thing to do is to face them. - Shenanoska after I kicked his Shin
Remember that you didn't do anything wrong if you didn't get caught. - Tala Hemming on Committing Crimes.
Violence does not equal villainy. A politician in power can be ten times more corrupt than a convicted murderer who acted in self-defense. - Stalker on the Psychol ogy of Evil
Don't run with a lollipop in your mouth. - Dannica on Child Safety
You can't be bad until you know what good is. - Tala Hemming on Morality

When I arrived in this Realm, there were two people who made themselves known to me and made sure I was heading toward the right direction: Lady Darkwave, who was nice and was available anytime I needed help and introduce me to lollies; and Lady Tala, who has become my guardian in the Realm. She taught me the secret to dungeon breaks and how to never give up in a battle. I grew stronger over the weeks until Lady Tala told me I should start hanging out with my own kind. I didn't want to at first. I was having fun with the battles, and with the old people in the retirement home. But Lady Tala told me that if I want to be stronger and be able to do more magic, I need to hang out with witches. So I reluctantly did. And Boy, did I meet an awesome witch by the name of Head Mistress Varia who ran her own Magic School. (to be continued)

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Last five threads posted in:
Phoebe Kross 01/15/10

Phoebe leaves a little gift to the child Leader. She quickly knocks on the door before leaving.
Taika 01/13/10 *the iconic sound of respirator breathing* My very life inside this mechanized mockery of a body relies on the raw power of the dark side.
Sprew 11/20/09 *glares and shakes fist*

You won't be laughing and giggling up a storm when I find you, lil missy! You've got some explaining to do!
Sprew 11/20/09 *doubles over in agony and yells out*

YOU PUNK!!! Just wait til I get my paws on you, i'll turn you into munchkin stew!
Sprew 11/20/09 *turning quickly, I see the little rugrat standing knee high from the ground*

Yes..Taika, what can I help you with?
Taika 09/30/09 Welcome to the Children of the Candy Korn
Sprew 09/15/09 *laughs and pats Taika's head lightly* Why thank you very much Taika...normally I would take you up on that offer in an instant but I unfortunately cannot...

*points to tooth and leans down, whispering* I've got a cavity...but shhh!*frowns*
Stalker 06/07/09 *He chuckles.* "Why thank you Miss Taika. You certainly are growing up quickly as well."
Bella Swan Cullen 06/06/09 Its good to see you back with us full time. *smiles and hands her a big basket of lots and lots of yummy treats.*
Bella Swan Cullen 04/28/09 *Walks up to her leader Taika with a great big basket full of lots of different toys with a big stuff baby blue bunny holding the basket.* "This is for you sweetie just for being a great leader.And for letting me be a part of Children of the corn and for also letting me be a Corn Recruiter."
Uncle_Henry 04/24/09 Congratulations Princess Taika!! You're getting bigger and stronger everyday!
Sprew 03/24/09 *chuckles and nods* Why thank you but I see you're not far behind either, wish I knew your secret... *pats head gently*
Uncle_Henry 03/13/09 Congrats on Ranking!!! *high fives and hands you a humongous bag of lollies*
Stalker 03/03/09 *He squats so he can see eye to eye with the young girl.* "We are still friends, Taika. We can have cocoa at the Rose. But, always remember, perception is everything here. Having to sacrifice is a part of being a fine leader, which I know you will be."
Stalker 03/03/09 *He looks down and smiles sadly.* "You're a leader now, Taika. You need to worry about what people would think if they saw you having fun with someone like me."
Bastet 02/25/09 Congratulations on the Gold! You look really well in it! *She hands you a jar full of lollipops*
Livia Vlcek 02/25/09 "I didn't find you rude at all. I am glad that you came to me actually..." Livia frowned at the thought of herself forgetting to send the new leader's money back to her. "I always send the money back, the money isn't important to me. I'm terribly sorry that I didn't send it sooner sweetie. But I imagine that you are very busy Miss Taika...I should be letting you get back to business. Congrats again and Good Luck. I'm sure you will do great!" With a soft smile, Livia wiggled her fingers in a small wave as she took her leave.
Livia Vlcek 02/25/09 "Congratulations Miss Taika. I love the name of your Coven." Livia giggled softly as she spoke to the new leader, the little girl she had met one night in the Den, Taika. She had been kind enough to share cookies with Livia and Bastet that evening. Taika had eaten hers with chocolate milk while Bastet and Livia had eaten theirs with various liquors before Livia settled upon milk. "I do love candy corn, personally, it is one of my favorite treats...I think that is why I love Halloween so much. But I stray from my point and that is, Congratulations!"
Mackenzie 02/25/09 Congratulations Taika, I know you'll do a wonderful job as a Leader!
Edward Brollachan 01/07/09 Edward returns the bow to the diminutive witch.

"Thank ye lass. Come see us in LA. We have lollipops!"
Sprew 12/21/08 I sure hope not and I bet you will get all sorts of goodies and lollies in your stocking Miss Taika...well you probably had best been getting to sleep, don't want Mr Santy seeing you up so late. *sets you down slowly and waves as you run off to bed* Ni Ni...
Sprew 12/21/08 Well that's good, I wish the same for you as well. You always have seemed very kind and courteous...I cannot say the same for the other witches I have met. *Bites lip and looks the other way, giving a small nod* Mmmmhmmm...I suppose that you could say that, depends on whom you ask..
Sprew 12/21/08 Hiyaaa!!! *quickly lifts arms up and catches you* Good Evening to you as well.. *chuckles and my cheecks turn rosey red* So tell me have you been a good Lil Witchy this year?
Bastet 11/23/08 Don't mind if I do *takes a yellow one* enjoy them little one. Hopefully I can take you to the playground one day.
Bastet 11/23/08 Hello little one *hands her a milk jug full of flavored lollipops* Just wanted to see how you were.
Julian Montgomery 11/12/08 **Julian nods in wonder** Yeah, he is a doo doo head. She beat me up, and took my milk money. I hope her mommy spanks her. **Suddenly, his face clouds with sadness.**
Julian Montgomery 11/12/08 **He nods like crazy and takes the lolli, putting it in his mouth** Yummy yummy yummy I got lolli in my tummy! Thank you! **He looks around shyly, then back at Taika.** Will you be my friend?
Julian Montgomery 11/12/08 **He shyly walks up to you and thrusts a piece of Hubba Bubba gum into your hand.** Hi. I'm Julian. I'm **counts with his fingers** six years old.
Stalker 10/28/08 *He pulls back in shock, then picks you up and turns you upside down.* "Funny, isn't it?"
Stalker 10/28/08 *He looks down and quirks an eyebrow at you.* "What did you learn, Little Miss Taika?"
Tala Hemming 05/29/08 "Not with these" Tala wiggles her claws like Freddy Kruger.
Tala Hemming 05/29/08 "Okay little one, are you ready?" Tala files her claws and smiles.
Bastet 05/09/08 Congratulations!!!!! *she bends down and giver her a hug* Here's a present for you little one *she hands her a bag full of Tootsie rolls*
Taika 05/09/08 Lookie, Lookie... It's Me, It's ME in the Profile of the Day thingy
Tala Hemming 05/01/08 Tala smiles and stands up, "I'm Tala, and my tummy agrees with your tummy." Tala escorts Taika to the Bank.
Tala Hemming 05/01/08 Tala lets out a shallow sigh, "You need to put your money in a bank account. There are many pick-pocketers amoung us. What do you say we open on account in the Half Moon Bank for you and then we can go for pizza. My treat. What do you say about that?"
Tala Hemming 05/01/08 Tala in shock yelled, "CARDBOARD BOX!" She took a deep breath and slapped a smile on her face before she frightens the little girl. "Sweetie, little girls don't below in a cardboard box in an alley." Tala squats down to the little girls eye level. "What have you been eating?"
Tala Hemming 05/01/08 Tala turns around and saw no one there until she felt a pair of eyes looking up at her. Tala couldn't resist those beautiful big brown eyes "Yes she does sometimes beat me up. Unfortuantely, that little girl is in every city, lurking in the alleys and the graveyard, so be careful, okay? By the way, are you all alone in the Big City?" Tala looks around for the little girl's guardians.
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