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She is the foremost of those that I would hear praised. - W.B. Yeats
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ParisPeacaí an athar
Created by Kyla
Kyla 03/18/19 "Everyone deserves a small amount of kindness." Kyla appeared to consider that for a moment. "Most people," she corrected. They both knew there were a few who were the exception to the rule. A hard truth, that.

"Are you planning an extended stay this time? Try not to reap too much chaos if that's the case..."
Kyla 03/17/19 "I think you can do better. In fact, I know you can."

Kyla pressed her lips together a moment before sighing in defeat, and then she crooked her index finger at him. "Come here..." Assuming he did, she would press a light peck onto his cheek.

"There. Now you can't complain about no one giving you a kiss. You're too old to pout."
Kyla 03/17/19 "Funny, I received no complaints today..."

One shapely brow arched and her head canted to the side. "You realize that if you're going to accuse me of being something, I might as well go ahead and be it. You get what you ask for, aye?"
Kyla 03/17/19 *grins*
I always get extra kisses, but I do appreciate the gesture.
Harmony Davis 03/17/19 “Well, now it’s going to be my lifelong mission to train a pack of killer bees. Most might call it a swarm, but they are definitely going to have pack tendencies.”
Harmony Davis 03/17/19 We also need more bees. Just not those killer ones.
Kyon-gel 03/16/19 "Until we can't!" He bows and disappears
Kyon-gel 03/15/19 "Ha! Yes... well since I missed it when you first arrived, I'll reiterate. Welcome to the Realm. The rules are often 'different' here!"
Kyon-gel 03/15/19 You managed to break out Manannán mac Lir. "That's not place for you... so far from the salt breeze."
Kyla 03/07/19 "Very well. Thank you for the gift." The faintest hint of a smile touched Kyla's lips as she chose to accept the explanation at face value.
Kyla 03/05/19 Kyla regarded the fragrant flowers and wanted to believe he presented them to her without selfish reason... but couldn't. Inhaling deeply, she took the gift and gave Manannán a pointed look in return. "'Pleasure mixed with pain.' That is what these represent. I'm sure you're aware of their meaning, so let me offer you a warning: I hope your interest in me is strictly as friends, otherwise this is a dangerous game you're playing."
Kyla 03/04/19 "Good. Yours could do with a bit of bruising. Call it personal growth, aye?"
Kyla 03/04/19 "Please tell me you're not wearing a man-bun. Even you are better than that."
Kyla 03/04/19 "Ní gheobhaidh Arrogance an méid is mian leat."
Kyla 02/28/19 He followed. Of course he did. Right now, there was little he wouldn't to do to try and put himself into her good graces. Normally Kyla preferred not to take advantage of such willingness. For him, she made an exception, and felt no guilt for her actions.

Manannán's next words made her brows raise high and she suppressed a full on belly laugh at the irony of the situation. If only he knew...

"Bold, even for you. The lack of a ring doesn't mean anything." A chastisement? Absolutely.

Then Kyla smiled, because she thought of Edward. "No, I'm not married... but there is a man here strong enough to claim my heart. This isn't really your business, Manandán, but I'll tell you, anyway."

Butterflies fluttered in her belly, and it wasn't because of Manannán's presence.

"It's already his."
Kyla 02/28/19 Ah, there it is. Less changed than you claim, I think.

A smug smile spread across her face when Manannán flexed his jaw. She'd gotten under his skin. Good. While mind reading wasn't one of Kyla's gifts, she knew the man well, and easily made an educated guess where his thoughts were.

"Are you capable of offering an apology you mean instead of merely paying lip service?" Her words sounded calm and reasonable but they held a bite.

Kyla quieted and cast a glance at their surroundings. "This is not a conversation we should have here. Let us walk to a less populated area. Come with me." It was not a suggestion, nor an offer she would make if not for the knowledge that she was not alone. She didn't trust Manannán in the least.

Without waiting for ascent, she headed toward a less frequented park in short walking distance.
Kyla 02/28/19 The ring and middle finger on Kyla's right hand flicked. It was all she could do not to swing at Manannán's face and knock that expression off of it, the same way she had centuries ago. She wanted to see him bleed as much now as then, and they hadn't seen each other again until this moment.

She laughed, and it was a bitter sound.

"The operative words there are 'if you would allow it.' Why would I ever do that? Time does change us, but at the core, our character remains the same, and I haven't forgiven you."
Kyla 02/28/19 There was very little that set Kyla instantly on edge. Arrogant deities were one of those things, in particular this one. His obvious pleasure at seeing her fueled her irritation. But by luck or design, they occupied a public place and neither of them, she knew, wanted to deal with the repercussions of an altercation here.

Kyla paused and a small smile tugged at her lips, wasted on Manannán. He would think it was for him. Let him. Then she took a deep, centering breath.

"Aye, we were friends. More than friends. We were family. You were the only father I'd ever known," she said in a low conversational tone, as not to be overheard by passersby, "and you are well aware of why I have no interest to speak to you. You burned that bridge a long time ago. Do you honestly expect my mind to have changed?"
Kyla 02/28/19 Manannán mac Lir seeks you.

Those words echoed through Kyla's mind on the way back to the Manse. Unbeknownst to the woman Blake, that name caused her metaphorical hackles to rise. He was the last person in the world she wanted to hear about, much less see, but the die had been cast, and she would not sit idly by.

So, that meant finding Manannán herself.

A quick spell and short ride in one of The Menagerie's limos later, she was in the area indicated. The old, familiar energy thrummed against her skin and bones. Her gazed flicked through the crowd and almost immediately landed on the handsome face she sought. She threaded through the bodies, headed straight for him.

"Manandán," she said with no preamble, "Cád atá tú ag déanamh anseo?"
Blake Prince 02/28/19 "It will be my honor."
Blake Prince 02/28/19 "I recall a woman who passed by. She the keeper of your heart?"
Blake Prince 02/28/19 "Aye Ser. I own a bakery called Noctem Delights. Baking is a passion so I made it into a career. Me comrades call me Blake." I spoke holding out a hand. "I am also a chocolatier. "
Blake Prince 02/28/19 "Am I late? I am so sorry. I'm usually early or on time. Any who. Welcome to the realm. If you need any assistance please let me know and I will gladly help any way I can." Speaks in a soft celtic accent and Places a basket of assorted baked goods from Noctem Delights and smiles softly
Shelly 02/28/19

*I chuckled and smiled.*

Mostly people usually say I belong in a sci-fi horror movie but my power with voodoo says otherwise. It's one of my abilities, Manny.

Shelly 02/27/19

*My southern accent reverberates.*

It ain't no problem. The name's Shelly. If ya need anything, just ask. Hope you don't mind my bugs.

*A strange butterfly flies out from my chitin and it lands on the stranger.*

Ronan Boru 02/27/19 Ádh mór agus Manny a bheith sábháilte.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/27/19 "Aye my grandmother is great as long as ya are not on the wrong side of her fire powers. " -Ciaran chuckles-
Ronan Boru 02/27/19 "I am aware of who you are . My mother is the fire goddess Brigit. I will let you know if I hear about the lass." *Ronan smiles*
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/27/19 Manannan mac Lir ? As in lord of the sea? I know about you my grandmother Brigit the fire goddess would tell me about you when I was younger. She told my siblings and I alot about the tutha de dannan side of the family.
Ronan Boru 02/27/19 "No sorry lad. I havent heard of her. If she is here you will find her. I will keep my ear open for her name though."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/27/19 "ah yes Ronan is my father actually. As I said if you need anything come find me and I will see what I can do."
Ronan Boru 02/27/19 "Aye it menas little seal . Being from Ireland and having the mother I do Manny stands to reason I have the name I have. If you need anything lad let me know." * Ronan smiles. He makes a shamrock appear in hi hand out of fire.*
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/27/19 Welcome to the realm . Come find me if you need anything. My name is Ciaran Boru of the coven Eternal Embrace. If I can help I will
Ronan Boru 02/27/19 Welcome to the realm .I am Ronan Boru . If you should need anything feel free to ask and if I can help I will.
Averly Amoret 02/27/19 Welcome to The Realm!
Shelly 02/27/19 Welcome to the Realm, darlin.
Bree Ravencroft 02/27/19 Welcome, and good luck.
Geoffrey Drake 02/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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