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From many years ago, Elessar traveled many realms, providing for and protecting many people from random evil and stink of those who wish to defeat those who wish to push the balance of good and evil too far in either direction.
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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
LillyEmperium 09/05/21 Congrats on POD
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/05/21 Lin looked up at her father and she swallowed hard because she had done a few things that he would not like to hear from other people. "I see you got PoTD daddy. But I gotta fess up to some naughty things cuz I thought I dome the right thing. This is Albert and he's real special. I bought him from a pet shop cuz he wanted to be free. I tried to get his mother and the rest of them. But the man got real nasty with me and grabbed my arm real hard. I pulled away and grabbed a broom. I nabbed in his privates. Mommy taught me that but I m awful sorry." Albert chittered at the man in his woodland language. Albert verified what Lin had done to protect herself and Albert. "I told grandpa and grandpa took of the man. So you don't to have to dirty your hands. Are you gave me a spanking. Most of them animals at that pet shop want to be free again...Can we give them a home?"
Eleri Nenharma 09/05/21 Eleri looked at her mate's picture on PoTD. Did my father bribe someone to do this? I know you well enough that you are the best mate and father to Lin. I think it appropriate to honor you in this way! You have a small reward coming to you." She spoke quietly to him and her hand grasped his very gently.
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/04/21 Lin accepts the stone and she inspects carefully before she covers it with a piece of soft leather. She places carefully in her side pouch. "Thank you. Do you like fresh raspberries? There's a place near here that has the best ones! I found it." She scampere off to the bush to get for her father.
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/03/21 Lin hold the stone in her hands and spoke quietly to her daddy. "Does the weaving stone speak to you too. It tells me the stone is a shard for weaving magick. But it must be used for good. Can it be attuned to two people?" She wondered if the stone shard could attuned to her daddy. She waited for his response.
Eibhlin Nenharma 09/03/21 Lin looked up at her daddy. "Grandpa made me plant a row of seedlings cuz he kills green things. I found a shard in the scrap. I kept it to show you." She holds up shard and shows it to him. "Its blue, green and has pretty images in it! What is it?
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 Lin nods as she looks up at her daddy. "He should do that and not involve others in his monkey business. Guess his daddy never taught him proper behaviors."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 "My grandpa was naughty again...he gave me two boxes of underthings...I gave them back to grandpa and grandma. Grandma is gonna have a little talk with him. I am telling you in case he says I did it." Lin shook her head and smiled softly. "I sure hope grandma explains to him about the trouble he causes. He claims he was framed. But I knew he was blinking his eyes. SO I am telling grandma to get his eyes checked too!"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/12/21 Lin nods as she looks up as she is set on the ground. She is offered his hand. She takes his hand. "I promise and mommy says you keep them. I'm good. You?" She walked alongside him in quiet contemplation and she spoke softly to him. "I can real good from you."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/12/21 Lin nodded at him in a serious manner. "I promise no naughty business." She hugged him again. "By example is best." She spoke in a profound manner and she promised him on her honor. "No monkey business."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/09/21 Lin found herself picked in his arms. She listened as a child would to their parent. She know his words have truth in them. "I think that would be good. I need to know good from bad. Mommy and grandpa say to be a good person. Mommy never spanks but I get explained to by example." She places her small arms around his neck. She was content with this person.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/09/21 Lin looks up at him with wide-eyed wonder in her emerald green hues and she lets go of his hands, She hugs him with all the strength she has. "Thank you!" She meant what she said to him, "I will obey you like a good child."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/09/21 "That's all I want outside a real daddy... I get teased and bullied." She looked up at him hopefully with her request. "I don't need much. I'll listen real good to you. You need us and my mommy loves you too." His warm smile gave her some hope for the future. "You're welcome friend." She'd gave what she could in the blink of an eye to see him as well.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/08/21 Eibhlin lowered her eys as Mr. Elessar grasped her mall hand. "Sir, gotta do the right thing. You done what you thought right. I want you as a friend. You done the right thing. My mommy don't cry since you come here. Don't make her cry, please. " She spoke in a low voice. Her small hand slipped a small bag of greenish stones to his other hand. "Here for you.: She smiled up at him like a child making a new friend.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/07/21 The small girl with red hair approached a man her mommy called Elessar. "Mister Elessar, I got some things belonging to you. Mommy said they're important. Mister I got some books with a big E smacked on them. But the other thing needs repairing...doncha worry none it's guarded real good." She looked up at him with her emerald green eyes. "You seen too much mister." Her little hands laid the books on the table in the coven hallway. She grasped his hand and let a glow flow from her momentarily grasp. "Heal... Them books are good mister." Lin looked at him and she smile with the warmth only a child give to a friend. "Be my friend?"
Eleri Nenharma 07/16/21 "I understand more than you realize. You have suffered fair too much by the hands of others. Cast out for merely assisting a cause you thought was just. To me if the cause is just and worthy then I will aid it. They lost a firm and trusted ally in you. Their loss is my gain." She reached out for his hand and touched it gently. "In the end of a day one has to live with what they have done."
Eleri Nenharma 07/16/21 She let Elessar touch her and she felt his gentle touch. Her flame red curlly tendrils crackled with energy. She sent a warm glow to him. She felt his weariness wear on him and she felt his weariness of a life lived quietly and silently. "You have born much in your time and I hope things will go smoother for you. Again once I heal a person I can never harm them. I am uncommon among my kind.."
Eleri Nenharma 07/16/21 Eleri smiled softly as she nodded at Elasser. She was shy about others coming into her space. "You have a welcome at anytime, I will never do harm at you or anyone I trust. My home is neutral ground. My friends are very few."
Eleri Nenharma 07/16/21 Eleri inspected Elessar's shoulder and the wound had closed perfectly leaving no scars. She smiled softly and she slipped the fabric of his shirt back into place. She spoke gently to him. "I have a woodland home. An Eco-friendly place but functional anytime you wish to visit me. You are welcome. I have a small library and many acres of land in which to relax and even hunt if need be."
Eleri Nenharma 07/14/21 She smiled as Elessar as e placed the bow and quiver on like an experienced archer. "You are very welcome. It is I who must be grateful to you. Thank you! I need to learn to balanced with both weapons and magick. How is your shoulder?"
Eleri Nenharma 07/14/21 She listened to Elssar start reading the language out loud and translate to the common tongue. A deep frown creased her brow as she looked at Elessar and she nodded at his translation. She watched as he pulled out a solid covered book and she accepts it from his hands. The soft and gentle sounds of his voice soothe her excitement to a logical thought process. She listens to his words and considers them with the greatest importance. "Will you teach to use this sword with great worthiness and honor?" He knew the way of warrior and he bore himself with great reserve. "I need a honorable teacher to instruct. I am a fire witch from my mother...demon from my father. So much now is emerging. I must strike for a good balance." An ancient bow and it's quiver appeared in front of Elessar. "Please accept this gift. It was among some belongs of someone who would wish it used honorabely."
Eleri Nenharma 07/13/21 Her moss green eyes look up as the ssheathed sword placed itself into his hands. She trusted him with the ancient sword. She had no knowledge of the ancient language written on it. She listens intently as he speaks to her. He must have some knowledge of ancient tongues and that ability was forthcoming as she watched his ears rollup into the back of his head. The sword took on a life of it's own and cane out out of it's sheath placing itself point down in front of her. The sword which was sheathed for many years offered itself to her. Her hand reached and grasped the pommel of the sword. The ancient language written on the sword glowed for Elessar to read.
Eleri Nenharma 07/13/21 She cast down her moss green hues as Elessar asked her about permission to remove the sheath and sword. She knew the sword would react on it's own. If the one whose eyes could speak or read he ancient language on the sheath. She felt the power of the sword starting to surround them. The sheathed sword on it's own released itself from her waist. It leveled itself and dropped into Elessar's hands.
Eleri Nenharma 07/12/21 Eleri watched silently as Elessar spoke to her and she breathed a sigh of relief as he destroyed the dagger and arrow shaft. "I am glad to be of help to you. I do have a request to ask of you though. I have an ancient sword which is now mine. I have need of someone to teach me how to use it and harness it's abilities..." She looked at Elessat hopefully and her sword appeared at her side in an ancient sheath. SHe left her hands away from the weapon. "You may remove it from it's sheath and examine it."
Eleri Nenharma 07/12/21 Eleri parted the torn and tattered garment gently and gazed intently on the wound. It wasn't swollen and there was no infection in his wound. She learned out detach herself from her body and she entered the injured area. She checked to be sure no infection or small shard was present in the tissue or muscle. The muscle and tissue mended quickly. Her hand sent a small white-gold glow to send strengthening to Elessar. She smiled at him very gently. She spoke very softly and moved the fabric of the garment over his skin. "It's healed but dispose of the damaged clothing when you can to be safe. The dagger and arrow shaft could you dispose of them? Or find someone who can destroy them. Amgelics the evil one are nasty sorts..."
Eleri Nenharma 07/11/21 She nodded and spoke gently to him. "Yes I am asking or a bit of both. I can offer the salve and bandage or the magical healing of my kind. No scars or pain." Eleri waited for his answer. She liked his smile and she wondered how often he smiled at anyone. Few people smiled at her.
Eleri Nenharma 07/10/21 She lowered her eyes to the dagger and arrow shaft. "I am not an expert in weapons. I am a healer by my calling. May I dress the wound. These weapons should be examined closely by some one experienced. May I clean and dress the wound?" She spoke to him very gently and she learned by his demeanor and movement. That he was a reserved and quiet man. "I do no harm to anyone. I give you my word."
Eleri Nenharma 07/08/21 She examined the dagger and arrow shaft quickly. But the wound on his shoulder caught her attention as she laid the dagger and arrow shaft on the small table. She gently brushed aside the torn shirt and inspected the wound closely. "A stealth wound. Some being meant you great harm...are the dagger and broken arrow shaft yours?" Her hands gently felt the wound as she let her inner aura look into the muscles and tissues surrounding the wound. A very small shard of some metal was enbedded in the muscle. It was minute and her small hand crackled with energy. "This won't you. I am a healer of sorts." She chanted under her breath an ancient spell and a warm flame gently entered the wound and excised the small shard. The flame held the shard til it dropped on the stone floor and melted away. "It should heal nicely. We will get cleaned out a natural healing salve and bind it. Until it fully heals friend you are placed on getting some rest and a few square meals in you."
Eleri Nenharma 07/07/21 She quickly came to his side and look at him with great concern in her moss green eyes. Her hands still held the dagger and broken arrow shaft. "Where were you scratched and who injure you?"
Strahd Von Zarovich 07/07/21 Welcome!
Eleri Nenharma 07/07/21 The tiny flame haired witch picked up a bloody dagger and then a broken shaft of an arrow. A deep frown creased her her brow as her curly tendrils crackled slightly. The footsteps of a man told her he was making his way down the long corridor. A small patch of blood was on the stone floor. She hopped he wasn't severely injured or perhaps it was just a minor cut or scratch. "Hey there wait up! Do you require a bit of help?"
Eleri Nenharma 07/07/21 Welcome to the coven!
LillyEmperium 05/23/21 Congrats on pod
Elizabeth ORourke 10/21/20 Eliza had been away to a special class offered on dressmaking and leatherwork. She folded the Elven robes that she had made for Elessar. She had commissioned a lined leather vest and made several shirt from underneath it. She hoped that he would excuse her long absence and like the small gifts made for him. She laid the box on the steps of his residence. She left no note save from ~Eliza Hawkins~
Elizabeth ORourke 08/14/20 Eliza looked at a few rents in the clothing and the socks needed darning. Who could have left the clothing in such a shambles. She sat in the laundry room and pulled out her sewing kit. She held up something like a bathroom and started to sew a tiny rent in it. "Beautiful material but what miserable so and so damaged this?"
Elizabeth ORourke 08/14/20 Eliza looked in her laundry basket and found a man's laundry in her basket. "Who would be this Elessar. I wonder if he as my laundry?"
LillyEmperium 05/08/20 *running up, Lilly tackled her old friend* congrats on pod
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 Congrats my friend, seems your face is everywhere today. (Congrats on pod)
Blake Prince 02/28/19 Looking at the new arrival my eyes looked him up and down for a moment before speaking. "Welcome to Carpe Noctem. Let me know if you I can be off assistance in any way. "
Mystic-husky 02/16/19 She chuckles and hangs him the key. "Prolly not gonna need this it'll be closer to a revolving door" ((Your free))
LillyEmperium 07/09/18 congrats on POD my friend
LillyEmperium 01/05/18 Congrats on POD my friend
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Merry X-Mas and happy holidays!
LillyEmperium 12/16/17 Kudos on Pod
LillyEmperium 06/21/17 I'm alright.... Just relaxing
LillyEmperium 06/20/17 *laughing she smiled * how are you old friend
LillyEmperium 06/19/17 *walking up, Lilly poked him* howdy
LillyEmperium 02/15/17 Congrats on POD
Cassandra Malinov 05/28/16  photo pizap.com14643709954581_zpsphyopfvj.jpg
MysticRose 04/23/15  photo funny45.jpg
cao cao 11/15/11 t On behalf of children, Welcome to He Fei....I mean the realm. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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