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02/21/18 at 3:21 pm
bhddeath's Biography
Drogo is a khal or warlord of the Dothraki, the famed nomadic horse-lords of the eastern continent beyond the Narrow Sea. The Dothraki are fierce warriors, skilled in battle, unrelenting in combat and known for savagery towards non-Dothraki. Amongst their own people they have a code of honor, albeit still a harsh and unforgiving one. Drogo was very young to have his own khalasar, particularly such a large one. He is a legendary warrior and has never been defeated in battle.
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Raven Dragoon

Last five threads posted in:
Cassidy Axelsen 02/02/18 I miss that butt. Bring my sexy back!
Raven Dragoon 01/26/18 Hello my handsome husband!
Raven Dragoon 12/25/17 Cheers to you darling. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 *taking a sip and placing the glass on the table* "So question. What brings you back here?"
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 *gives a nod with a smile taking the drink* "
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 *brow raised* "Surprise me. Im easy on drinks."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 *walks in with a chuckle* And who says chivalry is dead.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Not a bad choice I would say." heading to a bar not far from the ally we just came from.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "And just what is your choice of drink? Im a wishkey and vodka girl myself."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Then off to the bar we go! If you would be so kind as to lead the way." chuckles
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 *smiles* "I am sure they will fit me well. Buy a girl a drink?"
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Why thank you." Her eyes turn rubie red while they are in her hands.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Im impressed. Those daggers are really a work of art."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 The looks upon their faces as the start to attack each other is one of amusement to me
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Interesting you say as such." her grin grows wider.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 A brow raised and a grin crosses her lips "Oh this I would so have to see!"
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 She bows her head. "Ahh seems you have your own set of tricks. Well done."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 Smirks "That is nothing. Dear ol dads gene pool."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Ahh.. I see then it is a welcome back then." Smirks as we pass two people and I touch their shoulder's once done they begin to aruge.
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Oh just a few months. But it's not my first time uptop."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Don't mind if I do."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "Now that I can understand! So I would say the same for me."
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 Her grin turns into a smile. "Do tell what brings you topside?"
Raven Dragoon 12/18/17 "The pleasure is mine. Bhddeath that does have a nice ring to." She laughed.
Raven Dragoon 12/13/17 A brow raised and smirk still on my lips my hand reaches for his. "Names Raven nice to meet you.
Raven Dragoon 12/12/17 The smell of the demon caught my nose and following it she found him and smirked "Let me be the first welcome."
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