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Third time's the charm.
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Born: July 30, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Katherine Murray

Josiah Walker

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LondonChaotic Neutral
Created by Jasp Thompson
Mackenzie 08/17/18 You're right. He is going to be pissed.
UV blocking windows aren't cheap...
-Musing costs, still grinning-
-Turns to watch the door-
I've never actually seen him angry.
-Stands and cracks necks-
Challenge, accepted.
Mackenzie 08/16/18 Well, yea. It was an accident that I flooded the bathroom.
And I'm sure you didn't mean to break the window.
Your intention was making a grand entrance.
-Grins wickedly-
Mackenzie 08/16/18 Okay. Okay. Jasp. But.
-Shoves phone in his face-
He's in the elevator.
-Wide eyed-
Mackenzie 08/15/18 No... just making sure.
Could you, like, put your ass away.
Maybe the little bits in there will soak up that extra ego.
Mackenzie 08/15/18 Not into it.
-Scrunches nose-
Sorry, dear.
Why are we even... why is your ass...
Are we high?
Mackenzie 08/15/18 -Squeals, lunges for phone-
Or maybe you just can't wipe properly.
-Scrunches nose at butt selfies-
You are such an animal...but you're right.
-Looks up at him-
Smooth as a babies bottom.
Mackenzie 08/15/18 Jasp!
-Snatches at phone-
F-cking Christ. Don't do that to Elisa.
-Practically climbing him-
And poor f-ckin' Kat! Are those... is that...
Bits of bath tissue?
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 -Whistles-
-Carries the f-ck on-
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 You should be so lucky. But... I am offended.
All this time and effort for your notice.
What compensation is there for such a precious gift?
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 I realize my charm may be disarming.
Josiah. No brothers. No sisters, either.
But I did have a Daddy, once.
-Smirks, chuckles, jerks chin-
Who's your daddy, Jasper?
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 Who are you?
Don't say Daddy.
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 Because of the person that I am.
You always so aggro?
Katherine Murray 08/15/18 -smiles brightly- Oh, darling. You read my mind. Drinks. Lots of drinks. Lead the way.
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Can’t say I’m into incest. Or bestiality, for that matter.
Josiah Walker 08/14/18 Depends. Are you my brother?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Jasp, I love you, but I don't want that on my phone.
-Takes a step back, looks him over-
I never would have guessed you were hairy. Huh.
-Invades his personal space, takes selfie-
How does this Snapchat thing work, again...
Josiah Walker 08/14/18
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Please. I'm either too trusted, or neglected.
-Pulls out phone-
-Types text, shows, presses send-
Now, we place bets on response time.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 The Redcoat is going to just love you.
-Grins, moves to pinch his cheek-
So adorable.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 -Narrows eyes-
-Leans in-
Exactly f-cking what were you look for, dear?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Jasper dear, you should probably know I don't keep cash in my back pocket.
Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 08/14/18 ...sometimes, I really don’t know what to make of you. Huh. Such an enigma.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Good thing I didn’t ask for your respect, Jasper, dear.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Hey. Sh-thead. Black strapless or red ****tail?
Katherine Murray 08/14/18 -arches brow-
Oh, dearie. More than words can express.
Katherine Murray 08/13/18 -stares-
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 “Patience.” A single reminder.

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 “Am I?” Gray casts an amused stare, not moving from where he stands despite the clear challenge presented. A slow, twisted grin would curl the corners of his mouth upward before he finally looks away. Is that a rat tail? “Or maybe I just know that patience has quite the payoff.”
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 The man stops, stormy eyes flickering over the man who has intruded upon his personal space. And... nothing. No recognition. No concern. Just advice. “You are moving too fast.”

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Camille 07/31/18
Spring Taylor 07/30/18 Spring blinked at the other with a glare to kill. One of the only other people who told her such things was that wanker neighbour Gray Taylor. “Oi! F-CKING GIT. ARE YOU A BLIMEY JEW TOO? WHAT THE F*CK.” She stomps her foot into the ground with clear irritation. The cloud of ire thickly rolled forth from her being. “Bloody freak. I’m into f*cking shoving a blimey Morningstar into your mouth so you shut the f*ck up.” She hissed and then eyed him again thoughtfully. “Did that f-cking chav closet hiding jew b*tch f*cker put you up to this?. I’M GOING TO F*CKING KICK YOUR BALLS TO XENOJEWSUS.” The small girl shrieks out angrily. The large vein in her forehead becoming apparent and throbbing with her untamed temper.

Amber Quinn 07/30/18 Her emerald eyes widen only a little surprised at his words but is followed by a friendly smile. "I like you already and you are right..." She said offering her hand. "Amber Quinn, you are?"
Amber Quinn 07/30/18 "No...I don't eat people...well I haven't yet anyways.." She said with a small smirk. "You never know anything is possible...."
Amber Quinn 07/30/18 Amber smiles sweetly as she waves at the newcomer. "Hello and welcome, stay safe..."
Devin Landry 07/30/18 Thank you!
Devin Landry 07/30/18 Keep em' on their toes. That way they'll never pin you down.
Kristoffer Forseti 07/30/18 "Welcome to The Realm!"
Devin Landry 07/30/18 Welcome back-ish.. maybe?
Spring Taylor 07/30/18 "You look like f*cking sh-te wanker." The temperamental season hissed at the newcomer with a lip curled in disgust. She flicks a lit cigarette stub at the stranger carelessly.

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