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Kace BlackHeart


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Born: June 18, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 186
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 30
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07/14/18 at 2:04 am
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Kace BlackHeart's Biography
Demons have existed in myths and legends since ancient times. In the hierarchy of evil, as laid out in grimoires and occult texts, each demon has a name and a precise function. In medieval times, people carried out rites of protection as it was believed that every individual was stalked by demons, who waited for a moment of weakness in order to strike. Demonologists have compiled large volumes including the names and functions of each demon from the infernal hierarchy. These ranged from Satan, the ruler of all demons, down to Ukobach, the demon taking care of the infernal flame. According to legend, as each demon is specialized in a certain domain of activity, it can be invoked for help in that respective area. However, the price of such an invocation is always the soul of the person, who will ultimately end up in Hell. Demons were summoned using special incantations found in demonology catalogs.
Kace as a Great Duke who commands twenty-six legions. He appears with with three heads (a serpent, a man with two stars, and a cat). He rides a viper and carries a torch that can set castles and cities aflame. He makes people witty and answers truthfully concerning private matters.

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Andy Codin

Samantha Winchester



Last five threads posted in:
Samantha Winchester 06/27/18 " Hello Kace how is the realm treating you?"
Dita Morgenstern 06/24/18 [gazes at the invitation of friendship in her hands.] I'm terribly sorry Sir, do I know you?
[a small smile, shy in nature appears.] I hope that didn't sound very rude of me.
W_Kat 06/21/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
W_Kat 06/21/18 You managed to break out Kace BlackHeart.
W_Kat 06/21/18 You managed to break out Kace BlackHeart...."Again?"
W_Kat 06/21/18 You managed to break out Kace BlackHeart.
Daciana Draculesti 06/18/18 Welcome to the realm! Enjoy your stay.
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