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Raze Wraith

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RealmA wedding and the life of the eternal
Created by Cici
RealmRain Rain, Go Away
Created by Josie Nathan
Milena 09/14/18 This color really suits you :)
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 Taking the girls hand she smiles. "I have no doubt of that sweetheart. None at all." Giggling softly she leads Josie to the wedding.
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 She smiles at the girls excitement, unable to contain her own. "I think Josie fits you just fine. But I think we should add Princess to it and call you Princess Josie. So, do you wish for me to escort you to the wedding Princess Josie?"
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 She taps her chin softly as though she had to really think about it. With a soft giggle and boop to Josie's nose she smiled again. "You know what? I think you, little one, would make the very best flower girl in the whole wide world. You are even dressed to be one and have a bouquet. Now all you need is the location and the basket of flowers to trail behind you as you walk. What do you say? Would you like to be my flower girl?"
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 Cici loved children, though not all of them shared that same feeling. Hearing the small girls voice she knelt lower to be eye level with the young girl. A soft smile played on her lips as she spoke. "I am Miss Cici. And you must be a princess. I like your dress."
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 “Sure little one, though Cici May have you be the flower girl for the ceremony so you better go ask her really quick.”
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 He smiles and pats the girl on the head, “You ever been to a wedding? If you want to stop by, feel free to. We are having a lot of very good food and cake afterwards.”
Raze Wraith 09/06/18 He chuckles and hands her a necklace with bright, glittering gems in the amulet as he nods, “You were only missing the jewelry that princesses have. Just remember, if you need me I’ll be around youngling.”
Raze Wraith 09/05/18 He chuckles before kneeling down, his form seemed to compact in upon itself until he could stare at her eyes at eye level, “If you should ever need help, then just call for Raze, I’m always willing to help innocents and princesses, and you appear to be both.”
Raze Wraith 09/05/18 “Hello small child of light, are you okay?” His towering form probably looked like a giant at eight foot eight in height. Yet he smiled kindly at the girl, “If you need anything then I’m more than happy to help.”
Anyssa 08/31/18 * Nessa giggled* "Yes I do. Chocolate is my favorite what about you?"
Anyssa 08/31/18 *Nessa smiled at the tot* " Because when I was little I loved them too." * Whispering* " Between you and me I still love them."
Anyssa 08/30/18 *Nessa knelt down to her side and pulled out a all day lollipop smiling at the tot.* " Here you go little one. Please call me Nessa. And I mean what I said if you need anything please look for me."
Anyssa 08/29/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Olivia Pierce 08/26/18 "Welcome little one!" Vi frowned to see a little one alone and her first concern for the child. "What can I do to help ou"
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