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Killed: November 07, 2019 at 11:56 pm EST
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Born: August 22, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
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Elowen Jocosta

Beau Theroux

Nicolas Murray

Virelai Tylwyth

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Elowen Jocosta 10/17/19 Josie Posie
I'm so happy for you.
And I'd love to be your maid of honor
Hec is my....boyfriend
You'll like him. He is very old and has seen a lot of shit.
We have some things to take care of but we will make it back to the states soon.
Elowen Jocosta 10/16/19 Josie Posie
oh. OH!
Is that legal?
Beastiality (sp?)
In London but you have to call and tell me all about it.
Hec says congrats. Expect he said it more British.
I'm so happy for you!
Ugh, I just want to hug you!
Beau Theroux 10/14/19 "My momma said my finger paintin's were top notch, so ha!"
-looks all proud-
-tilts head-
"Well, you ain't alone anymore, cher. We will figure it out. I promise you that."
Beau Theroux 10/12/19 -feigns offense-
"Too much?! I will have you know this beard has been compared to art."
-playfully sticks out tongue-
-is a manchild-
"Cher, I have been caught on fire, tossed against walls, and forced outta my own body cuz of magic. I am rather durable. We all go through what you are now, I can assure you."
Beau Theroux 10/10/19 -gives a bright smile-
"He sure did. And, I'll tell ya what, that boy likes ya a whole lot."
"And I want you to know I completely support the two of you and anybody who doesn't can fight me!"
-puffs chest-
"All of them. I can take'm."
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 "He said that you two were smitten and how smart you are and how much he likes ya and that you were in a coven that frowned upon your relationship."
-could really go on and on-
"He asked me if you two could stay here together and, I must say, I am ecstatic to have you here!"
-is slightly bouncing with joy-
"he also mentioned you might need help getting a handle on..."
-makes swirling gestures and whistles all magical like-
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 "Oh. Yeah. Names."
-clears throat-
"I am Beaudoin Theroux, a member of The Lycan's Den and Joe's best friend."
-kind of appointed himself as best friend-
"He has told me a whole lot 'bout ya. Why, as soon as he starts talkin' he has a hard time stoppin'."
Beau Theroux 10/08/19 -sniffs around-
-looks deep in thought-
-catches a glimpse of Josie-
-smiles oh so brightly-
"Hey, I found ya! Josie, right?"
Virelai Tylwyth 09/21/19 Sweet, this one.

The blood that had been given to this creature had all the information it needed within. Names, faces, bits and pieces about them that could be useful. There was less there than the thing was expecting, and this was likely because Yule was not closely tied to anyone. Not yet. She had not become privy to deep secrets. Which is why it was the perfect opportunity to make this bet. But the shadow didn't known that. And what little information Yule had let pass between them had been only so accurate. But the creature figured it could do the gathering for the rest.

It cleared its throat, tested its voice. Let out a soft hum sound. It was guttural at first and then smoothed to soft and lilting tones. It practiced a smile. Too bright. Toned it down. Better. And then walked forward to the woman called Josie. “Hello again! Long time no see!” This wasn't the one that liked to touch so the shadow refrained from doing so. It didn't know of course that a lot had changed since the first time Yule had met Josie. And the creature was just a touch too familiar, too friendly, to really be Yule. It would need to work on subtlety and so it dialed it back a notch.

“How are you holding up? Things have been strange lately. What do you make of it? Have you heard anything?”
Elowen Jocosta 09/18/19 The last time Wen had seen Josie was the day Josie departed from her room after being held all night, reeling from the recent separating of her wolf boy. Wen had invited the girl to stay in her room, letting her cry and feel all the emotions that come washing over her in waves. By the time the sun had risen Josie was ready, well ready as she could be, and slipped out of Wen’s room to go about her day. Elowen couldn’t find it in herself to pester the girl, so she let the days shift by.

When the knock came to her door on the night of the coven party she couldn’t help but smile when she saw her friend standing before her. She looked different but not in a bad way. It was clear she was going through some sh!t and who was Wen to question that? She had done her fair share of questionable things over the years.

“Fantastic idea hmm? Well I’ll be the judge of that. Let’s hear it.” Wen shuffled the girl into the room and closed the door behind them.
Nicolas Murray 09/18/19 Josie Collins just failed at stealing money from you!

Well, at least you tried, Petite Livre.

Elowen Jocosta 09/15/19 Wen had been alone and then in the blink of an eye she wasn’t. There was a mass of hair in her face and arms tightly wrapped around her waist. It only took her a second to respond, we wrapped her arms around her friend pulling her in a close embrace, her headed resting against Josie’s. It was odd for Josie to be affectionate in such a manner, but Wen knew what this was right away. This was heartbreak. She had seen it many times with her one childhood friend and she had experienced it on her own in different capacities. This was heartbreak, and there was only one person Wen knew that could responsible for this.

An instant anger swept through her, her mind went to a very dark and scary place as she thought of how beautiful the wolf boy’s throat would look torn to pieces. She knew he was trouble, from the moment she had entered their coven she knew that it was going to end badly. Wen was furious, but now wasn’t the time for that. Now wasn’t a time for questions, or destruction or revenge. Right now Wen needed to comfort her friend. So, she squeezed Josie tighter before letting one hand rise to gently stroke her hair.

“I’m here for you Josie.” It was all she said because no other words would matter. She couldn’t offer advice or words of wisdom but she could offer herself. And that’s just what she was going to do for her friend.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/19 Yule noticed the woman's stare and returned it, her yes masked, though her lips quirked in amusement at her words. Quite an interesting way to welcome someone into the fold. She understood though. She was a stranger, only just getting her bearings, and there was no reason for them to trust her. Not yet. Perhaps she would earn that trust, perhaps not.

The woman pressed her nose back into her book and Yule shifted, fishing through first one pocket, then the other. She pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a short note. When she was done, she put the pen back in her pocket and drew out a third item. It was small, pocket-sized. A little book with dark script across the front of it titled simply "Garden Flowers".

She tucked the note inside which read “The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.” – Isabel Allende and then set the book beside the woman.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for greeting me." And then she let her be.
Elowen Jocosta 09/04/19 -looks at phone-
"I.Am.So.Proud. I need all the details!"
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “I appreciate that, but I honestly don’t think I’d read it. No offense, I’m sure books are great and I’m glad they work for you but…I need as much reality as I can get right now. I need to focus on me, and figuring out me. But that’s kind of you to offer.” Wen shoot her a friendly smile and for the first time since she had introduced herself she let her eyes dart away. This girl was very nice, uncomfortable as she may be with Elowen’s lack of personal space, the girl was nice. She hoped that she’d make it. In this world it seemed that nice guys finished last. She hoped to be wrong about this one.

“You should check out the coven library, not that I’ve been there. I guess I’m just assuming we have one, it seems people here enjoy knowledge. I’m sure there are books around her somewhere. Someone ought to read them.” Shrugging her shoulders Elowen continued to back away, her mind was wandering back to the pulsing heartbeat in the women’s chest. She wanted it. She wanted to devour it and suck her dry. It was time for her to go.

“Bye.” Abruptly she turned on her heel and darted away from the girl. She’d run into her again sometime. She was sure of it.
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 Elowen laughed lightly before taking a step closer to the girl, she rested her hands on either side of her face and tilted it upwards with her thumbs, moving her closer to look directly in her eyes. On the outside the moment would read incredibly intimate, but Wen didn’t know intimacy well, she knew lust and the price one pays for a young girl’s body. She knew desire, and pleasure but she had never been loved, or caressed with a gentle hand. Love, tenderness, and affection it was all too foreign.

“Don’t be intimidated by a person’s looks, it means nothing. Pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, doesn’t matter what a person looks like, evil will take on every form.” She stood there inches from the girls for a long drawn out minute before she took another step away and continued on the conversation as if everything was normal and she hadn’t just grabbed the face of a practical stranger.

“Books, never read one. At least not all the way through.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “You know my Liam? And you think I’m pretty? Hmm” The claim over Liam wasn’t territorial, instead it was incredibly nonchalant as if my was simply part of his name. Elowen had gotten attached quickly to the people around her, they were a vital part of both her survival and her sanity. Reluctantly she finally let go of Josie’s hand and took a step away from her so she wouldn’t be tempted to touching her again. She needed to touch somebody though, she could feel herself floating back to lala land, and perhaps she needed to make a visit to Bishops room for a chat.

“So you know a lot of things? I don’t, I got my GED in juvie before I moved to my last group home. You don’t learn stuff about things in group homes unless you’re learning how to pick a lock and sneak out. Or how to hide drugs under the soles of your shoes. Makes everything super stinky but thankfully you don’t need to taste something shot straight into your vein…” She had been rambling and oversharing but it was difficult to stop herself sometimes, has if she were reliving remnants from a life she was no longer a part of.

“Most people feel the same after meeting me, it may last and may not. No matter though, I’m a pleasure to myself.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 “I have no intention to kill you. Mon petite pois and Jameson wouldn’t not look kindly on that.” Elowen hesitated for a moment before finally letting her hand fall away from the girl’s neck. At least she hadn’t threatened to rip her limb off, it was a refreshing change. The thirst wasn’t her only reason for touching people, Wen felt that as long as she could touch another person than she was tethered to reality. It was hard most days to believe she wasn’t trapped in a dream, the feel of warm flesh under her fingers reminded her that this was real, everything around her was real.

“What are you?” Some would consider her question to be rude or strange but Wen didn’t have time to waste, she hated tip toeing around. It was best to be bold and blunt, and honest. Most people in the realm didn’t have the same mindset that Elowen did, but that wasn’t going to stop her from pushing the boundaries of everyone around her. Smiling she let her brown orbs run the length of Josie’s body before taking the strangers hand in her own. She didn’t shake it though, instead she just held it with her cool fingers as she continued to stare at her coven mate.

“Also, pleasure to meet you.”
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 Word travels fast through the halls of Wahnsinn, when a newcomer arrives to the coven. Really a nosy lot of baddies but nonetheless the curiosity always wins out and the weirdos flock to find the newcomer. Elowen was no exception, it had come to her like a whisper at first and then continued to build until she couldn’t stand not seeing the new face. Silently she stalked the halls, looking until the unfamiliar face appeared in her sight. In an instant the sound of blood rushing through the girls veins froze Elowen in her place. Why taunt her with life when she had none of her own. The thought to retreat crossed her mind but instead she forced herself forward.

“Welcome to Wahnsinn, I’m Wen.” Reaching out Wen placed her hand on the woman’s neck and closed her eyes feeling the pulse beneath her fingers. She hated this feeling, the desire that she couldn’t control. Her mind was not her own and she was always on the brink of losing herself.
EtaineNightBreed 08/23/19 Welcome to the coven!
Daxx- 08/22/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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