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Viktor Stein
Killed: September 18, 2017 at 07:33 pm EDT
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Born: April 21, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Viktor Stein's Biography
Viktor was born in 515 AD during the Gothic era. He was a soldier in the southern of Rome. He joined the war when it started in 535 AD. After 10 years being in the army he got injured fighting in Sicily helping Belisarius take over it. In 545 AD he got shot almost killing him. A nurse from the Catholic Church was a vampire and she did what she wanted thought would help him. After a couple of weeks healing he noticed changes about him that he couldn't explain. After 9 years the war between the southern and western Rome the had stopped. Viktor did odd jobs living in Rome till the Napoleonic Era from 1803-1815. First Prussia helped French but in 1806 they got woried about the French getting more power,so it started a war between Prussia and France. The Twins battle of Jena and Auerstedt,but the battle between them ended up subjugated the Kingdom of Prussia. The war lasted 1815. He still lived in Prussia till Prussia was named in Germany in 1871. They was called Germany,in 1914 WW I had started and he made a factory to make weapons for the war. The war raged on till 1918,4 long years of WW I making Germany sign a treaty saying it was them that started the war. He was out of the business but he was rich off what he made.
21 years later WW II started and the factory was open again making weapons for his country agreeing with Hitler they was the better race. The war lasted for 6 years and they would have won if Hitler didn't invade Russia to early. After the war he moved to Moscow,Russia to start a new life. He was a rich man buying a manor in Russia,he wanted to keep his money up so he built a clothes store near his manor. Now that time has passed he still lived in Russia living in his manor earning money from his clothes store.

Name: Viktor Stein
Age: 1,502 (Looks 30)
Hair Shoulder length White Hair
Eyes: Silver
Nationality: Roman,Prussia,Germany,Russia
Lanagues: Latin,Prussian,and Slavic
Status: Single
Occupation: Owns a clothes store

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