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Born: January 26, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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05/02/18 at 11:47 am
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Created by Cersei Lannister
New YorkThe Lycan's Den
Created by Adara Doe
Mackenzie 04/06/18 Several responses are typed and promptly deleted. All of them angry, argumentative, and positively vile. Mackenzie’s temper wears thin, but she soon comes to realize that there is nothing that should be said. This is a case of the pot and the kettle, and she’s made to executive decision to forsake the past and live in the now. Not forget. Just... not focus on it so goddamn always. So, her response is short. And while she is bothered, she refuses to let that shine through.

Sure, Tan. F-ck me.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Sovereign Stabby
Children eat broccoli, right? Because it's all I got.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 F-ck, I wish.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 She stares at the woman, "You know, you kind of look like a leprechaun."
Saito Eiji 02/03/18 I'm definitely not asking this on Mackenzie's behalf, but do you eat people? Just kidding.

But do you?
Mackenzie 02/02/18 Tanvir
Flirt. I'm damn full, but I'd be happy to watch. Can't have you feeling neglected.
Mackenzie 02/02/18 Tanvir
Fat and happy.
Mackenzie 02/02/18 Tanvir
Where are you?
Livia Vlcek 01/28/18 "Mhmm, I'm great." Feigned smile, cheeky at that. "And you? How are you, Tanvir? It's been a while, yes?" That was a completely normal answer and polite response, wasn't it? Just normal conversation between two 'normal' people...
Mackenzie 01/28/18 Tanvir
No one is avoiding anyone, today.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 Class Act
It's just a day in the life, woman.

Class Act
The one from Star Wars? Captain Kirk? Right? I think if we call attention to him, in an accidentally hostile way, it might just set off a chain of hilarious events.

Class Act
Hold my drink.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 Slow Roll
Listen, stuff happened. I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up.

Slow Roll
I bet the Does would like that. Fire claims sound fun.

Slow Roll
But seriously. We need a victim. I vote Captain James T. Kirk.
Livia Vlcek 01/28/18 The woman knows her name. Or at least the name she assumes is hers. The tall Scottish woman had called her Livia, as had the man with the mohawk. So she must know this woman, right? Livia appraises intently, the woman, through pale blue-green pools. A shower of photographs explodes forth in damaged psyche; a skateboard, converse sneakers, a photo of a young male with brilliant green eyes. A wealth of knowledge rushing forth from a single folder laying scattered amongst hundreds of others. They hadn't spent much time together in the past; the interactions, however, had been memorable.

"You could put it in your Corona, or use it when drinking Tequila...but Tequila is evil. Rabid monkeypires don't like them. They're great for monkey bites..." She rambles on about the small green citrus."You could use it for a pie, key lime curd, coconut and lime tarts, Laduree has some great recipes..." What else could one do with a lime? She ponders. "Oh! It's necessary when making salsa and ceviche! Do you not like limes...Tanvir?"

Mackenzie 01/28/18 Brain
I run a f-cking Sanctuary, Pinky. I used to be in this Sanctuary, ffs.

The beard will have a fit if we hurt the blonde. She makes my blood boil. Everything is Quinnie, Quinnie, Quinnie. Like a f-cking episode of Brady Bunch.

Alright. Fine. I know half of them. I know the beard, the blonde, and the one trying to get weed off the Ginger.
Livia Vlcek 01/28/18 *blinks* You eat people? Like a cannibal? That doesn't sound appetising atalllllll. *offers the woman a lime* Dilly dilly.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 Tantan Binks
We got one guy that looks insanely uncomfortable and shady. Another, who looks like he might wear someone's skin. He might be now. Is he? The beard, but he's not much of a challenge. The stoner. Can't see his eyes anymore, he's so baked. And then the blonde. Thoughts?
Mackenzie 01/28/18 Teeny Buckteeth
Right. So. I'm thinking we f-ck with the other people here. That way WE don't get in trouble. They do.
Livia Vlcek 01/28/18 Interesting. *taps chin* It stumbles when I walk by? You sure that isn't your stomach ready to lurch your previous meal free from your lips? *cheeky grin*
Livia Vlcek 01/28/18 *sly grin* But does it actually beat?
Mackenzie 01/28/18 TanBeer
I'm sure there's other troubles we can find.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 TanBeer
There's nary an Elvis in sight.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 TanBeer
Indeed. I'm just trying to see how many shots I can get you to send, really.
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 "You're welcome."
"Next time be ready with some ones and I might wiggle a little."
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Was he a member. Oh yes.

"Sounds about right. I was there for a little while, yeah."
Dr Van Helsing 01/26/18 Well hello there!
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