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Created by River Song
Caitlyn Darrow 03/28/17 No, they're our dogs. Their last name isn't Noire.
They thought you brought the flowers for them I guess.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/28/17
Well, that's fattening of them. Did they get sick? We can still make today Wednesday.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/28/17 Text:Lloyd
Re:No Subject
Every day should be Wednesday!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/25/17 Where are they? .... Are they still sleeping?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/25/17 Look what Clark taught me!
Soleil 03/24/17 Lloyd
No need to apologize or explain! I'm just glad you got home safe. I may take you up on that breakfast offer sometime - I'd love to formerly meet Caitlyn, I've heard wonderful things about her. :) Take care, Lloyd.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/24/17 You're cute too. Especially when you look at me like this!
*boops nose*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 Boys?! What boys?!
*climbs on, clings onto*
Saw sounds scary.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *panics*
Do you have Claire's number?! Let's go back and make sure the kids are okay.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *cheers*
Love you! ..
Jane isn't babysitting right? She'll leave the boys!
I'll deal with Atom.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *hyperventilates*
...Do you want me to kiss it better?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *pets head*
Breathe, babe. We just have to hide..everythingandmaybethecrib.Aretheygoingtotakethekids.
-gets up and chases after-
-trips again-
Atom Noire 03/23/17 -looks left then right-
-tries to run away-
"Ow...Uh... Sorry! "
-is not stealthy at all-
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *blinks*
That's the note she left?!
*narrows eyes*
...She told me to draw a happy face, and she would write the letters.
Do you think your siblings will stay here?!
..Are you going to leave me with a night out with Freddy?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *blinks*
*clings onto*
*overdramatic huff*
Besides, Jane said she left you a note to come find us!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *taps chin*
I put everything in Lloyd Noire. They'll never catch us.
You weren't even home. Where were you?! She left me at the pub with some guy named Ed. He kept snoring at the bar and asking if I was a dancer. I told him I dance with you all the time.
*sage nods*
Do we get a date night tonight?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 *yips*
...I bought all the orange juice out everywhere.
Oh and Jane took me to the pub!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/22/17 How drunk are you still?
Soleil 03/22/17 -yelps-
So far so good, yes. I'm quite enamored with Rhiannon, we have a good thing going. I think.
-waves idly-
Don't mention it. Go find Cait. And drink water!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/22/17 *blinks, uses Amazonian strength to hold up*
Have fun, Lloyd?
*nuzzles cheek*
Soleil 03/22/17 -hugs back lightly-
Good for your sister. And your brother. Wow.
-shakes head-
You're kind, Lloyd. Let's save the bars for another night, though.
-puts hand on shoulder-
I'm also married, so...
-is shocked she actually said it out loud-
Soleil 03/21/17 American women are... a lot.
-pulls into Compound-
C'mon, bud. We're home. Time to sleep off the booze.
Soleil 03/21/17 Okay, okay.
-inhales sharply-
If a woman at the bar called you a snack, she was probably saying she found you attractive. And insinuating... things.
Soleil 03/21/17 -presses lips into thin line-
A snack, huh? Well, uhm...
-not sure it's her place to explain-
Snacks are good, you know? My favorite snack is Cheez-Its.
Soleil 03/21/17 -laughs-
I'm sure you do, Lloyd. I'm flattered.
Make sure you drink water when we get back, okay?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text reply
Maybe Jane is on the 10 year plan. Soleil messaged me and said she has you. See you soon. Love you!
Soleil 03/21/17 -reaches out to pat shoulder-
You'll be alright. Jane... she'll be okay too.
-smiles softly-
So, Compound or elsewhere?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text reply:
Don't worry. Soleil will be there soon and then you'll be home with us. Maybe she has the 10 yr plan too? ... We'll give her bad looks and wet socks tomorrow.
Soleil 03/21/17 -pulls up-
Lloyd! Get in. I'm taking you home.
-pops open passenger side door-
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text Reply
I love youu! You're my snack too. It's.. sort of flirting. It sounds creepy. I'd rather you be my snuggle buddy. JANE LEFT YOU ALONE? I'M GOING TO THROW MY SQUEAKY AT HER.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text Reply:
Wait there for Soleil babe. The other lady wants to eat you. Sit far away. ♥
Soleil 03/21/17 Lloyd
Okay, stay there. I'll be there soon. Okay? Stay there.
I'm sure I'll meet her someday soon!
Soleil 03/21/17 Lloyd
Are you close to the Compound? I can pick you up.
I don't know Cait. But I just texted her to say that you're okay.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text reply:
Do you know where you are? I'll call Uber. Miss you too! Did you have fun with Jane?
Soleil 03/21/17 Lloyd
LLOYD! Hello! Sh*t.
The Uber app. Where are you?
I don't know where Cait is, do you want me to text her?
Soleil 03/21/17 New Number
Did you download the Uber app?
Can you stand? Do you know who you are?
Wait, I don't know who this is...
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text Reply:
I'm in the living room, just put the boys down. A baby?? We can! Our babies would be the best babies ever. ♥ love youu!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/21/17 Text Reply
[message] Where are you?? Do you two have a safe way home?!
Nathan Krieger 03/21/17 Broad shoulders shrugged at the mention of the man's reference. "I didn't watch many movies in my youth...or adulthood. My family was sheltered." That was an understatement. Glasses were pushed up the man's nose as he spoke. "Not yet. I knew there was something in it. Blondes always have something up their sleeves."
Nathan Krieger 03/21/17 The red flush had finally left his face after being confronted by a nude man walking the sanctuary's grounds when another man appeared before him. Thankfully, this one was clothed. The man's dark brows furrowed at what he assumed was a reference to a movie or song. "Uh...Danger Zone?" At the mention of the KoolAid a concerned expression filled his visage. "It's drugged, isn't it? I had a feeling it was drugged."
Caitlyn Darrow 03/18/17 *bounces happily*
*nuzzles Rigsby*
Lloyd! Look! Look what I did for St Patrick's Day. Mackenzie said it was a good idea.
*points to large green shamrock on chest*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 *sniffles*
*ruffles hair*
Does that mean you'll make me popcorn?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 *gets hit in face starts bawling*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 *throws sneaker at*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 That's not nice!
*swats at*
The boys and I are ready to jog. First one back makes the ice cream!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 Wait, wait wait. I think Clark is confused.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 But, but! It's so cute.
It's perfectly normal. Like orange tictacs in pancakes normal.
Today is leg day.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/17/17 I'll just show them the pretty butterfly!
Can I tell them about your Armadillo?
Rocky road with orange chunks?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/16/17 *beams*
But what if I don't want to remove the tattoos? We can get another set!
Rigsby thinks ice cream is a grand idea. What flavor? Please not vanilla.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/16/17 *squees*
A butterfly?!
Your turn!
*lifts shirt*
Mm..dear. I think yours is an ...Armadillo? Is that classic?
*rocks Rigsby with free hand*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/16/17 What's a tramp stamp? Does that mean it says tramp?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/16/17 *tries to steer head in direction of her back*
*squints suspiciously*
Did I..Did I.. get a tattoo?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17 *cheers*
Let's drink and dance until we pass out!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17 *clings*
Do you want to go dancing?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
It sounds like another perfect Wednesday. You spoil me. Wait..waiiiit. Where's Clark?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
Of course I love you. We should get some wine too while we're at it. Not box Sangria.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
Popcorn?! Mmm. What movie do you want to watch? I'll share Wednesday with you.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
I love you! I'm so excited. Can we watch a movie after the Bachelor? I want to watch Ghostbusters for the five thousandth time.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
I don't get cranky. It was just that one time you changed the station.
We should do both. Live it up while we can.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
After dinner! Do we have the night to ourselves? Can we eat ice cream first?!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
It's Wednesday!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/17
You're going down, Darrow. And that's why you love us!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17
You just wait. I'll do it! I'll sit on you with Rigsby & Clark so you can't see your papers.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17 *high pitch squeaks*
What?! No! Wednesday is the best day of the week!
You can't cancel. I'll.. I'll lock you out of work.
*sage nods*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17 *boops nose*
I married you for taxes and Clark and because you smell like orangesandbananasandpancakesandhappiness.
Can we be sued for running someone over in a box car?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17 *tilts head*
I'm normal, you're the weird one that likes bad selfies.
But you have to admit. You lived for my knock knock joke & orange juice. You did!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17 *pets*
You never said I couldn't move in.. So that's like saying yes.
*nods, picks up phone*
You mean this picture where you can't see my face???

Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/17 *pounces*
Was it when I moved in?!
Do you want cake to celebrate?
Was it after I sang you Sir Mix Alot?
Claire Cross 03/13/17 Sonny
You're my new favorite. Shhh. Don't tell Jameson. It would break his heart. I'm sure he still has his #1 mug & t-shirt somewhere.
Claire Cross 03/13/17 Sonny
Sure. My calendar is wide open. I usually go to the dive bars Monday - Sunday, but I'll make an exception. A bottle of Jameson is perfect. Meet me in Jameson's office. It's the favorite place for the animals.
Claire Cross 03/13/17 Sonny
Easy enough. When do you need me to watch them? Are the allergic to donkeys?
Claire Cross 03/13/17 Sonny
Sure, I'll watch it!I have a regular puppy-donkey care package. Children I haven't cared for in a bit of time, but typically if it's a baby smear some whiskey on their gums and they'll be good. I get dibs on babysitting the Orlav baby.
Claire Cross 03/13/17 Sonny
Yessss I am. Why do you ask? Am I adopting more?....Are you bringing me another dog?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 I'm following you, but lets go this way!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 They have toys and the babysitter they'll be fine. Are we going to get ice cream?....Lloyd, where are we?

Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *stares*
It terminates people I think? I haven't seen it since Noah was a baby. Let's watch it! Oh oh oh!
Maybe they become the Ghost Busters!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *blinks*
Don't all doctors know a psychiatrist?
*tilts head*
What if our babies make their baby the next Terminator?
*clears throat*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *Squees*
Do the Orlavs have one that they see? We could go to them! Do you think our babies and the Orlav babies will be best friends?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *grins*
Ten year plan? That seems fair. Besides, we must think how this would impact poor Clark.
*soft head bump*
I'm happy how things are too. They're perfect, except we ran out of orange juice this morning. Did you bring some with you?
*sniffs around*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *leans forward & nuzzles cheek*
We have all the time in the world anyway.
We have to enjoy the boys while they're younger too. Maybe when Rigsby is three? Is three years old enough?
He could smack the demon baby with a sippy cup?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17 *giggles*
Fido? Fido Darrow. Why not make it Lassie Darrow. Lassie Darrow I. *snorts*
No, I'm not lying! Unless you want to try to have another baby so close to Rigsby's age?
*furrows brows*
I thought you said you had this all timed out.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 *clings onto*
We can be parents to her. I can teah her how to make breakfast. We can bond over fashion and orange juice and and Desperate Housewives
We're pros with the boys now. We will know exactly what to do!
Except a name. What would we name another boy?
*shifty eyes*
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 *nods*
Of course half me, half you.
What if she becomes a bully?!
What if she plots world domination?
What if she hates us?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 *cringes*
I would tell you if I were pregnant. I'm not! But.. but wouldn't a little girl be fun? Once Rigsby is a little bit older. You said we could have kids until we die.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 *blinks*
*waves phone*
Discussion about the castle??
Clark will be happy.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Dad4life
Re: Parenting
We can at least try until we get a girl! So your niece has someone to play with.. besides the boys. That reminds me. Please move your Lego castle away from my side of the bed. I step on it every morning. Clark barks at it. I think he's jealous.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Only Future
Re: Time Dispute
When they date?.. but, but. Who will we give Noah's Legos too?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Wing Giver
Re:Noah Nowing
The wings makes him hyper and then he doesn't want to sleep. Rigsby throws a fit, and then they're both crying and ripping your socks!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Wing King
Re: Man growth
Don't let Noah have any this time. Or else you get to watch him when we get home.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Wing King
Re: Wings
100 wings?! Are you that hungry? We can get it before our milkshakes. Though I might have lost by then.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Sock Thief
Sock it to me
Babe! Those are my lucky socks. I'M GOING TO LOSE. THE WORLD IS GOING TO END
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Sexy Beast
Re: Dance Date
Okay! But.. what about the socks? After we get socks?!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 DDR
Re: Dance Off
Of course! You always record me when I dance anyway! You have to teach more moves later. I need to learn the Sprinkler.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Sock Adonis
Re:Socks R Us
Of course! Right after I smoke this strange new guy in a dance off. I'm going to win. I just know it. I have my lucky squeaky.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 To: Sock Husband
Re: Excited 4 Socks
Of course you can come! We can get you fuzzy socks for when you're not working. Then we can get you pink socks to match your shirt. Oh oh oh oh. I'll get the boys ready. They an get matching pairs! I saw some Tupac socks for sale. Let's go there!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/17 Text: ♥ ♥ Lloyd
Re: Execution

I'll talk to him, and buy you a new pair of socks. Should I have him wash socks as punishment?..Will he fall in the Washer??
Caitlyn Darrow 03/08/17 To: Hubby
The Rigsbys' are bonding!
[vid message]

Caitlyn Darrow 03/03/17
The bouncy house was the best! Can we keep it...?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/02/17 *paws at*
My new favorite day is Wednesday!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/01/17 Reply: Knockster

Orange who?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/01/17 Reply: Lloyd

Who's there?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/01/17 Text: Him ♥

I think I saw a fangirl parade outside our bedroom window. Should I be scared? They look scary and they're all in pink.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/28/17 Reply to: Lloyd

Maybe it's our spontaneous dance moves. They can't dance like us! Do you think Rigsby can gnaw on pizza crust?

Caitlyn Darrow 02/28/17 Reply: Lloyd ♥

You know the key to my tummy. Why are they just following me now? Are they going to try to become me?
Claire Cross 02/27/17 Sonny2
Did I forget to thank you for the gift? I blacked out for a full week. Are you a suit? Can you represent me?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/26/17
Caitlyn Darrow 02/23/17
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *scrunches nose*
OK, but only because you're cute
*runs into kitchen and speeds back with snacks*
What is the name of our new show?
*stuffs mouth with ice cream, cringes from brain freeze*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *perks up*
New show?!
*blinks eyes instead of wink*
Hubby Buddy.
* snickers,whispers*
We get everything in the kitchen to ourselves.
*nuzzles cheek*
But. but. but. I call dibs on the ice cream
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 I'll make you waffles in the morning!
*pokes nose*
I think it's bedtime.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17
I love you!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *nudges*
Do the voice of Batman.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *Shrieks*
Does this mean you have a cold?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *grins*
*paws at*
What do boys talk about with their dads?
*tilts head*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 There can only be one fun parent. What happens to me?
Do I become the orange juice waitress?!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *flicks nose*
You're probably his favorite parent.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 ..... Lloyd that's his sneezing face.
Possibly a 'I want to climb on Lloyd' face
*sage nods*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/21/17 *whispers*
Did you remind him if he doesn't behave Mordent is going to come get him? That tends to work.
*kisses cheek*
Rigsby's too young to cut your ties. What has he done?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/20/17 *blinks*
*wags finger at*
He's grounded until he can buy you new ties.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/19/17 *pouts*
We can't train him like a monkey! Lloyd. Lllooooyd. Looove, I think Noah needs more blocks. He looks bored.
*turns back on episode*
Do you think he would like to watch Desperate Housewives??
Caitlyn Darrow 02/19/17 *clings onto*
Do you want me to start from the beginning?
*big eyes, nods*
Yes! Pop corn is a must.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/19/17
*shifty eyes*
Only season one. I didn't want to wake you!
*pats couch cushion*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/16/17 That sounds perfect! Can we watch a movie afterwards? One that doesn't have the ABC song. I've been singing it to both Rigsbys all day.
We can make sundaes after the pizza rolls!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/16/17 That's a relief. I'm not sure what the withdraw period would be.
*pokes nose*
No you must not give them up. We watch that together, it would be like giving up The Bachelor!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/16/17 *grins*
*chaste kiss*

I'd quit oranges for you, that's how much I adore you!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/16/17 Reply to: #1
Re: Thursday

You're the best husband ever! Love your face always. I gave him a milk bone cake. I think he will be distracted until you get home.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/16/17 Reply to: Hubby♥
Re: Thursday

Love you too! Can we make Wednesday our special day?
Hurry home so we can celebrate someone's birthday!..oh god. It is his birthday right?

Caitlyn Darrow 02/15/17 *swoons*
Claire Cross 02/15/17 -chases Karen down hallway-

-stumbles, calls after-
Karen! Pop Tarts aren't on your diet!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17
Of course you do! Shake it when you walk!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17 A squeaky?!
*clears throat*
Lead the way. I'll hum Sir Mix a lot behind you.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17 You're a great husband. Even if the closet is getting crowded with your skeletons. Happy Valentine's Day, Lloyd. Oh! I got you a wood watch to take with you when the beast calls. So you always know the time.
*sage nods, quick peck on the cheek*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17 *Grins and throws arms around*
Is this considered a tax write off? Oh! I made you heart brownies.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17 *Tilts head*
We do!!?? Do you want me to give you your present later?
*bounces excitedly*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17

Oh! I got you a present for Valentine's day. One I won't light on fire. I don't think I'm fanatical, I got no butt.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/14/17 *blinks reading newest issue of That Girl*
Who are they?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/13/17 *furrows brows*
Persuaded by cookies? Hmm, are girls easier to take care of than boys? I've never had a girl.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/12/17 *blinks*
How high maintenance is she? Khakis are being overthrown by plaid.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/10/17 *furrows brows*
It's okay. Your niece can come visit! Then the boys can learn to share with a girl & I can buy her non-khaki girl clothes.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 I take the dogs out with the boys and we work on legs every day. Except Rigsby, the baby.
*tilts head*
It's okay. I got my squeaky.
*pats shoulder*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 *nuzzles cheek*
When Rigsby is older can we get a girl puppy?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 *squees*
I love you! Can we get a girl puppy?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 Have you seen my squeaky?

Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 Are you considered an @sset?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 Yes. Wait. What flavor of ice cream?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17 *grumps*
Orange isn't the color of jealousy. It's the color of love and...and...
*draws blank*
Washington DC?

Caitlyn Darrow 02/08/17 *stuffs face more with tictacs*
*Narrows eyes*
*muffled words*
Was if your fangirls fen?
*angry huffs, punches box*
I don'f like nof knowing. You sfill hide fem in fhe basemenf?
*Swallows tacs*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/08/17 *looks concerned*
...Did you send this?
He ate Julia Robert's toe? OHMYGOD.HE CAN'T EAT TOES. LLOYD.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/08/17 *throws small wood box that has finger at it*
*realizes she doesn't have to yell*
Someone sent it. Look! Rigsby could have ate it.
*grumbles, shows shipping box full of orange tictacs that finger came in*
*starts sniffling and stuffing face with tictacs.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/08/17 *shrieks louder*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/08/17 *shrieks from room*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/07/17 *giggles*
Cotton Candy too!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/07/17 *wiggles free*
I love you too!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/07/17
Caitlyn Darrow 02/06/17 To: Lloyd
Re: Cookies

Good because the boys and I baked chocolate chip cookies. You'd miss them if you went to London. See you soon!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/06/17 Reply To: Lloyd
Re: Wardrobe Closet

I found this outfit in the closet. I demand the apron & the duster. Hehehe it tickles.


Caitlyn Darrow 02/06/17 To: Lloyd
Re: Sexy beast
I knew it. No one can compete with these moves. I married you for your french maid costume. Do you still have the duster?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/06/17 Reply To: Lloyd
Re: Sexy

You may be the sexiest french girl ever seen, but I have all the moves.


Caitlyn Darrow 02/04/17 Maybe to get food. I'm not really sure about entertainment. Oh wait! The bachelor is entertaining. Where are we getting burritos?!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *giggles*
I don't think the boys will call you that. As is Rigsby just fusses when he want you. Are you going to master toast in three years?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *beams happily*
Then you'll be the perfect dad. Macaroni & Cheese is the next step.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *boops nose*
Of course the boys are alright. I'm a good mother.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *huffs*
*makes face*
I won't kill them. I'll show them love is good and oranges are too!hmmph.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *gasps*
I'll learn how to train dolphins so you never leave. Oh! Do they like oranges?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 Deal. Love youu! You wouldn't pick the shark trainer over me, would you? I mean she trains sharks.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *wiggles nose*
I can't use the wife card?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *nods with a pout*
Yes always orange juice. How is your wet diaper case going?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *trips over foot*
*faceplants on ground*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *runs around in circles*
*kisses cheek*
*sings baby got back*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *knits brows in concern*
Are you alright?
*squints eyes*
What place is? Can we go there? Will there be orange trees there?!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/17 *clings onto*
Duh. Oranges! Though Hmm. You know. I don't think I've ever been to Florida. I've been to New Orleans.. Los Angeles..
Am I an uncultured swine?
Soleil 02/02/17 Noura is the sister. Gotcha.
-salutes back-
Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to keep what you've said in mind!
-smiles gratefully-
Soleil 02/02/17 -looks around-
-opens mouth in a silent 'ah'-
The doctor is Mr. Orlav, I'm assuming?
-sighs contentedly-
I think I'll like it here. Seems safe.
Soleil 02/02/17 Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
I doubt Elouise is crazier than I can be, quite honestly. So, I think I should be able to hold my own. I suppose we'll see.
-perks up-
The clubhouse?
Soleil 02/02/17 As in the fruit? Or the color?
-tilts head slightly-
Elouise said that I reminded her of Mary J. Blige. And I've been been desperately trying to figure out how. Perhaps I should've figured something was up.
Soleil 02/02/17 Congratulations on just getting married! I'm sure your wife is a nice lady.
Uhm, so t-this is going to be an odd question, but...
-chews on inside of cheek-
Do I remind you of Mary J. Blige in any way?
Soleil 02/02/17 Elouise??
-purses her lips-
That would explain the whole 'drink this not at all suspicious Kool-Aid' thing. But, I volunteered, so I suppose that make me a bit mental too.
-shrugs nonchalantly-
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *pouts*
But baby pigs are so cute! Ugh, okay. As long as go to Bora Bora soon.
*quick peck*
Can we invest in orange trees? Will they survive?
Soleil 02/02/17 -eyes narrow-
Who exactly are we talking about? Should I be worried?
-places hand over heart-
I promise to stop in at some point! If only just for a cookie.
-offers her best smile-
Soleil 02/02/17 -takes business card and smiles-
Soleil. Pleasure to meet you, Lloyd. I'm not quite sure why I've been dubbed the Libra. I wasn't born in September. Or October.
-rubs back of neck-
But, I'll be sure to reach out if need be. About this sexual harassment...thing?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *smiles*
Your secrets are safe with me. I don't even tell them to the boys. I love you too.
Can we get baby pig and name it Klaus?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 Of course I want to know everything about you. I suppose I don't have that many secrets you don't know.
*tilts head*
*inaudibly counts*
I'm pretty sure you can write a tell all about me.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *blinks*
*scrunches nose*
Of course Red is my natural color. I have plenty of secrets, but they're all secrets.
*nods slowly*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *big eyes*
You have pigs?! I want to pet them! Can I name them?! wait. You feed bodies to pigs??? They eat people?
*pouts, wobbles lower lip*
Were you ticklish there? You do make the BEST Lloyd Cocoa ever!
*tilts head*
*starts prodding with fingers trying to find a spot*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *tickles chin*
But I know the place. You hide all the bodies in the closet with the khakis. Right?"
*arches brow*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *eskimo kisses*
But she is their babysitter, well was Noah's babysitter so it's possible. Could that be why she smells like wet diapers?
I get to learn all my husband's tricks then. Like tax evasion.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 *blinks*
You can do that? Can I watch you work?
*chews bottom lip*
Was Rigsby around Elouise? We can wait until you finish that. Don't want it to get soiled
Caitlyn Darrow 02/01/17 *smiles*
Fine. I'll make you coffee in the morning. If orange tic-tacs end up in it, it's not my fault *nods*
Do you think Jameson will mind?
*Tries to imitate Jameson*

Let's leave tomorrow!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/01/17 Ewww Coffee. Don't you think orange juice is better?
*makes disgusted face*
Noura Orlav 02/01/17 ...Seriously?
-Tilts head-
Noura. Orlav.
Noura Orlav 02/01/17 ...Can I sue my sister in-law for smelling like a wet diaper?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/17
More importantly did it work?
*clings onto*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/17 *beams*
I'm sure you're very funny dear. I'm a fan of you, but those girls try to kill me. Are you a fanboy of mine?
*tries to wag brows. Looks like she is having an seizure instead*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/17 *tilts head*
I.. I don't know
*scrunches nose*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/30/17 *glares daggers*
You have sex with them?!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/30/17 *blinks*
*pokes at forehead*
I know there's no flab on my butt.I only want you to touch my butt.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/30/17 *whines*
Lloyd. Your fangirls won't stop touching my butt.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/29/17 *blinks*
Do they dare give away the Darrow table?
*mock gasp*
Will..they have orange juice?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/29/17 To:Lloyd
Re: Date Night
Umm. I got a sitter, so we have plenty of time. When does dinner start?
Noura Orlav 01/26/17 -Stares at-
-Narrows eyes-
...I'm just as sane as you are.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/25/17 *tiptoes up*
*kisses cheek*
*wanders away and return with cookies*
I pay you back with our love?
*took all that time to think up reply*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/24/17 *sighs*
How can I say no to your face? Of course I'll get you cookies. No dear. I think Noah only vomits on Gray Taylor. Did ..did you ever get a bill from him?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/24/17 *Blinks*
*arches brow*
I think Noah was using them as monsters attacking his Lego village.
Claire Cross 01/23/17 ~grins ear to ear~
I'm Claire. My son. Your father is Jesus. I..need to..
Find the dogsh and the donkey..please turn me in the direction of Jameson's office.
~whispers in dismay~
Everything looksh the shame.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/23/17 Text: Lloyd
Re: New York

I was starting to wonder if you would wear one of my red dresses. I did pack one. The staff added orange juice dispensers. I'm so happy!
See you soon!♥ P.S. Can we go shoe shopping??
Caitlyn Darrow 01/23/17 Text to: Lloyd
Re: New York

This is why I love you. The boys and I went in, but I got paranoid they would puke on the marchers. ♥ Want to meet at my office for lunch tomorrow?
Claire Cross 01/22/17 ~stumbles through hallway~
~squints eyes~
Are you my new son?
~makes cheek squishing motions in the air~
Caitlyn Darrow 01/20/17 Alright, alright. If you say so. We really shouldn't have named the puppy Rigbsy. They're going to get confused. I'm already confused.
*chaste kiss*
I'm going to start getting packed. The flight leaves tonight.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/20/17 *scrunches nose*
Who will take Clark out for leg day? Who will make sure they have enough oranges? Who will read them bedtime stories?
..Does Jameson feed them tacos while we're gone..?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/18/17 *tilts head, waits patiently for ball back*
Rigsby was cooing at the snow outside. So I decided to make him a snowcone.
I have to go to New York for work for a week. Want to come with us?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/16/17 *throws squeaky ball at*
Is snow good for babies?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/15/17 *Wraps arm around waist, leans on*

Yes! Of course both. Do you want to put orange peel in your cocoa?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/15/17 *beams*
I love you too.
..Since the boys are asleep. Want to go look for ice cream?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/15/17 *eyes*
*swats at chin*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/15/17 I tried to call you sexy, but the door didn't agree.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/14/17 You're so sex---
Caitlyn Darrow 01/12/17 *tilts head and skips behind him*
Do you have that many fangirls in Moscow?
*scrunches nose*
Are you sure Clark will get used to it? He got used to his doggy khakis while you were gone.. What about the puppy?
*twists face to the side*
You aren't going to claim the closets for your dead bodies, are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/12/17 *gives baby to Noah for a minute*
*tackles down*
IMISSEDYOUSOMUCH. The flight was soooooo Long!
Clark didn't like the flight. He's outside barking his aggression out at the snow.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/12/17 To:Lloyd
Re: The mentally what?

Lloyd! You just took a position with him, how can you not be in 1000 feet of his arse? You also can' watch the children from Moscow. Did they build a day care?? My butt is yours, and your butt is mine. They just get no tacos if they don't behave. Tell them like they are Noah.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/11/17 To:Lloyd
Re: Double the butt

Ellie and him touch my butt. I think they think I have oranges in my back pockets. Don't let them touch your butt. They are rabid butt buddies.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/11/17 To: Lloyd
Re:Starving Doctor
Wouldn't it be easier to move to Moscow for your position? He's starving, Lloyd! Last tie I caught him with his hand on my butt, he said he was starving! Hurry feed him with tacos before he becomes transparent. I tried taking a selfie, but Rigsby fell asleep on my other arm. I'm afraid to move it.

Caitlyn Darrow 01/11/17 [Message reply]
Are we moving? Of course I know him. He's the taco doctor, and his wife is my babysitter. You know, the one I told you about! It's sooo cold there. Ooo dog sledding! Clark and I had a leg day today. Please feed Jameson while you're there. I'm pretty sure he is being secretly starved. I'll send pictures after Rigsby takes his nap! ♥
Caitlyn Darrow 01/10/17 [message reply]

I miss you too. Do you mean soon... like tomorrow? I miss snuggles. Clark isn't a good snuggle buddy. He tries to eat my oranges. Love you! ♥
Caitlyn Darrow 01/09/17 Text to: Lloyd♥

We need to relocate far away. Noah & Rigsby just barfed on Gray Taylor. Clark tried to bite his ankle off. I'm scared.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/29/16 *blinks slowly*
*chases after*
I love you, too! ...Where are we running to?
Caitlyn Darrow 12/22/16 A frolicsome grin stretched ear to ear as she watched his reaction to even the mention of Men's Wearhouse. One of her hands shot out to try to yank the tabloid back. "Lloyd. I mean look at that face. Did he need to go potty?" She inquired and stifled a few uncontrollable giggles. "I guess from this angle he could be alright. Maybe if his face was normal." Her shoulders carelessly lift and lower into an indifferent shrug. "Rigsby is handsome dear, but let's be honest. He gets his looks from me." She tried to emphasize her point by puckering her lips into the famous Blue steel pose. "Besides Noah has your hair." She commented, and didn't even think twice about the statement. Denial party two.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/22/16 "Lloyd!" She calls out, while thrashing about the tabloid in her hand. "Do all men want Men's Warehouse to burn down, or is that just this.. weird face guy? I tried to get an answer from Rigsby, but he just started bawling."
Caitlyn Darrow 12/18/16 To: Lloyd
Re: Christmas
Sounds lovely. Can Clark and Bisby come with us to the beach? They're family too! Do they sell dog khakis?
Caitlyn Darrow 12/18/16 To: Lloyd
Re: Christmas
I'm sure Rigsby will be fine. We need to make sure to pack him some ear plugs for the flight. Noah will be excited. He likes London. Wait. I thought we were going to Bora Bora?!
Caitlyn Darrow 12/12/16
Hmmm. No, don't be silly! Forever and a day!
Caitlyn Darrow 12/12/16
You're stuck with me.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/11/16
Caitlyn Darrow 12/11/16 *serenades*
Death and Style 11/27/16
Caitlyn Darrow 11/27/16
So? You smell like beer and pizza rolls.
*huffs, stomps off to go check on her babies*
Caitlyn Darrow 11/21/16
Yes. We need that khaki family picture for our life. Besides, she can watch the kids & Clark!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/21/16
Yeah, okay.
Of course I would marry you. I love you! Though if I marry you, you can't murder me and add me to the skeletons in your closet. You also need to tell you mom.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/20/16
*Is a perfect driver*
Caitlyn Darrow 11/20/16
Why are all these cars passing us?
Caitlyn Darrow 11/20/16 *eyes, snuggles up to*
Shhh. You're grumpy, but it's okay. Because I know how to make you un-grumpy. I'll make waffles in the morning!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/05/16 *stifles sneeze*
Maybe I overloaded on vitamin C?

Perfect dear. We have to practice being authoritative now. Then he'll be used to it when he comes out!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/05/16
Caitlyn Darrow 11/02/16 To: Lloyd
Re: [multimedia message sent]

That mustache is trending on its own. Sounds like a good night. I think I'll actually be warm next to you.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/02/16 To:Lloyd
Re:[multimedia message sent]
Of course we have ice cream for dinner. Have I ever said no? The time I ate your tub of ice cream doesn't count. We have Haagen-Dazs too.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/02/16 To:Lloyd
Re:[multimedia message sent]
I think I prefer that one too. Why are you never looking in the camera?
Caitlyn Darrow 11/02/16 To: Lloyd
Re:[Multimedia Message]
Just a bit? I'll find our selfie with Clark. Then you'll like me more again!
Caitlyn Darrow 10/27/16
Bora Bora is a go! Fiiiiiiine. You can carry me five times when we're there.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/27/16 *stares*
You're lucky I adore you.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/27/16
My orange juice senses are tingling.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/26/16
You think I'm bad..bad luck?
Caitlyn Darrow 10/25/16 *whines*
But..but I'm not tired and are you going to keep your shirt off?
Caitlyn Darrow 10/25/16 *Wild Caitlyn appears*
*Trips onto couch*

The lighting was perfect, and you're dashing with no shirt...
and you're mine.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/25/16
Caitlyn Darrow 10/25/16 *after minutes of silent contemplation*
*clears throat*
Lloyd? Are you still awake? Was there a dragon named, 'Blark?'
Caitlyn Darrow 10/24/16
Floyd sounds exquisite, handsome, and ..and.. and *yawns* like he owns a castle of khakis and gives the best snuggles.
*pats pillow next to her*
Bed time, and don't worry your back is safe from my cold feet.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/24/16
How would you know??
Caitlyn Darrow 10/21/16 *scoffs*
If either of us is marrying Clark it's me. I'm not related to him.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/21/16
You're the best ever! I'm so excited, I got to tell Noah and my journal. When are you leaving? Will they be cold mamas by the time you get back here?
Jameson Orlav 10/12/16 *snaps*
That's it. From dead as a doornail to cowboy killer. Now that's a turnaround.
Welcome back.
Jameson Orlav 10/12/16 Not all of us are viking derivatives. A few come prepackaged with a little extra pigment. You.. Hm. No, its something else.
Can't quite put my finger on it.
Jameson Orlav 10/12/16 *blinks*
You're looking a little pale, buddy.
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