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You were successful in stealing $42,371.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $23,405.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $2,912.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $4,855.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $2,015.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $24,647.00 from Nathaniel Tallios. You were successful in stealing $773.00 from Ophelia Wren. You were successful in stealing $14,182.00 from Esper Valari. You were successful in stealing $25,768.00 from Esper Valari. You were successful in stealing $320,852.00 from Akira Misato. You were successful in stealing $1,050.00 from Esper Valari. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "That we do Kitty Kat. That we do."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "Hey what are bff's for. All for one and one for all."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "You got all mine as well."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "You mean you didnt nom me but voted me. I did too. Cause hey I have been drinking a lot the past 3 years. Well I take it all back what I told ya"

+Marah laughs a little at her remarks+
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "You said you were told not too and i assumed it was my dad and brother. Whose more drunk you or me. After all i was nom for realm lush. And ima mighty good one. Doncha think Kitty Kat."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "Who told you no? Dont tell me my father and brother. I know they are thinking of me. And you. Frankly I dont know how he found out. Probably he has spies."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 "I hear gf. Rafe is gonna kill me that I let my ex get this wa...way. But what I want to know is who the bloody hell told him i married Rafey... I sure as hell didnt tell him. The only ones who know was you ...Flahmey... And my family. And my dad wnd brother wouldn't twlell him nada. Whwt the hell else does he know about me. Like Christian..m but he didnt mention him."
Marah Whitmoore 06/26/19 +Looks at her friend her eyes slanted and hiccups+

" So...sober? I dont know the meaning of thhle word. Whats up my favorite bff?"
Kuroda 06/26/19 Li stood glued to his spot as he watched her unravel. Once upon a time he'd hug her and hold her until she was alright. Now he could no longer do anything. But he kept watching her as she walked away. Each step away crushed him bit by bit. Until she was out of sight... "Take care of yourself Kitten." He said softly
Hayden Kross 06/26/19 After Receiving WildKats text Hayden jumped into his black corvette and races over to hre house knowing she was in trouble and needed him quickly* Swooping in and out of traffic Hayden makes it down WildKat's Street, Stopping at once Hayden gets out of his black corvette and runs up the stairs leading to his kitten's house yelling out* "Baby Baby* I'm here running up to her house Hayden knocks on the door not hearing her voice* Hayden Panic's for a moment Not knowing what to think for the first time in a long time looking through her sliding glass window he see's his beautiful Kitten laying helpless on the couch* "Quickly thinking Hayden reaches into his pocket and pull's out his wallet with that being said Hayden grab's his credit card and winches it between the two corners of the door Slightly *pushing it firmly the door opens suddenly* Hayden rushes over to WildKats Side kneel's down facing her looking at her while she sleep's* "Baby *Baby "I'm here. "I came as fast As I could, Are you ok darling*? *OMG You had me worried to death Baby* "I Mean Kitten~ ah WildKat Hayden was shaking not knowing what words to use as he was worried sick over her Not knowing what to expect*
Kuroda 06/25/19 Li sighed at the question and hung his head. There was no reason for him to think over anything. His actions ever since he came back screamed I want only you. If she didn't see that then what else was he supposed to do? "Kitten." The shaman said looking up and locking his red eyes on her green ones. "I only wanted you."
Kuroda 06/25/19 "Yes I came back and came directly for you. Because I wanted you and only you. I've never judged you when you told me about your past. I accepted you for you, you wanted me and I gave you that. I kept nothing from you, I opened my entire world to you just so you could understand that you were all I wanted."
Kuroda 06/25/19 Li grinded his teeth at the kick. But caught himself from doing anything because she was pushing him. "And what? When I said it you it meant nothing?" He asked calmly as he watched her fall. "I loved you, I still do. Before you falling in love was the farthest thing from my mind. But yet I fell in love with you. Wanted to have a future with you, share a life with you." Li said shaking his and running his hands through his hair. "An ultimatum was given to me, I brought it to you and you chose to accept it. The moment you accepted it told me that us meant nothing. You talk about fighting for you yet when you had the decision to fight for me or let what we have crumble. You chose that, so what was there for me to fight for if you wouldn't fight for us?"
Kuroda 06/25/19 "Wh! Why?" He almost yelled utterly confused. "Why what?" He asked staring down at her. "My heart was yours, I was willing to give you the entire world Kat. But it wasn't what you wanted it seemed."
Kuroda 06/25/19 Li gripped her hand and pried it from his throat. "Don't... Do that again." He said calmly. "You have something to say then say it, but I will not stay here and get pushed around by anyone. Not even you Kat." He released her hand and placed a new cig in his mouth. This was going to be harder than he thought if she was going to lash out at him every second.
Kuroda 06/25/19 Li straightened himself as he smelled the scent of alcohol on her. Great she was drunk, he knew he was in for an ear full now as he placed a cig between his lips and lit it. The medicinal herbs relaxing him immediately as he exhaled blue smoke. Fixing his red gaze on her told her she had his undivided attention. "I'm listening."
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Mmmmdart would help...I'll be there
Marah Whitmoore 06/25/19 "Yes NOW"
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 K. Tell me where, I'll meet there
Marah Whitmoore 06/25/19 "How about my club Insomnia"
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Let me know...
Marah Whitmoore 06/25/19 "Lets go I really need it. Especially with my ex here and not even once mentioned how the kids or me are doing? Annoying actually."
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Maybe I outta take ya home
Marah Whitmoore 06/25/19 +Marah looks at her friend and grins+

"If it was up to me I'd say any time is the right time for drinking.I'd have a Jack and Coke with a lime twist."
Ashlyn Starling 06/25/19 Thank you!
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Maybe....ya need to ease off jack some
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 "I can handle you any and every way known to man* Or Vampire Hayden Smiled* "Continued Kissing her deeply* "Drunk or sober didn't matter to Hayden He had her All figured out on his own* *Sweet Nightmare's Baby*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 "I describe my sense of humor fifty shade's darker then Your's "Hayden leaned over and Kissed Kat on her beautiful red lip's* "Mmmmmmmmm Not wanting to stop*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 "Alright fair enough he smiled* "Just don't want you to hurt yourself is all~* "Hayden Smirked to himself* "Yep this time I'll let you win* "But tomorrow is another day laugh's* Ha Ha Ha...*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 "Hayden's eyes still watching her every move following her like a cat follow's a mouse laughing to himself* "If you keep drinking too much Your gonna stumble and fall maybe hurt yourself WildKat, or should I say my Sexy little kitten,Mhmmmm* "Hayden Smiled Wickedly to her* *Sitting back on the couch waiting for her to sit next to him, as Hayden gave her that look she's been wanting all night*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 Mmmmmmmm watching WildKat get up again made Hayden get up and follow her into the kitchen* "Standing in back of her pressing his hard body against her's* "Placing his hands around her waist squeezing tightly as Hayden starts breathing on her neck and slowly kissing and nibbling softly* *Spinning her around with her drink in hand Hayden Grine's.* "This Devil Knows exzactly what he want's* I Win*
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Of course he does
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 I suppose I should ask why?
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 Hayden watched as WildKat got up and walked to the kitchen slamming a drink of Jack down pretty fast,Smirking* His eyes never left her sight as she was fumbling the wine glass to get it to stay still, as WildKat poured hre shots and downed them pretty quickly* Watching her walk over to the couch Hayden moved in abit closer to her reaching for WildKats hand and places it into his* *Staring* into WildKats Sexy Midnight Green Pool Eyes and Speak's* "You do know everything I do I Do for You right* "Moving closer towards WildKat Hayden places his hands on her leg and gently rubs it softly* "As he leans into her ear and whisper's WildKat I Want And I need You Now* Kissing her earloub softly*
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 * slipping jack away from Kat*
ahhh yes I know him and his friends....all too well. But one must be careful
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 And what have we been drinking Kat?
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Hi Kat lol
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 *Hayden could sense the anger and hatred in her thought's of Not wanting him to get close to her but that wasn't going to scare him any he was going to continue his quest on winning her over on to his way of thinking* "Not caring if she wanted to fight him or not Hayden was determined to Prove he was being honest with her even though she thought he was like the rest full of games and lies* "After listening to her inner thought's in his own ears Hayden Let's out a Sigh* of his own and stand's up looking straight forward at WildKat* "So everything I say to you is for nothing* I wouldn't waste my time or breathe on you if it was for nothing* "I'm truly being honest with you WildKat what more do I have to do to make you understand, "I'm a real man with real feelings just like you* Yeah* "I've been burned before too but did that stop me Hell No made me stronger and grow into the man I am today and the man I want to be here with You Now* Walking closer to WildKat putting his hand up against the wall Slightly pinning her in the center Hayden slowly Kissed WildKat with a tender but serious type of kiss slowly then releasing it and watching what her next move was going to be*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 *Watching WildKat from across the way with her arm's crossed and with that look on her face* Of disbelief* "Well to be honest with you Sweety What makes me diffrent then the rest is my Resilient to keep chasing you no matter how hard you try to push me away* "I'm gonna always do anything and everything to show you I care and I'm a diffrent type of Man your Not use too* *Sliding his body over closer to where WildKat is Sitting." *wrapping his arm's around her shoulder caressing her long brunette hair with his hands showing WildKat he truly does care about her and her feelings*
Hayden Kross 06/25/19 "Hayden Smirks* "Fair enough he said to her as he sat on her couch next to her and the remote control* "So whatcha have on your mind WildKat?* "What kind of things you want to ask me or me ask you*? "As for me I get the impression alot of guys have really did a number on this Pretty little thing* "But WildKat you can rest assure I'm Not like those other guys youv'e dated in your past Hayden looked at her with his sexy deep blue eyes into her pale green pool kryptonite* See I'm diffrent, and I'll prove to you that I'm Just a diffrent kind of Vampire Your gonna have to get use too "Hayden Smiled sweetly to WildKat*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 "Nah Just admiring on how beautiful you look in that outfit is all, Hayden said with a Smirk* "So Your inviting me in? cause "I wouldn't want to get the wrong impression you know after all, "I am a vampire he laughed* "Watching her take the bottle and place in on the counter top* "Hayden bites his bottom lips and smile's* to WildKat a little alcohol is a good thing not a bad thing* So what movie you feel like watching tonight*?
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 Hayden look's up and down as WildKat Comes to the door* "Hey I was in the area and thought well maybe we could have a netflix night just the two of us trying to get to know each other better?* "You know a relaxing evening just talking and watching a little tv or something whatcha say WildKat? Sound Good?* "Oh almost forgot I brought this for you reaches in his bag and pulls out the bottle of red wine for you giving it to her softly in her hand* Hayden Smiles looking at her closly*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 "I'ts mid evening time and Hayden is out for his nightly walk* *Walking by the street Of WildKats House he could hear the loud sounds of a movie playing in the background. "Stop's and gather's his thought's before he takes another step towards her house* "Reaching into his bag Hayden pull's out a bottle of red wine heading up WildKats driveway to her door* "Knocking slowly with three gentle taps Hello anyone home?* Stands there with a Smile on his face*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 "Watching WildKat take total control made Hayden think to himself in a devious manner* "Watching her lip's on the man as she drank from him, brought shiver's to his body thinking in his mind* What fun it might be to have her lips pressed to his in a beautiful but sexy way Aww*. *Snap's back into realaltay* "Hayden Shake's his head* "Yeah a date for sure over looking the beach then afterwards we can take a nice stroll on the white sands holding hand's,Sound good WildKat?* "Getting up from sitting down grabbing the two bodies placing them over his shoulder he smirk's to WildKat, for an answer before he flies off to dispose of these two corpse's.... laying helpless on his shoulder's*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 Dropping his beer in excitement, Hayden Laughed* *WOW* that was fast Hayden Smiled in aww* Dam Sweety so, I take it your not gonna feed on either one?* *Wiping the blood off his leather jacket Hayden walk's over to WildKat looking into her beautiful green eyes and say's So does this mean ,"I shall dispose of their bodies at the Cemetarey.*? Hayden Smiled to her eyes flashed from red to crystal dark blue* Back to his human form so WildKat if your not too busy maybe we can go out on a date sometime if your not busy or anything? Hayden Smile's to WildKat..!* "I'd love to take you out to a romantic dinner over looking the beach* Sound alright? "Hayden step's backwards and await's for her reply*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 *Swooping Down onto his feet, "Hayden has two human's over his shoulder one man and one woman squirming to get away* *Dropping the lady down and looking into her eyes* "The lady *stare's *at Hayden begging crying and pleading for her life* Please she yelled* "I'll do anything you ask of me but let me and my boyfriend live, as she Pulled on Hayden's Pant Leg's as he drag's her up to WildKat's Door* *Walking over to where he had left the woman's boyfriend, pulling him up by his collar of his sweatshirt dragging him up to WildKat's Door aswell, laying them both next too each other* "Hayden Smirk's as he calmly called for WilkKat's attention* *Ohh Sweety I'm Back, I brought You your midnight Snack's* "Hayden step's off WildKat's Pourch and Sit's by the tree *Sipping his beer awaiting to see how WildKat Approaches The Situation and Continue's Drinking his beer*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 "I know wishful thinking on my part* "Turn around's and yell's one more time before Hayden Leave's* "I'll bring you back a semi lifeless corpse,so you can kill later for your own bloodlust.* "Smirk's With Evil intent and flye's off quickly*
Hayden Kross 06/24/19 *Stepping up to WildKat's Driveway Hayden turn's into his vampire form eyes glowing red fang's showing* "Hey WildKat Hayden Yelled wanna go for a hunt?* "I here there are alot of human's around a bar near london* "Hayden Hisse's waiting for a reply* Grine's*
Hayden Kross 06/21/19 *Knock* *Knock* Anyone home?" "Hayden hides behind the tree, Not wanting to get screamed at again* Watching the door closely* Eating his apple*
Hayden Kross 06/21/19 "Drop's off a second box of Choclate to WildKat's Box* "And a Dozen Red Long Stem Rose's* "With a note*Put into her mail box instead, "That says WildKat, "I know your day has been rough but be strong babe* ."I'll help you relax and get through it i'f you need me?* lay's a box of blood cookies for her bloodletting fit"* "Always* Love, Hayden Kross* Ring's Door and Run's away fast*
Hayden Kross 06/21/19 "Drop's off a box of Choclate to WildKat's Box* "And a Dozen Red Long Stem Rose's* "With a note* "That says WildKat, "I know your day has been rough but be strong darling .I'll help you get through it i'f you need me, just text my phone and I'll be there for you, Always* Love, Hayden Kross*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 *Standing back up on his feet Staring into WildKat's dark green eyes." Lifting his sleeve up showing his wrist fully exposed to her* *You want blood Hayden said with a serous look on his face* "Take it Please, do us both a favor he Grinned" You get fed. "I get you in a better mood*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 You wanna go for that drink yes or no? "Well You are a tough cookie but nothing this guy can't handle being sired long ago how about, I bite you instead you might enjoy it Miss Wild Kat*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 Calm down baby its all good Fangs show as hayden slightly turne's into his vampire alpha wolf eyes glow from blue to red and slightly rolls her over as he is pinning you to the ground* Changing back to his org human form reaching his hand to hers pulling her up onto her feet again." So I take it its a yes he Looked at WildKat with a serous look this time on his face*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 Easy now I mean No harm to you" My outfit is at the cleaners at the moment I'm just dressed casual for the day Hayden Smirked you like?" Spine's around showing her his whole body then facing her* Why would you want to kill a guy like me anyways?" "So I'll say it again, You want to go for a drink My treat Miss Wild Kat*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 Nah I'm Not lost at all,! I know exzactley What I want and going right to the source he smiled brightly to the young lady* You Evil Grin..*
Hayden Kross 06/20/19 "Hey Sexy your looking mighty fine this morning, with a capital F.! Hayden laughed*
No Mercey 06/20/19 thank u
EtaineNightBreed 06/19/19 Thank you.
Melinoe 06/17/19 The mention of superpowers made Mel giggle. Though childlike in nature, even she found the thought ridiculous. Rocking back and forth on her heels, Mel smiles at the woman.
”I wouldn’t suggest biting this demon. My friends are rather scary when I’m threatened. But they’ll play nice if I tell them to.”
Turning her head to the side, she extends her hand towards the woman.
”I’m Melinoë, it’s delightful to meet you, miss. I wonder if our paths will cross again?’
With a shrug of her shoulders, she turns and begins to skip away.
Melinoe 06/17/19 A flash of color catches Mel’s gaze. Excitement bubbles in her features as she beams at the woman. “You’re covered in green. It looks like beautiful venom, dripping. You look like you could kill a man with a blink of your eyes. You’re fascinating, miss.”
Luke 06/16/19 Thank You, Wild Kat :)
Kraken 06/16/19 What's your favorite car
Kraken 06/16/19 It's a factory hehehehe you can make anything you want
Kraken 06/16/19 What's the catch sweetheart it's just cookies and cream hehehe 😍😏😏😏
Kraken 06/15/19 Leaves you chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese frosting
Jameson Orlav 06/14/19 -clears throat-
Do I have you to blame for the legion of entrails in the basement?
Invite me next time, would you?
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 I'll have to swing by.
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 OMG......I know what you mean
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 *chuckles* Anytime Kat.....I know this Lil place... bout the only thing the get right is the cheesecake
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 *hands her a piece of cheesecake*
Flahme 06/07/19 Feeling completely shameless and bold, Flahme glues one of her badly made posters up on the door she is currently in front of then knocks.

“Hey there, Kat. Please consider nominating me for Most Promising Character (3-6 months old). I promise to come and remove this when the campaigning is done,” she smiles impishly then sprints off to put up more posters.

LillyEmperium 06/05/19 *laughing Lilly nodded* very well
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Maybe we need to throw popcorn at him, get his attention?
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Oh for sure
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Hmmmm..he can be lil slow sometimes lol
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Sounds like a plan girl... popcorn an wait lol
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 It's good to see you happy
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Nothing dear...I'm happy for you..
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Facepalm
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 Oh good lord, I don't wanna
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 Li???
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 Kat's excitement made her think* he wouldn't happen to frequent my tavern...and have children?
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *seeing Kat giddy was both new and cute. Lilly chuckled* breathe I know him?
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *smiling Lilly chuckled* well yes of course they normally have names....and I can tell you like him ...I promise I will only hurt him if her hurts you...but dear what's his name
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 Marah will be alright now...*softly she chuckled* Soo does he have a name?
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *softly she chuckled* enjoying the calm. what have you been up to
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *smiling Lilly chuckled* All in all I'm good.
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *laughs* how ya doing Kat?
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *pokes*
Genesis 05/30/19 Thank you very much!
Marah Whitmoore 05/29/19 +When Kat grabbed her arm Yuki trued to break free. In her head Marah stared laughing at the demon.+ "You cant trick her. She is smarter then you. Your days are numbered demon." +Yuki growled at both Marah and Kat mumbling+

" "I dont want to go. And you shut up your giving me a headache."
Marah Whitmoore 05/29/19 +growls+

" Fine you go eat I will wait here."
Marah Whitmoore 05/29/19 " Yes she is and giving me a massive migraine. "

+Looks at the building and speaks+

"Sure but just know I wont be getting to comfortable."
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/29/19 Thank you Wild Kat
Marah Whitmoore 05/29/19 +growls+

" Yes she is awake and being a pain in the a$$ as well."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 "You lead the way on your turf Ms. Kat and I will follow you."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-He nods his head then looked at her.-#- "Let's go have a private conversation just in case it is listening. You can trust me it will be gone."
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 +Yuki grinned and spoke+

"She calls you.....calls you... Yes Kitty Kat. She is screaming it in this head. Quite deafening I must say I have a headache now."
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 *girl we'll get her way or another*
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 *hearing Kat she chuckled* ahh you got it... Little further...third tree to the left..5down
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 "Yes One who professes his love for her. This is getting quite interesting Kat or is it Kitty Kat as she calls you? Which is it?"
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 "Yes I agree. I met the vile thing that resides in her we will get rid of it. I do not plan on leaving her again I did it once cause of who she was with and she needed to figure it out. My feelings for Marah run very deep. We will not let it take her over. I am glad to see you are helping her as well."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-He gave her a smile then bowed in respect.-#- "Thank you it is nice to see you again Ms. Kat. How are you doing?"
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 " You mean right this second now? Well sleeping. How ever I had to take over before she spoke to some boy. Yes cant have that. But I could have her watch"
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 " Now that is not a nice thing to say to someone you say you care about. Shame on you!"

+Yuki said waving its finger at the girl+
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 + Suspicious Yuki kept her eyes on the vampire she knew they could not be trusted+

" Safer and so I can breathe? Right!"
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 Tell me Bout it
Don Collier 05/28/19 I reckon that's as good advice as I've heard. Appreciate it.
Ziggy Hargrove 05/28/19 Thank you.
Don Collier 05/28/19 Sure seems like a friendly place, this Realm people keep talking about. Thanks for the welcome.
WildKat 05/28/19 no
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 + Yuki followed the female Vamp and saw that they left the city and she detoured the demon into the woods. The demon noticed the vamp looking back at her and spoke.+

" So where art thou taking me Vampire?"
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 *For the first time, in the whole time Kat has known Lilly, her voice wavered as she spoke*
Daniel Ocean
LillyEmperium 05/28/19 *Lilly was already uneasy when she heard her name. Turning she saw Kat.*
what's up
Marah Whitmoore 05/28/19 +Yuki listened to the Vampire and tilted its head when she mentioned to take a walk. Yuki nodded and spoke+

"Yes a walk something humans do. Yes lets walk."
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 *Lilly knew this was going to be tough. She just hoped they could manage it *
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 That will be the challenge....if it bolts, contact me right away. Lead it anywhere, if need be my family has a hunting lodge..let me know where you are at. I'm hoping on a chance. Just remember not all Demons are evil and demented... however Yuri is not to be trusted. Do keep it talking...if it's anything like Yuki was... It's ego will enjoy it...I need to grab a picture and a book...
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 *Lilly spoke just as gentle and calm as she had been* I am fine dear, long story. You trust me, right? Just know, no harm will come to you from me Kat. As I said long story... Masses as in people. We have to keep her away from others...if we can trigger Marah, it may buy some needed time.
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 It won't return...Yuri and Yuki are not like most Demons. They would be an abomination, created Yuri was created by Danny before he knew Marah... Yuki was not originally ment for Marah ..but you can't put something in a vessel that's already full...the concern is Yuki may not be the only believes its master is dead, there for it believes it has no one to answer to....*sighing* if there are more, it will be complicated...*Lilly closed her eyes briefly, when they open they we're a deep purple for a moment* need to get her away from the masses....Marah has abilities that if tapped could be problematic..
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 It will be tricky...Yuki is feeding off the pain and sadness Marah is feeling. Similar to what harpies do... Yuki and Yuri were not normal demons. I warned him....*Looking to Kat* we have to draw it....I may have an worked for a harpy issue..i can only hope it'll work now...if not maybe Ronan or Ciaran can help make it dormant again.
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 *muttering under her breath* damnit Danny even dead you're a pain in the arse. *Looking to Kat Lilly sighed* ya I Know what it is... more like it don't realize it can be removed....few things on the plain understand their origins.... including them.
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 You're talking bout Marah...ain't ya? More demon than her spunky self....ain't good I know. We won't leave her this way Kat
LillyEmperium 05/27/19 *Hearing Kat call to her, she stopped and turned around. Seeing an urgency to her face, Lilly appeared in front of her* Kat what's up?
Marah Whitmoore 05/27/19 "I am not hiding I was placed her with no retrieval of escaping. Only one who could release me is dead because of her. And my plan you ask. My plan is to stay in her till she dies and rots in hell. Happy you got your answer. You see no one cares for her or they would not have died and left her. Think about it some one as smart as you know this is true. "
Marah Whitmoore 05/26/19 "Coward huh! Im no coward I am strong. I have no need to hid. I was placed here for a reason. Danny was my master. Yuri was my mate. She had them both killed so why not make her feel the loneliness that I have for the past years. She deserved what she got from him. Married to him but wanting to that Kravenoff. Guess she got what she deserved when he died and that recent one. Alone and that is how she will stay."
Marah Whitmoore 05/26/19 +The demon smiled and spoke to the vampire+

"I plan to stay here. You see many years ago I was placed inside her by her one time husband Danny to be a mate for his demon. You see he was tired of her weakness and frankly I prefer being the stronger one. You see I dont think she even remembered that I was placed in her. You know you never once asked me for my true name."
Arik Daniels 05/26/19 Thank you for the welcome!
Livia Vlcek 05/25/19 Thankies.
Jewel Valari 05/25/19 Thank you.
Eliot Gardner 05/22/19 "Why thank you."
Marah Whitmoore 05/22/19 +The demon let out a chuckle as he spoke+

" Oh really the Boruuu's. Well I met daddy kins and he pretty much said the same as you. That his son is a doctor or something like that. And pretty much I should be scared and that other friend of hers says the same thing also. And that I should be scaaared. Well I am not scared. Let them try to rid me. "

+ The demon moved closer to Kat and spoke quietly+

" To be homest I like it here."
Ronan Boru 05/21/19 Not sure what to do. Try what ever comes to your head and see what happens
Ronan Boru 05/21/19 Yeah its a issue she having. Its her dark side. Dont worry about the kids they a re safe with me and I have them where she cant right now get to them. They are with family. Not sure yet what to do but will think of something.
Marah Whitmoore 05/21/19 +The demon gave a gravely dark grin and spoke+

" She is already gone young one. She is mine. The pain she has ahhh I am eating it up. Shes weak Im strong. And will make her strong. You see this is her dark evil side. Something that dwelled in side for decades since the death of her kids with Knight and Danny Ocean and the death of her husbands. Poor thing. She is very unlucky in love. Or when it comes to love. Her kids now yes... Oh I will see that they are taken care of. To be a parent will be something new for me. I have to thank this Chris for what he did he made it easy for me to take over."

The demon gives a strange look then smiles+

"Oh wait I cant thank him ...heeeees deaaaad."
Marah Whitmoore 05/21/19 +Marah broke when Kat held her and spoke to her. Marah herself was just in shock the tears that were held back for so long finally escaped her fire and ice eyes. The demon that slept was soon to be awaken Marah looked at Kat when some anger appeared on her face as she spoke+ " "Yes its true Kitty. Hes gone...HES GONE... He Left me. HE LEFT ME. He left me all alone just when I finally after 3 years after Knight died. He promised me..Kitty HE FCKING PROMISED ME... He said he would never leave me. That he loved he. He wont be back his head stone doesn't seven have his name any more the realm ghost took him."

+ The demon was now awake and took over as she started speaking+

" He said he loved me. LOVED ME... Oh please if you love some one you dont die and never come back. I guess I should be use to it. My whole life has been filled with dead husbands. I give up I will never NEVER melt this heart of Ice again. NEVER!!"

+ Marahs eyes eyes and hair were now pitched black The pain was to much for her to face and the demon knew it.+
Marah Whitmoore 05/21/19 +Marah goes to her bff and quietly sneaks up behind her covering Kats eyes.+

" Hey there Kitty Kat. Guess who cheated the red death plague that hit the realm. Granted it took Chris and .. Well how have you been. Missed me?"
Kristian Mcloud 05/20/19 Thank you , its nice to see your words :)
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/10/19 Thank you Wild Kat
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 Thank you!
-Incubus- 05/04/19 Sadly what happens when you take naps in the dirt...
Anyssa 04/29/19 Thank You so much
Anakin Drake 04/27/19 I nodded not having much to do. "Sure, I have sometime to kill." I said not having to head back right away.
Kyon-gel 04/26/19 “I intend to! ... I’ll leave you wish an open invitation, if you shall even need someone to listen. Farewell.”
Kyon-gel 04/26/19 “If you say... well then, thanks for the concern WildKat”
Kyon-gel 04/25/19 "That... sounds like it is unresolved, then. How Unfortunate... perhaps we should just grab a bottle."
Kyon-gel 04/25/19 "We either wear them with pride or with shame. I try to hold my lessons dear..."
Kyon-gel 04/25/19 "Just once? I've got a few scars myself. Wanna grab a drink and compare?"
Kyon-gel 04/25/19 "Oh, I don't normally charge."
Anakin Drake 04/25/19 "It's not a problem." I said handing her the basket. "I tend to stay around those closest to me. Don't really go out or talk to folks much. But the cafe does help me with the our going part. I get to listen to people if they want to talk or just someone to listen yk them you know." I smiled as I tucked my hands in my pockets still not fully comfortable with meeting new faces. But she wasn't really new so it wasn't that bad. "Should definitely try the cake... Made it the same way as I did the cookies. Even the icing on it." I grinned.
Andy Codin 04/25/19 Thank you very much
Anakin Drake 04/25/19 I raised my eyebrow at her when she mentioned staying out of trouble. I had no idea what she meant but took it as a joke. "I do hope so, ssing how nobody wants my head." I joked. "Are you well though? You'd been through a lot the last time I saw you. Thought I'd make you these to help you feel better." I said holding up the small basket. The smell of said cookies she mentioned invading her nostrils. "Even have a slice of cake in there for you."
Anakin Drake 04/25/19 I was walking along when I spotted the familiar face and headed in their direction. "Hello... Kat is it?" I asked certain that was the name she had given me.
Marah Whitmoore 04/23/19 "Whose Jack? And yeah the one in hell. The Devil Lucifer Morning Star. Oh gee girl do I have to fight Luci for your soul? Humm Maybe I can make a deal with him to save you."
Marah Whitmoore 04/23/19 " Yeah that is what I heard. It is now air borne anyone can get it. And what do you mean you made a deal with the DEVIL!!! Are we talking about THE DEVIL....????? Lucifer!!!??? Girl what did you do?"

+ Reading Kat's last text she was starting to worry+
Marah Whitmoore 04/23/19 +Reading Kats reply she felt something and had to ask+

"Yes there needs to be a cure soon. Kat whats wrong tell me. I told you once I would always be there and I am. Even if its not in my physical form."

+ Marah hit send+
Marah Whitmoore 04/23/19 +Marah heard kitty's ring tone and picked up her cell and read the text.She then text back+

" Yes I am my hallucinations of Knight and Danny are gone...well for now at least. My brother has a new shot he wants to give me. I do hope he or someone finds a cure fast. Many are dying and I don't want to be in that category. How are you? I hope you are healthy from this madness."

+After typing Marah hit send+
Negan__ 04/19/19 "Truly thank you dear, it is always nice to hear good things once in awhile of course. I hope all is well and good with you of course as well."
Marah Whitmoore 04/18/19 "Thanks Kitty Kat."
Kade Thorne 04/16/19 Thank you.
Belinda Arch 04/12/19 Warm smile graced soft angelic features, light flush colored Belinda's cheeks. "Thank you. I am honored. Both by the mention, as much as your presence."
Marah Whitmoore 04/08/19 "Well they are just nincompoops. They don't know you like me. And also I will kick anyone arse who hurts you. You deserve so much better.But yes I must admit nice ring..most def....fantastic ring to it."

Marah Whitmoore 04/08/19 +Marah goes to Kat with hands firmly placed on her hips+

" Heeeeey your not H8TED by me there Kitty Kat."
Sean Lynch 04/08/19 Not anymore. I only kill the people on the list.
Sean Lynch 04/07/19 I doubt they're looking for me but thanks.
Marah Whitmoore 04/03/19 +Smiles with wide eyes and she licked her lips+

"Oh yes that would be a perrrrfit two."
Marah Whitmoore 04/03/19 "I say we shall go now. Cookies and jack and coke with a lime twist.....Ummmm Ummmm good. You get not only a sugar rush but a liquor rush as well. You must take me there so I can see what else the cafe has."
Marah Whitmoore 04/02/19 +Marah shakes her head+

" Yes you are exciting and vibrant so hush with that nonsense. Then if you don't want to drink.. drink then its Shirley Temples for you. "

+ When Kat mentioned the blood and chocolate cookies her mouth started to water+

" Oh those cookies I use to love them when I was a wolf. Sorry I don't have any. But the kitchen is open so what ever you hearts desire is yours free of charge."
Marah Whitmoore 04/02/19 +Marah goes to her good friend taking her by the arm tugging her along.+

"Come more moping over a no good jerk of a man.He is not worth it to have this mood. You are an exciting vibrant and fun person to be with. So you are coming with me to my club Insomnia and were gonna drink, sing, dance and have fun here me girl friend."
Flahme 04/02/19 "Thank you, gorgeous!"
Gavin McGrath 03/23/19 "Thank ya very much."
Eloise Buchanan 03/17/19 Kat, good to see you back!
~Elle leans in and gives Kat a warm hug to welcome her back.~
How was Cancun, I've never been? Are there droves of sexy cabana boys? That's how I imagine it to be.
Jericho Tenkrovi 03/17/19 Thank you
Andy Codin 02/25/19 Thank you very much
Parisa Tournier 02/19/19 *grins*
Thank you!
LillyEmperium 02/15/19 And your smiling...this is good to see. Enjoy it, it's a wonderful ride.
LillyEmperium 02/14/19 *hugging her, Lilly smiled* rumor has it, you got married..... congrats sweetheart
Amethyst 02/13/19 Congrats on your Union Kat
Ronan Boru 02/11/19 Congrats o n the union
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/11/19 Congratulations on the marriage! Throws confetti
Eloise Buchanan 02/10/19 I can understand that but you two are already awesome together, so all will be well.
~Elle nods and hugs her friend once again~
Eloise Buchanan 02/10/19 ~Elle can't help but smile at her friend who is so overwhelmed by this beautiful thing~
Why would he? You're gorgeous!
Eloise Buchanan 02/10/19 It's not crazy at all! And babe you get to feel any way you damn like.
~Elle laughs with Kat who is clearly excited~
Eloise Buchanan 02/10/19 ~Elle sprints through the manse to congratulate Kat on ranking up and notices the ring on her finger instead~
You got married??
~She jumps up and down and pulls Kat in for a big hug~
Sean Lynch 02/05/19 Thanks.
Esper Valari 02/02/19 Keep climbing that ladder beautiful

(grats on ranking)
Esper Valari 01/26/19 Debating on getting you a title that says 'I keep steal Esper's money' and everyone else keeps stealing my cash don't you all know I use to be homeless?
Flahme 01/26/19 Thanks for the welcome!
Esper Valari 01/23/19 At least this time it was only 26$.
Esper Valari 01/21/19 (Hands her his wallet)

Here you go.
Esper Valari 01/21/19 He slapped his knee dying in laughter he couldn't stop she was funny as hell he loved her sarcasm. He was innocent to it all still and would stay so.

Did he at least taste good? I would only assume I was tasty.

Esper wondered if Jewel thought he was tasty...

Esper Valari 01/21/19 He looked confused, Esper had no idea what he was or what she was, or what anyone was he assumed everyone was just a normal human being.

You bit a demon? Like at a Halloween costume party or something? Kinky...the biting I mean.
Esper Valari 01/21/19 Places his hand around his neck his shoulders all the normal nibble points that most would go for. Nothing.

You bit far are you going to get in my wallet?

Esper Valari 01/21/19 Esper squints his eyes at her.

It's that devil magic you've been dabbling in...

Esper Valari 01/21/19 I should buy you a piggy bank with my face on it, I'm making you rich. You should be on Forbes list in no time.
Esper Valari 01/21/19 Walks into Starbucks to buy a latte, as he opens his satchel he looks around for the stacks he knew he just had on his way to the bank to deposit them.

Motherf**ker... she did it again...Mack's gunna kill me if I don't meet the quota.

Esper Valari 01/20/19 Grats on Ranking...

Esper Valari 01/20/19 One conversation with you and I lose almost 15're the devil.
Athena Maximus 01/19/19 Thank you!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 01/19/19 "Danks Miss lady!" She smiled and waved.
Esper Valari 01/19/19 Passing by with his pea coat strapped firm to his body the collar up to adhere to the hard winds of the winter in New York, brushing past street light after street light he noticed a woman he had seen before but never quite stopped to greet.

Quiet night isn't it?
Grace McKenna 01/15/19 Thanks! I feel like I've won some kind of lottery.. but without a big payout check.
Estelle Kingston 12/30/18 Merci beaucoup.
Dita Morgenstern 12/27/18 [hugs.] Thank you!
Eloise Buchanan 12/23/18 Thank you Kat!
Dessa Chambers 12/12/18 Thank youuuu!
Eloise Buchanan 12/09/18 Thank you, much appreciated.
Marah Whitmoore 12/09/18 +smiles+

"Thank you Kat."
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Thank you for the welcome!
Iva Herrera 12/03/18 Thank you for the welcome!
Zaynah Mubarak 12/02/18 ~curtsies~ Thank you!
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 He growled... "I'm ne'er scary! That's called grumpy!"
Then he smiled... "Thank ye Kat!"
Lucifer Morningstar 11/13/18 He chuckles softly. "I am far from an angel darling. Just slapped with that before I fell." Gives a devilish grin.
Lucifer Morningstar 11/13/18 *chuckles softly* Yes and thank you.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Sure.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Somewhat.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Oh.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 It's a thoughtful hmmm.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Hmmm.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 People generally don't wear sunglasses at night. I am aware of that. Awwww, I'm flattered.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Not many people like being blind in one or both eyes...
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 I wouldn't....
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Uh-huh...
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 I call it part of a costume. Duh.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 It's not a scythe.
Sean Lynch 11/12/18 Creepy much.....
Amari Preston 10/26/18 You are cordially invited to a Halloween Party which will be from October 27 to November 1st. Place is Amari Preston's House Forum. The forum will be open to anyone who wish to drop by! Happy Halloween!
Kristian Mcloud 10/21/18 Thank you, Sweet person.
Livia Vlcek 10/18/18 Like you were the sun shining upon my face. *laughs*
Mackenzie 10/18/18 Thank you!
Livia Vlcek 10/18/18 *slips Gucci sunglasses on* I know the Fenty highlighters are awesome, but damn girl...that might be too much.
*Cheshire grin*
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~waves, muffin swaying~ Sweet dreams!
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~preens~ Fannnnnnks.
~uncoils, looks to the city~ I think it is that time, where I feast on mourners and tourists.
~smacks lips together~ Maybe some cops.. ~grabs a muffin with her tail~ So I can has muffin with my hams.
~slithers off with the muffin~ Thank you Kaaaaat.
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~more confused~ If you say so..
~coils around, squeezes~ HUGS!
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~puzzled~ You taste like wood?
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~snakey head butt~ You were the only one that was saying that I was stinky.. so I make you jelly and put you on toast? Is it challah? I really like challah..
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~snakey frown~ But I already use jasmine oils on my skins and scales!
~hangs head sadly~
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~arches snakey eyebrow~ Are you saying that I do not already smell lovely? Choose your next words carefully..
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~blinks~ I am a twenty foot long leucistic cobra.. neither cranberry muffins or rats is going to keep me fed.
~eyes Kat~ Bet you would make a tasty meal though..
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~blinks~ It's me!
~snakey smile~
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18
Zaynah Mubarak 10/16/18 ~screams as she's hit in the face with a large plate of muffin~
~skins knee~
Edward Brollachan 10/15/18 You managed to break out W_Kat.
"What did ye do t'pîss off the gendarmes, lass?"
Donahue 10/08/18 thank you
Blood Maw 10/01/18 I shouldn't complain to you about it though. I know what your going through and its nothing complain about. *He offers her a hug*
Blood Maw 10/01/18 Just a little lonely but I will get over it down the road.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 I am okay I think. I have had a bad day but its gotten better.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 May I never cross that path.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 You have been nothing but nice to me.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 Nice basically. After all I think your nice.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 You know maybe you are those things in some peoples eyes.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 What about you aren't you smart. People fear me cause me a wolf.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 People can be smart when they want to be but for the most part people are not. Some are smart all the time.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 Cloths are evil why would I put something on this sexy fur. Well that's my opinion I guess. I don't see how you humans wear all that stuff to me it feels odd.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 No clue she said something about my big teeth and ears. I didn't get it. but I did give her a scare when I growled at her. I will have to find you a body or two to play with next time I guess.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 I don't know. I am not much of a sweets person. Just trying to bring something to a new friend.
Blood Maw 10/01/18 *Drops off a basket full of baked cookies and breads* I stole this from some little girl with a red hood. I thought you might like it.
Lisbeth Salander 09/30/18 [smiles darkly.] Thank you.
[presses a gold star to the woman's blouse.] It seems you are the only one who cares.
Ronan Boru 09/24/18 Wow gold robes. Congratulations lass. Good luck.
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/24/18 Congratulations on ya gold robes las
Blood Maw 09/21/18 Thank you
Marah Whitmoore 09/20/18 +Walks up to with crossed arms and raised brow with a slight smile+

" Well lookie lookie who is all gold in color. I have to say it looks good on you. Congratulations."
LillyEmperium 09/20/18 You're welcome kiddo
LillyEmperium 09/20/18 Congrats on the gold
Amethyst 09/20/18 "Your very welcome"

Amethyst 09/20/18 "Congrats on the Gold Lass"
Lisbeth Salander 08/29/18 [grins darkly.] Thank you!
VaylinShadow 08/17/18 Thank you :)
Valentin Metzger 08/13/18 Danke, Fraulein!
Faia Shiria 08/02/18 Thanks *smiles wide*
Cole Ward 07/27/18 Děkuji.
Ronan Boru 07/20/18 Thank kat
Caitlyn Darrow 07/15/18 thank you darling!
Imogen Moreau 07/14/18 Awww, I missed it.
Donahue 07/07/18 Thank you
Ronan Boru 06/27/18 * The Irish witch looks at his friend and laughs *" What did ya do lass? Congrats on most wanted."
LillyEmperium 06/27/18 Congratulations on pod dear.
vamp_goku 06/22/18
Amari Preston 06/21/18 Thank you!
Sean Lynch 06/11/18 Thanks.
Dessa Chambers 05/29/18 Thank ya!
Estelle Kingston 05/15/18
Of course I'm sure. I'm awesome.
Estelle Kingston 05/14/18 Your gut is wrong, madam. Wrong, indeed.
Estelle Kingston 05/14/18 You are surely mistaken!
Estelle Kingston 05/14/18 Why not? I am innocent. Have you seen this face?
Estelle Kingston 05/14/18 I DIDN'T DO IT!
Dita Morgenstern 04/28/18 [giggles.] Thank you Miss Kat! [smiles.] It's okay. I would hate to make a mess of the House. It's so nice here.
Livia Vlcek 04/17/18 Thank you so much! *hugs*
Dita Morgenstern 03/30/18 [beams at the woman's enthusiasm.] It is my pleasure!
Dita Morgenstern 03/30/18 Congratulations Miss Kat!
Dita Morgenstern 03/12/18 Thank you Miss. Much appreciated. [smiles.]
Dresden Morgenstern 03/12/18 Thank you for the welcome, it's much appreciated.
Sofia Johanneson 03/08/18 "thank you kindly."
Donahue 03/07/18 Thank you.
LillyEmperium 02/28/18 Same here Kat. Good luck
LillyEmperium 02/27/18 Naw dear, I think it's almost normal any more. Been there done that, couple times in life.
LillyEmperium 02/25/18 it was and sometimes can still be rough hun,just remember ... One day at a time one step at a time
LillyEmperium 02/24/18 *nodding Lilly smiled softly * thank you dear. I have had to be strong. Being an Emperium was never easy. Many lumped all of us togetber. I had a doomed road even before my issues with my first husband. Angel has been one of my many blessings. mother had at one point been a dear friend of mine. I wish Kali could see her now though. Kat, you've been through quite a bit too. Don't let some guy pull you down. If he's ment to be it'll happen.... Eventually. Focus on what's right for you. you've come along way since I first met you.
LillyEmperium 02/22/18 *nodding she chuckled *Aye, that you would be correct on. I took on a child not mine, but blood to mine.. raised her alongside them, never thinking twice about it nor would I change it either. Yes, I've been threw alot, but Kat... I believe it's how you handle it that makes you who you are.
Cersei Lannister 02/22/18
LillyEmperium 02/21/18 *softly she chuckled as she looked to Kat* you and her are bit alike... Strong... Strong willed, beautiful and bright. Please do not take any of that wrong, you've both grown into beautiful young women. Not every guy knows how to handle a beautiful woman who can think for themselves.... For you, it'll definitely be a special guy.
LillyEmperium 02/21/18 I think she got the best of both of us. Though she does have his beautiful eyes. *smiling Lilly chuckled * oh Kat, like I told my dear Angel.... It will happen, when the time is right. When the right one comes, it all just kinda makes sense.
LillyEmperium 02/20/18 Yes she is. Trying to crawl already. I'll bring her with me next time, I just enjoy a Lil me time walk sometimes. Oh anymore, one has to stay outta the light. Folks get nuts
LillyEmperium 02/20/18 *Smiling softly she chuckled * oh it's alright Kat, I don't mind. Things have been well. I've stayed busy, and out of sight for the most part. Enjoying the quiet with Ro and Orchid when possible.
Cersei Lannister 02/18/18
LillyEmperium 02/17/18 Might be something to consider... I mean if you have feelings for him.
LillyEmperium 02/17/18 *softly she chuckled * slayers can be turned dear... My first husband was a slayer when I first met him, before his maker turned him.
LillyEmperium 02/17/18 *nodding she listened * you could always come and talk to me dear. Sometimes, we all just need someone to talk to. As to the guy issues. Blow the one off who acts like you don't exist... Not worth your time. The wolf.... If your hearts open, you may not actually kill him. It's weird but the heart can overcome our mind
LillyEmperium 02/16/18 Tell the fellow to get with the program... Kat you're beautiful, you could get any guy.. With in reason of course... As to the wolf, hey maybe he does love you
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 *scrunching her nose a moment, she nodded * aye there have been those in my past to do that. *looking at her, Lilly blink* what guy has you perplexed my dear
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 *Lilly looked to her, gently placing her hand at Kat's arm to reassure her* of course, you could always ask me anything. What's on your mind dear
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 yes it is
LillyEmperium 02/15/18 I'm good, was just out an about. Enjoying the evening
LillyEmperium 02/14/18 How are you this eve Kat?
Shadwyn Drake 02/07/18 "Makes me doubly thankful to know you Kat!"
Shadwyn Drake 02/07/18 Thank you X2 W_Kat!
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
vamp_goku 12/21/17 This is how you prepare a Turkey. Yes!
LillyEmperium 09/25/17 Congrats on pod
LillyEmperium 08/13/17 Thank you Kat
LillyEmperium 08/10/17 Thank you Kat
Sofia Johanneson 07/04/17 smiles and nods her head in recognition of the woman. "thank you kindly."
Faia Shiria 06/21/17 Thanks. *smiles wide*
EirieNightBreed 06/06/17 Thank you Kat :)
Caitlyn Darrow 05/19/17 Thank you! ♥
lacigam 05/18/17 Love the new profile Kat! ♡💘♡
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Why thank you!
LillyEmperium 05/13/17 Congrats on pod and congrats on your rank
Kiernan Tigra 05/13/17 Tapping Kat's shoulder gently, Kiernan pointed to a picture on his phone, which had an image of the Realm paper up on it. On-screen, was Kat's face. "Methinks the paper sneaked a photo of you when you weren't looking Kat." Smiling, he put a hand on her shoulder. "I think you deserve the headlines today. Try to enjoy yourself eh?"
Addison 05/06/17 Thank you very much! Just dont tell the coppers where to find meh...O.O
Caitlyn Darrow 05/02/17
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Negan__ 04/07/17 "My first!" You managed to break out W_Kat.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 My Pleasure, Stranger.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 You managed to break out W_Kat.
EirieNightBreed 03/31/17 A belated Thank you Kat.. :)
Negan__ 03/30/17 Thanks again! As your right those guards can be mean. One got mad because I stuck a lite firecracker down his pants.
Negan__ 03/30/17 Thank you!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 Thank you!
Sean Lynch 01/23/17 Thanks
Dita Morgenstern 01/11/17 [smiles meekly.] Thank you!
King Of Nazareth 01/10/17 thanks
LillyEmperium 12/30/16
Ronan Boru 12/25/16 Merry Christmas Kat.
Shannon Taylor 11/30/16 *Curtsies* thankies again.
Valentin Metzger 11/30/16 Danke, Fraulein. -gives a nod-
Kenny R 11/26/16 Thank you Kat :)
Lisbeth Salander 11/25/16 Thank you!
Shannon Taylor 11/18/16 Walks out of the dungeon for the umpteenth time, a bit of a dazed look on her face. She regards the comment confused, only to notice the Board for the first time and sees her name on it. "oh wow. I didn't even know. Thanks?"
Selina Kyle 11/15/16 Thank you very much
Selina Kyle 11/07/16 "From one cat to another thank you" *purrs*
Caitlyn Darrow 10/30/16 Thank you!! *noms orange*
Livia Vlcek 10/22/16 Thank you ma'am!
Sean Lynch 10/04/16 I see...
Sean Lynch 10/04/16 What a big ego you have. *chuckles* Yeah.
Sean Lynch 10/04/16 Yeah. *chuckles*
Sean Lynch 10/04/16 Yeah, it is, kinda. Well, sneaky is my middle name...
Sean Lynch 10/04/16 Yep...nah, I'm just lucky. Thanks. Nevah. *laughs evilly*
Cersei Lannister 10/01/16 Thank you, little dove.
Sean Lynch 09/25/16 Thanks :)
Sean Lynch 07/16/16 Thanks :)
Sean Lynch 07/11/16 Thanks :D
Sarah Noire 06/27/16 Thank you!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/27/16 Thank you!♥
Mordred 06/05/16 Thank you.
Ransom Porter 05/19/16 Thank you, very much!
Caitlyn Darrow 02/22/16 Thank youuuu!!!♥
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
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