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Born: October 17, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Jr Morning Star
Laura Jane

Lucifer Mourningstar

Seraphina Morning Star
Black Lord

Jameson Orlav

Luciana Morning Star

Crimson Belladonna

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RealmWhen the hunter becomes the hunted
Created by Samil
NeighborhoodCici's Apothecary
Created by Cici
Laura Jane 12/12/18 I promise not to do it again >.<
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Buts.. Whats if pweple calls meh?"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Sits on the floor and pulls out her doll. "I knos I knos.. I jus explain."
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Shakes her head again. "I takes all of dem da minds der souls killz der bodies." Walks around with hands waving explain the whole thing to her mama.
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Looks confused "whos dat mama?"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Can'ts I ish here nows cause of Ari. I pwomis I be goodz.
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Nooo! Wezz hads a deal. I get da souls and he gotz dem to torture in hellz."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/11/18 Knocks and waits for door to open. Looks at Lyl scratchs beard, while yawning. "Do you have a paint pan and roller?" He asked while still half asleep. "Demon arse hit my office." Surprisingly he wasnt mad or angry.Which normally worries people. But no he had gone through this already with the double-mint kids.
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Ooo I has something too.. Alester is in afiwca.
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Otay! Maybe nxts times!"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 "Iz she means lady?"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Shrugs her arms up shaking her head with her lower lip out some "Iz don't knowz!"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Shakes her head. "No juz da pwetty lady. When I gotz here"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 She had to remember "um da man wid da wingz and a dog" walking around in a circle explaining it all. " oh andz Lucifer da other lady whoz fee meh to da dog!"
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Mama Lylith I paints Mr Lucifer a pwetty picture in hiz awffic
-Raphael- 12/08/18 Raphael sighed sadly airborne thought of Samil being a recluse. " I m sorry for that. Arioch was a good one and given time. He could what He was. It ain't likely he will be a hermit. I will see he sends a message to Samil. He's got some proving to do. " Raphael said no more and she left to find Ana and Arioch.
-Raphael- 12/07/18 "Do you mind if I help Ana get the word out Arioch aint number 15. His file is closed and I am responsible for his sweet cheeks til he settles down. Ana's gone after him to make sure he don't do any shenigans." Raphael didn't want Arioch hunted down before she got to him. "Yeah I know Samil won't be happy but those two will have to rub elbows here and there."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 He snickers."Didn't say that. She only gets a choice of going back or getting a family. And she asked you a question."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 He chuckles and looks at Lyl. "Yeah well Killing it isnt something I can do. Looking like someone is gonna have to have a home."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Lovely lovely lovely. He shakes his head and watchs the kid on the floor."what the hell do we do?"Glances from Sera to Lyl and back at the kid. Now picking up the whisky and drinking from the bottle.
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Shakes his head, while popping the Tylenol bottle lid. He pops three in his mouth and washs it down with the shot of whisky on his desk. He point behind him at the small demon and protective angel."I have a sitution. One the big guy is one of the lock ups that amen did. A no kill on fathers desk up stairs, but amen put him down anyway. Two that cte litle creature back there is number one on my demon hit list."
Seraphina Morning Star 12/07/18 Lylith Luci's office asap please.
Arioch 12/07/18 Arioch smirked at Lylth and he flung down a rock with a parchment inscribed by a childish hand. "Little Morning Star signed it before she left...ask her..she take what I taught her. Full fledged lion heart that one! I got copies too." Arioch waved his extra parchments. "Lucifer just got a head and a list...ask him! ask his kid! I'm here to collect and take my life back."
Laura Jane 12/02/18 Guess who's back from the dead?
_Aurora_ 12/01/18 That is a bag she will be carrying
_Aurora_ 12/01/18 Awesome! Have to find Raven
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Tell you what.. If you came there are 3 over in NOLA we can use a forth!
Luciana Morning Star 11/30/18 *Ana hugs her Auntie Lyl.* "Lots of them got loose. Daddy's rounding them up too. Auntie Raphael is joining some hunting group."
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Aww I will try my best! I'm with Raven. Might confuse me for chicken if she is hungry enough.
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Ghh! Ok so here is the deal. Samil wasn't the only one to get free after Luci's fall. A few other did to. So we are on a hunt. Luci sent to get the one in Moscow. Me and Raven are headed to NOLA and Luci and Sera are headed to Africa.
Luciana Morning Star 11/30/18 *Ana looked at Auntie Lyl.* "I know but does he know? He could have some peace. You got Uncle Az. He's alone. You could tell him you don't hold it against him. I learnt when I almost kilt him. I can't do it ever again less I know it's needed. I got a demon bagged with Auntie Raphael..but he was after me...that's differnce."
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Tried to call you. You in Moscow with Az aren't you. Kept going to voicemail. What would you like me to do leave a voicemail mail say 'oh you can't kill or kick Sam in the rear.' That would have gone great.
Luciana Morning Star 11/30/18 *Ana pulled out a copy of the no-kill order and the pardon from Father.* "Please read and see Father's seal. Auntie Raphael had a meeting here and then she saw Father. IT got reviewed and Daddy has enforced it. When them demons got out Samil's cage opened. I know he hurt you. He paid for that cuz I shot him in the arse."
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 [Confused emoji] wait what?! My loss?!
We just found out yesterday. You was out of reach.
Luciana Morning Star 11/30/18 *Ana looked at Auntie Lyl.* "You can't stick Samil in a cage again! He is my friend and daddy said so. You got your shot of happy. Let him have his! If you hurt him. I will sure daddy knows. He is my protector too."
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 First: No! Just No!
Second:There is a full pardon on his aurs! Which means he can't be sent back or killed.
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Thought of the day: Fvck My Life!
And what is it you are needing clarified?
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Damn the one person she was trying to avoid suddenly text her. Queen Crazy
How can I help you?
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana nodded her agreement. Her auntie Lyl was right. She looked up at her and then hugged her gently. Uncle Az was looking for her and they all had played a game of confusion on him.* "Uncle Az is worried about you. Daddy's sister's coming. She's a meddit'r. You gonna hurt Samil?" *Ana closed her mouth, but her blue eyes filled with tears. "Jr and daddy gone and I miss' m. I think somethin' nasty coming.." *The little angel shuddered as she climbed up in her tree house. She watched her auntie Lyl leave. She was crying for her auntie and her mommy.*
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 "I am coming in Lyl. Weither you want me in there or not." He says opening the door. At least giving her notice he was about to anyway. Stepping inside the steamy hot room he moves to the shower door and lays his hands on the glass between the, "Lyl you need to talk to me. I lost you in town. What happened." His voice held a tinge of worry, anyone else woulnt pick up on it, she would.
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 He picks up her scent again back at the Seras. And while it was quiet he headed for the sound of a shower.Giving a soft tap on the door he calls out. "Lyl, are you in there?
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 He was grumpy at the best of times, that was just him. Being him, not as easy as everyone thought. He was a cold hearted, egotistisale a$$ most.There was one and only one who seen the other side of the mess called Azazel. And hearing Sammies is in town. Just hell no! Main Thought fin lyl.
-Raphael- 11/27/18 "Sugar that Mark can be removed. Ain't so he's a fallen them marks is easy done away. But that Mark will wind up in the giver.". Raphael shook her head. "I am here to help."
-Raphael- 11/27/18 Raphael saw Lyl attempting to close her shirt. She shipped her her light jacket and slipped over her shoulders. "I am here in another matter of two as well. But let me check you out sugar."
Luciana Morning Star 11/27/18 "You need to get Uncle Azzie some Keppler undies cuz I shot him in the ass with my new slingshot. Mommy took my guns away! Why is it an kid can't have any fun. She's getting me a tooter to teach me.."
Luciana Morning Star 11/27/18 -Ana was so tired. She patted her auntie.-"Uncle Az is safe but I shot him in the arse for prowling. I am sorry. Samil didn't get him. "
Luciana Morning Star 11/27/18 .Ana looked at her Auntie Lyl as she opened her eyes.+ "I shot that bad man twice with poison bullets. But he is sorry for everything."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana finds her way to Auntie Lyl's house via her new wings. She mumble to herself.* "I clean the car and now I gotta clean up after Jr. Two small pails of hot soapy water, a sponge and Jr's new toy to make suds. Somehow she navigated til she almost hit a tree branch and the two pails of hot soapy water fall on her Auntie Lyl drenching her. One small pail was almost perched on her head.* "Shyte! Oopsie doopsi!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *She finds her way to Auntie Lyl's house behind Jr. She frowns as he sits mixing some junk in a bowl. She sits down and peers in the bowl. She sniffs the foul odor.* "YUCK!" *She stands up and snaps her fingers. A very small red flame hits the contents. The foul stuff in the bowl explodes hitting her brother in the face. The bowl's contents spew all over the floor. She walks away from her brother to inspect the laundry basket nearby and pulls out some frilly underpants. "What is this? Does Aunt Lyl wear these?"
Jr Morning Star 11/20/18 He found his way to Auntie Lyl's house. Arriving in the kitchen. He find a bag of green stuff and a bottle of beer. He sniffs the bottle."Ekkky" then looks at the green. "Ohh momma makes stuffins with this. He proceeds to raid fridge for butter and bread. Lays it on the floor then finds a big bowl. Sitting down on the floor he pours it all into the bowl and mixes it well.
-Azazel_ 11/20/18 The one thing about Az was very thoroughly and effectively at covering his own tracks when needed. So just watching from a far was good enough. He wouldn't interfere unless deemed necessary.
-Azazel_ 11/20/18 Reading "dont do something stupid" The demons eye brow lefts. "I sware she says that knowing that it is possibly the worse thing to tell him." swiping along his cell he brings up her number. "Son of a Bytch!." Grumbles and grabs his coat. "A hunt we will go, a hunting we going. Hi ho the dairyo, a hunting we will go."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/18/18 You know that is like telling Duffy to do exercise. Not going to happen.
Seraphina Morning Star 11/18/18 Lyl
Let me know if you need anything. I won't tell anyone. I got this here handled.
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Crabby
Apparently I thought the same.. Something was triggered when Lucifer fell again. He said that you and the dog that follows you everywhere are not in hell.
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Queen Crabby
Someone escaped his cell in hell and is hunting you down! Just ran Into Sammy!
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Queen Crabby
Text me ASAP! I have good news for you!"
Iria Visile 11/15/18 Welcome to The Basement

Raven_D 11/15/18 Jedi
Nuff said! Let me finish in NOLA and we kill.
Raven_D 11/15/18 Jedi
Welcome to the the crew! I have a feeling you will fit right in. We need to get together and kill something let me know. 🤣
Raven_D 11/15/18 Jedi
I am tickled with questions him me up when you done hunting!
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