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Born: March 05, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 170
Home City: London Mail Sent: 23
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once

Meredith's Biography
Age: 29
Powers: Empathy, clairvoyance, mind/emotional control
Status: Single
Occupation: Get to know her to find out.
Hobbies: Eating, drinking and anything in between. This gal knows how to hold her liquor.

Currently working on a new profile due to my race change. For more information please refer to 'Sacrifice' in the realm forum.
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Elisa Stratten




Kira Garrett

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Kyon-gel 04/22/19
Phantom_ 04/15/19 “MINE!!!” He rubs off, fleeing into the shadows.
Phantom_ 04/15/19 “Be Free!” He kicks open her cell door and runs off with all the Cheetos in the building.
Elisa Stratten 03/25/19 "If I had a dollar for how many dungeons I've broken you out of this month..." Jeesh.

You managed to break out Meredith.
Elisa Stratten 03/25/19 With a grin stretching from ear to ear, the small femme embraced Meredith in an overly tight hug. "Look at you climbing ranks, fresh blood. You got this."
LillyEmperium 03/24/19 I know I'm lil late, my bad. Welcome to the coven dear
Averly Amoret 03/24/19 You managed to break out Meredith. Off you go!
Averly Amoret 03/23/19 "I guess we'll just have to work on spending more time together then." 😘
Gavin McGrath 03/22/19 "Thank ya, lass!"
Sloane Shepherd 03/20/19 Thank you!
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 "Belated welcome to the crew, doll face. Mandatory crew uniforms come in Ravenclaw blue, Slytherin green, Hufflepuff yellow, or Gryffindor red. Let us see who you really are...."
Jewel 03/10/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Mackenzie 03/09/19 I like the smell of you.
Come along.
Janus 03/08/19 Our newest celebrity.
Congrats on POD.
Averly Amoret 03/06/19 A peculiar, yet familiar aura floating about The Realm had Averly on her toes. She was unsure as to when she had felt that familiar pull of energy, but her had led her to seek the unfamiliar face of the woman now before her. With a gentle smile, Averly offered a soft wave in way of greeting.

"Welcome to The Realm."
Geoffrey Drake 03/05/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Janus 03/05/19 "Thanks for the welcome. Us newbies have to stick together, amiright?"
Kyla Brollachan 03/05/19 Welcome to the realm.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/05/19 Welcome to the realm!
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