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Something Wicked

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The Forge Pages 222-223 and 225

[SL] This way comes.

What the night brings (starting after post 4 of This way comes.) (With Nicolas Marceau)

[SL] Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. (With Josie Collins)

[SL] Autumn Equinox Mixer (With Wahn and SM members)

And then there were three (With Harlowe and Manannán mac-Lir)

[SL] Walk me home. (With Beau Theroux)
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Ashes 10/17/19

Maybe her laughter should have pissed him off. Sometimes, stuff like that would. But at that moment, her eyes were sparkling and there was something just so genuine about her amusement, and he was still confused and half on guard, but nothing about this situation was making him angry.

People usually gave him dirty looks when he started talking about the relative worth of humanity versus an ant or cockroach. Or the amusement value of human emotion, such as it was. Those big bright eyes, that who me? stare, hiding god only knew what. It was... refreshing for someone to agree with him. He could only figure that was the reason that, when her phone was slipped into his hand, he keyed in his business number. Not his private number- nobody except his mother knew that. But a number, nonetheless. And he tagged it with his call sign: Ashes.

"A lot of people are good at the things they enjoy," he said and shrugs. "I really like hurting douchebags. Haven't had anyone watch in a while, but if that amuses you, and the job works for me, yeah, sure."

Ashes 10/17/19

Ashes' eyes widened and then narrowed. He didn't particularly enjoy being toyed with, and he had the distinct impression that was what this was. His thumb smoothed over the envelope in what would have been a soothing gesture if he hadn't felt quite so lethal.

"No? So you hand money around to strangers all the time as some kind of... fairy godmother?" His right eyebrow winged skyward and he shook his head. "Or maybe you like to f*ck with people. I can't blame you for that. Those little ant farms they buy kids? They don't have facial expressions, they don't sweat when they think they've been given responsibility."

He rolled his shoulders, winked, and chuckled softly. "Yeah, okay. I actually like your style. And you now know you can hire me to scold some worthless son of a b*tch till his skin falls off, so... Win win?"

Ashes 10/16/19

Slinky, practically soundless approaches always put him on edge. He had his hands shoved into the opposite sleeves as if he was cold, fingertips teasing the hilt of the blade in the bracer of the opposite arm. Then he saw the envelope.

Still careful, still cool, he took a two-second snapshot of the person who approached him. Everything from the color of their hair to the shape of the toes of their feet. Her? They did appear to be presenting female, and very glamorously female at that.

I'll want that back at a later date, she said, or something like, and it was money in the envelope, which meant... Ashes smiled and tilted his head. "So it's an advance," he said, before she could slip away. "I presume you have my contact information in order to tell me who to..." A soft laugh shivered through his parted lips as he sought a euphemism to fit the exposed location. "... Teach some manners?"

Harlowe mac Lir 10/15/19 ~Harlie had gotten Yule's earlier text issuing the dare, but she hadn't responded. Not yet. Not considering the...developments The day had brought, thanks to her latest interaction with Manny. She felt it best to spill it all to her friend when they were together in person. Besides, after mentally going through her wardrobe, she realized she didn't have anything appropriate for an evening on the water. A shopping trip was very necessary. And Harlie wanted her best friend with her to help her choose an outfit.

This would be her first date...well, her second first date with her ex-husband and she couldn't deny that she was more than a little nervous. Butterflies fluttered erratically in her stomach as she walked down the city sidewalk. It was then that the phone in her hand chimed with an incoming text. She swiped and then read. As her eyes moved down to her friend's latest conquest, they went wide. This one was gorgeous. Yule really did have great taste in men.~

Snow Queen Bestie
I hope you got that one's number!
I can't wait to hear all about the kisses.
The day has definitely been..unexpectedly interesting, to say the least. And my plans for the evening promise to be more of the same.
Are you free to meet me at the mall? I hate to pull you away from all of those liplocks, but you and I have a very important mission. And it's time sensitive.
Jeremiah Richards 10/14/19 There was a moment of embarrassment when Yule caught him, even if it was just a reflex. He hadn't had a leg for many, many, years. The gadgets that they'd come up with since the war were amazing, but even with his preternatural strength and was still hard sometimes to keep upright, especially when taken off guard. It washed over his brown eyes until he blinked it away and focused on the cold hand.

In Jeremiah's head he was saving her. He was saving her from having to go around and find another poor unsuspecting soul from which to barter a kiss. Again, the man was old fashioned. No, he was just old. Even though the world around him had changed, he still remained the person born at the turn of the century or very near to it. He still had some ideas of chivalry no matter how outdated.

"Well, it means that you don't have to find another stranger to kiss, doesn't it?" He would give her a small smile before placing his lips on the back of her hand. It was quick. Chaste. Just long enough for her to use that phone of hers to snap a picture. Sure, there were probably men out there that could have made that kiss more sensual and more drawn out. But it wasn't Jeremiah's style.

He did give the hand a gentle squeeze before he let go, the coldness of her skin having left his a lukewarm temperature that he wasn't used to. "My name is Jeremiah, by the way. Just so you weren't kissed by a complete stranger."
Jeremiah Richards 10/14/19 Jeremiah wasn't a huge fan of crowds. He found them cumbersome and hard to maneuver in. It wasn't always like this. He remembered a time when, even when bustling, the streets were clear enough you wouldn't be jostled by every person that walked by. Now, though? People were just about everywhere. It made him nervous. He was always worried he would accidentally hurt someone in these situations, though he'd been in control of his wolf for many years. It was easy to do when your inner self was your only company. You got to know one another really well.

It was a shame it happened after his wife had passed or he might have gone home to her. Maybe he would have forgiven himself sooner for things that were out of his control. Hindsight being 20/20 was sometimes a pain in the ass.
There he stood, just on the edge of the crowd, taking some time to collect himself and rest a bit when he felt the sensation of cold soaking through his black cotton jacket. He ran warm, as did many of his kind, and so it was much more shocking than it might be to a mere human.

He looked down at the woman, meeting mossy orbs with ones of deep chocolate. For such dark eyes, it was still easy to see the surprise there. Grabbing on to him nearly caused him to lose balance, shifting back slightly to take weight on his left leg. Eyebrows furrowed at her suggestion, though.

Caught off guard, he mumbled an "Ummmm" before letting it sink in what she was asking. He was born in a different time. A time where men didn't go around kissing women on dares and they definitely didn't capture the moment on film. Not until the war, at least, and people started feeling the need to immortalize their goodbyes just in case it was their last. So, needless to say, caught off guard he was. "I'm sorry...I'm not really in the habit of kissing strangers, my dear." Spoken like the old man he was despite the youthful visage. "Though, if a nice peck on the back of the hand would suffice, then I'd be more than happy."

He shifted his weight again, looking down at her, and then offering a hand to take hers. Maybe he was old fashioned, but there was a rhyme and reason to these sorts of things and young women shouldn't just be out throwing kisses for fun and games.
Elis Griffyn 10/14/19 Elis wasn't blind to the world about them. As her lips touched to him, he could taste the otherworldliness of her kiss, leaving him all the more interested in finding out more. When they parted, he watched her silently, studying her face with the new information he had upon his tongue.

Reaching for the phone in her hand, he took it, touching at icons and numbers until his details were saved into the device.

"Just in case your friend needs more proof," he stated, handing it back to her. Then, with a nod of his head, he turned toward the crowds and walked away, safe in the knowledge of the missed call to the phone in his pocket.
Elis Griffyn 10/14/19 "Yule."

The name fell from his smiling lips as he felt the shape of the word upon his tongue. No surname then? Fine. He would match.

"Elis," he replied to her request, the slightest of bows of the head in introduction. "You can call me Elis, and I will indeed help you with your little game."
Elis Griffyn 10/14/19 The smile upon the face of Elis Griffyn curled as he listened to the stranger's words, his dark eyes looking her over as she spoke.

"I bet," he replied to her offer of repayment, as he took a step closer, his gaze never leaving hers.

Elis was far from human, but the look of the man gave nothing away. His touch was warm, his heartbeat in his chest, and when he spoke, the breath from his lips fell from working lungs that did nothing to keep him alive other than to aid in masking what he truly was to those who may seek to do his kind harm.

"What is your friend having to do in return?" He asked, his hand reaching out to touch at a few loose strands of the woman's hair. "Or does she just get the voyeuristic pleasure of all those photographs?"

Elis had been a very different man once. But that man had been lost to the world when he broke his own rule and sired for the first time in the unimaginable years he'd spent on earth.

He wondered, as he let her hair go, how she would taste on his lips, and how she'd look as her life left her. Whose name would she utter as she felt deaths arrival? How would she plead for her life as he took it from her?

"You can have anything you want," he confirmed, biting on his bottom lip, his accent deep, a mix of old, European languages, many lost now to the world.

"I just want your name."
Harlowe mac Lir 10/14/19 ~Harlie had just left Manny, the memory of his kiss still making her lips tingle, when her phone chimed with a text. Digging it out of her back pocket, she told herself she definitely wasn't disappointed that the text she received wasn't from the Celtic god. And, in fact, she was happy to hear from her best friend. She briefly considered telling Yule via text what had just happened between her and her ex, but as she read Yule's words, she decided that it was best to tell her in person. Besides, she was eager to find out exactly how her friend's mind worked and what sort of challenge she might come up with.~

Snow Queen Bestie
Morning, honey!
I'm having a wonderful day. It's especially beautiful out today, isn't it?
How goes your little...challenge? Any progress?
I'm feeling adventurous today. Dare. What do you have for me?.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/13/19 ~Harlie smirked as she read the text from Yule. Her blue eyes strayed to the attached photograph and she raised a brow, impressed by just how good-looking the man her friend had chosen for her first kiss was. It probably made her a hypocrite, but she wasn't sure she would have had the lady balls it took to approach a stranger so attractive and ask for a kiss.

She started to reply to the text when another text came in. A soft laugh fell from her lips as she read it and when she reached the attachment, her other brow joined the first. The second man her bestie had chosen was just as attractive as the first man she kissed. With a smile on her lips, she murmured "Go Yule." under her breath as she started to.tap out a text.~

Snow Queen Bestie
I'll hold you to that drink!
you have excellent taste in men.
I'm thrilled you're having a good time. Maybe we should raise the stakes a bit? Make it five kisses with five different men instead of three?
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for payback. ;)❤
Naberius Reum 10/13/19 Naberius paused as gloved fingers curled around his arm, gently forcing him to cease moving through the crowd. The cold that seeped through his leather jacket caused an eyebrow to raise in question as he focused on the silver haired woman in front of him. At her words, the other brow lifted. A hint of amusement drifting in his chocolate colored eyes.

Good for her that he was now well rested, fed and the rage was nearly gone, or she would have been met with a snarled 'no' and not even remotely entertained.

"Only a silver coin? I'll have to double my rate after you leave." The dark haired male grinned at her, winking. He was fairly easy to get along with if one could ignore the violent tendencies that appeared when enraged, starved, tortured, or out of control. "I don't see an issue with the picture. What is the saying, it didn't happen unless a picture was taken?"
Kael Castillo 10/13/19 Kael had been standing outside of a bar inhaling a deep drag from the cigarette between his lips when he heard footsteps approaching him. A plume of smoke erupted from his mouth and nostrils before he regarded the woman. "Sorry, we're closin' down for the night. Come back tomorrow, aight?" However, it was quickly made apparent she had not come to drink herself into a stupor much like all the other folks who had come and gone.

Dark chocolate hues gave the female a once over. "Sure. I got plenty of moments, I can offer ya one." Another drag was taken as the woman expressed her plea. It was odd to have somebody sober (at least believed to be) want to kiss him just for the fun of it. A light chuckle released the smoke he withheld in his lungs. "You wanna kiss me? And get a picture of it? That's oddly not the weirdest thing I have ever heard. Why not? I'm a giving man." Dropping the cigarette to the ground he gave it a swift stomp and gestured the woman come close. "Get my right side. It's my good side."
Harlowe mac Lir 10/13/19 ~The smile on her lips grew as Yule made her choice. Harlie had been hoping her friend would choose dare. She had what she thought was the perfect challenge for her. Something that might be outside of Yule's comfort zone, but which might help her to...expand her horizons a bit.~

Perfect! I dare you to kiss the first...

~She paused, chewing thoughtfully on her lip.~

...three guys you see. Oh, you should probably ask permission first. Apparently goin' around kissin' random people without their consent is frowned upon. And photographic proof is required. Pics or it didn't happen!

~Harlie spoke in a rush, in the hopes that her words wouldn't give Yule a chance to think. Or protest. She began to step away. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she kissed them and blew the kiss to her best friend.~

Good luck!
Harlowe mac Lir 10/13/19 ~Harlie casually strolled up to her bestie, grinning, a mischievous light in her blue eyes.~

Yule! My bestest friend in the whole wide world. Truth...or dare?
WildKat 10/01/19 Gritting her teeth, the woman was up for the challenge. Now a situation where the predator becomes the prey and the prey a predator. Realizing her grip, she nodded with amusement. Of course don't show anger, after all, that's what it wanted the most. TO feed off of hate, twisting minds of the desperate until they'd fallen on their knees and whatever this thing was, was looking for vessels to use. Arm falling to the side, head dipped down, eyes locked, Kat was preparing for the unexpected. She knew better than to kill it after all that's what it wanted. It wanted her and pretty much begged for it to happen. But for once she remains level headed and smiled awkwardly.

"How sweet of you to say that. Not very often do I heard words of..confidence. Tell me beast, are you having fun? What is it that this lady gave you? Poor thing, I bet you have a hard time recalling."

Taunting always became fun for her. Then again, who couldn't resist? Of course one would torment the other, after all, isn't that how it started? Standing there, the smile never wavered, Kat who remained to be her, stood there, just watching and learning. There was so much to learn about creatures like this because anything and everything was possible.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/01/19 ~Her phone chimed, and as Harlie read her friend's words, a smile curved her lips. She was genuinely happy for Yule. This realm could be a lonely place. Something she had firsthand knowledge of. So finding someone who intrigued you, someone whose personality meshed with your own, was always a wonderful thing.~

Snow Queen Bestie
That's fantastic news! I'm glad my advice paid off. I hope you learn everything you set out to discover and your curiosity is satisfied.
Of course he'll accept! You're an incredible, smart, strong, kind and gorgeous woman. He'd be a fool to turn down the chance to spend time with you.

Harlie paused when she reached the questions at the end of Yule's text. Thoughtfully she chewed on her bottom lip as she considered how to answer her best friend.
Since the morning they'd woken up together on her lumpy couch, her body snuggled close to his side and her head on his shoulder after a night of drinking and a game of truth or dare, she hadn't heard much from the god she married. And she'd seen even less. They had both jumped up from the couch upon realizing the situation they were in, Manny, she suspcted, more in an effort to respect her wishes than a genuine desire to put space between them.
~Harlie had escaped to the bathroom to shower, an effort to clear the fuzzy confusion from her head before she faced Manny. And it was only as she was washing her hair that she realized she hadn't been woken in the night by one of the nightmares...memories...which has been plaguing her dreams. A first since her escape from hell.
The realization had confused her. She didn't know what it meant, didn't know what to do with it. So she had opted to say nothing at all.~

I'm doing well. Making sure everything is all set for the event. It's coming up so fast! Things with Manny are...complicated. But when aren't they, right?
Keep me posted on how things are going there. Text or call if you need any more advice. About anything.
Stay safe and come home soon. I miss your face.❤❤❤
Harlowe mac Lir 10/01/19 ~Harlie couldn't take the anticipation any longer. Yule had come to her for advice. Advice about men. Or rather, one man in particular. And after she had demanded information and gotten every last detail about the man who had snagged Yule's attention from her best friend, Harlie had reluctantly given her the best advice she had.
Harlie wasn't sure she was the best person to ask advice from, especially as it related to relationships and feelings, given the sad state of her own love life. But it was the first time Yule had asked her for anything. It was also the first time the yin to her yang had mentioned someone in this realm, aside from herself or Manny. That had to mean something, though she wasn't sure Yule herself understood exactly what that something was.
She was excited for her best friend. Happy that she had found someone who put that dazzling smile on her face when she spoke of him. She wanted Yule to grab whatever shreds of happiness she could, while she could. Harlie was well aware of how fleeting that happiness could be. But at the same time, hearing about this man, this stranger, had brought forth all of Harlie's protective instincts. She couldn't wait to meet the man who made her best friend happy. So she could decide for herself whether or not he was good enough for her. And it was with all of this in mind that Harlie tapped out a series of texts on her phone.~

Snow Queen Bestie
Sooo??? Don't leave me in suspense!
Did you find your guy?
How did it go? I'm dying to hear all about it!
You should invite him to our...event. I'd love to meet the guy who's responsible for that pretty smile on your face.
Meir Fillion 09/29/19 Seeing the woman turn on her heel, Meir immediately prepared for the worst. His demeanor remained unchanged, still, despite the possible danger. However, she surprised him with an offer of free drinks. The smirk upon his visage grew ever so wider. If the day ever came that he turned down free alcohol the world would come to end, he was sure.

Not only were drinks on her she wanted him to teach her the way of the liquor. Friendship was a luxury Meir did not afford himself, but a casual encounter be it platonic or otherwise was more his speed. A peculiar woman offering him drinks and wanting lessons on how to be a bartender? Well, these were the kind of connections he lived for.

"Why, I would be honored to share my knowledge of the liquor arts with you. I am quite the connoisseur of alcoholic beverages. Some even say it's borderline alcoholism." A soft shrug of his shoulders was given. "I call it mastering my art."
Meir Fillion 09/26/19 Peculiar individuals were hardly a rarity in Meir's existence. For the past century or so it seemed as if those were the only characters whose company he ever kept. So far since his rebirth it had seemed that was par for the course. While he had felt confident in his abilities had any issues arose in the past, at current time he found himself in a state of, well, disappointment. The hands that could once crush a grown man's windpipe in but a simple squeeze had now the strength of a normal human. Disgusting.

For now, his wit was his only weapon. And charm; he had plenty of charm.

When the woman approached his stature remained lax, though his mind prepared for any possible situation in the form of know where the nearest exit was. Before words were even exchanged he felt an envelope slip in between his fingers. Eyes glanced from the gift back to the peculiar creature before him. Meir didn't trust it, but d@mn if he didn't like a good mystery. Curiosity killed the hunky bachelor. When the woman finally spoke, a charming half grin pulled up at the corner of his lips.

"Well, I'll be sure to take good care of it. However, if it transforms into a few martinis, it is not my fault."
Lila Parikh 09/26/19 We're having a heated debate, and it had become too much to walk and talk. It brought me to step up into a covered stoop between two different business entrances. No doubt, the door would lead up to apartments or some sort of something. It doesn't matter. Now, I'm stood off to the side, wary of anyone coming or going.

"No, I am not going to-" He interrupts me. He does this, often. Especially when he wants something. With a frustrated sigh, I backtrack. "You say you want to go to the bay, but you are-"

Just then, a stranger approaches, pressing an envelope into my hand with a wicked little grin and few choice words. It is impossible not to blink, and both myself and my ghostly friend fall silent. I can feel him step away, presumably to trail after her as she walks away, but he returns soon enough. A quick glance around is all I need before I peek into the envelope to find blood-stained cash.

A chill runs down my spine.

"...Let's go..." I whisper to my friend, stepping out as the topic of our conversation changes entirely.
WildKat 09/25/19 Just the tone of its voice causes Kat to step to the side. But it was the last phrase that caught her off guard and before it could blink, her hands curled around its throat. Now, she had heart Yule in passing, knew what she sounds like and even though they had never met, this was not her and she knew it when it approached. slim digits slightly squeezing more and more, her nails taking the shape of sharp daggers. Now, in recent weeks, a changed had happened with Kat and only a certain amount knew about it and Yule wasn't privy to this. Each digit gripping onto dear life as Kat yanked this creature toward her. What would've been the fangs of a Vampire, were now more cat-like in appearance and as her rib cage rumbled. A warning if one wished to call it so. Kat could feel her adrenaline pumping and she couldn't wait to play a little game of Kat and mouse. Lips pulling back into a sneer, she was quite a sight.

"How dare you speak of me and a Master." She was about to go on but had to refrain from saying anything further, for all information that could've been leaked, it would've been used against her. Reminding herself this, her jaw tightened. Now wasn't the time to let it go. Now was the time to take it for a walk. Whatever nest it had been going to, Kat wasn't requiring to find out anytime soon.

"But what we will talk about, is what you've done to Yule. Don't play quoy with me. Don't try to give me some sorry ass excuse because I will see through it all and I see through you. Now, where is Yule! I can and will bring hell down onto your plate if this is solely what you desire. So, where is she?!

The more Kat spoke, the tighter her grip got. The woman knew foul and this whole thing was just that, foul! "Tell me Beast, tell me everything you know and I might let you live. Then again, maybe I won't and I'll simply drag you by the neck and bring you to my leader. I've become excellent on deliverance. So..which is it going to be? The ball is in your court."

As she waited there, her ears were more alert and told her all she demanded. Granted, the only noise that was heard, was a lot of gasping for air and some weird twists of the face, not to mention this thing needed a tictac. "Your breath smells similar to darkness. I don't know what you eat or if I even want to know, but damn, your breath stank! I can do this all day. Now, where is Yule? You have one answer to provide and then I'll determine exactly what happens to you. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/24/19 ~Harlie's eyes lit up when her phone chimed with a text from Yule. As she read the words on the screen a soft smile curved her lips. A laugh escaped her and then she was tapping out a message.~

Snow Queen Bestie
Your very first text! I think that deserves a celebratory drink. Have one for me too.
I hope you like the gifts. I couldn't resist the necklaces when I saw them in the shop. They came as a pair, I have the other one. And together the pendants form a whole circle.
Are you having a good time? Text me if you need a ride or a place to crash for the night. ❤

~After tapping send, Harlie impulsively snapped a picture. Smile wide, blue eyes shining as she gazed into the camera. The pendant that hung from the necklace she wore nestled against her chest. She pressed a button and sent the photo to Yule.~
Harlowe mac Lir 09/24/19 ~Harlie sniffed at the fragrant parchment the letter she'd received from Yule was printed on. She's gotten the letter earlier in the day, when the parchment appeared in her hand while she'd been waiting for her coffee to brew. She'd meant to send a letter in response sooner, but first, she'd had to go out and purchase a gift for the woman who had quickly become her closest friend. When she'd returned to the tiny apartment she was calling home these days, Harlie had gotten sucked into the tv series she'd been looking forward to watching, and the package had slipped her mind. Until she'd received a series of texts from the god she wished desperately that she could forget.
Pressing pause on the tv after sending a text to Manny, she got up to retrieve the package containing Yule's gift. It occurred to her to wait until they were together again to give her friend her gift, to see how she would react. But Harlie was impatient. She didn't want to wait. And if she timed it right, Yule would still be at the party she was attending when she received her gift.
She boxed up Yule's gifts and then took out a sheet of pink paper with unicorns printed on it. She began to write, the ink of the pen she was using dark pink on the pale pink paper.~

Dear Yule,
I'm sorry I've left you to do much of the work. I promise to do better. Give me a list of things that still need to get done and I'll take care of them. and don't worry about the blood. We can hire a cleaning crew to take care of it. You know I'm always up for shopping, even window shopping. Just tell me when and where.
I'm...alright. The chaos in this realm is nothing I can't handle, considering. But you're sweet to worry about me. Always my heroine. I trust you're keeping yourself safe even while having I'd be lost without my best friend. We need to get together soon. These letters are nice, but I want to see your pretty face.
I hope the enclosed gifts make up, at least partially, for my neglect recently.
Love, Harlie

~Enclosed in the package were a brand new cellphone, already fully charged and activated along with a brief note on how to use it, and how to text or call Harlie, whose contact information was already saved to the phone. The phone was enclosed in a light blue case that glittered with rhinestones arranged in the shapes of snowflakes, along with the image of a certain animated snow queen. Next to the phone lay a little pale blue velvet drawstring bag, inside which was a blue half circle pendant with an ice phoenix engraved into it. The pendant was attached to a black leather cord. Harlie currently wore its twin, an orange pendant with a fire phoenix engraved on it.
After attaching the letter, Harlie stamped the package, using the magical stamp and ink Yule had given to her. And then she sent it on its way. The package disappeared and Harlie sat back, confident it would reach its destination. She pressed a button on the tv remote and then picked up her phone with a sigh as she checked to see if the man she had given up her soul for had sent another text.~
Elowen Jocosta 09/22/19 The girls confusion twisted even more inside her head as the woman came barreling up to her rambling on about the things that were happening around them. Wen looked to the woman’s face and then back to the hand she had on her shoulder. Typically she would return the touch, bring the woman into an embrace and hold onto her as she sorted everything inside her head. But things weren’t normal right now, and as she stood here listening to Yule something didn’t feel right.

Stay away from anyone and everyone

That’s what Bishop has told her, it wasn’t safe and these people that looked like her friends and coven mates were not as they should be. So when stepped away, removing her body from the woman’s touch. These frantic words didn’t sound like Yule. Yule always sounded as if she was trying to piece together everything she said, learning and absorbing things as she spoke. No, this wasn’t Yule.

“I need to go. But be safe.” It was false sincerity and Wen needed to get away quick to find her leaders and let them know what she saw.
WildKat 09/22/19 The truest of all statements The Shadow gave. Losing its head. The very thought tickled her insides and suddenly she wanted, the hunger was great, the beast that lay beneath now ached to come out. But it couldn't happen just yet. Leading this thing on to where it needed to go was the plan. To find where they all had been. Where they all hid. A silent shiver curled around her spine. The longer she hung around with this creature, the tenser the air got. Swallowing, her eyes never fell far from this beast.

In many ways, it was unfortunate, cause the actual person seemed pretty fitting, yet though they never really met. That didn't mean Kat was completely clueless. She could tell by the looks of someone. Granted there had been times when she was wrong. Furthermore even agreed to it, which most couldn't do. Letting out a sigh, becoming anxious to see where this thing would lead them, her head moved once in again. But what it didn't know, it could be taken out so easily.

"You seem like you're remarkably active. What is it that possesses your Time? So preoccupied. I presume I am incorrect?

Walking along the familiar path, knowing exactly where they were headed, her mind eased slightly. Even if it just this one that she could take out. Knowing the rest would be somewhat okay. Then she wondered how many others she could distract. Trying not to get to ahead of herself, still holding the smile, She was taking in everything.
WildKat 09/22/19 Ahh, yes The very expression she had expected. Once again, her magic worked. It was so nice to recognize, although one couldn't become too excited. After all one slip and it was over.

Listening to it ramble on, the scent was nauseating. All that came to mind was a wet dog. She had to stifle her own revulsion. Kat's appearance didn't fluctuate as her arms folded. Canting her head, amused by the second, she couldn't help but wonder how far it would perform, believing its fabrication. What it assumed to be true.

"Really? Wow, I remember when I came here. Ooh, the days. How time has flown by. You must be busy if you can't recall? Tell me, what do you do to stay busy?"

An eyebrow raised as she listened to it to carry on and on. It was almost boring but she had it right where she wanted it.

"I'm sure you got the message. Are you sure you didn't? It was really hard to miss. Say, how about you lead and I follow. It'll be nice to have the company. Shall we? What was your name again? I can look up that information for you. I have access. As I said, I'm usually told but I've been distracted myself. Lame I know. We'll call it an...occupational hazard."

Her own lips curled into a sickening smile. One that said 'Trust me' but if one was smart, it would've known better. An arm extended outward, pointing in the opposite direction to where it thought it had to be.
WildKat 09/21/19 There was a sense of disturbance in the air. One that left someone unsettled and unable to sleep. Inhaling deeply, eyes closing, it felt like forever since she had a good day's rest. She thought about putting her earbuds in and just drowning out the tension all around but she couldn't let her guard down. Taking a step forward, the hair on her arms pricked up, alerting her. -sh!t- was the only inner thought she had. Kat had realized the scent was off. Something sinister and evil. Now, this was something odd because she loved all things Evil but this...this was different. Dark. Death. Pursing her lips, hearing the faint hiss, she turned slowly on her heal. Listening to what...or whomever it claimed to be, her head nodded as she did her best to look intrigued. If anything she was ready for a war. Her eyes flashed with an odd spark as she smiled. This encounter was definitely interesting."Oh Hello and that is so nice. Do you like our Coven? Usually, I'm told when someone had joined. Apparently I missed the memo. So, how long have you been with us?It was an easy tactic. Keep asking questions until satisfied and don't let settle for less. One thing that Kat learned along the way, that pissed so many off or irritated them, was to answer a question with a question and keep up with the questioning. It always gave her the satisfaction that she needed. To get under one's skin without trying."You mean, you entered and haven't been told anything? That is shocking. You don't know what to do?"She wasn't the only one who could play the game.
Nicolas Murray 09/15/19 Twice. Twice she had managed to break him out of jail and he hadn't even had the manners to say thank you. Well, not this time. He gave her a wide grin as he slid between her and the door of the cell, tipping an imaginary hat towards her. His cajun cadence came out thick and low as he made a show of his gratitude. "Thank you, Mon Cherie. I dare say you've saved my sorry rear end more times than I can repay."
Walking backwards at a quick pace, his smile broadened. Ever smiling. Ever jovial. Until, of course, he wasn't. "I do think we should move quick, though. I'd really hate for you to have to save me a third."
Harlowe mac Lir 09/15/19 ~Harlie was locked in a cell. Again. And she wasn't happy about it. She ran her fingers through her hair and blew out a frustrated breath as she paced back and forth in the space that was entirely too small. Even smaller than the tiny apartment she was currently renting. Despite the fact that she wasn't fully closed in, she felt her breath quicken as panic seller up within her.
Sinking down onto a cot, she stared straight ahead with wide eyes as she fought the claustrophobia for control. As words spoken to her broke through the panic, she blinked slowly once. Twice. And then she focused on the familiar face peering in at her from the other side of the bars. Jumping up, she crossed the small space to stand across from the other woman. A relieved breath left her as she placed her hands on the bars and watched her rescuer work her magic on the lock keeping her in.~

My hero...ine. I owe you one. Or several, now.
Josie Collins 09/14/19 -stares at the newcomer-
-long enough it would probably be uncomfortable-
I'm supposed to welcome new people to the coven.
-sticks nose back in book-
Shadwyn Drake 09/12/19 Welcome to Wahnsinn! We are glad you are here!
Elowen Jocosta 09/12/19 The woman ran her fingers through her hair and Wen’s eyes lit up in excitement. So many people were put off by her unannounced touching so it was always thrilling when someone reciprocated. The brunette touched people for a few different reasons, the biggest reason was due to the mental state that her mind was in. She had been fecked with and some days her brain couldn’t discern between reality and hallucination. The feel of another being beneath her fingertips helped tether her to the world, grounding her in a way that nothing else was able to do.

The second reason for her unwelcomed touching was simply a craving for affection and the comfort that it brought her. Unfortunately, there were not many people in the realm who were so free with their affections. The fact that Yule not only accepted her advances but returned the favor brought an even brighter smile to her face. She was going to like this girl, at least she hoped that she would. She didn’t believe that Bishop or Jameson would let anyone in walls of their coven that would be harmful to the other members.

“I’m glad to have you around. There are some pretty amazing people in Wahnsinn, but I’m a little biased. Be nice to Josie, stay out of Liam’s bed, and don’t touch Gray, he’s a grump when it comes that.” A soft laugh musically spilled over her pink lips as she moved her hand from the woman’s shoulder to cup her face. Wen’s cool fingers rested against Yule’s skin as she stared into her eyes with her own warm brown orbs. “I do hope you stick around.”
EtaineNightBreed 09/12/19 Welcome to the coven! Need anything just ask!
Elowen Jocosta 09/12/19 -smiles-
-puts hand on shoulder-
-smiles wider-
"Welcome to the coven, I'm Wen."
Kenna Callaghan 09/05/19 Looking at the letter, Kenna almost smiled. Almost. She appreciated those who helped out newbies, like herself.
Manannán mac Lir 09/03/19 "Yule! You are a marvel."

"Oh, and if you see a petite red-head with a fiery temper and clear blue eyes, do take good care of her."

Manannán smiled again and left the holding cell with speed.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/03/19 ~From her seated position on a lumpy cot within the dungeon cell, Harlie glared resentfully at the metal bars caging her in. Though she hadn't tried, she felt confident she could melt the iron with just a flick of her wrist. But that would draw too much attention. And she had no desire to answer any of the questions that would undoubtedly be the result of that attention.
F*ckin' Manny. This was all his fault.
As her thoughts dwelled on the circumstances that brought her to her current predicament and she silently seethed, she felt the tips of her fingers tingle with warmth. She curled her hands into fists and lifted her head when she heard someone approach. Tilting her head, she watched curiously as a woman fiddled with the lock on the cell door. And then the woman was using some kind of magic to break the lock.
~Her lips formed a slow smile as the woman swung the door open. Meeting her gaze, she jumped up from the cot and strode though the doorway. Before she could say or do anything, the woman was retreating. She watched her for a moment before calling out softly to her.~

Thank you!
Manannán mac Lir 09/03/19 Thrilled to see someone smashing open the lock for him once more, he makes the woman a courtly bow.

“Thank you, lady. The accommodation is somewhat lacking, I agree, though I admit to using my incarceration as a place to reflect on my most recent…failings. One day I hope to be back to full strength so I may not come here in the first place.”

“But in the meantime, I thank you for the escape route provided. Keep up the excellent work! Oh, and the name is Manannán. How might I address you?”
Kellie_Auber 09/02/19 Receiving the note, my green eyes flicker briefly. This was how people were welcomed now. Had I truly been gone that long that the Realm had changed drastically? Opening the note in which I had received I took the offered gift and slipped into my cloak. Not sure my words would be heard anyway I shrugged small shoulders and whispered "Thank you." into the breezing winds.
Manannán mac Lir 09/01/19 As Manannán stared up at the empty apartment windows, he sighed realising Harlie, his wife, was not here, hadn't been here for some time. Before he took another step, he felt rather than saw something drop nearby. Bending to retrieve the envelope, he opened the paper and read.

A slow smile spread over his face, and he accepted the gift from one called Yule. Using his magic, he took a moment to write a letter of thanks back.

With a few ancient words uttered under his breath, Manannán used a spell to send the message directly back from whence it came. He hoped to at least surprise the sender as well as thank them.
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 She hummed lightly as she shook hands with Yule, a soft smile on her lips and a laugh once their hands were released. She placed her hand back her pocket and grinned. "I don't mind getting caught every once in a while but always is a bit too much. The guards need to cut back on the security and lighten up." "I suppose we shall though seeing a familiar face isn't that bad and hopefully our cells will be close together so we can make a plan on escaping." She laughed soflty and grinned, nodding. "Yeah."
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 Ashlyn followed along side the woman, a small sigh escaping her as she was glad to be free. Running a hand through her hair, she placed her hair up in a ponytail as she hummed lightly. She laughed softly and nodded in a agreement, placing her hands in her pocket. "That is true though I always seem to get caught when I try to bust others out. I must have bad luck or something." She shook her head and grinned. Ashlyn raised an eyebrow before she grinned and nodded as she looked at fhe other woman. She loved baking, it was her favorite thing to do. "Yes, I do." She always bake too many cookies or muffins and would give a welcome basket to newcomers. She was happy to have a bakery shop so she could at least bring someone else some happiness. She glanced at the woman and smiled as she shook her hand, nodding. "We did. It's nice to meet you, Yule. I'm Ashlyn."
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 Ashlyn watched as the woman fiddled with the lock, knowing full well how troublesome those locks can be. The guards really know how to catch jailbreakers and that is to old and rusted locks that take fooorever to unlock. A smile broke into her face when the woman got the lock unlocked and laughed softly, shaking her head as she got out of the jail cell. "Ahh, no worries. Those locks are definitely something and hard to get unlocked. I've been there countless of times and always round up in jell. Thank you, I appreciate it."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 She let out a soft giggled and nodded as she smiled at the woman with a soft hum. "You're very welcome. I love to bake and sometimes I tend to make more than I need to so why not give them to others. I do hope you enjoy the and if you want any kind of sweets, just let me know. My card is in the basket."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 She laughed softly and smiled as she held the basket towards the woman. "I bake a lot so maybe that's it."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies and a soft smile. "Sorry about the late welcome but welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun."
Liam Moore 08/22/19 "Welcome to the realm."
Jameson Orlav 08/22/19 Welcome, welcome.
Daxx- 08/22/19 Daxx bowed his head and smiled. "Tis a pleasure to meet you and I hope your stay in the Realm is a great one. If you should need anything please feel free to ask and I will see what I can do."
Daxx- 08/22/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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