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Born: June 21, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 191
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 3666
Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 437
In Union With: Rafe C Whitmoore Last Login:
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07/08/20 at 10:22 pm
Current Mood: Crushed 
The Best Revenge, is no Revenge at all.
I miss my Kitty Kat. I pray for your return. Come to me if your here.
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Official John Doe Fanclub Member
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
Black Masquerade ~ 2015 Participant
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
Best RP July 2016
Savage Secret Santa - Christmas 2016
A package of Dr Van Helsing marshmallow Peeps - Easter 2017
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
Haunted Manor Survivor ~ 2018
Black Masquerade Gold Rose ~ Participant 2018
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
I was a Secret Santa - Christmas 2018
I Survived the Red Death 2019 And All I Got Was This Lousy Trophy
2019 Summer Bloodies - Best Witch
2019 Summer Bloodies - Most Friendly Character
2019 Summer Bloodies - Best Roleplay
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Black Masquerade Blue Rose ~ Participant 2019
Secret Santa behind the Scenes - Christmas 2019
Golden Snowflake Pin ~ Yule Ball Participant 2019
2019 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Shipped Couple

Marah Whitmoore's Biography
Name:Marah Danielle Boru
Born: May 21,1988
Height:5ft 2in
Hair:Blonde(Falls to her waist)
Parents:Ronan Boru & Marie Reilly
Race:Wolf,Vamp,Witch&Fire&Ice Phoenix
Children:Twins Marcus & David Venom(14 years old born dec.7)Triplets Dylan,Arya,CC(born 9/3/16),Robert Matthew(August 3,2017)
Powers:Fire and water elements,energy blast,time manipulation, Blowing any living thing up by molecule combustion,Siphoning.
Transformations:Witch, Wolf, Werewolf,Fire & Ice Phoenix,Dark witch when angered.
Statues: Alpha Queen of St.Claire wolf pack. Former Queen of Wulfhaven
Relationship Status:Married to Rafe C Whitmoore
Occupation: Singer owner of Insomnia and Emerald Isle Recordings
Pets:2 Dragons Damian and Daxs

Marah Danielle St. Claire was born in an aristocratic family of pure blood wolves only. They had very little magic nothing extreme. She had an older brother Marcus, a twin brother David and a baby sister Rhianna. when she was 5 years old a vampire Master turned her older brother and took him away when she was 10 Marcus came back and murdered her parents. The remaining 3 children were separated never to see each other again.When Dutchie first came to the realm she was a mere 15 year old just a few short months of turning 16. She was alone knowing no one till a man with dark hair and dressed in black approached her handing her his card telling her his name was Knight Kravenoff. She placed the card in her pocket not sure if she would ever need it. A few days passed when she took him up on his offer and gave him a call. He helped her with her problem but their story didn't end there they continued to see each other and one thing led to another and just after her 16th birthday they were wed,Years past and they had 2 children Abigor and Mya. But soon their life would have a messy ending with lies from who he thought was his friend and the death of their children. That was when she found her twin brother David.After her break up with Knight she married Danny Ocean Years later she found out he was the reason for her divorce from Knight. The Marriage was to fail from the beginning and never should have been. He refused to let her go He not only killed her 2 kids with Knight but their 4 children as well. Making her watch him blow up the house with the babies looking out the window looking at her.Because of his torment to his sister her brothers David and Marcus bountied him, Killing him to finally set their sister would be safe and free. A year later she met a nice guy just a year older then her his name was Velkin. They had a good life but then it ended with his death. For months after she believed that she was cursed and never to know love again till Digger Venom entered her life. They had 2 children together twin boys David and Marcus named after her brothers.
The greatest loss of all was the deaths of her sister and brothers and weeks later her husband Digger. Not wanting to go on she was killed but before her death she was turned by a Carpathian Vampire. For 6 years she lived their ways and even changed her name.After months of living in Ireland she left to go back to her home in Big Bear.On her Journey she came across and old dear friend a fellow wolf. Who changed her mind and returned her to her rightful roots. That of the wolf. Little do her enemies of the real wolf that dwells within her.Now she has returned to LA her City. The city that she had fond memories along with that of heartbreak. But being back she has managed to run across many of her old and dear friends and some new ones. Also 2 very close friends whom she holds deep in her heart and one of the is the main key to her past. This is a new year with new beginnings where it leads only the fates know for sure. But she does know the road she is on its nothing like the past months that she spent promised and wishing on a false dream. No more lies and no more deceit in her life. She has found the one who accepts her for who she is and doesn't have to pretend and be what he wants her to be. He loves her for her and always has. She is herself again an Alpha Wolf and may god forgive who ever crosses her again.

(full bio is in my blog till it can be posted on my page)

Summer Bloodies 2019
Runner Up
Best Couple: Marah & Rafe Whitmoore
Runner Up
Realm Lush
Winter Bloodies 2019
Best Womance Your favorite womanly friendship
Runners up: Marah Whitmoore and Wild Kat
2nd place for May's best Role Play
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Blood Demon


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Vivian Fox 07/07/20 Thank You Bestie! You're so awesome!
Oz St Claire 06/17/20 "Yes Cousin had to come back to check on you make sure your behaving haha.. Oz Laughed *
Julia Silverblade 06/16/20 Juli smiled "Marah it is good to see you and thank you"
David Boru 06/15/20 "Dear gods . Alright meet you there." ^ He vanishes^
David Boru 06/15/20 "Really the twinnie thing needs to stop. we arent 5 any more. I have the basic run down but I also know about your club so I can meet you there and we will talk. I can explain all then. Honestly I am not even sure what is going on but here I am."
David Boru 06/15/20 ^David walks up behind his sister and flicks her right ear. He then vanishes laughing .He knew she would find him and catch up with out issues. ^
Killian _Doyle 06/04/20 "I am not a demon. I am still the witch I always was. Just a b it more beat to hell. I am me though and I still have all my powers."
Killian _Doyle 06/04/20 "Oh she already has . Though I was a demon . Its all good though.I am back."
Killan Jaxson 05/31/20 A shadowy figure appears and whispers to her. "Welcome home to Death and sorrow. I will see you all real soon." The shadowy man walks away after his whisper.
Daxx- 05/18/20 Thank you. I hope it flies for a long time.
Maeve 05/08/20 Thank you Marah
Switchblade- 05/06/20 Thank's for the welcome M'am as Kip smiled to the witch
Vivian Fox 05/05/20 "No"
Vivian Fox 04/28/20 "I once had bright, green eyes."
Vivian Fox 04/25/20 Unsure of what to say, deep down she felt bad but cleared her throat before she spoke."I'm back...don't look the same nor sound it but I'm here."
-Savannah- 04/23/20 "I hope things will settle down for you Marah as I would have hidden as well. I just hope Ami is well."
-Savannah- 04/23/20 She nodded "it only feels like yesterday since I had them and looking huge on the youngest ones" giggles "returning back and seeing my mom and dad. That broke my heart and then seeing the bad places as I past hell they still gives me the shakes even after all these years"
-Savannah- 04/23/20 "The kids have grown up so much and I'm feeling my age" she laughs as she showed the kids in her wallet
-Savannah- 04/23/20 "I needed a break after being badly hurt from the war attack and my body was taken home to my family to heal. Plus it gave me time with my kids"
-Savannah- 04/23/20 "Oh thank you Marah" she smiled softly
Ronan R Boru 04/17/20 * laughs*
Yeah first one on right.
Ronan R Boru 04/17/20 Well you know where to find me then dont you? It hasnt changed.
Ronan R Boru 04/17/20 Well hello my daughter
LillyEmperium 01/05/20 Ok dear
LillyEmperium 01/05/20 *blinking lilly looked at her* wait.... What? Someone needs to fill me in
LillyEmperium 01/04/20 Of course I'll be there for you darling...
LillyEmperium 01/04/20 *lilly could tell something was up, hugging her she looked * nothing that I know of, why?
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/02/20 "Let's do it on Valentine's day this way we have a month to plan get everything in order."
LillyEmperium 01/01/20 Hugging her back*h Happy New Year darling
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/01/20 "I do not see why not. What where you thinking for a date?" #He continued to look at her with a smile.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/01/20 #He felt a pinch on his ass then smiled cause he knew that touch. Turning around to face her he kissed her softly then pulled her into his arms.# "For you I have all the time in the world for. What's up?"
Marah Whitmoore 12/17/19
Nickolas_Knight 12/02/19 "Thank you."
Caitlin Boru 11/11/19 "Welcome home Marah It's good to have you with us.Now I have someone to talk to. I bet your Da and brother are happy you are with us."
Katherine Murray 10/31/19 Katherine was pretty sure they had bought a lot of candy for those that would be out and about on All Hallow's eve; though, now that the door had been upon a couple of times, she was fairly certain that one or two or all of the OdDities had ran off with the goods. Thankfully, she had a few things she could toss into the waiting bags of trick or treaters.

Wads of cash, for instance.

And that is what would be handed over with a smile to lovely angel at her door.
Livia Vlcek 10/30/19 Livia had been running through the Forbidden City when the cctv came through that she had a guest. "Ack!" with a few quick presses to her phone, Boris was alerted to answer the door and hand the woman a small package of Halloween themed macarons that Livia had commissioned for any trick or treaters. Another few quick presses wire transferred the woman a chunk of blood money and the message, 'Happy Halloween!'.
Caitlin Boru 10/16/19 "Thank you for your warm welcome and the goodie basket"
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/10/19 Yeah been here for a few days now. Left Eternal Embrace I w ill explain later and in private.
Samantha Winchester 08/02/19 Thank you Miss Marah. Hope things are going good for you.
Jared 07/24/19 "thanks I appreciate the welcome"
Maeve 07/08/19 Thank you :)
Dita Morgenstern 07/05/19 [giggles.] Well, you are prettttty awesome so I can believe it!
Dita Morgenstern 06/29/19 I just heard! From another lady. I'm shocked honestly. Thank you Marah. [warm smile.] I suppose a big congratulations is in order to you as well. [hugs.] Best Witch ..sounds amazing.
Amethyst 06/29/19 Congratulations on your wins and runner ups
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Dessa returned the hug, "Thank you! And you too! Our family took quite a few awards home. I'm very proud of everyone."
Kyla 06/27/19 Likewise, Marah.
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 I fully understand dear
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Sweetness...just let me know when and if you need a place
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *gently Lilly hugged her* I know sweetheart, and thank you
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *chuckling Lilly nodded* as long as he's happy I'm happy dear. We're good, trust it would take more than that to ever cause a problem
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 The rare one, for me that is... your father.
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Ah not so much the sitting down much as focusing on the topic at hand...
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Well talk it over with rush dear
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *tapping her shoulder, Lilly smiled* sooo I need to know colors and what not....if you wish help dear
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 "Sounds good. Yeah I did but I was polite about it. Da not so much but could be why he hasnt come to you as well."
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 I dont think you do .This is a bit different then your thing with Kravenoff the thing with my mother being back but we can talk in private yeah. Name a place and time .
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 How was your trip and time away then sis? everyone here is fine and safe few things happened but we are good for now.
Dessa Chambers 06/07/19 *Wraps lithe arms around Marah in friendly embrace* Welcome back! I'm glad you're home. *Pulls back but rests a cool hand on Marah's shoulder* How were your travels?
LillyEmperium 05/24/19 *Deep down Lilly had her suspicion as to what was happening. As she led Marah, she asked* was it Yuri or Yuki... remind you remember when you first met me face to face Marah?
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *Lilly saw the change. Gently she touched Marah's arm as they went to talk* breathe Marah.....come let's talk
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *smiling she nodded* you're choice dear....are yare you feeling ok?
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *rumors had made their way to Lilly's ear. Shaking her head slightly, Lilly went to see if it were true. As she approached Marah, Lilly spoke gently* Marah....let's get some tea dear
Dessa Chambers 05/03/19 Well, I'm not sure about most popular. Maybe most wanted *cheeky grin*
Kyla 05/02/19 Thank you for the kind words.
*smiles as well*
Edward Brollachan 05/02/19 "Thank ye kindly, Marah."
Amethyst 04/18/19 Congrats on making the realms most wanted
LillyEmperium 04/18/19 So what did you do??? (Congrats on pod)
LillyEmperium 03/14/19 Sometimes dear....we wait for the best things. I'm glad you have found happiness again.
LillyEmperium 03/13/19 I'm glad to hear it.
LillyEmperium 03/12/19 *walking up, Lilly hugged her* how's everything dear
LillyEmperium 03/02/19 That'll work
LillyEmperium 03/02/19 Marah.....where is it to be at?
LillyEmperium 02/28/19 *smiling Lilly hugged her* of course my dear
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/28/19 Alright well good then . I will keep that date in mind.
Dita Morgenstern 02/22/19 She looks at the ring and tries to give the brightest smile she can muster. "I'm happy for you, Marah. I wish you both the best."
LillyEmperium 02/20/19 *nods* She will let you keep it, I'm sure of it. I know it's a pain, but in the end if they want they can sell it. *Chuckling, Lilly nodded* shhhh I Know that feeling dear. I feel the same way about your father.
LillyEmperium 02/20/19 *Gently Lilly hugged Marah* I understand dear, I do. I mentioned well with what I said. Sometimes we hold things in trust till the young are old enough to make that choice. I have couple places in trust for mine. I don't go there anymore. Just staff maintain them. But I do understand dear. Yes I do remember how you were. *Raising her hand slightly she chuckled* enough of the depressing matters... I'm glad you're happy. He best never hurt you..
LillyEmperium 02/19/19 Oh you'll enjoy the studio. I used to have one myself. As to the Kravenoff money and estates, I can't speak for the clan, but I can to an extent Angel... that's part of the littles inharitance no worries there
LillyEmperium 02/19/19 *hugging her tightly, Lilly smiled* see sweetheart, I told you you'd find love again. I'm happy for you....still need to meet this boy though. As long as he makes you happy, and is good to the littles and you...go for it.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/18/19 "Sure. Since he didnt actually do it the first time with Angel. I'm sure he will be fine with it. I was going to but then I was nah why be mean and ruin it for him and you."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/18/19 "yeah I know he sort of told me after I busted hi are out of jail in Trans a few days a go. Congrats though."
LillyEmperium 02/17/19 Sounds good sweetheart
LillyEmperium 02/16/19 I'd love to dear. Just let me know when. Now what has you annoyed?
LillyEmperium 02/15/19 *gently hugging her Lilly smiled* good.... bout time your happy
LillyEmperium 02/15/19 Happy Valentine's day sweetheart. Hope it's been good to you this year
vamp_goku 02/09/19 "Yes I know you have, but I just wanted make a open reply was all. I know I s uck at comments so to say. Of course anytime,I never mind helping out if I can. Just let me know what you want or need is all." *grins*
vamp_goku 02/09/19 Goku gives a bow with a small grin as well.
"My apologies for not welcoming you to the coven, if there is anything you need or would like please let me know. Again welcome to the family."
Marius Tournier 01/21/19 Thanks Marah
LillyEmperium 01/09/19 I know it's hard dear, I went through similar with mine. In time it will lessen, and they will know who was there
LillyEmperium 01/06/19 *hugging her Lilly nodded* I know dear. Been there... kinda..long time ago
LillyEmperium 01/06/19 Hmmm....of course it is. It's normal I believe. As long as you don't hold it in, nor take it out on the's ok
LillyEmperium 01/05/19 *furrowing her brows, Lilly looked to Marah* nonsense little one. First off...followed by second and third... You ain't troubling no body with nothing. Not to mention the kids are kin dear. People die, family help you pick up your life and go forward.....I know I've kinda scked at this from time to time....but space and time for space is closing....let your family And theirs help you.....not to mention...I offered ... *Sticking her tonuge out she chuckled* this is what family is supposed to do dear
Edward Brollachan 11/21/18 *Chuckles*
"Aye, that's what all the lasses sat...
Edward Brollachan 11/21/18 Moonwalks in the confetti and glitter
Thank ye Marah!
And I AM scary! RAWR!
Dessa Chambers 10/06/18 *takes the offered bottle and laughs*
Thanks, Marah. No real secret, just a lot of...patience. *she laughs again* Something of which I sometimes lack. But I know you can do!
Dita Morgenstern 09/07/18 Congrats on ranking!
Amethyst 09/07/18 Congrats on your ranking Marah
Maeve 09/07/18 Congrats on the ranking.
LillyEmperium 07/14/18 *walking up to her, Lilly hugged her gently *
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
John Doe 01/26/16 John Doe Fact #308: John Doe once built a house from the sky down.
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