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Ashlyn Starling


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Born: November 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: Elysium Mail Replies Sent: 191
Home City: London Mail Sent: 3
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~The kindest hearts have felt the most pain.~ (Mail to RP.)
Ashlyn Starling's Biography
Name- Ashlyn Joy Starling Age- 25 Height- 5'4 Eye color- Brown Hair color- Brown Relationship- Single Sexual Orientation- Straight Job- Photogragher/Baker Family- Maria Starling (Mother/Witch)- Deseased, James Starling (Father/Lycan)- Deseased, Julie Frost (Aunt/Lycan)- Missing Children- Layla Rose Starling- Age 1 Nickname- Ash, Ashy Markings- Cresent tattoo on her right wrist Ashlyn Starling was born in a loving family. She was a bright and generous little girl. Was a curious one as well, always curious about everything. She loved to read about anything that she could get her hands on. Everything was perfect until her parents were killed in a car accident one snowy night when she was 10. She went to live with her aunt until she turned 18 and moved out. A year after moving out, her aunt went missing and after a few months of looking, the police declared her dead. Ashlyn knew and felt that her aunt was still alive. She traveled to different places, looking for her aunt and any clues on where she might be. After four years of searching, Ashlyn lost hope of ever finding her aunt. She got a degree in photography and owns her own photo shop. On day a handsome man came in asking if she could take pictures of his sisters wedding and she told him she would. When the day came for the wedding, she got her camera and got dressed before heading to the wedding. She took lots of great photos of the wedding as well as got closer to the man, Jake. After several weeks of talking, Jake asked her out and she said yes. They went on dates and grew more closer to each other. She was in love with him. After a year dating and one a steamy night with Jake, Ashlyn grew sick and was nauseous all the time as well was late with mother nature. She went to the doctors, did tests and got the shock of her life; she was pregnant. After getting over the shock, she was excited and happy. She rushed home and looked for Jake to tell him. Once she found him, Ashlyn blurted out happily she was pregnant. Jake's face fell and a look of hatred flashed through his eyes. Her heart broke that night, Jake confessed to cheating on her with his ex as well as having two children with her and that he never loved her before leaving her for his ex. It took her three months to get over that heartbreak and move on, she had to for her unborn child. Now she's well-known for her photos as well as her recently opened bakery shop. She lives in a small house with her beautiful baby girl, Layla.

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Dr Van Helsing

Cristina Scabbia

Declan A Black


Last five threads posted in:
Arioch 12/09/18 Thank you very much!
Steele 12/04/18 He shrugged and signed out that he may in time, but for the moment, he was going to look for a bar to lurk in the corner of and maybe have a few drinks. He gave her a soft smile and moved his hair away from his near glowing golden eyes before his smile faded. Maybe if he were lucky someone would mistake him for his brother and give him some answers.
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 As the woman approaches with a basket full of muffins and wine, the man is almost speechless. He gives a hard stare at the sweet gesture. "Kind." His voice is not as friendly as she would probably have wanted it to be. "I've been told not to take anything from strangers."
Steele 12/04/18 He shook his head and the expression on his face fell into a neutral state, leaving little to no sign of emotion to be read. He signed out that all of his leads were dead and any connection his family once had in the realm were long gone. Steele was clueless. Part of him wanted to give up.
Steele 12/03/18 He shrugged his shoulders and lit another cigarette using what was left of the one he had been smoking. Once it was lit, he flicked the previous cigarette into the distance and signed out that he knew no one here and had came to find his brother's remains.
Steele 12/03/18 Steele placed his cigarette between his lips and looked her over for a moment. She was pretty, seemed nice. Definitely not the person he was trying to find. Part of him wanted to ask, but something about asking someone about the daughter of a demon well known for strangling infants wasn't exactly the best of small talk. He exhaled through his nose, letting out another puff of smoke before signing out that the pleasure of meeting her was his.
Sophia Noire 12/01/18 "Luckily it's not the end of the world!" Sophia smirked a bit. Thinking for a moment she paused in her words. "I suppose that depends on your idea of fun. The Crossroads, well I guess people used to consider that fun. It probably could be again." She stared at Ashlyn a moment as she tried to figure something out. Sophia couldn't tell right off what she was, probably human - slayer or something. "There's well... everything."
Steele 11/30/18 He tilted his head when he heard her giggle. Laughter wasn't something he had heard in the last few years, having pretty much isolated himself after the death of his brother. No less, it was nice to hear. He gave another smile and nod before signing out the letters, 'S-T-E-E-l-E.'
Steele 11/29/18 Steele nodded lightly, plucking his cigarette from his mouth before letting out a small puff of smoke from between his lips. With a small smile, he nodded and waved.
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 "So, let's just say I am in search of the wonders of the world. Does that suffice?"
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 "Now, if I told you, I'd have to silence you and that would put a blemish on things, wouldn't it?"
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 "Thank you, however my stay is not for pleasure. I am strictly here for business."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 "Hi!"
Eden Kennedy 11/14/18 Welcome to the Realm. If you should need help just ask.
Sophia Noire 11/14/18 Sophia caught on that she might have startled Ashlyn a bit, that was alright she would get used to it. Rogue cops and little girls had a way of doing that around here. "Great to meet you Ashlyn!" Sophia twisted her blue gaze around for a moment then it landed back on Ashlyn. "So, you are new around here right?"
Sophia Noire 11/14/18 Sophia skidded to a stop. A new face? Grand! Her approach was careful, not every face was friendly. "Welcome, welcome!" She offered her hand to the stranger. "I'm Sophia. I wanted to take a minute to welcome you to the Realm and offer my assistance should you need any."
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