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Began my adventure here sometime in 2008.
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Li Kuroda


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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
NeighborhoodThe Forge (Metal Working and Gunsmithing)
Created by EtaineNightBreed
Li Kuroda 05/26/18 He thought it over before nodding. "Well I do get a kick out of pestering her so I'll take you up on that offer." Li said
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 "Pleasures all mind." He said smiling. "I do hope he's there when you arrive so you don't have to wait too long."
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 "Well you can check the tavern, Lilly is there quite a lot and Ronan visits more or less." Li said placing his hands in his pockets. "I haven't annoyed her in awhile so I may head over there to see her."
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 Li shook his head as he didn't really know much. "Sorry I can't be of more assistance but I don't think I know them." He said sadly
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 "Of course I." He said releasing her hand after a gentle shake. "I do know Lilly and Ronan. So I can more than be of assistance."
Ronan Boru 05/25/18 Welcome back . Let me know if you need anything. I see a Fraser leaves and a Macleod returns.
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 "Well if you're ever in need feel free to seek me out." He said smiling kindly at the woman. "I'm always at the ready to give a helping hand. Names Li pardon my manners." Hr said extending his hand.
Li Kuroda 05/25/18 "Greetings and welcome to the realm." Li said as he approached the newcomer. "I hope your stay here is enjoyable."
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