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Destiny is a game, is it not? And now you await my latest move....

Even chaos bends to fate...

Special Items:
 I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once

Kain's Biography

The last thing I remembered was entering a cave to reflect upon myself. Then a moment later I felt cold then everything went black.

*Her loyal creatures carried her body off to safety; she had been killed. The hounds attempted a ritual to bring her back but it went terribly wrong; instead the ritual summoned Shub-Niggurath. The creatures fled for their lives as the Outer Goddess consumed Shelly's corpse. But this wouldn't be the end, something far stranger took place. Shelly's remaining life-force that clung to her body traveled from the stomach to the womb. The dark, murky womb was filled with chaotic power; power that Shelly began to feed from. Over time Shelly also gathered some power from the other Outer Gods Shub-Niggurath came near such as Yig, Dagon, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, and Cthulhu. Then later still the Black Goat finally brought forth the wretched lifeforms from her womb including the sorceress. Feeling her life force the moment she was birthed summoned her hounds, they made the journey to her only to find her attached what was a supposed placenta that was far larger than any known star-ship in Star Trek even bigger than the Borg Cube. Fortunately the cover of darkness kept concealed before it transported itself into space after the Hound cut the umbilical cord. She was brought to the mountain that was once her home still covered in embryonic fluid. Then hours later she awoke followed by taking in over what had transpired. *

How long was I gone...?

*The Hounds say a few months then describing their attempted ritual and the Black Goat....

Shub-Niggurath?.... then if that's the case. That explains why I was in neither Heaven nor Hell, I was in her womb.. I am her offspring...

*One of the Drones brought forth a plaque with her old name on it and offered it to her. She takes it but sighs.*

I'm no longer.. Shelly... After this rebirth..... after what happened and with this new life... I will be called..

*A name echoed with her mind... A new name that she would wear from this time forth.*


Description: Shaggy goat legs, long, split-up fungal-like tail (capable of producing spores or barbs.), eldritch flame above her head which can flare up with her emotions. And a symbol embedded in her forehead. Pale skin, dark, chocolate brown hair, chubby, and violet eyes.

Powers: Chaos, flight, occultism that includes conjuration of demons and other creatures, alchemy, and Necromancy. Uses a custom Book of Shadows.

As time progresses she begins to remember some of her history as a human. She was a horror writer, her gods and monsters have come to life.

Goetic Demons: Kain often works with Camio, Alloces, Bune, Gremory, Orobas, and Ose.

Alias: The Devil, The Queen, Child of the Black Goat.

My brood and I live in a ship called Nekropolis. It is vast and strange almost as if it were living.

My ship holds vast rooms: One for experimenting with my nanites and seeing what or who I can add to my domain. That room contained innumerable pods for my victims. A lair for my creatures and rooms for guests.


INFECT AND INFEST. These are the prime directives of the Nanites. They were definitely something I created with technology and sorcery. They can adapt quickly to any environment, are invisible to the naked eye, and function with supreme efficiency. They are the ones who add my victims to my army. If need be they can perform complex medical procedures.


They are savage, they are intelligent, blood-thirsty, and they are numerous, they make excellent servants. These are no ordinary hounds; they bear a human-like intellect, have a caste system like drones, soldiers, and priests. The drones do most of the work for their hive such as construction and gathering but are able to defend themselves with teeth, claws, weapons, and spewing a black, vile liquid. The soldiers larger than the drones protect the lair and run raids; when there`s one, you can be sure there`s more. The priests; chosen for their ability with magic make great healers as well as sorcerers. They enjoy sacrificial rituals for whatever reason they desire. The Sentinel`s origins are unknown other than the fact they're from the Nether Realm. Their methods have been known to be either savage, elegant or sometimes in between. They are the largest of all Hounds.

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