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Born: July 10, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 4
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Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 81
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01/19/20 at 12:24 pm
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Training for a while, RPing is on slow for now while i get back into it.:
I am Very sad at the loss of Mallory.
Met Someone amazing - Imashe Korbinchenko hope i capture your 💝
Welcome to the realm! may your stay be fun and dangerous!
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TransylvaniaMalinov Castle
Created by Cassandra Malinov
Contests2017 Summer Bloodie Awards
Created by Cersei Lannister
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/18/20 She runs up and swats his sexy ass then runs off through forest behind the manor.
Silvia Black 01/16/20 "Oh tha-...thank you?" She said as she watches the man disappear almost as soon as he welcomed her. She shook her head laughing happy to see another mischievous spirit. She then vanishes herself perhaps off to cause chaos and mischief amoung the humans.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/15/20 "Ye better or no loving for a month" she smirked as she felt the slap upon her ass. Running inside the house and hides.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/15/20 She slapped his arm playfully and walks into the house growling " ye can make it up to me then. I been sitting here alone in ye shirt " looking down at the shirt she wore with nothing else underneath.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/15/20 "I woke to find ye gone from dah bed with nay note" she sobs and hated feeling so vulnerable in front of him as she held onto him tightly.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/15/20 Seeing him walk up the pathway to the manor, she runs out of the door and into his arms. Pressing her body against his as she kissed him madly" my king where ye been?"
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/14/20 Waits by the window as she looks out over the grounds of their home missing her king so very much. Wearing his over sized T-shirt which still had his scent over it. Treats filling her pale blue eyes.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/14/20 Looks into his jeans pockets as she does the washing, finding $2 and slides it into her own pockets.
You were successful in stealing $2.00 from Kristian Mcloud.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/13/20 Walking up in her pink silk robe which she knew sends him wild and slowly reached into his jeans pocket. Swiping his wallet and runs off to count the money. "Dinner is on ye tonight my king "

You were successful in stealing $11.00 from Kristian Mcloud.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/12/20 She lifted his wallet as he came home, on opening it she found it empty. With a low growl "ye really keep dis thing empty"

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Kristian Mcloud.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/08/20 A laugh escapes her lips as she ran off into the house, knowing all the hiding spots going " it be about time ye got ye ass home my love and bring me money too"
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/08/20 She slipped her hand into his pocket looking for his wallet, then runs off to hide.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/07/20 Laying in bed as she waits for her mate to arrive home from work, she yawned and slowly drifted off to sleep. Missing him throughout the day.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/06/20 She grins as she slips his jumper over her shoulders and pushes back sleep ruffled hair from her eyes. Walking over to him and kisses his lips deeply
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/06/20

She sits by the window and looks out over the snow clad street, waiting for her mate to come home.
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She chuckled softly as she laid next to him on the rug " my king you do live with me after all"
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She smiled and leads him into the living room with the log fire burning. A giant fur rug laid before it with pillows and a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice to keep cool
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She grinned as she got out of the car and walked up to the manor "a movie with a meal and a nice wine for starters. Then maybe some hot fun"
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She squealed as she got pulled into the car onto his lap. Kissing him deeper as she closed the car door. "Mmmm my king your so wicked I love you so verily much" running her fingers through his hair slowly
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She chuckled as she leaned into his ear and whispers seductively " ye like me anyway I can be my mate " she licked her lips and grinned wickedly. Before kissing him deeply
Imashe Korbinchenko 01/02/20 She leans against the doorpost in her pink silk robe and red bra and pantie set as she watched him
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 "Ye be my love, my king for this moment onwards my love" she kissed him passionately as she pulled him closer.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 She placed the ring she had for him and placed it upon his finger " I gave you my heart, my soul and my body. Now I place thee ring upon ye finger as a symbol of my love. "
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 She nods her head as she held onto him tightly "aye ye have my heart fully and belongs to ye my love. I want to spend me life with ye"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 Reaching into a robe and pulls out a ring, sliding it around his waist for him to see.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 She chuckled softly as she placed tiny kisses over his shoulder blades. A smile appeared upon her lips "ye have stolen my heart over and over again my mate"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/31/19 Walking up behind her mate and wrapped her arms around his toned waist, sending shivers down her spine as she whispered in his ear softly "I be betting I can take ye breath away my mate"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 After a few minutes, she came back and leant against the doorpost with two glasses in her hand and a bottle of wine. Along with some food for them both.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 She chuckled and got up, then walked into the kitchen as she flicked the candles alight. "I be getting the wine and nibbles my mate, you make thee fire burn"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 She returned the kiss as she laid in his arms on the fur rug in the living room " mmmm cuddling by the fire my mate "
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 Relaxing in his arms as she looked up at him, falling in love with him even more." Maybe I be hiding from ye to relax and get some sleep my horny mate" she grinned wickedly
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 She felt the air rush from her lung as she fell into his arms , giggling wildly at his tickling fingers. "Nay but I can hide really well my mate." She gripped his back as she felt his fangs bite at her throat that made her hunger with need.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 Her body shivered as she felt his claws upon her soft skin, giving a soft moan in his ear " we be both lucky then" she bit his earlobe and then got up to run from the bedroom laugjing
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19 She squealed as she felt his arms grab hold of her and cuddled. This was all new to her as she wrapped her own arms around his waist. Nuzzling into his neck as she took his manly scent into her mind" I be just watching ye sleep my mate and thinking on how lucky to have ye"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/30/19

She sits upon the bed and watching him sleep peaceful, with a smile upon her lips.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/29/19 "My visions of meeting someone in mah future brought me to you." She felt his arms around her tighten as she kissed him with pure passion and love. Feeling relaxed and warm in his embrace.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/29/19 She smiled as she laid her head upon his chest "then to our future mah mate"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/29/19 "Ye took mah lonely heart and thawed it also mah mate. I be ye woman for life if ye have me" she leaned in and grazed his shoulder with her fangs.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/29/19 Walking up behind her mate and wraps her arms around his waist. Kissing his neck softly as she whispered in his ear "ye have made me complete my mate, and I can't wait to have a long future with ye"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/28/19 She wrapped her arms around his waist and gently kissed him with love "thank you my love"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 The softness of her eyes told stories of her young life. " I nay do things special during my day, apart from reading or training. I think of mah family back in the shendi forests" Her heart felt heavy thinking of her twin Ice as a blood tear fell upon her cheek freezing with the cold.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 She chuckled softly as she felt the breeze upon her face, rocking back and forth. Her hood fell back as she looked at him "aye that I did this nay happened before. You were clear in my mind." A soft warming blush touched her throat and face.
Rocking gently as she listened to his soothing voice, closing her eyes lightly"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 Taking his hands as he led her to a strange swing and tucked her coat over her bottom so no cold could rise under her clothes. Sitting down slowly "Fates made us meet once more, I nay know why as they nay tell me."
Her eyes widened feeling the ground disappear from beneath her.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 A smile lined her lips as she watched him with interest. "I was born with the gift of a sight into the future, I know we only just met but it is strange that I could see you in my mind." Tilting her side slightly as a strand of blonde hair fell from under the hood of her coat "it beh strange to meet ye here in the cold on a beautiful night"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 Hearing the male's voice it was one she knew briefly from a few days before. She called out "it beh Imashe" biting her bottom lip as she drew closer to the sound of his voice.
Coming across the hidden area as she lifted her pale blue eyes to his "we meet again Kris, ye gave me a fright for a moment"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 Walking through the darkness as the snow crunched under her gentle footsteps. She pulled the coat around her body tightly as she sung to herself. Feeling the cold touch her skin as a soft breath filed the air, making her way to unknown part of the park that she never been before.
Looking around hearing a creaking as her mind filled with dread, thinking that someone was close.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 A vision flashed within her mind as she watched with interest, a soft smile lined her lips. Seeing a park full of crisp white snow covering the ground and a man walking.
Grabbing her long white fur coat and headed out to the night in search of him.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/27/19 Imashe sat upon the window seat in her home and looked out over the snow covered ground of New York. Watching people rush by on their daily business of making sure they had enough food and drink for the new years party in less than a few days time.

Thumbing the necklace that laid upon her chest from the male who was kind to her.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/25/19 Turning her head slightly and smiled softly "I will like that verily much Kris and look forward to our next meeting" biting her bottom lip softly as her eyes sparkled and turned pure white.
Marina Pershing 12/25/19 Merry Christmas! The little witch looked up at the man and gave him a thermos of hot cocoa. He was handed a small treat with a Christmas brownie.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 She shook her head slightly " nay did strange place hasn't been kind to me as people are scared of me. Of who I am and what I am" she sighed softly as she felt his soft kiss upon her hand. Loosing herself in such a gentleman before her "I be liking the thought of sitting and telling stories." Watching him step back from her "hope ye have a great holiday and beh looking forward to meeting ye once more Kris"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 She felt her face warm "I nay take dis beautiful necklace off as it beh wasted in a dark place" watching him walk towards her. "This an honor for me to wear it close." Reaching out her slender hand to his and smiled softly as her pale blue eyes sparkled in the darkness.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 She reached up and placed the necklace about her slender throat as she watched him shiver"aye never have. Ye is the verily first male that has. This verily beautiful and I thank ye Kris, I be imashe"
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 From her hiding place, she watched him reach up and take something from around his neck. She was curious and moved closer to the stump, peering down at the necklace. "This for me, Sir. No male has ever given me such a beautiful gift" Lifting it up and looked at the ruby red stoneas she ran a finger over the top. Smiling softly at his back
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 She smiled from the darkness as she spoke softly "ye verily welcome Sir" turning and crouched down behind the tree.
Imashe Korbinchenko 12/24/19 Imashe walks up to the door and leaves basket of goodies on the step. A note upon the top " merry Christmas" She knocks the door and runs off into the darkness.
WildKat 10/25/19 Congrats on PotD!
LillyEmperium 10/25/19 Congrats on pod
Murmur 10/25/19 Congratz on POTD
WildKat 05/13/19 Congrats on PotD!
WildKat 10/23/18 Congrats on PotD! Again..
WildKat 10/17/18 Congrats on PotD!
Kenia Shani 10/13/18 That's an interesting take on it. I appreciate the welcome.
Kristian Mcloud 12/03/17 Big prayers go out from me to a good person i tralked to often here, Mallory Quarters i will miss you so much. :( may god take you home and show you happiness.You were loved in so many ways and by the many lives you touched. specially mine. R.I.P. Mal.
lacigam 02/28/16 HEY!!! Grats on POtD! Have a wonderful day bro!
Faia Shiria 08/03/15 "You're looking all sharp up there. Congratz on PoD!"
lacigam 08/03/15 Grats on POtD! bro.
Faia Shiria 07/13/15 *bows and gives a big smile* Thank you sir. What a nice thing to say.
EtaineNightBreed 07/12/15 "A belated welcome to the Realm!" Etsine nodded at the new blood and then she spoke gently. "It's who I am."
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