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I love her,
but the dark side of her.
Any girl can play innocent,
but her demons are what drive me wild.
Her secrets and pain.
Her darkness.
That's what made me love her.

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Contests2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Caitlyn Darrow 08/30/17 Old establishment, new caretakers. This had been her world several years ago. The straw hat hid the fiery tresses underneath it, while her blue-green eyes stared out across the land. In quiet contemplation of the path she recently chose to rebuild from the ground up.

Idly she scratches her neck, until she feels the strength wrap around her waist and dip her. It is Wednesday and occasionally that was Lloyd's spontaneous day. However when their lips met, she knew it wasn't her husband.

Rapid blinking at Jace with a scrunched face of confusion. "No! Not wifey. Caitlyn. I'M CAITLYN." She flailed a bit making it harder for him to stand her up. A huff rolls from her lips as the hat falls from her head and toddles with the wind away from them.

"Jace! We can't have breakfast. But.. BUT. We can have a glass of orange juice." She nodded. If there was a day she needed orange juice, this would be the day.
Lucius Dalca 06/13/17 Lucius saw Jace approaching him and immediately he recognized the man's aura as that of a demon. He had seen Jace before but never really interacted with him until now.

The conversation was going harmless and casual enough before the demon mentioned his wife in he manner in which he did. Another man testing the waters. Before Jace could go walk off Lucius called him out to get his attention, "Your name is Jace right?" Lucius didn't wait for a response, the blue coloring of his eyes changed immediately into total blackness and within a second a loud clash followed. Lucius didn't aim for Jace this time but he did to the wall next to them leaving a big crater where his lightning fist had came into contact with the stone.

"The wall took your hit but the next one is going directly to your skull." The tone of his voice mirrored the darkness of his eyes. "Stay away from my wife..."
Sarah Remington 02/04/17 I'm bored, wifey.

Sarah Remington 12/22/16 Text to: Waifu From: Sarah Carver
You can't hide from me. I'm going to carve my name into your chest.
Sarah Remington 12/01/16 Sarah's phone bleeped in the middle of her playtime. The blade stuck out from the cadaver, a sigh parts from her lips. One blood soaked latex glove removed, so she can see what interrupted her focused thoughts. Of course it was Jace.

Sarah read over the message and groaned. Smoothing her opposite hand across her forehead. Blood smearing through her roots and pale complexion. A small huff asserted itself from her ruby lips. Gliding her fingers she darted back a command.

Text to Wifey
From: Doctor

Dungeon in six. Don't make me come drag you.
W_Kat 11/27/16 Congrats on PotD!
Sarah Remington 11/22/16 Reply to:Wifeyjesusslapper
Oh..Surprise me. As long as they have a decent vocal strength. What about a washed up actor of Jesus Christ Super Star?
Sarah Remington 11/22/16 Text to: Wifey4eva
From: Sarah
Did I just witness you smack the living hell out of Jesus? Oh my god. That is so rude, even for you. You could have at least brought him to my lab! Jesus.
Sarah Remington 11/02/16 The murderous obsession she had for him radiated through her being. As if by each small jerk of her body, she was intent to kill him. A dead Jace couldn't run from her, yet he might. He was what made the games fun in the end. Because their working relationship was held together by one another's crazy. Lips pursed together in a straight line as he stalked toward her. On the inner workings of her insanity, she was elated how he was able to catch the knife between his teeth. Blonde brow lofted over her right eye only to twitch as he smiled.

"Now, by my estimate I've been without you for eight-hundred forty hours or more. I'd say the dungeon is more likely than the wall."

The walls could use their fair share of damages, but the dungeon had torture devices that had been waiting for Jace to come home. Approximately ten hours after his departure.

A blank icy stare was offered to him, but she leaned forward into the knife. As it slid downwards against the flesh of her neck, her own hands cradled a shotgun. With two quick movements she had her finger on the trigger, and aimed it towards his chin.

"Wifey, lets play doctor."

Sarah Remington 10/31/16 Their bedroom had turned into a regular black market arsenal. One angry blonde murderous stalker wife in the middle. Ropes, chains, shotgun, pistol, rounds of ammunition. Yet she sat in the center clashing two large butcher knives together.

Icy blues lifted from her reflection of the blades to him. Her lips closed together in a disapproving line as she launched one of the knives in his direction. "How quaint. Which way do you want to die Jace?
They both knew she would be bored as fxck without him, but that never haulted her crazy before.
Sarah Remington 10/31/16 Text to: Deadwifey
Sarah Remington 10/20/16
Sarah Remington 09/23/16 Text to: Wifey
I don't even know what to do, even brain surgery doesn't sound interesting. Nothing sounds interesting. Where is Teddy Jace when I need him?!
Sarah Remington 08/01/16 Video message to: Jerkface Jace
Subject: You know

Ummm Yes
Sarah Remington 08/01/16 Media Message to: Grumpy Waifu

Oh my god. WHAT did you leave in bed next to me?
Nyx Photine 07/30/16 [Text:] Last one, but maybe this should be sent to Sarah??
Nyx Photine 07/30/16 [Text:] This looks like it'd come in handy. You can borrow my lipgloss if you want.
Nyx Photine 07/30/16 [Text:] What? Poop and fart jokes doesn't mean I'm not ladylike!
Nyx Photine 07/30/16 [Text:] It's not goodbye, Jace. It's never goodbye.
Nyx Photine 07/30/16 [Text:] Late to the party, as per usual. No matter, I can still give you some much needed fine art directly off my phone.
Sarah Remington 07/26/16 REALLY?!
Sarah Remington 07/25/16 To: Man Child Wifey

I really need an apple after that idiotic text.
Sarah Remington 07/21/16 To:Wifeymine
Video Message
Sarah Remington 07/19/16 Reply to: ......
I'll be there in .5 seconds to drown that home wrecker in the pool.
Sarah Remington 07/19/16 Reply to: AlwaysWifeyJace
Body: Right. WHO took the picture wifey?!
Video message:
Nyx Photine 07/02/16 *pops her head out like a whack-a-mole* I thought I heard you say drinks were on you!
Sarah Remington 07/01/16 Snapchat to: STILLWIFEY

I'm at your favorite spot, but where are you? Come find me if you can. xoxoxo
Sarah Remington 06/28/16 Reply to: YesWifey
Why don't you just accept teddy Jace as he is? His hugs and cuddles are just... More real now :( it's not smothering, he just wants to be loved? Speaking of teddies, I have a few I have to show you later when you get home.
Sarah Remington 06/28/16 Snapchat to: WIFEY

"Thank you for the gift! I almost did stab him repeatedly with scissors...BUT you'll be happy to know that I didn't decapitate it, but I may have added a small little modification to him. He's big Teddy Jace now."
Sarah Remington 06/27/16 Snapchat to: JaceyWifeyforever

"Well, that's something to hurry home to. See you in twenty...seconds"
Sarah Remington 06/27/16 Tales of stalkers ended in three conventional ways. That is they did in the mind of Sarah Noire. None of them ended with the stalker finding new prey. No. Once her unblinking hollow eyes set themselves on prey, they rarely wavered. It just so happened Jace had fallen off her radar after she had made the little deal of acquiring his soul.

She could kill him and marry his corpse. She could render him incapacitated and unconsciously he would marry her. She had many ways she could get what she wanted. However she would try the most sensible approach first. Exiting out of a bush she had used to spy on him. Her light steps carried her toward his form. She extracted her lighter from her dress pocket and lit a cigarette.

After she took a satisfying puff of nicotine her eyes narrow in his direction. The serpentine smoke being blown in the opposite direction, she parted her lips and spoke.

"Marry me, Jace."

She halfway wandered if the courthouse would remember her. She did take them as hostages one time before.

Sarah Remington 06/24/16 Trying to escape from me?
Sarah Remington 06/23/16 Snapchat to: JaceyWifeyMine
Video Message

Seriously. What the fresh hell is this? Pfft, and you said it wasn't little Jace. Obviously it is. Look at it! LOOK AT IT.
Sarah Remington 06/22/16 Text to:Screeching Wifey
It's little Jace, because it sounds like you when you don't get your way. Oh please.I'm sure with your wandering infatuation there are some little Jaces running around.
Sarah Remington 06/22/16 Text to: Wifey
Please come extract little Jace from the ceiling of my bedroom. It won't stop screeching and I don't feel like killing it myself.

After sending the text, her eyes lift up to the bat hanging from the ceiling and narrow.
Sarah Remington 06/22/16 Snapchat to: Wifey
About that.. I put it there to hopefully wilt away any other company you may have had. It seems to have backfired.. oops?

Sarah Remington 06/21/16
"What the hell? Why are you following me? ...Wait I followed you. Carry on."
Nyx Photine 06/20/16 Gigi gave a little bark in approval, causing Nyx to smile sheepishly. With a little shrug, she merely offered as explanation for a Devon Rex cat barking in greeting- “Spell gone awry. You know how it goes.” Raising her brows up in appreciation, she glanced back at her tush and nodded perfunctorily. “Thank you kindly, I agree! It IS a fine tushy!” Standing upright, she smiled widely. “Pleased to meet you, Jace. I’d love company while I walk Gigi around the grounds. She’s a bit of a princess and will only relieve herself in the presence of squirrels. Don’t ask.” As she held the grand door open for them, she asked, “From the sounds of your mails, you’ve been with this coven for quite a while. Is that right?” The leash tugs in Nyx’s hand; Gigi has done the customary animal thing in which she goes to THEE end of the leash and pulls, wanting to go just that one inch further. The can sniffs a tree trunk then lifts her leg to eliminate. Nyx just shakes her head. “Okay, the spell may have went more than just ‘awry’.” Giving a reassuring look before Jace can call the Animal Control hotline, she says hurriedly, “Gigi’s fine! Just a is all.” She gives a winning grin.
Nyx Photine 06/20/16 In a spare bedroom at Requiem headquarters, Nyx fastened the harness and leash around Gigi (if only all parents were as responsible!). Not needing much encouragement, the small cat trotted down the corridors, ready for a walk. Feeling the inexplicable urge to shake what her mama gave her, Nyx stopped short, spinning around, her face bunched in confused curiosity. Gigi gave an impatient meow, not caring at all about booty shenanigans. As though a lightbult went off in her head, Nyx's expression flattened: Jace. She'd received his booty-full coven messages in the few short weeks she'd joined Requiem. Spotting him, she jutted out a hip and gave her pert posterior a firm smack as she grinned. "Your reputation proceeds you, Mister Remington. I thought I felt a Booty Connoisseur was nearby. And I was right!" She laughed and extended a hand. "Nyx Photine, new to the coven. And this little miss is Gigi."
Sarah Remington 06/18/16 Snapchat sent to:Stalked Wifey
Indeed, we are on for dinner. I'll be the star.Be scared kitty, be very scared.
Sarah Remington 06/16/16
"I don't think it works like that."
*Takes award anyway like a boss*
Sarah Remington 06/08/16 Some might say she was predictable in her unpredictability. Sarah waited for him to acknowledge her, though she wasn't known for her patience either way. The humanity she hid well coiled around the outskirts of her mind. It whispered seductively what she often ignored.

His soul forever hers to keep. The first bargain she had ever done. The first exchange as an obsidian, infernal fueled demon. Not even all the righteous murders she committed before her death could amount to him.

When he called her beautiful, she groaned audibly and feigned annoyance. At least he hadn't made a booty comment. Maybe there was a Lucifer in these times. Sarah didn't say anything but right away, and let the memory of her humanity take the reigns of her body.

Within two swift movements she stood mere inches from him. Her head tilted back, and her lips just a mere step away from touching against his. The internal dialogue was lengthy, but she had already started to ignore its rambling.

"Kiss me."
Sarah Remington 06/08/16 There were moments when even she sometimes relapsed back to humanity. Her human self wasn’t much different from her current state, in fact she felt more as a demon than she ever could allow herself as a human. Twirling a golden strand around her pointer finger idly, she started t feel her mind wander back to its human cage. Perhaps it wasn’t even human emotions at all, perhaps it was only her memory mimicking what it knew. Either way she vanished from her current spot in her lab, and reappeared unannounced within a few feet from Jace.

”Jace, do you have a few minutes?” God, Lucifer, Hiroshima, Cupid, one of those *******s would have to save him if he even muttered the word Bootylicious in her general direction.
Caitlyn Darrow 04/05/16
Sarah Remington 03/23/16 Pausing outside the cell, her head crooked with feigned curiosity. Finishing up her cigarette, she tossed it carelessly to the side. "Searching for your soulmate? Oh... Oh right.." With a snicker she leaned forward to pick the lock of the cell, leaving it ajar for him.
You managed to break out Jace Remington.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/16 This meeting was boring, so boring in fact she felt her head bob slightly. She could really use a lift up. An orange would be perfect! Where was the closest orange?! Too far that's where. She slid her cell across her legs underneath the table. Who would be the quickest solution to her issue? A demon could probably come in undetected by the suited individuals in the room with her.

Text to: Ja Brow
Marked Urgent
Jace! HELP ME. I need you to slip me a peel!!!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/16 "Well..Ja..Browski"

*Continues lauging for another five minutes*
*Holds onto side*
"Go grab a cup from the kitchen..hahahah, I'll pour you some."
Caitlyn Darrow 03/13/16
Well that's a bit obvious, don't you think? Of course I make my own juice!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/11/16
"I brought your drink to you, now give me all your oranges."
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