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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt

Emory's Biography

I can remember the fall from his grace as if it was yesterday. All though it has been thousands of years ago. My robes of white turned black as I fell from the Heavens, landing upon the hard-cold earth. The warmth of his love grew cold and distance as I stood up with tears in my eyes, looking for him. My trust was betrayed by others who whom I deemed brothers and sisters; yet they still remain within his grace.

Now, I walk within another Heaven that is amongst the mortals who fear the unknown. The unknown what they call, supernatural. We all walk along the mortals unseen for what we are. They come to us for various things that they shouldn’t do. For some of us would claim their souls while others would take their life’s blood. My fallen brothers and sisters would fight against the light, angered on how we were treated and never forgiven for our actions.

Glancing around as I walk the grounds of my new home, my thoughts of the past grow distant to a very faint memory. I learned to embrace on who and what I am….. I am a friend, lover, healer and a killer.

For I am……

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Manannán mac Lir

Katherine Murray

Last five threads posted in:
EtaineNightBreed 04/01/20 Welcome to the coven!
Manannán mac Lir 04/01/20 Seeing Emory walking into the coven grounds, Manannán gave her a smile and waved as he walked towards her.
"Emory, glad you made it here. Kat and Nic are good people. There are plenty of rooms in the house or places on the grounds to make a home of your own. Settle in, get comfy. Oh, and if you see a gorgeous petite red-head that's my wife, Harlie. She'll help if you need anything."
Manannán mac Lir 03/31/20 "Perfect! Let me tell the coven leaders and they will sort you out. It might be a day or two."
Handing the woman a card with Kat and Nic's number on it Manannán noticed her shivering.
"My name's Manannán. What name do you go by, lass?"
Manannán mac Lir 03/31/20 "Welcome to the realm, lass. Let me know if I can help or if you're looking for a coven."
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