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Roleplay is always welcome. I will match the post length you give me.

Play as you like, and let me know if I can help with any specific leveling.

Metatron's Biography

“Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.”
― Rumi

It hurts.

It hurts to be here. The air cuts into his lungs, burns his nostrils, hurts his eyes even when he blinks. It's violent and raw and rough and petty, it's full of blood and chaos, full of hatred and vile contempt and apathy and cruelty, and Metatron would not be anywhere else. Even as he coughs around the foulness of human sadism and claims it is allergies.

It is human, and it is important because it is human. Because to be human is to have free will. And he cannot understand will without understanding humanity. And will, right now, is all that truly matters. It is the hidden message in the Pollock painting. It is the shadow under the door.

What Metatron has is duty. Is certainty. He needs will, and he needs it soon, or everything... everything... will perish like a snuffed ember.

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Last five threads posted in:
Averly Amoret 02/06/19 "Welcome to the realm, hopefully you find your time here to be propitious"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/06/19 Welcome to the realm Sir!
Flahme 02/06/19 She stopped in her tracks and turned back.

"I meant text!"

Shaking her head, she laughed to herself and hurried off.
Flahme 02/06/19 She gasped a little as she saw how he wrote his name, he burned it somehow. Perhaps they were not so unalike after all. She read the name.

“A pleasure to meet you Metatron.”

Then she flipped the card over again and very carefully burned her phone number into it then handed it back.

“If you have need of anything, and you find yourself with a phone, you can call me.”

She laughed thinking it was funny he didn’t have a phone, but then when she arrived here neither had she. She waved and went on her way to leave him to his contemplation of a smoking snowman.
Morgana le Fay 02/06/19 Welcome to Bloodletting. My name is Morgana, and we are glad to see you here. If at any time you need assistance please feel free to use the drop down tab of your mail, you'll find a tab saying "Mail the admins" You can contact us through it. Again welcome to Bloodletting and have fun!
Flahme 02/06/19 "Wonderful, I didn't catch your name, though."
Flahme 02/06/19 She stood fascinated as he took off his coat and she reached to take it from his hands, to hold it while he prepared to do…something. That dark smile that suffused his features just before he did this struck a chord deep within her, that she dared not look at too closely. Then he did the most amazing thing she has seen in her short life back on earth. He spread out his incredible wings, she was still as a statue taking in the beauty of the feathers that appeared to reflect like gems and crystals, a kaleidoscope of colour and light that took her breath away. She whispered as she spoke.

“I believe I will never see anything more magnificent for the rest of my life and will remember it until my dying day. Thank you.”

She offered his coat back, smiling up at him.

"Perhaps we can be friends, do you that a possibility if you are an angel...Archangel and I am...what I am?"
Flahme 02/06/19 When he held out his hand for her phone, she gave it to him with some trepidation. When he returned the phone to her, she read the message. The first part made her look up at him and smile wide once again. But the next part made her ponder if what she has done upsets the structure of the Universe. She would have to know more of what that entailed to be sure. ‘almost’ she decided to let that pass, he just may well be much higher ranking in his world then she in hers.

“You are the first Archangel I have met, in fact first angel of any kind. My memories tell me you don’t exist, but then they tell me I don’t exist either. So that doesn’t help much. Shouldn’t you have wings?”

Feeling comfortable again that he was not an immediate threat she peered behind him checking for the wings in case they were tucked away. She inhaled deeply hoping he wouldn’t notice so to catalogue how angels smelled so she would recognise this type of being in the future.
Flahme 02/06/19 Flahme took her phone back from the man and smiled at him before she lowered her eyes to read what was written there.

I am an Archangel.

Her smile faded and her head whipped up to stare at him with large emerald eyes her heart beating fast. She took a step back and looked down again in case she had misread the words. She attempted to still her racing pulse, maybe this was like cosplay or something. Her memories told her they were special angels, but not much more than that.

“You mean from heaven? For real?”

She hoped he would answer in the negative or things could go very bad, very quickly. Did Archangels hold any power over demons? Would he want to harm her if he knew what she was?
Flahme 02/06/19 The man acknowledged her presence after intently inspecting a snowman. Thanks to the memories she now knew what that was. He made a gesture she was sure meant he was unable to speak. Then he did something strange and used his hands to make various signs. She watched intent upon understanding his meaning and sifting through her memory she realised it was sign language. She took her phone to him and brought up a text application and offered it to him to use.

“Please, you can use this to type out the words. Use the little keyboard at the bottom.”

She pointed to the parts of the phone as she talked then handed it to him and turned towards the snowman. Deftly she brought fire to her finger tips the flame light blue and set the bong alight as if it was being smoked. She laughed at how the snowman looked to be smoking and turned back to the man.
Flahme 02/06/19 Flahme walks through the streets in the middle of night, her mind unable to quiet after recent events. she sees a man standing in the street, perhaps he too is here to find something. She approaches and is immediately assailed with an unknown scent, one she has not yet catalogued in her mind. She heard tell of other races but had only met a few so far. She must know what he is; lack of knowledge is anathema to her, which is why she took that first life.

"Hello. I'm Flahme. I have not encountered anyone with your...who is like you. Will you consider it rude if I ask what manner of being you are?"
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