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Born: May 18, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 11
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06/22/18 at 10:57 pm
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She was just some
w i l d   t h i n g .

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Kristoffer Forseti 06/22/18 Patience had always been a specialty of Kris'. When one was on the hunt it could take hours, days until his mark showed themselves. Sometimes he would have to wait until a certain condition was met to even attempt to track his prey. His prey currently? A few hot pockets and frozen meat lovers pizza!

The line did not deter the slayer from his mission. The night was young, the stomach was hungry and the Netflix was awaiting him at home. He needed this pizza. To tide himself over until his inevitable victory he munched on a bag of Cheetohs he had snatched from the sidecap nearby. Mid crunch a woman spun around to speak with him.

Blue hues widened at the sudden social interaction. Orange finger tips froze mid grab as the woman addressed him. Even with a mouth full of snacks, he replied. "Why, yes, I do have snacks. Want some?"

The bag was tilted so the woman may take however many she pleased. "As for the pizza, I prefer all meat. Pineapple is alright on it, though. Especially with some hot sauce." His stomach roared in agreement.
Quinn Abernathy 06/21/18 Violet
The chocolatiest cookies ever.
Símores cookies? Chocolate snickerdoodles?
Hereís directions.
[Link to: MapQuest]
Quinn Abernathy 06/21/18 Violet
I guess a visit couldnít hurt, right?
Quinn Abernathy 06/21/18 Violet
Itís okay. Itís going to be okay. Iíll be okay.
Quinn Abernathy 06/21/18 Violet
Nothing yet. But she was right.
Quinn Abernathy 06/21/18 Violet
She was right, V.
Cirilla Renarde 06/13/18 [kind stranger]
😂😂😂 that's very sweet of you. i'm still pumped whether i know you or not, so i'll take it!
Cirilla Renarde 06/13/18 [wrong number]

guess who got the job? i'll give you one guess. it rhymes with leery.
Aleksei Tarkovsky 06/12/18 *lets out a huff of a laugh, pleasantly amused*
I should admit, as open-minded as I am, I won't stand for neither onion nor pepper on anything cooked. For starters. You know, we should just get all this out now instead of chasing each other away from the table amidst of a meal. What's wrong with you?

You hate olives, don't you? Come on, lay it on me.
Aleksei Tarkovsky 06/12/18 If by that you mean I look sensible, I'll accept.
*raises eyebrows, jokingly incredulous*
I do dearly hope this wasn't a set-up for an argument, and must warn you I like my pizza discussions shame-free; preferably with an invitation attached.
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 Violet
I really wish my dinner looked like that.
Is that an ice cream taco?
I'm going to pretend if it isn't.
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 I mean... no. Not really. Not even a little bit.
But like, it's good?
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Have you ever watched The Sacrament?
Chase Cooper 05/31/18 Yes. No. Yes. I mean, donít you trust me?
Chase Cooper 05/31/18 Hey. So, uh, Iím 21 now.
Chase Cooper 05/26/18 I'm 22.
Okay.. fine.
20. But I'm 21 in like, three months.
Chase Cooper 05/26/18 Wait. What? No. I like girls.
I mean. Not girls. I like ladies. My age.
...Do you know any of those?
Chase Cooper 05/26/18 Friends? Uh. Yea. Yea! Okay. That sounds great.
But you should probably know, I don't date older girls.
Or younger ones. But. You know.
I'm Chase.
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