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Sean Lynch


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Born: February 14, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 99
Affiliation: Wahnsinn Mail Replies Sent: 221
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 2
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
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12/12/19 at 6:15 am
Current Mood: Moody 
“Never trust a demon. He has a hundred motives for anything he does ... Ninety-nine of them, at least, are malevolent.”
Special Items:
 March 2016 ~ Improv RP: 2nd Place
A limited edition assortment of peanut butter Admin eggs - Easter 2017
Black Masquerade Gold Rose ~ Participant 2018
Black Masquerade Gold Rose ~ Best Male Costume 2018
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Black Masquerade Blue Rose ~ Participant 2019
Sean Lynch's Biography
Name: Sean Lynch
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Demon.
Type: Dullahan- a type of malevolent Irish faerie/spirit that's like a combination of headless horseman and grim reaper.
Eye Color: Bright Yellow.
Hair Color: Black.
Occupation: None
Powers: Can detach and reattach his head at will, can sense which mortals are marked for death, can kill a mortal that's been marked for death by calling out their name, can find out the length of a mortal's lifespan by looking into their eyes.

Personality: Like any other Dullahan, Sean is a nasty piece of work. He's vicious and animalistic, especially with mortals, even when he's not hunting them. Sean is tolerant of werewolves, slayers and angels, as long as they don't pull the self-righteous crap on him. He likes being around other demons, vampires and witches and will happily befriend them, provided they can put up with his sarcastic remarks and warped sense of humour. Sean hunts at night and doesn't like it when mortals watch him. If he catches a mortal watching him, he will either flick their eyes out with his whip, which is made from a human spine, or will throw a bucket of blood in their face. If the mortal gets the blood-in-the-face treatment, it means they've been marked for death and Sean will come back for them the following night.
Sean's Playlist/Music he likes:
Sounds of Silence- Celtic Thunder
When You're Evil- Voltaire
Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson

Back Story: Sean was born to a large Dullahan family in Ireland. Like himself, every member of Sean's family stop aging at a random point in their life. This is when they reach maturity. Sean learned the ways of his kind right until he stopped aging when he turned 23. Shortly after this, he had to leave Ireland as he had become a target for demon hunters. Sean chose Los Angeles to start his new life.
A picture of Sean's horse, Arawn (king of the Underworld). He may look like an ordinary Andalusian stallion, but he is actually demonic in nature. He is also highly intelligent and can communicate telepathically with his master.

Sean's attire consists of a black coat with a high collar, along with black pants and black knee-length riding boots with spurs on them. He also wears black gloves and a black belt with a silver buckle. Sean always carries his sword and human spine whip with him and can conjure up buckets of blood out of thin air when he needs to. He is 6'5" in height. Sean is fairly slender, yet well-muscled. He weighs around 80 kilos.
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Asuna M
Blood Demon


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WildKat 11/12/18 "Well, I will let you be and I promise, I'll write first before appearing."
WildKat 11/12/18 " are you? Busy?"
WildKat 11/12/18 "Ooh..I thought I said something wrong..."
WildKat 11/12/18 Crap, did I just mess up the whole line?!?! Oh my god, I think I did. "Hmmm..what?"
WildKat 11/12/18 She could hear the sarcasm dripping off her tongue. She was almost sure she would hear the words 'go away' but hey..she'd been wrong before on a lot of things. "Yep. I could've lied about Mr. Clueless but I'm not."
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WildKat 11/12/18 "I will seriously poke you."
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WildKat 11/12/18 "Don't get flippy with me..demon. I can totally take you down!" *tries to feel..strong..but takes a step back..just in case.*
WildKat 11/12/18 "Well it looked pretty real the other night. So..what do you call it? Besides something sharp? ANNND you DOO talk! Yep..totally found you!" *smirks*
WildKat 11/12/18 "pfft...says the one who holds the Scythe.."
WildKat 11/12/18 *Whispers* "I see you."
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WildKat 10/04/16 And again...HOG...Conrgats on POtD. You gotta give someone else a chance. *grins widely*
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WildKat 07/11/16 Congrats on POTD!
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