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Dempsey Kasdeya


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Born: October 11, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Sonder Mail Replies Sent: 3
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 0
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01/21/18 at 11:06 pm
Current Mood: Homicidal 
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Rhiannon Whitaker

That Girl

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Created by Dempsey Kasdeya
Rhiannon Whitaker 01/20/18 Good. I like you. You're mine now.
Rhiannon Whitaker 01/20/18 *stares*
Do you like pancakes...?
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Great. So here is what I'm gonna do. I am going to slip you a key, and you can either follow me back to this cabin in the woods and dump some bodies... or not.

The choice is yours.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 It's what I do best. And not a single lie told. Except for the van. That's really just asking for trouble. I did, however, steal a whole ambulance once.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Sure. I got a puppy in the back of my van, too. With candy. It's the white one down the street in that shady alley that no one goes near.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 And if I told you that rent is free, a large man with a beard stocks the kitchen with his food for everyone else to eat because sharing is caring (whether he likes it or not), and we have a real, live zombie... how would you feel?
Mackenzie 01/20/18 What if I told you, crazy looking person, that I have a lot of property that is perfect for dumping bodies?
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