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Andrea Ostergaard


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Andrea Ostergaard's Biography
First things firstÖ let's get a few things straight. For all intent and purposes, I am human, with a couple notable exceptions. Meaning, I don't drink blood, the sun is my friend, I love garlic, silver doesn't bother me but I do prefer gold. It looks better with my skin tone.

Okay, those exceptions I mentioned earlier? My aging is slowed down significantly. Olay got nothing on me. I'm stronger and faster, yes, but still squishy. Paper cuts are the worst, am I right?

The downside of all the awesomeness is I feed off people's emotions. Real food is great but it doesn't sustain me completely. I won't get into the details, suffice to say it isn't fun.

Be careful who you piss off, kids. It wasn't me but I drew the genetic short straw anyway.
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Gray Taylor
Headless Journalist
Bloodletting Herald

Last five threads posted in:
Gray Taylor 01/28/20 Andrea
You'll be fine.
Gray Taylor 01/27/20 Andrea
You should probably know I'm in India right now.
Hold down the fort.
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
You are far easier than most women.
In a person way.
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
I donít feel safe in this exchange anymore.
Gray Taylor 12/25/19 Andrea
Got experience there, have you?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Iím sure it will be fine.
As it stands, I have nothing but inappropriate jokes to make at this point.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
I suppose I can attempt to gather that information.
Perhaps even a letter of reference.

They still make sundaes?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
I've heard things.
Do you require a resume?
Your leather likely tastes better than mine.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
The brisket is more for my benefit.
Throw him in the yes pile.
I hear he's quite good.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Damn. Okay.

Shall we put that on your dance card, or...?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
He's single.
Difficult to nail down.
Wounded, as all men are.
Enjoys brisket.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Victor is an inconvenience.

That's not fair.
He is just a magnet for trouble.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
That could literally describe them both.
Honestly, woman.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Which? The hobo or the ginger?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Not in my possession?
Gray Taylor 12/22/19 Andrea
Have you seen my wallet?
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
An opportunist. I can appreciate that.
It will be around at 8pm.
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
Alright. And are you a modern woman who needs no man, or would you like the car to be sent to collect you? 😏
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
Is that the social norm, now? Making people wait, so as not to seem desperate?
I might have just the place in mind. How are you with a deck of cards and secrets?
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
What is this three day rule?
Drinks are a yes. Are you the picky sort?
Shadwyn Drake 12/08/19 A Belated Welcome to the Realm.
Naberius Reum 12/06/19 Naberius glanced over at the cell to his left. A brow raised at the woman. A small smirk playing on his lips. "Oh, you know, the typical stealing and getting caught. You?"
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