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Born: July 11, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 3
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 387
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 981
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 34
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08/25/19 at 1:05 am
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BIO DONE BY: Zacarias Jadu

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Kalani Jadu 08/24/19 }Looking at the big cage she began to giggle with excitement.{ "This is mine?"
Kalani Jadu 08/23/19 "Thank you Mr. Daxx. When can we start building what you said for my bunnies? Blue keeps trying to eat them."
Ferril Darklight 08/23/19 Smiles " Thank you and oo rum my favorate!"
Ragnar BloodFang 08/23/19 I had made my way through the shadow strewn streets silently. My memories playing back like those old silent films of decades gone. Memories of a life that I had lived, loved, and died in. I shouldn't have expected more from my death, but to be honest finding myself in this place was interesting to say the least

Hearing the voice of the male sound behind me, I glanced back at him over my shoulder. The cask of rum wafted its scent into the night air. I couldn't detect any poisons, only good old fashioned rum. "I bid you thanks, friend. I will savor this gift."
Matt Boru 08/23/19 thanks
Matt Boru 08/22/19 Congrats on your union with Jayde ana
Yule 08/22/19 She tilted her head and laughed, returning his smile with a widening of her own grin. "I'll keep that in mind. I appreciate it. I hope you have a lovely day."
Yule 08/22/19 Yule's mouth curled up at the corners, an amused smile shaping her lips. The creatures of this Realm would never cease to surprise her. What a strange man.


With a shrug, she took the bottle of rum, pulled the cork, brought it up to her lips, and drank. It was fire and honey, delicious. She brought it down, replaced the cork and gave a small half salute with her hand. "Much obliged. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Ronan Boru 08/21/19 Concrats on your Union
Jayde Ana 08/21/19 And I am lucky and proud to be stuck with you.
Jayde Ana 08/21/19 You better because you really are stuck with me now.
Jayde Ana 08/21/19 *Jayde smiles softly* Good because I love you my darling pirate.
Jayde Ana 08/21/19 As are you. *Jayde pulls something from the pocket of her pants*

Jayde Ana 08/21/19 *Jayde wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him softly* It's beautiful baby.
Nicola Raven Malone 08/20/19 Nicola Smiles and claps her hands with glee. "Oooo rum!! Thank you kind Sir."
Livia Vlcek 08/19/19 The woman gives Daxx a lazy salute. "It always does." A wink and a smile, steel toed boots started eating up the asphalt beneath.
Livia Vlcek 08/19/19 A feigned smile touches her lips. "Could be better, could be worse. I'm alright I guess." Pale eyes drift towards the ocean. "I should probably be on my way. I have a few things to take care of. It was really good to see you again, Daxx. Take care of yourself."
El Orlav 08/18/19

~*~ Ella glanced to the gift with a grateful smile. Who the heck wouldn't accept a gift? Certainly not her.~*~ "Cheers. Would you like to have a drink with me?"
Drusilla Warren 08/17/19 Though she wore many masks this one was her favorite. Twisting around more Dru's dark gaze stare Daxx down. "That's precious. You haven't offended me." she shook her head. "Let's say I appreciate but you know appearances and all."
Drusilla Warren 08/17/19 Dru's head twisted towards Daxx. A smile slowly crept over her features. "Mister, I'm not sure that I can accept rum. That's an interesting welcome gift... thanks."
Kalani Jadu 08/15/19 }Nodding her head she quickly gave him a hug.{ "Thank you Mr. Daxx. I am going to go show mommy my new bunnies."
Kalani Jadu 08/15/19 "She is my raptor mommy said that is what she was cause I just found her in a cave and she hatched which mommy says is very rare for that to of happened. I just hope when I am older like Zac I get to have my own dragon too. You would build me something?" }She looked up at him with a big smile.{
Kalani Jadu 08/15/19 }She began to jump up and down with excitement when he gave her two more baby bunnies.{ "For me? Oh thank you Mr. Daxx thank you. Now if only I can get Blue to stop trying to eat Mr. Cottontail I have to keep these two hidden from her so she won't try to eat them either." }She placed her hand on her hip with a stern look upon her face.[
Jayde Ana 08/15/19 Mmmm maybe so but then again you have never known the likes of me.
Jayde Ana 08/15/19 Never under estimate my will darling. You'll see. After all the Prank war starts soon.
Jayde Ana 08/15/19 You may have won this time old man but I assure you the competition will be fiercer next time.
Jayde Ana 08/15/19 Way to put my measly 197 crimes to shame darling. Congrats though. I will catch you eventually.
Audric Roux 08/15/19 Dark hues glance down to the rum offered. An indifferent shrug of his shoulders as he grinned charmingly. "Thank you. When you work so closely to the mayor, it causes you to drink quite often."
Kalani Jadu 08/14/19 }Taking the bunny after her mouth went wide Lani then hugged him.{ "Thank you thank you Mr. Daxx I promise I will take good care of it. I am going to go show mommy." }She then ran off with her new bunny.{
Jayde Ana 08/13/19 How am I ever going to catch you now, daeling? Oi, time to work double time. Great job thoigh! Keep kicking ass
Matt Boru 08/12/19 ~Walks up to Daxx- and kicks him in the shin then runs down the hall, Laughing ~ "That's for the little Matty Boru comment."
Voodoo Raventhorn 08/12/19 You can definitely come drink with me anytime. I'm always down for a large fire, booze and music.
Voodoo Raventhorn 08/12/19 *Takes a large swig of the rum, wipes the droplets from the corner of her lips. Voodoo smiles at the kind male.* Thanks for the drink, it was well needed.
Zacarias Jadu 08/12/19 Chuckles. "Thank you."
Ronan Boru 08/09/19 Congrats on the rank lad
Jayde Ana 08/09/19 You are doing amazing darling. Time to get my butt back in gear.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 08/09/19 Cassandra smiled at him as she handed him a bottle of rum then spoke.

"Congrats Daxx on the ranking proud of you keep up the great work!"
Jayde Ana 08/09/19 Congratulations on the new rank, darling. Looking good.
Ronan Boru 08/09/19 "Yes I am a witch . I do magic and why the need to learn it" * Ronan looks at him*
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 08/08/19 "Okay who did you p-ss off to have them turn you into a guinea pig? Come on I tell you what geesh. We have to keep you away from some that eat guinea pigs and I mean they will eat you without second thought."

She picked him up just shaking her head.

"Maybe I should just give you to Kalani as a pet."

A giggle escaped from her lips.
Leigh Roberts 08/07/19 Again, thank you.
Leigh Roberts 08/07/19 Sounds delightful, doll.
Thanks a bunch.
Jayde Ana 08/07/19 Well yeah. For one I know this really amazing slave driver and for another I promised a special someone I wouldn't always be little.
Jayde Ana 08/05/19 *Does a strong man pose with a straight face* See I am getting bigger and stronger.
Jayde Ana 08/05/19 *Daxx had been right about a couple of things. Yes, she could do it on her own as her newest rank just showed but at the same time it was lonely to do so. Especially when there was no one to celebrate with.*
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 Consider it done.
friendly salute
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 A marvelous gift, my friend.
Sadly, I don't drink.
Can I gift it back to you? I wouldn't want what's surely a fine brew to go to waste.
Geoffrey Drake 08/04/19 Congrats on the new rank.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 I appreciate the offer but perhaps it best if I lay low. Not sure how most feel about a newly turned vampire with no sire showing them the ropes. Thank you, Daxx.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 No, it isn't you. I...I'm sorry. I should go. There is still a lot that I am unable to do. Though I am sure I would enjoy being on your ship I am afraid I..I have to decline. *Jayde turned to go. No need in making someone else suffer because of what she had become.*
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 *And that is when if she had a beating heart it would have sank. She had been excited for the first time in as long as she could remember and then boom. Something takes that small drop of joy away*
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 *Her nose scrunches up as she listens to his words. Vampires actually turned to that stuff. Man, she had a lot to learn apparently. She huffs lightly as she contemplates her next words* Do...Does it satisfy them? I imagine they are all older. I am not sure how that would work for a new vampire.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 *She lowers her voice as she leans forward a bit. Her fangs glint in the light before she shakes her head* I am not sure that would work for me. Not sure being on the sea for a few days would work to well either. I would hate to feel the urge to feed and bite someone or something I am not supposed to.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 *She tilts her head curiously to the side as she tries to decipher if he was jesting with her or if he was actually serious. Only one way to find out and she was not a chicken*
Sounds interesting. What happens if I get sea sick though? Does that even happen anymore?
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 That must be exciting. I don't think I have ever been on a ship before. Maybe someday I will experience that.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 Pirate? Are those real? I do not mean to offend but never heard of them. Of course you look real to me.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 You are probably right of course but isn't a name kind of important to remember? Er, where am I exactly? I don't seem to recognize anything.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 I suppose that would all depend on what I am looking for. To be honest, I have no idea. *Small shoulders shrug lightly*
I am...uh...why can't I remember my own name. I am sure it will come to me...I think...Er hope. A pleasure to meet you though, Daxx
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 *Blue eyes look at the male. Several seconds tick by as she blinks rapidly.*

*Finally a small hand reaches forward with a small smile gracing her lips*

Er, thank you, Sir.
Matt Boru 08/01/19 "The coven pirate and rum runner for EE . My father told me about you when I talked to him last night. I thank you for the rum. Rum and cookies works for me." ~ Matt smiles~
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/31/19 Cassie smiled at Daxx then she spoke.

"That is awesome Daxx. You going to use it to buy more rum?"
Geoffrey Drake 07/30/19 Congrats on the new rank. Looks great!
Ronan Boru 07/30/19 Congrats on the rank up grade. Keep up the good work.
Seven 07/30/19 Thank you.
Ronan Boru 07/29/19 "Ah yes Seamus Finnigan. Lovely lad he is now. Very good at making things go Ka-Boom then and even now. Irish lad at that. Never did get that spell I dont think would have t o check with my boys. Matt still sees him more then Ciaran." * Ronan laughs*
Imashe Korbinchenko 07/29/19 "I may find ye there then Daxx" she turned and looked back before leaving to head home in a hotel for the night.
Imashe Korbinchenko 07/29/19 Imsahe blinked from under her hood as the make walked up to her. Taking the jug from his hands "Thank ye veryily much for day rum male. I beh Imashe dah mamba " tilting her head as she removed the cork and sniffed the liquid.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/29/19 Cassie looked down at the eggs that Daxx gave her and a smile appeared upon her face.

"Why yes they are. Where did you find these again? Thank you you sure you would not like one?"
Ronan Boru 07/28/19 You managed to break out Daxx-. "You Master pirate are going t o be the death of me." * Laughs*
Ronan Boru 07/28/19 You managed to break out Daxx-. "Be free Captain Rum Runner."
Niahm Connelly 07/28/19 Iím more of a whiskey girl, but Iíll take it all thísame.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/26/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/26/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"And that is for the spiders. Your rum is gone there pirate cause now that you have a shrunken head it is going to be hard for you to drink it."
-Skadedyr- 07/25/19 -starts to chug rum-
-maintains eye contact the whole time-
Geoffrey Drake 07/23/19 Geo enjoyed the rare beer or a Corona. He arched his eyebrow at the bottles of rum. "I wonder what Lady Cassandra or Lord Ronan would say if we served these excellent bottles at a worthy occassion! What do you think? I am not a drinking man."
Adara Litvinova 07/23/19 Okay, look. You gotta keep this stuff coming. -nods lots- Thank you!
Aurora Crane 07/21/19 *She watches with some amusement as a man dressed as a...pirate approaches her. When he offers the jug he's carrying, her green eyes light up and she lets out a little squeal of delight as she accepts it.*

Oooh, thank you! I adore rum!
Livia Vlcek 07/21/19 Oh my god.. HE was the one that tried to make her eat meatstuffs. With a sudden lift of the corners of her mouth, the flesh of her cheek turns cruelly in on itself. "I still eat the vegetable flesh but have partaken in eating the flesh of animals when it was necessary.. much to the protest of my stomach." Livia leaned in closer to study the man. "You look different than last time."
EtaineNightBreed 07/20/19 Welcome to the realm Mr. Scarey.
Ophir Jadu 07/20/19 Yes I know old enough to sail old enough to drink. I get it. -Smiles-
Ophir Jadu 07/20/19 Seriously Pirate rum to 20 year old son really? - Laughs- you waste no tie I see.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/18/19 Cassie gave Daxx a smile as she nodded her head then took the liquor taking a swig of the rum then she made a sigh of relief.


Shaking her head when he called her Lady Jadu.

"Please do not call me Lady Jadu I am so glad you have manners but please Cassandra or Cassie is just fine. Oh that is some good rum thank you. And you a very welcome I am glad you say such kind words but I am sure some others that like to cause drama now a days would disagree with you. But I am glad you are here with us and love it here. Did you need anything Daxx?"

She looked at him and took another swig of the rum he was so kindly to offer her.
Livia Vlcek 07/18/19 She nods in understanding. People always seems to come and go in her life. "It's been.. uneventful. Not that it is a bad thing. I like the quiet. But, I am glad to see you are back.. hopefully for longer this time?"
Livia Vlcek 07/18/19 Livia's eyes narrow, not because she doesn't like the man but because she's just woken from a much needed rest and her eyesight is blurry as fvck. "Long time, stranger." She gives a sliver of a smile and ribs the man gently with a sharp elbow. "It's been a long time. How have you been?"
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 "aye Rum with a 5 finger discount and with the good wishes of the British EIC . I think master Pirate that can be a good thing. Anything taken from the English crown is good at this point with me. I will keep your Special delivery at my pub at home." * He grins* "Keeping your nose clean and out of trouble is always a good thing in the end .Keeps you alive longer."
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 "We discovered it was a lie and a story sent out but never did find who started it. Water under the bridge as I said and hold no ill will to any one from then. Things happen and you move on. You grow and learn or you dont. I have over the years since Blood Tide.'
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 "Wait I did tell you that didnt I? Old age sucks and its High king actually. As for the Spy in Blood tide we figured that one out in the end. I hold no ill will to any one from then." * Ronan laughs.* "We had a good group in Blood Tide. Fun members.Few issues and they were sorted out easy enough in the end."
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 So smart ass Who or what do you think I am? * Ronan looks at him . He doesnt remember telling him anything in the past.*
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 * Ronan looks at him hi eyes go violet and He looks at him.* "Again Ronan .I HATE formalities like M'lord, your grace a nd all the BS. I am just Ronan."
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 "So what are you a pirate spy then?Here hand this to Boru and we can track it.You a re going to get me shot Pirate boy." * Ronan laughs* "then your spy ass can explain it to my wife after."
Ronan Boru 07/17/19 *Ronan Looks at the Barrels.Then to Daxx-* "First off It is just Ronan and WTF are you trying to get me killed this is from the EIC. So yeah lets hand English stolen goods of Rum, Posion and gun powder to the Rebel Irish witch and for fun see what happens."
Geoffrey Drake 07/11/19 Welcome to the realm and the coven.
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 Oh so very true
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 Been alright dear... always some kinda crazy for a brief time then quiet....
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 *laughing she smiled* good to see you back
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 And you'll lose your rum lol
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 *chuckling she looked to him*

Been awhile dear. Behaving I trust?
LillyEmperium 07/11/19 Welcome to the realm
Ronan Boru 07/11/19 *Ronan laughs and looks at his friend* "Ok who in Hell let you out from the zoo? Welcome back."
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