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Born: March 03, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 15
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 61
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RealmTeen Spirit
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Created by Heinrich Luneberg
Loki Jones 03/17/19 Eating the last of the burger he looks at the scroll. "Okay, so what is on this then. Rather know before I get there."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 He smirks and then grins. "Okay thanks, pretty sure I can find him in the kitchen if not I know he will go there sooner or later." Bust her bubble of the kitchen alone, why the hell not. "Wanta burger I make a pretty decent angus with fried onions and cheese?"
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 Brown eyes focus on the girl as she swiftly moves back towards her room. He knew that was normally a sign that they were either up to something or in trouble. With Hela, he never really knew. With a grin he calls out. "Hey!... yeah you. Have you seen Jacob?" Well he was actually looking for Jacob, but if it would get the girl to talk it would also be helpful.
Angela Emperium 03/14/19 Hugs her new friend, "Hela you earned the right to be part of Teen Squad. Thank you for all the help with our training."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 They are strange for sure. After that they got hitched. So worked for them
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Um no! Bells got that covered. Did you see her knock your dad on his aurs?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/12/19 Knocks on her Hels door with a coffee and muffins. She wanted to talk to her for what had happened in the last 48 hours.
Loki Jones 03/12/19 Taking the burger as if he hadn't eaten in a week he listens and then chuckles. "Yeah well hopefully all them all are be preoccupied." He laughs then bites the burger. "So whats your plan now that you now were Nessie is?"
Loki Jones 03/11/19 "Yu mean her right, he is in a girls body Hela" He breaths out and scratchs his head. He was on his way to hell to get him out of the waist lands. He pours himself another drink and downs it in one shot.
Loki Jones 03/11/19 He grins and then smirks. "Yeah well it didn't work out well for me either. I kinda killed one of Odins and well yeah got sentenced to life." He downs the rest of his drink and sits back. This time a slightly bit more serious. "Fens Alive Hela."
Loki Jones 03/11/19 It had to be the teenage boy in him, as he almost choked on his drink when she said Nessie. That was priceless. Swallowing that shot down he nods. "Good behavior of sorts. I kinda got out on that time when Luci fell again and clawed my way up to look for an old friend. To help me find someone. But in doing so He found me. And it was go back or stay this."
Loki Jones 03/11/19 Whisky well that was a change. He smirks and sits down then unzips his jacket while listening to her. An eye brow lifted as he took the shot. "Really? Well That I didn't know." How was he to explain he knew where Fen was. He hadn't told the others even. Looking at her he chuckles. "Well I got out on a order that I had to take this body. And report to Lucifer as my probation officer."
Loki Jones 03/11/19 He follows her into the apt. Dark eyes glance over the small place. They were all pretty much set up the same it seemed. Standing there hand in his pockets so he could at least fidget with his keys. "So um guess I should ask what brought you topside right Hela?" He still was in a bit of shock, how does one talk to his own daughter, his only daughter as a 17 yr old Male. She was one of three children, two others in hell still. One he knew the location of the other not so much.
Loki Jones 03/11/19 "Hey." He says while looking down still. "Yeah it is.." He looks up and sighs. "I am not gonna be a ******. Thanks for helping out." What else could he say? He was truly at a loss for words since she arrived in the realm. "Think maybe its time we talked? I am ready if you are."
Loki Jones 03/11/19 He needed to do this. It was time. His hair still damp from the shower before hands stuffed into his pockets as he had his head down. Black army boots stop out side her door. And his hand hovers over the wood before he breaths out and knocks hard.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/08/19 Bells smiled "thanks!"
Uriel Emperium 03/07/19 Finding the new girl he realized who is was and smiles."Hey, Welcome to the coven I see you found your way. Oh and grats on ranking as well!"
Angela Emperium 03/07/19 "Great job on ranking!" Hugs her new friend. "Now what would you like to do?"
Raven D Morningstar 03/07/19 Keep that up and you are going to give people a run for their money. If you have questions just ask.
Raven D Morningstar 03/07/19 Congrats on the new rank!
Blake Prince 03/06/19 Welcome to the family
Raven D Morningstar 03/06/19 A grin was plastered on Ravens face. This girl has been stirring the pot with the other kids for a few days. Teen drama who would have thought. Making her way to the new teens room she gave a good knock on the door and and left her a welcome snack pack basket with all kinds of goodies and a note 'Welcome to the coven kid! Enjoy!"
Ravin 03/06/19 Ravin smiled at the newest member. Another teen by the looks of things. Coming up to the girl she smiled."Welcome Hela, I'm the Confidant of the coven. I have a office here as well. If you need anything please feel free to stop by. The others are wandering around somewhere."
Angela Emperium 03/06/19 "Welcome to Carpe Noctem Hela, come I will show you where the teens have taken up rooms. We are away from the adults. Oh and snacks we has plenty! Maybe later I will show you mine and Uri's coon babies."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/05/19 He just watched from a distance. Unsure himself if it was who he though it was. But hell if it was Loki was gonna have a hell of a week. Truth be known he knew what that group of kids were up to and the fact that Loki had plans to break out a so called shifter hiding in the form of a little girl. Yet very few knew that shifter was actually Fen locked up. This would turn out to be a interesting turn of events if she was indeed Hela, daughter of Loki.
Janus 03/05/19 "Thank you for the welcome."
Uriel Emperium 03/05/19 He nods and smiles."Well then Miss I'll let you get back to your day." He turns to leave, then stops. "Umm if that stuff came from Lost treasures. Might want to stay clear of the next street. His stuff is usually hot he gets it from gang members. The police station is on the next street over." He nods knowingly. Anyway if your looking for a place to stay. Lookup Mystic Husky she is my Mom and the coven has openings."
Uriel Emperium 03/05/19 Yeah it seemed this place was pretty much filled with teens and so of course being Uri, who wasn't any different the boy did his part as well. Stepping out from the darkness a smile appears and then a hand, if she toke it it would be her choice."Morning Mam, On behalf of Carpe Noctem. I am Uriel welcome to the realm. It was not needed to say but, if you have any questions. I am around here some where."
Loki Jones 03/05/19 He gives her a nod at the name she had given. No emotion would be shone. The seventeen yr old just exhales and watch's the girl go. Evil grin escapes as the smoke is pulled from his lips and he flicks it into the street.
Loki Jones 03/05/19 Leaning against the nearest wall he watch'e and smirks. What the heck. If ya cant beat them join them right?" A smoke hangs limp from his lips as he looks towards her. "Welcome to the fun house. I am Loki, If I can help with anything I can help with give me a shout."
Angela Emperium 03/04/19 "Nice to meet you too. If you need anything us teens are always running around." She grinned. "We try to help out."
Angela Emperium 03/04/19 Walks by the new girl and polietly smiles. "Hey welcome to the realm. I'm Angel."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 Well welcome Hela. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 I didn't catch your name.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 "Welcome to the realm! Names Jacob or Jake if you need help just ask!
Averly Amoret 03/04/19 You managed to break out Hela Jones.
"Greetings. Looks like you know how to throw one hell of a welcome party."
Ravin 03/04/19 "On behalf of Carpe Noctem I want to welcome you to the realm. I'm Ravin if you need anything please let me know."
Flahme 03/04/19 Flahme scents another delicious demon in the Realm and hunts them down.

"Welcome to the Realm! I'm Flahme."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/04/19 Welcome to the realm! Name is Bella. If you need help just ask!
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