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Los AngelesThe Cold, The Dark, and The Silence
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Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Quinn had been in a state. For the past few months, her mind has deteriorated into something darker. There is no considering the state of herself. To the outside world, she is the essence of perfect. To those who know her, who know where to look, it is evident that she is slipping. She needs to get out.

Stop. Please. Tiber had driven herself and Gideon back to this place, and he is what keeps them here. He'd been the catalyst, and it did not take long for the girl to figure out why. I can't stop him, Quinn, he'd told her. To that, she spoke her truth, I can.

And now, sat at the kitchen table in a house that is not her own, suffocated and bled dry of most hope, she finds herself staring at those very same messages that she just could not bring herself to delete. Gideon would come close to murder if he knew, and she understands that, but...

She has done unspeakable things, and it weighs heavy upon those slim shoulders. Quinn can't atone for all her sins, but there are some she could try to begin to mend.

I'm sorry.
Katherine Murray 01/12/18
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 *blinks* Picture or did not happen, that is how that adage goes, yes? But the bigger question would have to be is; what about other circus act costumes? Do you perhaps have one of those leotards for tightrope walking? Or maybe a lion tamer with a whip? Whips are good for tortu... *blinks more* I think I would like to see this costume. Yes, definitely.
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 The only thing that beard needs is a ringmaster's costume... get on that. *hums pop goes the weasel*
Livia Vlcek 01/11/18 *throws a monkey that's attached to her face onto the male*
*cue Patrick Swayze*
*runs like the wind*
Katherine Murray 01/11/18 Um. Well. See... whathadhappenedwas...*blinks at* Mexico. Tequila. Scientific research. Bad vampiric monkies. Jealous chinchilla. Jail breaks. And now Livi has amnesia and thought my name was Chinkilla. Maybe. We are not quite sure.

Merde, what was the question again?
Monkies. Evil. Are they?

Yes, evil. They are. Were. Pretty sure we got them all. *blinks more*
Katherine Murray 01/10/18 *shifty eyes* At least you are safe from the evil monkies; they are not keen on the limes.

Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 *clasps the hand and gives it a friendly shake*
*hooks her thumbs in her jeans pockets*
"A little, but no harm done. Vee is easier to wrap your mouth around. I answer to both, so whichever you'd like to use."
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "Eloquent. Damn shame it isn't an ideal world. Then again, maybe not. It would get very boring, very fast."
"Nice to meet you, Tiber. Thanks for the lifts. I'm Dovima. Call me Vee."
*holds a hand out to shake*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "Don't blame you. Doesn't seem like you mind, though. I keep getting stuck in here and you keep coming back. Might I know the name of my rescuer?"
*offers another grin*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "I promise I wasn't holding onto the edge of the wood."
*grins widely*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 *waves from the next cell over*
"Enjoying being my partner in this dungeon dance?"
Quinn Abernathy 09/10/17 Her phone chimes, and Quinn lifts it up without hestiation. Fingers tapping at the screen, she opens the message and stares. Tiber. She hadn't expected an answer. His words, despite everything, chip away at her heart. There is a real understanding of what he means, and the warning his words carry.

He would never be able to hold back.

She thinks back to that fateful day, locked in a room with the beast. So sure she had been that it would be the bitter end, but it hadn't. Quinn had been recognized in more ways than one, and she can only hope that she has some sort of significance.

Of all the people she hates, Tiber Loche isn't one of them. Quinn can't hate someone she has loved.

I can.

Her hopes are not high.
Quinn Abernathy 09/10/17 Quinn had seen the note, and she thought long and hard over it. He's sorry. Don't forget him. How could she ever forget? There was such a hold over her, and at the same time, none at all. But this....

Stop. Please.
Gideon Abernathy 09/08/17 They returned to the house covered in blood, Gideon, thankfully, more so than Quinn. No words were spoken, as there is really nothing to say. She immediately enters the bathroom and turns on the shower, no doubt intending to wash off the grimey feeling that had nothing to do with the human lifesource.

There are no words he can use to comfort her; as such, he will give her space. There's a lot that comes with loving Gideon Abernathy, a cult being one of them.

He opts for a wh0rebath in the kitchen sink, only after stripping himself of the soiled clothing. Once he is as clean as he's going to get, he heads into the bedroom and redresses. The shower is still going, and he has a feeling it will remain that way for a while.

As he turns the sheets down, the fluttering of a piece of paper catches his eye. It falls off Quinn's side of the bed and onto the floor, and Gideon is instantly on edge. There was only one person who hadn't attended the ritual - his father. But this didn't fit his motive.

He sits on the edge of the bed and picks up the piece of paper. Unfolding it with slightly unsteady fingers, the words ***** themselves into his mind. The paper crumples in his grip as the only possibility steps forth in his psyche.

Tiber Loche.
Quinn Abernathy 07/31/17 His stare is like fire, and she is sure that she is standing in the middle of a burning room. Quinn keeps herself from flinching at the sound of her voice. He had refused to speak it before, testing her again and again, not believing that it had been her. Once upon a time, the sound of his voice had been music to her ears. That was then.

Her brow cinches together, and she forces herself to let her arms fall to her sides. Still, she fidgets, fighting the urge to flee to a safer place. Her mind is screaming to run, and her heart is aching for relief from this interaction. "You betrayed me..."

Her voice holds no conviction, nor anger. It is a simple statement made with a simple tone, confused and hurt. He had tried to cut out her heart. Refusing her own weakness, her gaze flickers up to his face for just a second before it moves away again. She'd looked at him, just as he asked.

"How did you find me?"
Gideon Abernathy 07/31/17 The clap on the back is undeniably startling, and his unmet hand drops back to his side. Gideon isn't an overly friendly person, though it is something he consciously works on. As such, though the returned grin is forced, that makes it no less genuine.

"It's nothing. I'm not sure how appropriate of a gift it is, but it was important enough for Ella to mention specifically, so I figured what the hell, you know?" He isn't lying, he deliberated long and hard about the implications of such a gift, and he came to no conclusions, so here he was.

To his musing, he nods and points in the direction of the back door. "Yeah, actually, in the garden. Here, let me show you..."
Quinn Abernathy 07/31/17 Quinn is uncomfortable, that much is obvious. The girl steps up, nervous and twisting her hands together behind her back. This was never supposed to happen. Tiber was not supposed to find her. But she has a duty, and must act on it. It is her job as the Lufcuh. Chocolate hues refusing to look the man in the eye, she speaks with a small, trembling voice. "Hi, Tiber."
Danielle Corvinus 07/29/17 "Welcome to the crew. My names Dani. If you should need anything please let me know." *she smiles at him*
Gideon Abernathy 07/29/17 Ella had told him the man liked meat, so he came prepared. As he approached with the package covered in that tell-tale brown paper, it was clear he was uncomfortably uncertain. But who was he to deny him the simple pleasures.

Rather unceremoniously, he held out the welcome gift and rubbed at the back of his neck. "Uh, I brought you a slab of the finest, at least according to the butcher. Unless that's not what you meant by 'meat lover,' in which case, I can't really be of any help. I do hear they made a new app, though. Gr-grinder? Or something?" He's rambling, and he has to shake his head to snap himself out of it. Offering a smirk and a hand to shake, he presses on. "I'm Gideon, by the way, resident gardener and scarecrow connoisseur. I hope you enjoy yourself here."
Ella Donovan 07/28/17
Ella Donovan 07/26/17
Noura Orlav 07/25/17 One look at the man, and Noura's expression sours. It had been particularly pleasant beforehand, but that is beside the point. "I will f-cking cut your fingers off."

Tiberius just failed at stealing money from you!
Quinn Abernathy 02/04/17 Tiber
They're home!
Quinn Abernathy 11/28/16 Who hates me!? Why!? What did I do?
*Pouts* I swear, I didn't do it.
Quinn Abernathy 11/27/16 *Taps shoulder*
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