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Oh God, I'm a broken man
Nothing left for me, and I am pleading
Heaven, take me now
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Merida Campbell 03/30/20 Merida glanced down to her feet as Jack spoke, then looked back into those dark chocolate brown eyes. "Jack, no need to thank me if that is what your trying to do. It was my pleasure being there when needed or not."

Fingertips went to the pendant at the base of her throat while speaking "Maybe Lord Almighty placed us on the path to watch over each other?" A slight tug of the leather that was around her neck to hold the pendant in place. It came free. Glancing down to it as her left hand moved to capture his right hand "My Mother told me that this cross was blessed by the Archangels Haniel and Raphael."

She placed the pendant within the palm of his hand before pushing his fingers to close about it "I want to give this to you, please." Glancing back up as she took a deep breath then let it out slowly.
Merida Campbell 03/26/20 Merida was in a state of confusion when Jack approached her with that wickedly sweet grin on his face. She couldn't help fut look up at him as her lips curved upward at the ends. Her smile traveling all the way up into her eyes.

Glancing down to the poster then back up at him. She was in shock "Um yeah, of course. Anything for you." Her fingers tips brushed over his hand while taking the poster. She signed her name with a special note on the poster. Merida kissed just below the signature before giving it back to him.

She popped up on her tip toes then softly placed a kiss upon his check. "Thank you, Jack."
Cadence James 03/25/20 Hmmmm

Well, then....

Cadence James 03/25/20 Jack Angiers just failed at stealing money from you!


Greer Luin 03/19/20 Greers brows rose ta the top o' 'er forehead, her eyes squinched up as she look 'im over once again. Well he just like talkin' don' he? The nonchanlance o' it all rolled off her shoulders but she tucked away this conversation ta revisit later. She gonna have ta mull this all over 'n' determine if she gonna be givin' any sorta trust ta this man.

"You a strange one Robin Hood."
Greer Luin 03/18/20 Greer be lettin' her eyes look the man up 'n' down. Tryin' not to kill eh? Well, ain't he just part o' the rest of 'em after all. Ain't no angel after all.

"You ain't look like the killin' type ta me. But we all got secrets."
Greer Luin 03/16/20 "Gave it ta Beau." Simple as that. Greer don',t need to be givin' no more explanation. Really it ain't even Robin Hood's business but since he done had to be part of it she allow 'im ta ask bout it.

"What business ya got 'sides breakin' people out da clink?"
Greer Luin 03/15/20 "I ain't gon' make no promises I ain't able to keep." As much as Greer be wantin' not to eat cute little critters she ain't got no control ove' that when she a wolf. She ain't no human girl with any good feelin's in her head when that animal take over. She become a hungry creature 'n' there ain't no wrong o' right in that wolf head when it comes to feedin'. So as much as she like to say she ain't gonna eat no cats she can't make no promise.
Greer Luin 03/15/20 "Yeh, well I don' be plannin' on gettin' locked up any time so gonna have to think o' some otha adventure." Greer knew she be comin' off all cool and hard but she really ain't got no hate for Jack o' any o' them otha people in her sanctuary. She just tryin' be careful, she see what power can do 'n' she know it better not to be attached to no one when thing's go south.

"I see you be gettin' smart bout the things you wearing". Greer let them brown eyes o' hers wander down to the waist o' the man's jeans.
Greer Luin 03/15/20 Two brows be lifted 'n' cross ove' Greer chest as she just stay there starin' a' the man. She didn' miss nobody but that didn' mean she wasn' curious about how her sanctuary mates be doin' ever' now 'n' again. She fiercely protective of the people in her life even if she ain't the friendliest to 'em.
Greer Luin 03/15/20
Gadreel 03/13/20 "Motel 6. Comes equipped with wild life.."
-nods in agreement.-
"It's better than the streets. Fallen angels would be welcomed? Found redemption?"
-Thinks a bit-
"Who do I talk to?"
Gadreel 03/13/20 "Good to meet you, Jack."
-Lets hand fall to his side-
"I'm staying at local Motel 6." -Accepts the card with Jack's number and nods at him-
"I can agree with that. Crew? Safety in numbers? Friendship and all that stuff. Fallen Angels acceptable?"
-He slips the card in his back pocket-
"Guess you will be considered Next of Kin in case of my demise."
Gadreel 03/12/20 "Thank you!"
-Takes hand.
"Call me Zeke."
Ezekiel Miller 02/24/20 "Well, it's a far cry from Montana, but I'll at least give it a shot. I can't say I've heard any bad things about the food here, but what about a good place to grab a drink?"

Zeke looked at the way that Jack pointed. To the vague left, which earned a chuckle and another nod. It seems he was full of those tonight. "Sounds good, Jack. I'll catch you around, man, especially if I need any help."
Ezekiel Miller 02/24/20 Zeke nodded to Jack and gave him a short, quick, nod. "I literally just got here. I figure there's no reason I couldn't at least check it out." He offered a hand to the man he had met previously. "Thanks for the warm welcome. Or is it just the humidity..."
Ezekiel Miller 02/21/20 Zeke grins and takes the card. "Don't get used to it. My advice is usually awful, truth be told. Plus, I'm a horrible cook. Nobody wants to live with the smell of burnt toast lingering in the air."
He flicks the card with his other hand then slides it in his back pocket. "New Orleans, huh? Can't say I've ever been. I'm not opposed to the idea. I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get around these parts."
Ezekiel Miller 02/21/20 He nodded to the other man, then have a half smile, taking the offered hand and giving it a firm shake. “Thanks, man. For the welcome at least.” He chuckles softly. “I don’t know about shacking up with someone I just met though...” As an afterthought, he suddenly remembers the niceties of most conversations, especially when someone gave their name. “I’m Zeke. Nice to meet you, Jack.”
Jared Jenkins 02/19/20 "It's a pleasure, Jack." Jared offered a small smile before placing his hand back into the pocket of his jeans. Shifting his weight from one leg to the other. Clearly exhausting his quaint social skills. Though, he couldn't deny the chuckle that ensued after hearing they only cook up locals on a particular day of the week.

"I appreciate it, and I'll keep that in mind."
Jared Jenkins 02/18/20 Having been instantly bombarded with well wishes and a friendly banter, Jared is non the wiser as a man approaches him. But, he seems friendly enough even though he's just offered to take him to find a band of crazies.

"I seem to have landed on my feet well enough, and you've caught me just before I go running off." Smiling, Jared offers his hand. "I appreciate the offer, though I'm not sure I'm up for this so called 'crazy' anytime soon."

"I'm Jared, it's nice to meet you."
Chiara Maxx 02/18/20 Boundaries? Ha. None; especially when drunk'ish. Or just plain drunk. Would regret it all later, in the morning.. with a beautiful hangover and bad pie breath. He was so willing, made him seem like an overgrown doll to her. Tugged him on towards a large couch within the living space of their fellow carnies. Once seated, she'd slink her way behind him and sat herself behind him on the back of the couch. Her long limbs tangled to cross behind him, her knees were gently pressed against his back near his shoulders as she began to run fingers through his hair.

"Tsk, tsk, Jack. There will be no pushing me onto other men with fantastic hair. I'm not that kind of lady." Snickering, as she tried her best not to laugh out. Would probably question with a sober mind later if he was just trying to get rid of her. Would part his hair as she combed through it with fingers. "You must use conditioner."

Beau Theroux 02/18/20 "Well, ya hair is rather braidable, bub." A hand reached out to run a lock of Jack's long hair along his finger. Always oblivious to the personal space of others Beau didn't even think of how his companion would react; and the alcohol made him less aware of his own actions. "Don'tchu orry 'bout findin' them. I'm sure they will sniff ya out soon enough."

Returning his hand back to the jar he took yet another swig of the almost empty container. "I took more after my Ma. My brothers are giants with plenty'a brawn, not a whole lotta brain. 'Cept Rakeem. He got some sense." Arms reached upwards in a full body stretch in an attempt to reinvigorate his numbing nerves. He froze and looked at Jack with the most confused of expressions when asked how to go about Valentines Day. Really, he'd asked the worst person.

Once his arms relaxed once more he stroked his beard, thinking of a good answer. "Well, I ain't no expert. Valentines Day never really worked out for me. Wife was too busy hatin' me, boyfriend was with his wife, an' Caleb never even made it that far..." Brows furrowed at his oversharing. "Uuuh, anyways, ya just do somethin' nice for someone ya really care for. People do chocolates, go to dinners, show appreciation for the love and acceptance they are given an' all that."
Merida Campbell 02/18/20 Her smile softened as she listened to Jack "That is a very good question. Well, not sure how to answer that. I believe we are here for a reason. Maybe I'm the gentle touch that is needed at times. It takes all kinds of individuals to make a family that is so unique like we have here."

Merida wasn't sure at times if she was ever needed. Her hand moves to the leather wrist band "I see so many happy couples, I can only wish to have that someday. Sorry I have a habit from time to time in speaking without a filter"
Greer Luin 02/18/20 Greer slipped her arms out the jacket 'n' tossed it ta the bed of the truck. Yeah she ain't just gonna keep the jacket hangin' about 'n' she be comfortable enough in her skin. Then he go 'n' mention needin' rescued 'n' she couldn' help her eyes from rollin'. "I appreciate ya help 'n' all Robin Hood but hopefully I wont be seein' ya in no more jail cells." With a salute she turned 'n' made her way to the sanctuary where she could clean up then maybe go get herself a drink.
Merida Campbell 02/17/20 The 64,000 dollar questions was asked of Merida. She really didn't talk much about it unless someone asked her. "Well, I am a doctor. My specialty is Trauma and Surgery. The more difficult the case is, that is my challenge. I tend to handle the most delicate issues, like children. Some don't have the stomach or the heart."

Softly she sighed before laughing "I even have a clown nose to wear when I do my rounds. To see a child's eyes light up, knowing that there is someone on their side. I can't leave out the elderly. Jack, words cannot say what I feel when I help others. I hope that I didn't put you to sleep."
Greer Luin 02/17/20 "It be best if ye hit the gas 'n' get out us outta this joint." Settin' the finga on her lap she slip her arms through the jacket and let it consume her figua. Slippin' the finger inta da pocket she pull da blanket over her lap. This man don'  seem to being to comfortable 'round a naked stranga 'n' she was more than happy to cover for Robin Hood. Sh!t maybe this man do be an angel.

"Sorry 'but ye truck. I get it fixed for ya.  But I be warning ya that ye shouldn' just be invitin' wolves inta ye truck you gonna get dead doin' that one of these days."
Greer Luin 02/16/20 The wolf stood, droppin’ the finger from it mouth, a guttural rumbling snarl growlin’ from the massive wolves sharp jaw. Legs wide ‘n’ crouchin’ for attack. Then the man go callin’ out a name and the wolf lift it’s head to howl at the blackend sky above. A long whimper howl that rang out into the darkness. Soon though that howl stop and yella eyes stare back at the man, the growl still vibrating in the massive creature’s throat. How delicious a snack standing before the wolf. The sound of a door opens and the wolf leap inta the car, nailes shredding the uphoslstry as it’s body slam agaisnt the passenger door. The truck rock with the wolf’s movin’ figure as teeth and claws slash the inside o’ the truck. Suddenly it all stop ‘n’ the crackin’ and snapin’ of bones followed with a rancid smell of bile and searing flesh fill the cab o’ the truck. Fur sheds and in minutes there sit a naked girl covered in smooth brown skin with intricate tattos lacing around various parts of her body.

“Hand me that there finga would ya?” Her head nods towards the discarded finger at the feet of the man.
Greer Luin 02/16/20 The moment that door swung open the pair made a dash, Robin Hood took the lead ‘n’ Greer followed, her feet poundin’ ‘gainst the floor as she go. She watch angel boy slip out easily but she took a few second longer. The door shut after him and Greer sensed somethin’ off. From the corridor she heard a vocie yellin’ at her, but the adrenaline be pumpin’ in her veins ‘n’ the air shifted round her. Maybe Robin Hood could hear beyond the doors ‘n’ maybe he couldn’ but when she emerge from the jail to where he be waitn’ at the car she was no longa a woman. Instead facin’ this man was a large snarling wolf, and in it’s mouth was a human finger, fresh and bloody and most certainly the perfect snack.
Chiara Maxx 02/16/20 Watched as he contemplated. Whose to say what a gorg man as Jack could be into. Hell, he's possibly the dangerous type that went with both. Though those thoughts didn't fill her mind. That was all his business. Just wanted to make sure she wasn't putting herself in anyone's way. Obviously she was single. She's braiding hair. Single girl's favorite past time. He just better watch out once she starts to crotchet. She'll be single too long by that time.

"Ooooo!" Chiara yelped before swinging her arms about his neck and squeezed. "Thank you!" Nuzzles a bit. Blame Beau and his alcohol. Hey! Jack's hair smells great. Slides back before grabbing his hand as she gets all bouncy with excitement. "Come on, come on. Sit. I will get behind you." Was dancing on the inside.

Greer Luin 02/16/20 What kin'a crazy man was this? Carry her? Hell no. No sir she ain't gonna let no strange angel claimin' man just whisk her of her feet 'n' carry her. Nope. No. Not gonna happen that ain't an option. Her brows furrowed at the man incredulously as she rapidly shook her head, the long box braids swishin' as she do so.

"Look, I 'ppreciate ya 'n' all that but ya ain't gonna carry me. I don' be knowin' ya that way. You get youself out them doors and I'll get me."  Her eyes stay steady on the door as she felt the change start takin' hold of her body. Not a full change, she just be tappin' inta the skills. It take a lot of energy to control the wolf, she  be out for a few good days  from it but she just need the strength and speed. That's all she need. 

Her dark eyes dart between the doors 'n' robin hood.  "You be ready now"
Greer Luin 02/15/20 Greer din’t know how long she been locked away behind them heavy bars but she knew she needed to get out ‘n’ go find her friend. Them police had been kind ‘nough to give her a pants ‘n’ a shirt that be too big for her body but she suppose it be better than havin’ ta stand around the cold cell nekked. Then when she thinking up her own plan of escape someone came to bust open her cell. Her cool eyes fixated on the man she just been seein’ a few hours before. Him name didn’ come to mind but she be remembering that face.

“N’ here I was thinkin’ you some kina angel but I knew you ain’t no holy hangin’ round with our lot. Nah, you just some pretty boy Robin Hood.” Her hand then dart out and tap him a few times against him chest before slipin’ between the busted jail cell and her robin hood friend. Step one done, but now they need to get out the jail itself unnoticed ‘n’ then she needed to get out of the oversized jail jumpsuit.
Greer Luin 02/15/20 "Best be at least cleanin' up afta youself though, I ain't seen no real cleaner yet, they probably get eaten real quick." A soft melodious chuckle ring from her lips before she toss her braids over her shoulders 'n' turned to continue on with the rest of her doings.
Greer Luin 02/15/20 Greer lift an eyebrow at the man n' shake his hand with a small bit o' suspicion. Now he be saying he part of this crew n' she can accept that but Greer always weary of those she don' know bout. Then he just gonna go on out and say that he be an angel. Ha! He certainly don' look like no angel she ever meet before. Greer had a. Inklin' that this man had nothin' holy bout him, not if he was walking this here earth.

"Greer" it be simple as that, a name n no more. She didn' need to be goin' round spreading her business. She knew what she was, Beaux know what she is it ain't nobody else business. Now she ain't trying to hide or supernatural nature but she ain't gon be tellin' it to randoms that come up to her on the street that's how people get killed and Greer ain't looking to take no plunge. Greer be cold n calculated but the words she say. She ain't no b!tch but she also ain't trusting no strangers.
Merida Campbell 02/13/20 Merida glanced down to the ground for a split second then back up to Jack "It's my pleasure Jack. Just trying to be more personable instead of being wrapped up in my little world. You don't have to do a thing to deserve something."

She watched his movements and the expression on his face. The smile within her eyes faded a tad bit when the frown appeared "What's wrong Jack? Is everything okay?"
Merida Campbell 02/13/20 Merida was truly caught off guard when she spun into Jack. Her long auburn tresses fell forward like a veil. She rose her hand to push her hair back "Oh... I.. didn't mean to... Um, I brought you a basket of goodies for you. I didn't know if you liked fresh baked syrup cookies or the ever so classic chocolate cookies to snack on. A fantastic bottle of port wine to drink with the chocolate. Oh and a bottle of Balvenie from my secret stash for you to enjoy whenever." She held the basket out towards him while looking up smiling.
Katarina Black 02/13/20 Katarina smiles as she shakes his hand. “Hello...My name is Katarina...It’s nice to meet you Jack”
Beau Theroux 02/12/20 "That Chiara loves her the apple pie kind. I gotta hide it jus' to have enough for others." Quickly, his golden flecked hues looked about the space, expecting her to pop up at any second. Glancing back at Jack he gave a playful smirk before taking another swig of his own moonshine.

In response to his question, Beau lifted an arm and gave a flex of his bicep paired with a bright smile. "We Lycan's are a strong bunch. Ya think I'm strong, my brothers are much beefier than I. I'm the runt." Leaning forward, he lowered his voice to almost a sultry tone. "Oh, I can turn into a wolf whenever I please." With a playful wink he returned to his original position to once more take a drink from his moonshine.

"There's somethin' different about alla us in Cirque; that's what makes it so great. I'm a wolf that can use hedge magic. You got wings. Joseph is small but turns into a big ass wolf." He stared at his jar a moment longer, his features softening. "We are the freaks and the abandoned. The best kind'a people in my opinion."
Beau Theroux 02/11/20 Giving a one handed finger-gun he snatched a jar with just enough moonshine for a mug and slid it across the bar towards Jack, all the wile sporting a bright grin. The last thing Beau desired was to bring down other with his own negative emotions; it was how he had always been. He knew he'd get over it. Beau always did.

Taking a healthy drink from his own jar of clear liquid he let out a soft sigh. A nod was given in response to Jack's question."There's typical a difference between werewolf and lycan, but you get the gist. I was born a Lycan, specifically to an Alpha bloodline. However, unlike my brothers, I am a half breed. Momma was a hedge witch. Wolves and witches do not typically get along so I am what is known as 'a fluke.'" An unattractive giggle-snort of amusement left the man. He may have been hitting the booze a bit too hard. "Cuz'a my body burnin' whatever alcohol enters it within seconds, Tiber an' I had to get creative and make some potent stuff to feel'a buzz."
Beau Theroux 02/09/20 After placing the man down he dusted Jack's shoulders and moved his impressive locks back to where they were before his outburst. "Usually when people leave they tend to not come back so I was a little worried there!"

Realizing how dark that sounded he returned to the bar where he went to retrieve yet another of his personal jars. It was then, just before opening it, he looked over at Jack like a deer in headlights. A grin followed by a chuckle was given in response. "I don't think y'want this one. It was Tiber and mine's secret Lycan-grade stuff. Our metabolism is so high the usual stuff barely gave a buzz. I think this stuff could strip the varnish off'a speed boat." Golden specked green hues gave a longing gaze at the jar in his hands. "It was his partin' gift."

Once again, he was letting his thoughts get away from him. Snapping out of it he reached for one of the usual moonshine jars for the members. "What kinda flavor y'in the mood for? Apple pie? Butterscotch? Or ole fashioned?"
Beau Theroux 02/09/20 Another jar down. This specialty moonshine had become Beau's go to beverage of choice as Valentines Day grew ever closer. For most the day was one to be celebrated but for most of his life, the day had been nothing but a looming omen. However, he was not one to project his issues or concerns onto others so as far as his crew knew, he was just as excited as they were. Just as the jar touched the countertop a familiar scent filled the space.

Spinning on his stool his tattooed arms shot up in the air in excitement. "Jack is baaaack!" He may have slurred a little. Ignoring the gin and package he took Jack into a tight embrace, lifting him off the ground.

"You came back, I'm so happy I missed you and-and... uh... JAAAACK!"
Merida Campbell 02/08/20 Merida was roaming about checking up on all within the Cirque. She was wondering down the corridors, maybe in all hopes to bump into the sweet eye candy who returned from the beyond. This was a first for her to seek someone out. Spinning at one intersection of the Sanctuary while holding onto a basket of goodies "Oooooh Jaaaaaack."
Chiara Maxx 02/05/20 Cerulean pools stared towards him, staring right into his own eyes. "Do I look like the type to give up or in?" Shook her head. "Nope. Not me." Thinks a moment. "Wait." Looks him over. Had made this mistake before while drunk and lets just say it was an innocent lesson learned. "You don't have a lady or man friend that might not like my hands in your hair?" It was a reasonable question. Didn't want him or herself to be stabbed.

Was sort of a 'hands on' kind of person. Personal space eluded her. Wasn't much better intoxicated. Hoped he said no. That there was no one. It would make all of this all the easier as well as just simple. Could be herself, drunk and all. Chiara was after all respectful. Was genuinely a nice person.

Chiara Maxx 02/05/20 "I don't know." Actually had no clue except that her willpower was extremely strong. Had enough about her upstairs that she knew she didn't want to be slumped onto anything, let alone him. Liked him. Didn't want him to run just yet.

Suddenly slapped atop of her thigh. "Oh, Jack.. I never said with bows. It would be a very manly braid." As if there was such a thing. "C'mon.. don't you want a pretty lady running her fingers through your hair?" And then braid it? Was drunkenly convincing. If this didn't work she'd just have to show him where the pie juice was and get him drunk.

Then braid it.

Chiara Maxx 02/05/20 Gave a goofy grin, her cheeks rounded and red as she seemed a bit warm from all the basement liquor she consumed. "Jiggle juice? What? That's silly. It didn't jiggle. It went right down!" Snorted a bit as she laughed at herself. "The whole thing, Jack. The whole thing! It was delicious. It tasted like pie. What lady could resist?" Doesn't drink.. often. Was unaware exactly what was going on but felt good.
Her laughter haulted, stopping in all her movements and simply stared. "Can I braid your hair?"
Chiara Maxx 02/01/20 Nods excitedly at his retort to the wonderful drink she had been exposed to. "It is the best!" Pauses a moment. Reaches out a bops him on the nose with the tip of her index. "I know you. You're nice hair." Smiled, slightly goofy due to her drunken state. "Jack? I'm Chiara. Nice to finally put a name with the locks."
Tobias Morgan 01/30/20 Directive from upstairs? Ty has no idea what Jack is talking about but writes it off as code for... something... or one of those quirks people have. He has plenty of his own and doesn't judge.

"I hope we do. Good luck with whatever it is you're off to do." Ty whistles a jaunty tune and goes about his business.
Chiara Maxx 01/29/20 Possibly the last to welcome you..
Sorry for that.
I blame Beau and his fruit juice in mason jars.
Beau Theroux 01/29/20 "You are a saint and a scholar, my friend."
-tilts head at his sudden stop-
-smiles wide-
-maybe be blushing a bit-
"Aw, naw, it's only what it is cuz of the members! I just supplied a home and resources is all."
"The sappiness suits ya, bud. Watch out for the subways, New York vampires lurk there."
Beau Theroux 01/29/20 "Aw, shucks, you'll make a grown man blush, Jack."
-bites into a praline-
"You know, there's a distillery. New York Distilling Company. If ya get me some of their gin, I can mix up some good shit."
Beau Theroux 01/29/20 -watches closely-
-beams at his reaction-
"Well, I got a bar to keep stocked and a Sanctuary to feed! Can't let the carnies gets hungry, now."
"Oh! Wait!"
-quickly puts down the tray-
-searches his pockets-
-produces a key with a rose design-
"Use this on any door and you will find yourself back at The Rompin Rougarou. It's only got one charge so it's a one way trip."
Tobias Morgan 01/29/20 "Newest arrival, unless someone else slipped in after me," Ty shrugs with an easy smile, then takes Jack's hand to shake. "Nice to meet you, Jack. Call me Ty. Is it just me or are people overly friendly here?"
Beau Theroux 01/29/20 -turns with a baking sheet full of fresh baked pralines-
"Well, hey there Jack!"
"Want one? Freshly baked. They are like lil Cajun hugs of spice when they are fresh."
Merida Campbell 01/26/20 Merida couldn't help but smile back at Jack. "Anytime handsome. I don't mind helping you at all. Not one bit." She gives him a wink as she gest "I wouldn't mind corrupting you at all, since you are innocent." Softly she sighs while shaking her head knowing full well that Jack may have a significant other. Softly she whispers "Damn, my loss."
Beau Theroux 01/25/20 "Well, as long as you are here, might as well have a place to crash!"
-smiles brightly-
-shakes his hand excitedly-
"We got plenty'a crazy in the Cirque!"
Beau Theroux 01/25/20 "Soooooo... I know of this place full'a some cool cats. They got booze and snacks and it's right off Bourbon Street so there's a party every night. If ya want, I can put in a good word with the leader."
-points to himself-
-gives a knowing wink-
Merida Campbell 01/25/20 Merida was running down the corridors, unlocking and opening each cell to let the prisoners free. She paused as while grinning, she jiggled the keys then unlocked the door. Opening the door, she calls out to Jack "Run.... your free!"

You managed to break out Jack Angiers.
Chiara Maxx 01/19/20 -gave a shameless grin-
I do?
-playfully shrugged-
So nice of you to notice.
Silvia Black 01/19/20 The demon laughs a little as she shakes her head, believing him. "True I'm sure it can be quite stressful, Well the name is Silvia it is nice to meet you." She said just as she vanishes.
Merida Campbell 01/18/20 A familiar scent danced in the air causing Merida to glance around from where it came from. She shook her head slightly as a smile formed upon her lips as she was happy to know that Jack was back. "Welcome back!"
Aelin Galathynius 01/18/20 Welcome to the Realm!
Silvia Black 01/17/20 "Welcome to the Realm..." Silvia said as she stares at his hair with jealously in her pale green eyes. "You have very nice hair." She said with a pout just before disappearing in a green puff of smoke.
Chiara Maxx 01/17/20 Hi!
You have nice hair.
Marina Pershing 01/17/20 Welcome to the Realm!
Langley 01/17/20 "I still claim you as mine, handsome."

The leggy brunette uttered with a smirk upon her lips, that smirk becoming a rather toothy grin of sensual proportions.

"Welcome back, Handsome Jack."
Beau Theroux 01/17/20 "Fancy seein' you 'round here. Welcome back!"
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