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RealmTeen Spirit
Created by Angela Scott
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Laughs "um that would be hard. They bunk together I think. Not into the whole third wheel thing."
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 I only suggested it cause wasn't sure I had to share it with Loki.
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 I never said anything like that! You taking that to a new level. *he shook his head laughing*
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Did you win? Really win? But no need for the key.
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Ugh fine..your own room but still need food. *grabs a cart and heads in*
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 He busted out laughing "do you know how cute you look pouting that way?
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Actually your the one making the scene. *he dropped her catching her before she hit the floor*
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 "Just stop that won't work. Unless you want to get dropped!"
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Tosses her short but over his shoulder and heads to the local market "I will put you in the shopping cart if you run."
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 To bad I need food! So we going shopping just for that.
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 I'm thinking if we keep him fed her might not say a word.
Loki_ 02/19/19 "Okay got it. Well guess not all of us are this generation teens then. Some being older then the dust on the dirt which includes me."
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Fakes heart attack at hurt words "she doesn't even belong to the coven"
Ravin 02/19/19 She shakes her head. "I'm just the Confidant here, Mystic is boss around here." she laughs softly. "But I am always around if she isn't."
Loki_ 02/19/19 Eyes widen."Wtf is Twitter?" Like really out of hell only months. Hasn't even found Facebok yet.
Ravin 02/19/19 Hands over a small key. "This is to my stash its in my office. Don't tell.." purs a finger to her lips.
Loki_ 02/19/19 Nods while still chewing, swallows! "24 hours and has wifi!"
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 He laughed "that was a cute punch. Ohh sorry did I let the cat out of the bag?"
Loki_ 02/19/19 Bites inside of his cheek and thinks a moment. Pops a piece in his mouth. "Okay fine. Here, there is more anyway. Lloth the Friggen kitchen is joined on to a Restaurant!" This is probably one of the most exciting days ever for him. A room with his own key instead of a cage, a real shower, endless supply of food!
Angela Scott 02/19/19 Tossing Lloth a set of keys she grins. "Go pick a room. We will have to go shopping later to pick up snacks. Welcome to the coven!"
Loki_ 02/19/19 He smirks and waves hiding the plate of bacon."Welcome to the group home it seems."
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 You can share a room with me! *he grinned giving her a wink*
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Ha! That works for me.
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 "Well I don't know her. So therefore I win!" Sticks tongue out playfully.
Crimson Belladonna 02/19/19 Nods "mhm..ok!"
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Maaybe..but I love my life and the wife alone looks like she will eat me alive if I burn her kitchen!
Crimson Belladonna 02/19/19 Doubt that could happen. We have known each other far to long. What is going on?
Jacob Ander 02/19/19 Hey you didn't say what you wanted. And if you haven't noticed we are at the Morningstar house. I am not touching that kitchen.
Crimson Belladonna 02/19/19 Why you ask that?
Jacob Ander 02/19/19
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Smirks "maybe cause you haven't found the right one yet."
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 I was never in a cage. Just kept Bells fed and company. So what you think now?
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Anyone ever tell you how sexy you sound when you talk about killing people?
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Do you think if you threaten to poison me I won't let someone know? I love crazy and cranky but..I'm not stupid.
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Chance I am willing to take. But I doubt you will. Bells won't let you. Unless she does it first. Haha!
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 You got it sweetness. You can cook.
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Well at least dinner then?!
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 But after you have to kiss it and make it better.
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 That sounds sexy is that a promise?
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Wasn't a challenge but you can take it as one baby cakes ;)
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 She don't even have a clue either. But you can try.
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Sweetness
Nothing to worry you beautiful little self over. We got this.:D
Jacob Ander 02/18/19 Sweetness
"Ugh fine..! Do you get to punch someone in the face under a bromance?"
Incubus 02/17/19 Welcome is welcome, when welcoming, I suppose. *grins*
Incubus 02/17/19 Didn't you open with that?
Incubus 02/17/19 Thanks for the kind welcome.
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Sweetness
Na! We going to do this together. Even if it means I have to suck it up and work with ass hat!
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 We will just have to wait and see!
Crimson Belladonna 02/17/19 Lloth
****! What the hell they doing there?! OK keep me posted thanks!
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 You don't know me! I might surprise you.
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Yes ma'am! I will try to keep up lol.
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Yeah..yeah if you think so! We will see after our fun time!
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Me whimp out?! NEVER!! Should be there in like twenty minutes. Still want that drink after. 😉
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Na..! I'm good I'm pretty normal. After this trip may need a few drinks. You game?
Jacob Ander 02/17/19 Haha! You would be the first! I would have to think about it.;)
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 That would be fun to see!
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 Sweetnessmaybe true. Ever seen her tantrum?
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 Sweetness
that may be so but I have known her a long time. She might surprise you.
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 Sweetness
Aww is that how you look in the morning?! I'm from hell that don't scare me. I seen Paz in her true form. That is scary😂!
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 Opens up and reads the text and looks at the pic a smirk showed on his lips.
Sweet stuff
Now that is a pic a real man would love.😍
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 Unknown
Hold up! Who you calling old you old bat! Not my fault they decide to drive!
Jacob Ander 02/16/19 unknown #
this is Bella friend Jake. She said we are a few minutes away.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Raven had forgotten how grumpy teens could be. And add her attitude for who she already was on top of it. That was a recipe for the end of the world right there. **** how do I answer that one?
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Tire. But maybe this is to help her relate. Go see the witch Cici. She might have something to get you back.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Hey consider it lucky. We don't all get a chance to relive our younger years.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 You looking lovely as ever young Jedi! *a grin crossed Ravens dark lips* who put you in that meat suit? Cause I definitely know that wasn't by choice.
Crimson Belladonna 02/15/19 Lloth

Be there soon crossing into the city now!
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Lloth
Sorry it was a road trip gone detoured! Just kill something to waste time"
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Lloth
On our way. Will be there in 18 hours."
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 "Who the hell is gonna come for ya?" He nods and drinks his coffee. Then looks at bells "You okay kid?"
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 He had to close his eyes as she spoke and a shiver went through him. Opening them slowly he looks at her. "Coffee Lilith. "He asked simply and breathed out. "Hey new skin kid, least it fits." He grins.
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 Okay so one little kid turned teenager, One budgie bird who looking guilty of sin. Do I look like God on judgment day? And One sketchy one, looking like she needs to run. Holding his cup one finger points at her. "Okay, sooo you are? Not sure what they told you but normally they are not all actin weird, so just for reference I don't actually bite."
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Ya ya! On meh ways!
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 He last time you saw me I was 3. Lol
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 "Ha! Have I ever let you down?
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Will be there soon with a few others.
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Awesomeness! Leaving NOLA now.
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Perfect! I do have to admit your wearing that new skin suit very well. Haha! Then meet me at my aunts house. I will text you cords.
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Going on a road trip to New York. Still have your ride?
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Smiling she knew the girl wasn't the hugging type but bells did it anyway. "Thanks! Good to see you back!"
Jacob Ander 02/11/19 Welcome to the realm!
Crimson Belladonna 02/11/19 Walks up to her friend and waves. "It's me Bells. I'm not 3 anymore."
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